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For some years now Stephannie has been cold hearted towards man race. She had never showed care or love to any man.


She is indeed in love with Elvin because Elvin has been the only one to break the history and she has been quite and sad since some days now.


She had tried hiding this whole thing away from me but I know she is deeply getting hurt by Elvin’s attitude.


I wonder who could have command such in the institution and his or her aim of doing so…. Now look at


what it has caused my sister.


This whole thing really got her worried


My door swings open and she walked in with frown looks.


You know I won’t listen to whatever you are here to say with your face like this I said to her.


She managed to put up a smile.


What did he say his reasons are for acting cold????? ……”


She asked.


” Who are you talking about???……”


I asked pretending not to have any idea on what she is saying.


” Must you play with everything Kester’


Am talking about Elvin if you don’t know. what was your discussion with him…..”


She asked.


You never told me you are having problem when him neither did he tell me anything of such…..” He said.


Okay then….”


She said and turned to walk away.


We’re you actually the one that gave that order????……”


No I never did…..”


She said.


” He believes you did….”



I didn’t, the only thing I told Miss Kitty’s was that she shouldn’t change Elvin’s seating position which Dad is even aware of, I was never the one that asked her to retrieve Elvin from associating with his friends…….”


She said.


I guess that’s the reason for his cold attitude towards me right???? ……”


She asked and I just nod.


You just need to find a way and handle this, Elvin don’t have anything with Flora she is just his best friend in the institution……”


Victor said for the first time.


Okay I will…”


She said.


” Come on just chill


Elvin is gonna come around. Nobody is gonna drive your thoughts from his mind Okay….. ”


I said and she nod.


We had a little chat together before we drive to Elvin’s house very late actually.






Victor came back very late and Kester had to sleep over in our won house.


Later in the morning, I woke them up and we all prepared to leave.


I was the first to get ready and then I waited for them in the car… Kester’s word echoed back again. She might be proving strong girl but deep down she cares so much about you.


She can never do anything to hurt you or any things that brings happiness to you.


What she had down early before now started replaying on my head.


The time she saved me form Mr. Johnson’s hand and the time she saved Flora form Vera.


Maybe I was wrong judging her but who could command the mistress in doing such a thing and she even speak with so much certainty.


Kester and Victor walked out and we zoom off to school, Stephannie was already in school before we arrived and I just walked to the garden while Kester zoom off from the institution premises.


I only came in when a lecturer was in the class and I leaves when they are done. I stayed out chatting with Flora. I did the voice explanation while she uses her headphone to listen to them.



It happens that I caught sight of an unholy act, a student been molested by Sonia. I got to the seen and I took the girl away, yes I did and she didn’t objects probably she can’t shout at me because she has a crazy crush on me.


I reported to Miss Kitty’ but the only thing she could suggest was I should take the student to the institution clinic and get her treated.


I was so angry about that.


Is it that she can’t do anything to her???


After school I, Flora and Victor was hoop in and Lextar drive us. We first drive to Flora’s house I must say her mum us a jovial type.


We spent allot of time and if not for Victor I even have forgotten that am having class with Stephannie.


We got home and surprisingly Kester was already waiting for us.


What’s up Kester


What are you doing outside


Victor asked as I step down as well.


Am cool


What happened????


Are you guys still coming back form school


He asked and I nod.


It took you guys allot of time


Did anything happen along the way


He asked again.


Not really


Victor showed me somewhere around the city that why we ate hoke late


I lied and Victor just nod.




Stephannie is already getting impatient


He said.


Lemme just change to something simple, I will join you In minutes time


I said ran upstairs change only my polo and sweeter and then I walked back, hoop in his car and Eric drove out with great speed.


We arrived at the castle thirty minutes late and Stephannie was already in the study room.


Her mood wasn’t really a smiling one but she still smiled seeing me coming.


I walked in sat down without saying anything to her.


Good afternoon Elvin


She greeted and I just gave her a straight reply what happened in school was still on my head, am sorry Stephannie has to be the one to take the anger.


I started teaching her without stopping and I was really fast even I myself know was fast but I couldn’t control it at all, that what I hate so much about my past. I finds it difficult to control my temper.


” Can you just slow down Elvin


For God’s sake you are not recording what you are saying you teaching someone…..”


She said.


” Well you need to fast to follow me up…”


I said, I really need to be fast to get out of here and calm my head down or I might spoil something.


She didn’t say anything and I was still talking fast when I felt a liquid light something that feels like water dropped on my hands and I turned to see that she was crying.


Instantly all my anger boiled down immediately, I became weak at that spot.


” Am sorry.


I said to her and I used my handkerchief to clean up her face.


I will never do this again I promise….”


I said to her and she just nod.


” I think we should continue tomorrow.


Don’t worry am fine just continue


She said.


No let just take a walk around


Okay if you wish


She said and she stood up and both of us walked out form the study room.


I have never seen you this angry before, was I the one that got you angry ??????….”


She asked


” No…You are not.


I was angry at someone else but it unfortunate that I poured them on you….”



” Who did??? ……”


She asked again and I look at her.


Come on just asking nothing attached


She added.


Sonia molested a student and when I reported to Miss Kitty’s she said something bad to be that why I was angry this evening….”


I said to her and she just smiled.


It isn’t really her fault


She can’t stand against the president. You know if she acts Sonia is definitely gonna tell her father but


don’t worry she will pay for making you angry……”


She said not looking serious and I just smiled.


Both of us chatted it it was already night. I stayed back and listen to grandma’s night story and after that we drove back home with the escort of Kester. Well he slept over anyways.






” What’s this guy’s problem,


Who does he think he is that he can be controlling all the girls in this institution…”


Kistona asked.


” I don’t know,


I wonder what those bitches sees in him that makes them frosk around him like a pest……”


That’s because he is too cute and handsome. He is too cute to be ignored……”


Lyonal said and I become more furious.


Come on Lyonal,


We are cute, handsome and the hot as well, we are more famous and rich than him so I don’t see any


reason why he is the one they are dying for


I said.


Look Dynal.


Before he came we are the most attractive and sΒ£xy guys in the institution and we had our time so this


is his time to control attention


Lyonal said.


I don’t care, am gonna deal with him so heard if he doesn’t stay far away form Sonia…..”


You should be rushing after Sonia and tell her how you feel about her, Elvin is not the problem here,


Sonia is the one lusting after him…..”


Kistona said.



” Even at that


He should stay far away form her.


Am gonna deal with him


must…….” I said.


Hurtting him is like shooting yourself in the legs, you know what happened the time Vera tried, you can’t touch him because Stephannie likes him….”


Kistona said.


I don’t care


I know how to go about it.


Well mine is how to get Flora’s attention, I kind of like her do much but she is not a girl that moves around with guys in the institution….”


Lyonal said.


Now You See what am saying


Flora is always with that idiot and there I’d on way you can get her attention without taken that Elvin of


a voyeur of the way…….”


I said.


” Well I will see to that


He should mind his moves around her.


You could imagine the other day they were eating in the class without even minding that we are around……”


” The real truth about this whole thing


Dynal is that, Elvin controls allot of attention in this institution, we should just make friends with him.


Harming him wouldn’t do us any good.


Perhaps getting closer to him will give us privilege to get closer to our dreams girls……”


Kistona said.


I can’t be friends with someone like Elvin, he is too dirty to mingle with people like us, I can’t be seen


moving around with such person


He is a low life.


” Then forget about hurting him.


Whatever you do to him their is a consequence attacked to it.


I know how serious Stephannie was the time she warning Vera.


Let just let the guy be and go for our guild Here…..” Kistona said.



” I must deal with him……”


I said and we caught sight of him at garden.


But this time he is the only one seating there, I smiled.


I know that he is here alone because of what Sonia did.






I got to school really mad.


When I said I will make Miss Kitty’s pay for getting Elvin angry I meant everything I said.


I allowed the students to settle a little before I walked to Miss Kitty’s office.


I wasn’t smiling at all so no-one needs to tell her that something is wrong.


She happens to be attending to someone when I came and she had to discharge the person.


” Please seat Stephannie


What’s the problem and why is your face so filled with anger ????……”


She asked.


Who was the one that gave you that stupid announcement that you came and passed in the class that other day?? …”


What are you talking about?? ……”


She asked.


I hate repeating myself and you knows that. I ask you again, who instructed you to pass such orders in this institution???? Who did?? ……”


Am sorry but Sonia and Dyanl was the people that came to make the order, initial I objected but Sonia called her Dad and he asked me to do so……..”


She said looking freatened.


And you didn’t dim it feet to tell me about it first before carrying out such right???? Now look at what you have turned the institution to be.


You are fired……”


I said turned and walked away even when she was pleading.


” What’s all that about???


Why will she take instructions from that idiot of a girl.??? What’s even her motive for doing that!??




I asked myself.


I got to the classroom but Elvin isn’t around, he hardly stay in the class room ever since that order was passed and I know he is chatting with Flora.


I got a call few minutes from Dad so I walked out of the classroom to pick up the call.


” Good morning Daddy….”


” What’s the problem Stephannie


Why do you have to fire Miss Kitty’ from Her duty???? ……”


He asked ignoring my greetings.


Dad she is abusing that students with she position as the head of my department ……”


Come on Stephannie.


Miss Kitty’ has been in the institution and I never for once heard such form any student. I know what she must have done got you so pissed off but remember she is still one of the best in the institution……..” My Dad said.


That gave her no right to do what she did Dad perhaps Dad I can get another student I have the interest of my students at heart and I can’t allow someone like her to ruin my institution for me…….”


What’s even this that she did that could cause her her job????…..”


Dad asked.


Dad she ban some students from seeing his friends


And who are those students???……” Dad asked.


Does that really matter Dad


I got the information from the person and I had to do something fast do keep the institution in a well


conducive place for my students……..”


I said and Dad laughed..


” Okay fine i got that


What do you want her to do so to gain back your forgiveness……”


He asked.


” Dad she is fired and that’s final.


She better get her self out from that office before I get back….”



Come on Princess


Things are not done that way.


Fine I agree what she did is wrong and you have the full right to do whatever you want to her but she has already pleaded that I help her out and beg you.


I know their is something she can do to put back thing in it right place just tell me what you want her to


do as I will order her to do it with immediate effect


Daddy said and I calmed down a little.


Dad the only way I can forgive her Is for her to plead for the students forgiveness that’s all ……” I asked.


Consider it done…..”


He said.


” Fine Dad till it done…”


I said and he laughed over the phone while I put it down.


I know that Dad is aware that Elvin is the student was I talking about.


I walked back to the classroom and their was a teacher already in the classroom which made Elvin to be present, I walked out from the class immediately after the lesson ended and I stayed in my car operating my phone.






I woke up so sound.


I prepared for school and when I was done i walked down to join Victor and Kester.


We were been drive to school by Lextar and Joe while Eric and Hills Ride on the other car that follows behind us.


We got to school and it happens that it just few students around, I guess others must have been having their music practice. Stephannie was already in school but she was in her car, Flora wasn’t around just few students actually.


I walked to my class and I kept something inside my desk and then I walked out for the class.


I got to the garden and I wasn’t even up-to some minutes when a student walked up to me and told me that Miss Kitty’ wants to see me in her office.


I remember her exact word the time I approached her concerning what Sonia act to a student.


Ignored the call and continue what I was reading. I got a text message from Stephannie that a teacher is in the class and I put my laptop in my backpack and walked back to the class.


Flora wasn’t in the class yet but she was already in school, What’s wrong??


I asked myself but I couldn’t drive answer from anywhere.


The lesson has gone half way when she walked in thank God that the lecturer around wasn’t a harsh one.


We made eye contact and she wasn’t looking good at all. Few minutes after she sat down a got a text message from her telling that Miss Kitty really needs to see me.


I just hiss at the message.


After the class, I walked way immediately straight to the institution garden,


I was reading when Flora walked in.


” Hey Elvin……”


She said sitting beside me.


You don’t look good. What’s the problem????….. ” I asked


How was your meeting with Miss Kitty’…” She asked ignoring my messages.


I didn’t honor the call…”


I said calmly.


Elvin, she told me that she is so sorry for what she did to you and deep down in her heart she is really sorry, the issue of Sonia is very high for her to handle.


Please just go and know why she is calling you……” She said.


Well I have forgiven her if that’s the reason for asking after me but I don’t think it I’ll be needing anything in her office……”


I said.


Look Elvin, her job is in danger if you don’t honor this call and help her out…”


She said.


I don’t understand were you are driving at…….” I said


Stephannie’ fired her because of what she did to you and she said that the only way she can have her job back if she asks for your forgiveness……”


Flora said.


” What??? …


Are you serious about this??? ……”


” Off course I am.


She has been crying ever since Stephannie gave such instructions and if nothing is done she will loss her job.


Please just do this for me, she has been like a mother to me ever since I came into the institution……”


Flora pleaded.


” I didn’t know it this serious.


Their is no need me going to her office, let me just search for Stephannie…”


I said…


No just go to her first…..” She insisted and OK it fine


I walked to her office and the time I got to her office she was busy with someone but seeing me she discharged the person and asked me to come inside.


I walked in sat down gently without saying anything to her apart from morning greeting which she responded almost immediately.


I was still standing till she asked me to please have a seat.


Am so sorry about my harsh way to you. Am really sorry saying those words I wasn’t on my good state of mind at that moment….”


She said in a pleading way and I just smiled but inside of me was boring.


Okay ma’am.


I do understand if that’s why you called then you don’t have any problem, am a human and sometimes we act bad towards right people. So I understand perfectly, don’t worry I promise you won’t loss your job……..”


Thanks for your understanding….” She said.


I walked out from her office and I got to Stephannie’s car but she wasn’t there either was any of her bodyguard.


I texted her and she told me she were to see her.


I walked just like she directed and there she was seating on a well decorated flower seat.



She looks so beautiful and adorable just like a mermaid. I stood at little while staring at her form the place I was.


Immediately I walked in Tessia’s and other left the spot and gave us a little space.


I wasn’t expecting you to really come to see me…….” She said.


Well you have seen me.


I never know you mean does words when you said you were gonna deal with her for hurting me but


firing her off her job is too heavy……”


I said calmly.


” I don’t think that’s too heavy.


She caused what she is getting for humiliating and saying those harsh words to you……”


She said and I just smiled.


I want to ask you for something…” Can I???? …”


Off course, go ahead and consider what ever it is done as long as it something I can do for you…..” She said and just smiled.


Can you please terminate the sake letter, please for my sake…..”


Is that what you want???……”


She asked and I nod.


” Okay then consider it done if that will make you happy …..”


She said and I smiled and my eyes went her cute lips, they looks so tempting.


Thanks so much……”


Anything for you……”


She said again look at her phone and stood up…


” Do you want anything else??? ……”


She asked and I nod No, I think the only thing I need is a kiss on this wonderful lips of your




” I have to go now, see you around


If their is anything you need feel free to ask me…..”


She said turned to leave but I couldn’t control myself any longer.


I draw her back and her hair hit on my chest and I kissed her.



At first she was kind of shocked be she still responded to the kiss.


It was just a prefect moment and I only thing I wish to ask from God is to allow this moment forever, it seem the world stood on a still.


She crossed her hands on my shoulder and we deepen the kiss with allot of passion.



Their was a Flash of light and it seem like a camera direction of the light and it was Mirabel with her phone. I kind of felt somehow.

. We break the kiss and look at the



She hold my hand and I shivered.


I felt complete and comfortable for the very first time in my entire Life.


I look at her and she kissed me again even in the presence of her sister Mirabel. I kissed her back anyway and this time we kissed for a long time.


I think I need someone to kiss

















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