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At school today.


Allot really happened that at a point I became confused on how to go about with things.


It happened that ever since me and Stephannie started dating, it created allot of enemies for me and her. Today God turned his back on me and their trap was able to caught be but it sad and a thing of disaster to the man that will betray God.


Today’s Class was quite dismissed on time, the institution will be going for something so we were asked to get ready to go alone side with the other world competitors to Iceland so that single reason, we were asked to get home and get ourselves ready for the trip.


I was riding with Stephannie when I got a text message from Vivian and she was crying that u wasn’t even able to say a good bye to her knowing that it will take her long time to see me when we finally travel.



Well the truth remains that what she said wasn’t what caught my attention but she said she has something important to me that I left at the garden so she said I should wait for her at the institution gate.


I never told Stephannie about it knowing that she is a very jealous type and that will get her angry so I took another excuse and left her to go home with her bodyguard and Victor.


Just immediately they drove off a car with some armed men and they forced me into their car and took me away.


On our way to whee I don’t even know about they tied something on my eyes.


I didn’t know what was happening all this while but the only thing I know I’d that they weren’t kidnappers but they got me captive because of their boss desire.


The car stopped and I was seated out from the car into what I guess should be a house. I was kept in one place till I hear the voice of someone I can never forget in my entire life. Maya!!!


She asked her guard to leave and she untied the blind fold and I was right it Maya. Angry boiled in me and my two hands was strongly tied together and their is nothing I can do.


How dare you Maya to get me into this God for sake place???? I asked with so much anger in my voice but she laughed instead.


We exchanged words and she was proven to be a tough being that isn’t gonna left me go.


First was two naked girls that walked in and they advance towards me. I know that this point their is nothing I can do.


But if only they will kill me here but I must come back for you all.


I said in me.


They wanted to rape me actually but I have to ask Maya a question that made her change her mind on the decision of those girls touching me.


Look Elvin, my friend came to you but you decided to choose Stephannie over her,


Look at me Elvin


What is it that you’ll be needing in that Bitch that u Maya can’t offer you.


Money, love. Popularity name it.


Why did you turn me down


She asked but the more she asked questions the more angry I get.


You know Maya


You got the wrong person for this. I spite on her and she laughed.



I want to know the reason you choose her over me, am more beautiful hot s£xy cute and intelligent than her.


Am just the best for you Elvin


She said and I laughed.


You know why I choose her over you and am still choosing her over you is that she isn’t as stupid just like you are


I said and she slapped me but touched me smoothly on the same cheek she slapped.


Elvin please just do as I said here.


I don’t want to hurt you again.


Let me tell you directly.


I love you and am the one you are gonna a date not that bitch that calls herself Stephannie She said.


Unfortunately for you Maya am someone that doesn’t take orders from some cheat idiot like you.


You can command you follow slut not someone like me..


Look Elvin if you cooperate


Then I won’t have any reason to do this in a hard way.


One thing for you Maya.


You can never get away with this.


It a promise not a threat. I don’t make promises.


I said and she laughed.


That will be in your dreams


You can’t get back at me Elvin.


Am like a God to you.


You are wrong Maya


You caught the wrong fish this time.


What you have is never a dead snake but a sleeping one and it gonna buy you so hard when it wakes up…….”


I said with so much angry in me.


You are proven to be so stupid Elvin but I will teach you some manners.


I will rape you right in front if you and after that this your precious baby will enjoy you and then all of us will one after the other.


She said and just then Flora walked into the room and I was so shock beyond words.




What are you doing here????


I asked her and she smiled.





She answered.


Why did you get yourself in such mess??? ……”


I asked feeling the heat of real backstabbing.


Elvin I loved you the very first day I met you in school but because I came from an unwealthy family you choose Stephannie over me even after all we shared.


I loved you but you never looked at my direction not even once.


I was so caring to you all this while but still you never looked my way


She said smiling while my facing wasn’t good at all.


But no one drive away the attention I gave to not even Stephannie, I had you first in mind.


Please Flora, ask then to realize me and I make you this promise not to come for your guys again……”


I said sincerely but she laughed instead.


It too late Elvin.


Am gonna take that which you denied me all this while.


You treasured Stephannie more than anything on this earth even thought she was rude and disrespectful to you but you still lived her.


Am gonna enjoy you and sent the video for her to enjoy the seen as well.


She said and tears slip down from my cheek not because of what they about to do what they will get in return afterwards.


Flora !!!! Ever since I met you, I have felt the peace I need got all my life.


I treasured you so much than you can even imagine.


You have a boyfriend Flora ,


Kester loves you and he is ready to do anything for you.


He loves you more than what you can even think of me Flora, I met you as a kind girl and I know you are not doing this from your heart.


Please for the sake of all we have shared please just stop all this I said and I watched tears slip down her cheeks.


Everything looks confusing


Am sorry Elvin


She said and Maya shoot her.


You are an idiot to think you can play a smart game with me


Maya said and I shouted trying so hard to free myself from the rope but it was too strong.


She was lying there and nobody was even looking at her.


Elvin if you don’t do as I said.


Am gonna do same to her family.


They put a television and the view of Flora’s parents came up.


I was so weak.


Flora is in deed in danger.


From where I came from Nigeria


we are smarter than n what the white thinks of us. At That point I know that Flora was asked to do this whole thing.


I had to cooperate with them for the sake of Flora’s life and that of her family. The truth remains that I never had s£x with Maya she just layer on me and the pictures was taken.


But I was making picture very hard for the photographer to get what they want. So she just decided to use a record anyway because I convinced her that if she uses video Stephannie is gonna definitely find out.


After the record was done I hard to play along and plead with her to slow me go and take Flora to a hospital so she asked her assassins to realize me immediately and I took Flora with me straight to the hospital.


Just coming from the house to get some money another armed me took me again but this time ,I wasn’t tied but their boss isn’t their with them.


I was driven to a big estate and they took me out and dragged in into the house.


I was in the room when they got me what to drink and eat and after some minutes Vera walked in smiling.


Vera you!!!!!


I asked.


Why are they all playing with their life’s.???


Don’t worry Elvin


I didn’t bring you because I want to die what that bitch did to you.


Just chill am gonna help you out but that’s if you will date me afterwards.


You know how much I have lived you, I won’t allow they to hurt you and get away with it. All you need to do is to just promise me.


She said and a man which look like her Dad walked into the room.


He was shocked beyond words seeing me but this is the first am seeing someone like him.


She took Vera and left immediately.


When Vera came back she told the assassin to take me back to the hospital where they picked me up and she instructed they to make sure am save.


Am happy she didn’t go wrong about it.


I got to the hospital but doctor assured that Flora is gonna Abe fine but at the moment what she needs is rest and whatever that will bring worries to her shouldn’t be said for now.


I thanked the doctor and I left to get some money to clear the bills.


I got a call from Tessia that Stephannie fainted so I had to drive to the castle that evening.


I never thought she could have gotten the message so I was going with the intention of telling her the situation of the whole thing.


Getting to the castle


I walked into Stephannie’s room and their was Victor and Kester


Kester was sitting beside her while Victor was just standing.


Immediately they sighted it was me their face changed.


Kester stood up for me where he was seated and only that told me that all has gotten to her.


I looked at her and I was so pained that she is passing through all this because of me.


Kester and Victor advance towards me with an angry expression while while I move beck.


How dare you Elvin????


how dare you show this your disgusting face her after all you have made myself sister pass through Kester asked.


please Kester I know how hurt you all are but It more than what you guys think.


I hurt seeing her this way,


am sorry but I can explain is what you guys are thinking I said and I move backwards while they still come closer.


Elvin, she trusted you.


why then did you choked to play with her feelings and emotions why???


Victor asked and for the very first time in my life I saw Victor and Kester really angry.



It wasn’t my fault please you guys should


I haven’t completed what I wanted to say when they vent know me and beat me up like the way Nigerians beat up a thief.


Thanks to grandma that came to my rescue because am sure if she didn’t tell them to stop they would beat me to death.


I came out and I got into the car with blood allover my body and Lextar drove me to the hospital.


I understand how they feel and I don’t blame they on bit, that’s the way they saw everything but sorry to him that betrayed the son of man ” Maya !!! ”


After receiving some treatment from the doctor I got a call form Eric. He was so angry as well.


” How could you Elvin


you should have known that Stephannie isn’t a type to play a smart game on… why did you do it???……”


He said over the phone.


Eric, I know you don’t believe a this. it really not what you guys think


it all a set up audio….” I said to him.


So can you then explain to me what really happened……”


He asked and then the doctor walked in and told him to he should try and coke over to the house so that we can discuss about it.


When I was strong enough to leave


Lextar drove me to the new house. he wasn’t with any smiled unlike before now anyway, I didn’t even remember to call Flora to know how she is fairing.


The woke up the next morning very weak and tried to move out but I really need to go check on Flora to know how she is really doing. Thank God that it weekend and today is Saturday.


Just immediately I stepped out form the building to take a walk around the compound, Mirabel’s car drove in and she stepped down.


Before i could Alta any word


I received defenceless slap from her and she still ordered her two guards to beat me up but thank goodness they didn’t beat me much.


I couldn’t go to the hospital


I just went in with the help of Lextar and I got myself treated with hot water also with the help of Lextar.


Ever since all this started he hasn’t smiles at me at all.


This is what you get when you want to play a game with you go He said moody.


Is not really what you think Lextar. You know me more than this


Am far much smarter than doing something to hurt Stephannie know who she is and what she is capable of doing to me.


I can’t possibly try playing such a game with her even if I wish to not with her rival whom I know will definitely use it against her.


I said and just then Eric walked in.


Seeing that way didn’t give him any strength to ask much questions.


I told them what really happened and I showed them a little video that Flora was able to say.


Flora was with a little camera the time she walked in.


They were so angry and wanted us to go after Maya by all cost but you know am not yet strong and so is Flora. She was shoot on the process.


I don’t even know if jester has also say her on this video as well. Well I don’t think so because she didn’t come any close to me.


Eric got a call and he left for the castle immediately while it was remaining only me and Lextar.


He prepared something and I eat and he went to change to something so we could go and check on Flora.


I wipe silently in my bedroom


Maya has made me cause allot of pain to so much people.


Maya you must pay


That’s a promise that I must fulfill.


I got a call from an unknown number and I know-it-all must neither be Vera or Maya. Vera do called me yesterday to ask after me.


I wonder why she asked me to leave unharmed??? –


That’s the true definition of love.


Love is making the person happy no matter what that that gives him or her happiness


is.. .



I picked up the call and keep quiet to allow the caller be the first to say something.


Hey my cute and handsome Elvin…” Maya’s voice came up.


Maya you can never get away with this…” I said.


Come I have told you countless times that you can get back at me, am the master of the game and I am you shadows….”


She said and I smirked.


You think so???? ……”


Off course I know so Elvin


Look Elvin forget all I said and did yesterday, am not a bad person here, it just that I have to do it to get


Stephannie out form your life…..”


She said and I laughed.


You just dig your own grace by yourself…” I said to her.


Come on Elvin


You know that Stephannie don’t deserve someone like you.


” I really love you Elvin and I really do.


You caught my attention at first sight and that shows you are great and so irresistible…….”


She said.


” Come on Elvin


Stephannie doesn’t love yo[ .she is just dying over your cute face and hot cute and s£xy body


That’s all because if she does, she could have trusted you.


She could have known what you are capable of doing.


” Elvin no relationship can stand without pure love and trust.


Let enjoy our new love because I really love you and I trust you……”


She said.


So you know your worse mistake Maya??? ……” I ask and she said no.


Your worst mistake was thinking of getting someone like me involved in this game if your.


I said and she laughed.



Am invisible in this game Elvin. Always have that at the back of your head..


I love you sweet heart


Take good care of yourself don’t worry about any bill am gonna fix it


She said kissed me from the other side of the phone and the like went dead.


I felt like smashing my phone on the ground. Lextar came over but I was so tried to move so I just told him that I really need a little rest.






I still couldn’t believe that Elvin could did this to me, after all our promises. He new how much I was scared of been backstabbed but he chooses to sale of the trust I bestowed in him.


He choose to play with hunter heart and my Feelings ……


I couldn’t sleep after I was discharged from the hospital, I was thinking if him all day, the beautiful


moment we shared together, how could he have forgotten all this so fast to sale of my heart to my


worst enemy????


Why Elvin.


Thank God that Dad on a business trip if not he will be in the sale or even dead by now. Just pray he didn’t come back so soon till am able to get ride of all this whole things.


My grandma came with my breakfast but their was no appetite to eat anything.


I came out to receive some fresh air just my grandma instructed and I was sitting outside when Elvin drive in with


With Lextar, that’s the only guard with him Elvin after since this while thing started happening, while Joe is with Victor.


He step out from the car and our eyes meet, I felt like all the pain has been wiped off, how I wish yesterday never existed. How I wish it was just a dream..


He was walking towards the building I was in when my brother, Victor and Kim came out form where I don’t even know.


Yeah Kim came yesterday to see me when he must have heard of what happened to me, the state am in I don’t need any company so I sent him and my brother out form my room.


I watch as he was trying to say something to them but they were do angry walking towards them while he move back gently.


They started beating him again.



They were beating him without any control and I felt hurt, I even felt hurt than what happened, I couldn’t hold myself again so I had to run down to stop them.


I ran down even though I was too weak just few minutes, immediately my brother saw Me, he ordered the guards to take me inside weather in a soft way or by force.


I wipe watching them best him that hard with anger. I weep do hard in my room even without knowing the main reason why the tears, if weather it for him or for what he did.


I slept later in the evening but not after almost crying myself to death.


At the middle of the night I woke up and I started feeling cold allover me, thanks that my grandma was around because even at that spot the only person that came go my mind was Elvin and just then years flow down.


Is okay Stephannie


You can’t kill yourself over a man that doesn’t what your, this your tears is too precious to be wasted on


a whatless idiot out their


She said panting my back.


Put I loved him grandma


What else does he want that I couldn’t give him what??? Why did he chooses to humiliate and break up my heart.


Why did he chooses to trash all that we shared as if it not what remembering??.


He choose to play with my heart even when I told him how scared I was been in a relationship I cried out.


Is okay princess


There are more we need to know than what we have in mind.


Is okay my daughter, put yourself together and think less about him, that’s the only way to can put


yourself together again


Grandma said..


Grandma I have tried but it seem the more She try wiping of his memory, The more I get my full mind occupied the more. I thinks is him


He is allover me grandma. There is nothing can do about, my heart still beats for him …….”


You need to calm yourself down for now Stephannie, you are stronger than what you are exhibiting. I know what it takes to find love and how hurt you feels when been betrayed but still you can hold yourself.


” Please you know you are not too strong


You need to take it easy on yourself please ……”


She pleaded.



I lied on her lap and there i slept off again to wake up and see myself in the bed. It seen Elvin’s face appeared and I wave it off…


I think I need to start getting over all this, he didn’t what my precious tears.


I will sure forget you Elvin.


I walked to my mum’s grave and I walked down with tears.


Am sorry mum


Now I understand more if what you were saying, I choose to live with nature because I couldn’t fight it but look at what it had for me.


No man is what having my tears again.


I loved him mum butches choose to play with feelings


He choose to break my heart and betrayed the trust I had for me.




This is really too much for me to bear. Can I live with this?????


Off course I can, no man what my tears


I said to myself and I used my hand to wipe it away.


I gat to be strong and face my fears and what life has to offer.












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