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After the game, it was time for Stephannie and Elvin lesson so they left while Victor and Mirabel left as well


It was just only me, Flora and Vanessa around.


She then got a call and she excused us and left the castle as well. Just after some time I looked at Flora and we made eye contact and removed them immediately as if it a sin and I just smiled. I guess she is feeling intimidated.


” Hey Flora….”


I said trying to start up a conversation with her.


” Hey……”


She said back keeping her face down


Instead of staying here waiting for Elvin while not us take a walk around so to ease the tension…..” I said and she just nod.


She stood up and did and we walked around the massive building, at first i was looking for a greater way of starting a conversation with her but it was kind of difficult for me to.


We walked up thirty minutes without saying anything to each other.


At a point I decided to man up and talk to her even if I was saying nonsense I just want to talk with her.


How did you see the game. Hope it wasn’t boring?????? ……”


I asked looking at her and she smiled a little.


You are such a genius


The game was quite entertaining…..”


She said with a smile and I smiled as well.


So why did you choose me over Vanessa, I mean you know her more than you knows me……” She asked surprising me.


I don’t really know Flora


Maybe that’s just the way my heart wants it to go….”



Your heart……” She asked.


Yeah my heart.


Tell me how you get to know Elvin???……”


I asked just to deviation from the current discussion.


We should be talking about yourself not Elvin, that’s gonna be a talk for another day, tell me about yourself…..”


She asked.


Do I really have a secret life??


Well maybe anyway.


This is me, Kester Barlon.


Am a skating lover, I love party allot.


I don’t think there is anything left……”


I concluded and she smiled.


” Have you met me before now


She asked and I was wondering why……”


She is asking.


Not really….”


Then why did you choose me over Vanessa, I guess you know her before now right??? ………” She asked.


Yeah, I know her before now but I just did like directed……”


Isn’t she your girlfriend??……”


She asked again.


She is just a friend, a very close friend just like the way you are to Elvin……” I said to her.




So tell me about yourself……”


I asked.


Nothing much to know about me Am Flora, Elvin’s favorite.



I stays with my parents at van’s estate. Am actually the only child, I loves reading and staying on my own.


Elvin is actually the only male friends I got……”


She said and it wowed.


Why choose Elvin to be your only male friends, I guess because he loves reading as well……” I said and she smiled.


Not really, he is calm and friendly that why I choose him. Though our first meeting didn’t start in a good way……”


She said.


Was he harsh to you or something?….”


Well, I won’t really say that.


It was his first day in the institution and he got posted by crazy Vera as his boyfriend, I tried calming him


down that’s it…….”


She explained.


” Oh, now I get it…….”


I said and silent took over.


We walked up to twenty minutes without saying anything to each other.


What’s keeping Elvin. It getting late……” She said.


He is gonna spend much time than usual, if you wish to go I can drive you home…..” I said.


Thank you…”


She said as we walked to my car, I opened it for her and she looked at me then smiled and got in and I did while Eric drive us out form the castle.


I took her to shopping mall before we got to her house, She got down to leave.


I enjoyed every bit of your company…” I said.


No, am the one to say that.


You really made my day so entertaining


I enjoyed your company more than that of Elvin’s, thanks so much……”


She said and I smiled.


” Do you mind giving me you mobile???…”


I asked and I handed her over my phone and she impute her contact and smiled for her which she returned the smile.


I watch her got into her building before I ordered Eric to drive me back to the castle.


Throughout the whole day my mind was occupied by her thought


On the other hands Elvin and Victor slept over in the castle because before he could be done with Stephannie it was already late.


” After grandma’s story


We the guys stayed outside while


Mirabel and Stephannie followed grandma in….”


How was your first fake dating with her……” Victor asked.


And who said is a fake date


I know you liked her, I never believed their is something like love at first sight but it just happened


before my very eyes……”


Elvin said.


What are you guys trying to say now…”


We are not trying to say anything


We are only saying the truth, what transpired between you and Flora in our absence????……”


Victor asked and I just smiled


Nothing, we just get to know each other nothing more, I also drive her home and I got her contact




Wait, I thought all this fake??? ……”


Yeah but we wanna make it real.


Or Kester are you gonna deny not nursing feelings for her???? ……”


I kind of but i don’t really know how to go about it. I have never been this way in my entire life, first time, I have ever been shy around a girl….”


I said sincerely.


That’s real love.


Well all you need to do is to keep her updated and always sent her love texts.


Just like a good night message.


Something romantic……”


Elvin said.


You think it gonna work out that way?….”


Off course,


Girls love romance allot.


Don’t mess up this one……”


Elvin said and just then Stephannie and Mirabel worked down again.


” What are still doing with them


Is already late and you need to sleep against tomorrow……”


Stephannie said came more closer and drag Elvin up and they walked into the building while I and Mirabel followed and Victor was just behind us busy with his phone.


I did just like I was told.


I first called her then I sent her a night massage and I still sent another one in the morning.


What’s this feeling about?????






Their comes a new day


I walked for my room to say a good morning to my beautiful princess.


We got ready for school and we all ride to school at the same time, Kester and Victor while I ride with Stephannie.


The ride was cool and she told me so much on how she thought about me and dreamt about me as well.


We got to school but Kester’s wasn’t with us like I thought at first, just few minutes later he drove with Flora and I just smiled.


They highlighted and walked towards us. We said goodbye to him and the three of us walked into the class room while Victor head to his.


Lectures was so wonderful and Stephannie did the answering of questions, it more like I was competing with her, it was actually fun.


After the class I got a message from Miss Kitty that she needed my present for something. So I just informed Stephannie anyways before going.


It happens that the reason why she sent for me is that she wants me to help her out with some ideas of how to go about the upcoming competition between Stephannie’ and Maya which Maya wants it to be in the individual institution.



I walked out for me her office without giving her a specific answer, I just told her am gonna think about it,


I got to the class and Stephannie was no longer there so I texted her and she asked me to come to the institution valley.


I haven’t really been in the institution valley before which I don’t even know how to locate as a matter of fact I don’t even know that such place exist in the institution.


I traced the valley’s entrance is really wow, it a high hill with allot of trees planted in a line, I searched around and I found her and her guard some metres way.


I walked closer to the spot and I found out she was seating on a river rank with her legs inside the water.


I came and sat beside her.


” Wow !!!!……”


I said and she looked at me and smiled.


Only you around here????……”


Yeah because know other students is permitted to come here except me….” She said.


Why ?????……”


Nothing, I treasures here so much and I only comes here with people very special to my heart……” She said and I smiled.


Why was Miss Kitty calling???…”


She asked.


” Nothing really


She wants an assistant in something…”


I said to her and I sat down with her.


Felt the nature of the breeze.


I look at her and it just seem am just realizing that am dating a goddess or better still a mermaid.


I was lost staring at her till our lips meet each other and we started kissing ourselves .


She was the one to break the kiss anyway, ” Did you really mean what you said you said yesterday…” She asked and I was surprised


” What did I really said???……”


I asked.


About the reason why you never dated any girl…..” She asked.




Tell more about it.


Have you dated before now


She asked and I nod know


Then there must have been a reason why you never wanted to date……”


She said.


Well I grew up the world were the people that are living around me hated the word love. They warned me against it, my foster father, he pasted through allot in the hands of that he loved.


I grew up knowing only him as a family except the old woman that took me as her own the time he died……”


I said remembering the bitter past.


But why should he tell you such about love, I mean his life shouldn’t have affected yours……”


She said.


I know but as a child, I only believe what my parents says and he was the only family I had…..” I explained.


I guess this is the same reason why you found it hard to admit your feels about me????……” She asked and i nod.


So tell me about yourself


Why do you so much dislike men like pest, why???? ……”


I asked her.


It about my past….” She said.


I guess it linked with what you were saying that very night……” I asked and she nod.


Can you make me understand?…”


Well, I only knew my mom at my age of four, all my other years I stays with my grandma because after my birthday I was just one year’s just like my grandma told me when she was attacked and shoot.



It happens that the bullet wasn’t removed properly one was left in her body and one day when I was six she passed out in my very present and then it was discovered that the bullet has caused allot of damage in her legs.


Well it was still treated but she started using wheelchair for the main time.


She use the wheelchair for three years and even at the condition she was still a perfect mother though she later began to walk but it was just a secret only known by us her family.


My first date was a guy called Kelvin at my age of eleven even though we don’t know much about relationships but we thought we loved each other, I trust him but when we clocked twelve he had a bet with his friends and the bet was to have sΒ£x with me.


At first I never realized it even when my female friends was telling about it that Kelvin has changed, that he has become a cheat but I never believed them.


That very day, I was with my mum in this castle, my dad was out with Kester. I was playing with my mum when one of My Dad’s most trusted bodyguard came out and told my mum that Kester is back and not feeling fine.


He helped my mum up and there he shot my mum at my very eyes but that was after raping my mum.


Before other guards could notice what was happening he was advancing towards me to rape me as well.


Albert saved me and they shot him to death at the spot…….”


She said and at that moment she was already crying and I allow her rest on my shoulder.


So what happened then???……” I asked


Well before the police could arrive he is already die so there was no trace of whom sent him to do so. I was in pain haven seen what my mum past through in the hands of a man she trusted with her life.


Kelvin came to our house and with the hope that he came to console me about the death of my mum but he has his own evil intentions.


He drugged me and if not because of my brother Kester he would have succeeded in raping me and he even set a video camera.


I woke up so angry and at that spot immediately hated everything about men but all this ended when you got into the castle and that’s why I wanted you out by all means but my brother was an obstacle to it …..”


She said.


I never loved even at the demise of my father, even though I had chances of dating but I couldn’t I just believe fate was what brought us together…..”


I said.


” Please promise me Elvin that you will never break my heart and betray the love we share…..”


She said and I kissed her


” I promise …”


I said and she kissed me.


My phone beep light and it was a message from Victor


Where are you guys???


The text reads.


Am a honey mood with my Sweet heart is there any problem


Not really.


I thought you guys are outside the institution that’s why I was asking. ….”He texted.


No. We are within the institution.


I texted him back.


Where is Flora??? She should be at the garden


Kester came and took her out He texted back.


Me and Stephannie stood up and left the shot around the same vicinity of the rake.


We had a blast Wonderful moments together and we took allot of pictures together… It was really a perfect and unforgettable memories to keep.


We walked back to the class hand in hand.






After my training at the stadium the thought of Flora came flashing on my mind and I drive to the institution immediately.


The competition is finally here, the first tournament will be holding tomorrow so today I only had my private training, o allow my students to have individual preparation for the event.


I had a perfect moment with Flora and I still drove her back to the institution.


Going home I got a call from Dad to ask how prepared my students are cos of tomorrow’s event.








I think I have something for him.


He is so caring and romantic, I treasures his company more than that of Elvin’s.


Today we had a wonderful moments together and he even took me on a shopping mall to get things for me.


I got back to the institution after my outing with Kester, He told me a whole lot about himself and his sport academy and he also told me about the event holding in his stadium tomorrow.


After school we all drove to the castle and I spent sometime with him before he drove me back to my home.






Life is so crew, allowing the free movement of evil men whom never wish to go back in their evil ways well the clock is ticking and your time will soon be up.


Am sorry brother


All this years I have grip on destroying without knowing that my enemies are yet to be born but I promise you one thing, am gonna help you watch your back.


Am gonna crash your enemies.


Am gonna present allot of heads in your table, Morgan, Belmont, Robinson you all must pay.


What’s the new on ground….” I asked Keira.


Their is a competition going on in Luxembourg which four sport academy is competing over a billion dollars.


Kester Barlon is the main target to be gun down in the competition arena.


Just like the information contained


Your son Elvin will be present with his new girlfriend Stephannie Barlon’


Other opposite competitors are been sponsored by Morgan and Robinson but in a hidden logo and name tag.


I wonder their arm this time……” Keira said.


Nothing much


They want to use the money and top Barlon, but that can’t be possible……”


I said.


So smart of them but what happens if they wins……” Charlton asked..


Well if they wins then is either Morgan become the second richest and he will be so close to Thomson in wealth or Robinson will be counted among the emperor’s……”


Oh I see, I don’t think Morgan knows that Robinson has a candidate in that competition…….”


Keira said


” I know the both are friends but they have opposite arms…..”


What about her, is their still any trace of her whereabouts???


I asked


Not really, her daughter is the only one been sighted as for her mother she has been tagged hidden but I don’t that’s gonna be a problem if we can get her daughter you will surely find her. Charlton said.



” I just hope she made it alive


Am so sorry that I never asked after you all this while, I just hope she made it alive. I promise you even if the world will stop in the next five minutes I will find your killer and I will get your family back the way it use to be……”


I said as tears wipe down my cheeks and Keira wipe it of.


” Is okay Derek


I feels she is alive and somewhere save, I think we should pay a visit to Luxembourg……”


Laura said.


I think we are gonna visit Luxembourg before the competition starts I need to say hi to someone……” I said.


Okay boss.


We are always ready…..”


Laura said






The all waited competition has finally been instituted and all the participants are all present in the Stadium. Very was already set ready and my students that are gonna participate with me are already on their sport uniform.



Elvin, Stephannie Victor, Mirabel and Flora drove to the stadium and they work up to me with a smile on their faces, truth be told the strength I have is the ones I borrowed form this their wonderful smile.


Flora’s smile was different.


They went and sat down at the guest vicinity.


Let me give you guys details about the formation of the Competition


It a competition of six participants from different groups of academy.


Their are just four sport academy competing on the price.


By name.


*Kester’s sport academy


*Lin’s sport academy


*Van’s sports academy


And Kim’s academy which was registered with the name *Dave sport academy.


The race is a game that looks like a volleyball game where their is just one goal post and any teams with the highest goal score wins, at this first stage three academy are just needed to qualify as the winner so the academy with the lowest goal scorer will be declared out of the game entirely.










Everything was already set


And all the players are all in the pitch ready for the whistle to be brown.


I look and I saw my Dad beside him is my uncle then at the other side was Kim’s dad and then the head of other academy.


Other there was Elvin, Stephannie, Flora, Mirabel, Alex, Anastasia and Vanessa.


I look at my students


Kim, Ellison, Daniel, Kate (female) and Maxwell.


You can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The volleyball was been bounced at the middle of the four head of the academy. I, Jan, Gustav and Eryk and the game started.


To be continued..












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