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I was in my room thinking of Kim my boyfriend that was been taken away by Stephannie.


I know Kim lives me and still do but what I don’t understand is why she chooses Stephannie over me. Yeah, I know he is close to Stephannie and it was even with the link up of Stephannie that I get to start dating him but why now break my heart????


Stephannie I put all the blame on you because if you gotten yourself a boyfriend all this won’t have been happening, You must pay for been the reason why Kim is acting cold towards me.


I was still sitting quietly thinking when dad walked into my room and I stood up hug him and then went back and sat down again.


” Maya my daughter


I think I have the solution to the long term problem on winning out Stephannie even if she comes out for the competition…….”


Robinson said and I took off the earpiece I was using to listen to a cool music before he waked in on me.



I smiled at what he said.


Well am always happy whenever I sees what I can do to hurt Stephannie so hard.


” I hate her with so much passion.


I will surely disgrace her in the upcoming world competition and that will be a public disgrace……”


I said and laughed.


Their are only two male and female student needed for the competition and Priscilla has been selected it now left for neither me or Stephannie will be chosen. Well if you must the reason..


I and Stephannie the same thing while Priscilla studies a different thing though it is in the same profession of science (Neuroscience).


So Dad what do you say you have that when executed that can help me win out Stephannie??????




I asked.


Well, I according to the update information I got from my format


She said that their is a boy in her institution that is helping her out after kissing you the other Time and the guy is really making her to bounce back on her feet……” Dad said.



” Elvin Elson’ !!!!


I called recording the place I have had the name. Oh dad I got that he is the boy that won the competition Stephannie’s institution threw.


I learnt he is really intelligent but what do he have with Stephannie??? ……”


Barlon can do anything to make Stephannie his daughter to win you out so is possible he hired him to teach Stephannie and bring her back to her feet……”


Dad said.


But Dad we can take him out of the way then. If he proves to be the problem here we take him out permanently……”


I said.


Yeah I thought of that but I know that Barlon must have been guarding with Armed men. He really needs to win this competition or else he will go bankrupt.


Well I don’t think to get him will be a problem here……” Dad said.


Dad what’s really the aim doing all this.


We already have our robots well built and checked so even with she having back up won’t guarantee her wining…..”


I said and he laughed.


” Come on my daughter


You should be after than this.


The world competition will be hold in the world competition board and no customize robot can work their no matter how clever the own claims to be…… The rooms are been watched with computer




Dad said.


So what do you suggest dad


You are getting me scared for the second time. You know it too well that if I ever looses to Stephannie again then the world will laugh at me and you know that that’s a big disgrace.


Only my knowledge can’t stand up to Stephanie’s own……” I added.


That’s the main point we are gonna fight. We need to make sure that no one gives her the believe that she can do it and the only one that can give her such confidence is Elvin.


So we need to put him in his place very fast ……” Dad said.


So how are we gonna make it possible??…”


Well the only thing j know is that we needs to take Elvin out of the way and I believe you can handle him by retaining him for some times…. Stephannie mustn’t believe she can win you and we need to act fast.


Maya get to work and get Elvin out of the way, I don’t know how you are gonna do it but I trust and believe you can handle him ……”


Dad said and I nod to what he said while he walked way.


I don’t know anything about this Elvin Elson, the only thing I heard about him is that he is so cute and very intelligent even more than the almighty Stephannie but I have never gotten to see him for once.


I know that to get to him I need an eye in the institution and I think this is the time for me to get my friend Vivian into the game.


She has once told me she has a crush on him anyway.


I took my phone and called her and told her to come over immediately, I also called my other friend Olivia from another Institution, well she is also one of the beat students Europe has.







I don’t really understand the game Vera and Sonia is playing. Well I don’t Vera should be my problem here. Everyone in this institution knows she is a crazy girl that loves to be noticed but Sonia I think she has something for Elvin.


Am gonna warn her to stay far away form Elvin.


After I had a chat with Elvin.


Well I actually didn’t have a chat with him because he is proving to hard to get… I don’t even know what’s his own problem is..


He feels more comfortable with that Flora around him.


I was just standing on a far distance looking at him and Flora when Sonia surfaced her ugly face.


She wasn’t smiling anyway.


Vivian am not here to banter words with you and just here to warm you to stay far away from Elvin……”


She said and I laughed.


And what are you to give me orders Sonia, have you lost it that you don’t have anything reasonable to do with your time…”


I asked and she looks furious.


Vivian am warning you to stay clear of my part in this institution, you are gonna be the one to get hurt along the way, you off ……”


She said again.


Tell that to the birds Sonia


Am not one of the students that get freaked out when you give them empty threats……”


She raised her hand to hit me but I was fast enough to hold them back..


Don’t try this type of thing with someone like Vivian again…….”


I might not be this friendly next time


I said push down her down and walked away.


Vivian am gonna put you in your place


She shouted behind me as I walk away while I showed her my middle finger






This girl’s are really crazy.


They kept on stocking around like a pest…



After today’s schooling came to an end, Well it happens that Flora went to see Miss Kitty’s and she told me to get going without waiting for her.


After school it took Joe and Lextar some times to get to the institution. Victor visited my class and we were there till they arrived.


Stephannie was also in school till we left. We had a wonderful lesson but honestly speaking. I really missed Stephannie’s company but the feelings isn’t met to be.


Tuesday came very fast, me and Victor was drove to school by our new driver Joe.


The honest truth I miss Stephannie so much but feelings is not made for people like me Dad warned me about it.


I won’t want to take chances




We drove to school though this time Joe did the driving while Lextar sat at the other side of the front seat.


We drove to Victor’s class before driving to mine, getting there Stephannie were already in school but just like it has been a culture she stayed back in her car and operate her phone while Tessia and Stella stand beside her.


She was so focused on her phone and I stare at her with the thought that she is going to look at us and just like I wish she turned and our eyes can in contact.


I stare at her and she stared back and just then my phone rang and I look away. I walked behind the class and after I was done with the call actually form Keater I went in to see Stephannie already seated.


” She was focusing on her phone,


She should be looking at me not on her phone if she cares….”


I said to myself.


But if she doesn’t why then did she stop me form having a change of seat ???


I asked myself even though I didn’t get any answer from the first one.


I walked closer and I sat down quietly


Still she didn’t look at me.


I look around the classroom, Sonia busy with Kistona while Vivian we alone actually, Flora is busy reading


I don’t think I can seat here with Stephannie.


I stood up and walked up to Flora’s seat.


” Hey ……”


I said to her and she turned dropping the book she was holding.


” Hey Elvin


How are you doing today??……”


She asked smiling but it was a weak smile.


Am fine just as you can see You don’t look good What’s the problem??? ……” I asked immediately.


Nothing Elvin


Hope you had a great night??…..”


She asked again but his looks shows something is wrong.


Come on Flora, you can’t hide it. Tell me what’s the problem ???……” I asked again.


” But I just told you that nothing is wrong with me, am perfectly fine……”


She said trying to cover up with a smile again but she ended up showing me the weakest smile I have ever seen.


You can’t tell me that all is fine when your face is like this Flora, something is definitely wrong, come on talk to me…”


I persuaded her.


” Don’t bother yourself Elvin.


Is something I can handle, trust me am gonna fix it……”


She said.


If it something you can handle I supposed you should done that before now, you shouldn’t have let me seen


This your worry face Flora.


Come on Elvin, I was thinking before you came, just forget about me am fine Okay……” She said.


Oh!!!! I get it. You want me to forget about you right???? Huh


Fine I will……”


I said frowning and I turned to leave but she hold me by my arms.



” Am sorry Elvin.


That’s not what I mean.


Okay fine I will tell you but not here….”


She said.


” Okay fine…”


I look around actually at Stephannie but she wasn’t looking at us and I stood up and kind if drag her out of the class though it wasn’t in a rough way.


” What’s really wrong with Elvin.


Why always flirting around with that bitch called Flora, he could do better than that low life


Stephannie’s thought ……. “******


” We got to the school garden.


I think here is convenient to talk about this, So am all ears……..”


I said and she took out a deep breath.


” It kind of confusing


I don’t know who reported to our Mistress that am having a lovely affairs with you, that I don’t allow


you to study any longer….”


She said and I kind of laugh.


” Come on


That’s shouldn’t way you down.


Those things are rumors……”


I said.


No my mistress warned me to stay off you. I was in her office some minutes ago…..” She said facing down.


Are you serious with this????……”


I asked and she nod.


Why would Stephannie do such a thing why???? …” I asked myself.


You mean Stephannie’s did that……”


She asked taken me by surprise I didn’t know I spoke out.


I thought I said it I my mind.


” Not really


But who do you think could have done this…….”




I don’t know


That’s the confusing part of it.


But do you think that someone like Stephannie could have something to do with this report???……”


She asked looking scared.


” I don’t know……”


I said and she looked at me


” I think so As well


I mean what will someone like her have to do with us that will make she makes such report……”


She said but I kept calm.


” I same here


But don’t let this bother you


They can’t tell me who to mingle with…”


I said.


But they have already put a band between us, my mistress said I should stay far away from you or there will be consequences……”


She said.


Are you kidding me ……”


I asked in surprise and she nod no.


Don’t worry Flora am gonna go talk to the mistress I know she will listen to me Okay, so chill am gonna fix it……”


I assured and she just nod.


A smiled please……”


I said and she smiled.


” Good now let go back to the class a lecture might have come in……”


I said and she nod, I hold her hand and we walk together not saying anything to each other.


We got to the Class and just like I guess a teacher is already there,


I sat with her on her own seat till the lesson ended though she tried to object but I paid a deaf ears to what’s she saying.


Some minutes after the man left our class, our dept. Head Mistress Miss Kitty walked into the class with a female student beside her.



We all stood up to greet her.



You guys can have your seat…..” She said and we all sat down.


Am here to for am important issues that I won’t want it to repeat it self again not in the institution or my class…..”


She said looking at the student faces. While everywhere were so quiet and calm.


I wish to remind your guys that here is am institution, a place to learn and develop yourself not a sort of a romance movie hall……”


She said and I look at Flora but she wasn’t smiling anyway.


Here is one of the best institution in the whole of Europe and a lot of institution look up on us, there should be a competition of intelligence between the student in this very department not other useless things you guys are doing….”


She said again and I kind of swallowed my saliva.


We won’t want any distractions among our students Here most especially distractions from the female student to male……”


She said and I was constantly look at her but she was kind of avoiding an eye contact.


Who is even feeding this woman with all this lies, huh and what even made that person think that this so called report will still change something to his or her benefits ??….”


I asked myself


I got a report that my honorable class has been turned from a studying room to a romance movie hall


For this particular reason the head of the institution have mandatory ordered that no male student should be seen anywhere close to any female student during the school hour…….”


She said.


No students should be seen on other students seat most especially if it a female student….”


I won’t want to get the report I got again.


You guys should behave mature and responsible if I should get any report that anyone Is faltering this order the person will have the institution management to contend with……”


She warned but everywhere were quite.


Hope you guys got what I said.


Disobedience to this instructions the victim will face a very bad punishment it could even be the


person’s end as a student in the institution……”


She said look at us


” Hope you guys got that??….”


she asked and we nod while she turned and left the classroom.


Everybody should return to their normal Seating posting and now ….”


She said half way out of the class.


I stood up with some other students who are not in their day and I went to mine.


I was angry, I know Stephannie is behind this


I look at her and she were just smiling anger boil in me.


During the time we have free time I texted Flora to meet me at our usual spot and just few minutes after the text she arrived.


She was putting on a frown face


I guess because of the announcement but that not even one of my worries.


” Come on Flora


You don’t have to be like this because of that stupid announcement that was made in the class…….”


I said to her.


I wonder who made that report……” She said.


Don’t let that bother you……”


I said to her.


” But it bothering me actually.


Can I stay a day without your company???


You are the only friend I have in this institution……”


She said feeling bad.


” I perfectly understand


But don’t worry I will find a way to fix this, trust me I will……”


I assured and she nodded and smiled a little.


I love that smile


I wonder the person’s again in doing this to our friendship……” She said.


It will probably be for a selfish reasons from a selfish person, probably to get my attention or separate the friendship we share……”


I said.


So how are we gonna be studying together if we can’t be together during school hours……” She asked.


Well we can study outside her or go to the library…


I will try and talk to our mistress she might understand……”


I said.


” Okay any thing


Am in, I gat your back……”


She and I hit me playfully and I smiled.


After sometime outside I walked her to the classroom and I left to the mistress office immediately. Maybe talking to her private and telling her the real truth of the whole matter can help.


I got to her office and she wasn’t busy actually.


What’s the problem Elvin???…” She asked seeing me


Nothing much ma……”


I said and she asked me in.


I got in sat down and face her.


So tell me what the problem and why are you not in the classroom like others????…..” She asked again.


It nothing serious Ma


It just that you instructions earlier today in the class is kind of a false information…”


I said.


” False information


You say, well am not the one that got the information, the head of institution called me this morning


and told about this…….”


She said.


” But Ma it a lie


I mean our class is too busy to endeavor in such acts and perhaps not everyone is involved in such dirt




I said.


” A lie????


What are you really trying to say Elvin


That what I got from the head of institution is a lie.


What even made You think that the head of institution will pass such to me without investigation……”


She asked.


By the way what’s your problem with the instructions???……” She asked.


Or are you having affairs in the school?…”


She Added.


No ma, am not having any affairs with anybody in the institution……”


Then let the instructions stand


Those that are having affairs will take cautious perhaps no student is here with you, they don’t have any problem with the instructions or are you having any problem with it??? ……” She said again




Not really Ma Just that……….”


It affecting the affection you have for Flora……” She said and I look at her in surprise


Yeah she finally spit it out, I know all this is because of me and Flora.


With all due respect Ma I don’t have anything with Flora, she is just my best friend that’s all……” I said.


Am not a kid Elvin.


I know something is going on between the two of you and I advise you to stop you can also take it as a warning if you want……”


She said and face what she was writing.


But Ma am not really having an affair with Flora. She is my friend and nothing more attached to the friendship…..”


He said again.


Who is even feeding you with all this lies Ma??????????? ……”


How dare you you Elvin


Are you mad or have you gone insane…..”


She asked with anger clearly shown in her face and voices.


How dare you talk at me in such a manner????……” She asked again.



” Am so sorry Ma


If you see this as an insult


It wasn’t intentional……”


I pleaded.


” Look Elvin


What do you even have with that poor girl that you can’t look around you to see that a lot of other well


rich and beautiful girl looking for your attention… Just stay away from her so that you won’t put her in




She said.


” Elvin, you are cute so use your brain


Get yourself something that can stand by you and defend you even when you are going against the institution rules bot someone that will put you in trouble……” She said.



Where are you really driving at??……”


Get yourself something more good other than Flora. Let her bee so that you won’t drive her into problems that she can’t hold back……”


She said And I just smiled.


I have already told you that I don’t have anything to do with Flora she is just my friend, the reason why I can is because I studies with her and the order is gonna affect the time……”


I said I really understand where she is driving at, I know that my closeness with Flora will get her into trouble because girls after me is rich and we’ll known.


I don’t care what or why you are here


You can go and talk to the head of institution yourself and let me tell you this, don’t even think that your intelligence will help you if you violet the order ……” Now get out of my office


She said and I stood up


Am sorry for sounding rude to you….” I said and walk away.


I got to classroom and I saw Stephannie and anger grew in me.


I know she is the one behind all this


But trust me Stephannie you will see the other side of me.


I walked in took my laptop and walk out of the class


I only come back when their is a teacher and I leaves immediately when he is done.


I didn’t talk with Flora till the day ended.



I went into the classroom so angry.


I walked really mad, I know that Stephannie is behind this because no one can order the Miss Kitty except her.


Stephannie you are gonna fail if all this is to get my attention all to yourself, What’s even your problem


Why do they think that I have something going on between me and Flora why????


I got to the class and I went straight and sat down on my seat without saying anything to Stephannie or anyone else.


Immediately I sat down


I took out my phone and Texted Flora that.


Don’t worry dear


We are still gonna find a way to it


Don’t let it bother you Okay!!!


I texted her and she turned immediately she got the message and She smiled.


I took out a deep breath.


Throughout the less of the time we had lesson with teachers, I didn’t alter any word to Stephannie. I choose not to confront her.


She should go and redo what should did.


After school. I had just some minutes with Flora and I answered all the difficult question she found out while studying.


Lextar drove us back home and it happens that I was at the castle late that day and Stephannie was already worried but who cares.


She greeted me but I paid deaf ears to her greetings ..


Immediately I started teaching


I didn’t even take any single breath


I kept on taking without saying anything. And I was busy monitoring my time and immediately it time for me to go.


I concluded the lesson pick up my things and walked out.


I didn’t even look at her to know what express that she had.


I got out and thanks Kester isn’t around so I called Lextar to take me home.


I guess Kester is gonna bring Victor back home..


I got home and I called Flora to know how she is doing and after we discussed something.



She asked me about Stephannie and that’s really what got me angry.


It happens that Victor didn’t come back home which means that he slept in the castle.


I got ready for school and Lextar drove me straight to school while I waited for Victor and Kester at the institution gate I just asked him to park outside..


Not few minutes I got a call form them but I told him to start driving to school that am ready in school.


I drove in without waiting for them.


Not quite long after I got in to the classroom Stephannie walked in and drawers all the attention to herself.


She greeted me and I paid deaf ears.


Since she decided to make such order everybody is gonna feel the heat.


School was really bored. I just kept busy with my phone.


I was regularly chatting with Flora on what’s app. At some point I walked outside and to make a voice message.


She informed me when a teacher was in the class and I walked back..the activities continue that way till the day ended..


I have time with her and this time I even forgot that I have class with Stephannie, I was reminded by Kester’s call.


” What’s up Kester ……”


I said immediately I picked up the call.


What’s happening Elvin Where are you?????


Is there any problem???……” He asked immediately.


Nothing am very fine


Did anybody said something is wrong with me????……”


I asked back.


Come on don’t tell me that you have forgotten that you will be having lesson with Stephannie. She is already waiting and worried about you ……”


He said and it struck my mind.


” Am sorry Kester


I got something I so much needed to clear off but I will be in the castle in the next thirty minutes time…..”


Well you should be fast. Stephannie is worried ……”


He said and I put the like down.


Flora I need to be going now.


I will put you on call better still we can finish up this on what’s app……”


I said and she just smiled and thanked me.


I drove with her to the castle an then I stopped at the gate and walked in while I asked Lextar to drive her home.


I got to the study room and Tessia said Stephannie is waiting for me in her private laboratory room but I told her to call her down for me. I won’t be having lesson with her there anymore.


She walked into the study room with a frown face but she smiled a bit seeing me but instead her smiled made me mad the more.


” Good afternoon Elvin…..”


She greeted and I just ignored and butt on my laptop and started to point out the topic to me taught…


She repeated her greeting and I starting talking even without knowing if she us listening or not and just like yesterday immediately it time. I walked out of the study room.




I don’t really know what happened that is making him act cold towards me.


Kester was right he believes that am the one that asked Miss Kitty to pass the instructions.




” Am sorry Elvin……”


She said as I wanted to leave.


What are you sorry about????……”


Am sorry about everything


You have been acting cold towards me ever since three days now.


Am sorry if I did anything wrong …”


She said.



” Well it unfortunate that I didn’t indicate any wrong from you so their is no reason saying sorry…….”


I said paying less care.


I still walked away from the study room.


Today Kester and Victor were in the castle and I wanted to leave pretending not to know that they are around but I got a text form Kester.


Even if my sister did anything wrong to you, I don’t think that’s enough reason for us to keep marries between us.


You could always talk to me no matter what the problem is.


He texted and I felt weak…


Where are you guys???


At the garden beside the swimming pool.


He texted back and I told Lextar to drive me back to the castle.


I walked to the garden and there he is with Vanessa and Victor and he told Vanessa to got and wait in his room.


No need asking if there is anything wrong because obviously something is wrong so what is the matter???? ……”


He asked.


Kester’s there are things I urge to handle as a man. Perhaps it something simple and plane and I can put it back together…”


I said.


Come on Elvin’s.


We have grown more than that. Whatever the problem that could make you come to the castle without saying hi to me isn’t a little problem for only you ……” He said.




Elvin what’s the problem??? Remember no hiding things


Your joy and pain is meant to be shared by us so feel free to open up to us…..” Victor asked this time…


Miss Kitty’s ban me from associating with my friends in school…”


I said calmly.


I guess you think Stephannie is blind it right ??????……” Victor asked


” Off course.


I don’t need anyone to tell me that….”


I said.


That’s where you got it all wrong Elvin almost all you class individual comes from a wealthy family….” Kester said.


Come on Elvin’.


You know the type of school we are in.


Allot of rich kid there and they have free right to make the teachers to do something that will be for


their favor…”


Victor said.


” By the way


Where the only one ban from associating with your friends ????……”


Victor asked again and I nod no.


It was actually a general order


Then you shouldn’t have taken it personal. The order might even not meant to hurt you but someone else.


You shouldn’t use because of that and be hurting someone else……” Victor said again.


Stephannie is really worried because of your new mod of action towards her and it getting her thinking everyday.


My sister really cares about you even if she will find it hard to admit but she really does.


” You the only one that has ever gotten Stephannie thinking for the past eight years now.


She told me about the mistress order and truth be told she is happy but she is never the one that passed


the order…….”


Kester said.


They might be right but if Stephannie isn’t the one then who did??????……” I asked myself.


I was still angry and it gonna take me time before it could boil down.


But who did????


” I don’t know


Find out yourself, I know you can if you wants to…..”


Kester said.



Stephannie might not tell you how she feels because she is scared of something but she can never do anything to hurt you and whoever that makes you happy.


Never not in this world……”


He said and I just kept quiet not knowing what to say again.


Come on Elvin.


Is not a big deal we can go see her if you feel like……”


He said.


” No, not now


Am not in the mood…..”


I said.


I just need to cool my head with some sleep, I had a long day in school with allot of works and practicals


” Okay then


I think Lextar gonna drive you home o will you live to sleep over here…..”


He asked.


” Don’t worry am gonna be fine…..”


I said stood up shake hands with them and walked away.


I got to a point and I felt like looking up and I did only to see Stephannie staring at me I just took off my eyes from there got into the car and zoom off.


To be continued












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