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We stare at each other confusingly without knowing what to say, I opened my mouth countless number of time but I wasn’t able to even voice out a mare word.


He was also lost looking at myself.


Allot of things were going through my mind, looking at him can drive any one crazy, his pick lip were so tempting.


I stare at them and the only word my body was telling we to kiss them and allow him hold me till eternity.


Thanks to my phone that saved us and also cut short our wonderful moments.


I look at it and it was Mirabel on the line and I picked up and put it in my ear.


Hello Mirabel…..”


Hey Stephannie, where have you gone to, I have been in your room for sometimes now. Where are you??? ……”


She asked.


You are in my room like right now??


Yeah, where are you so I came over


She said and I look at Elvin.


Don’t worry I will join you in a minute time, am coming right away I said and she put the like down.


I took out a deep breath.


Am sorry about that……” I said and he smiled.



” How are you doing now?? ……”



Am doing good as you can see


He said and I wanted to touch him but hang my hand on the air.


I have already sent for a doctor to come check on you, they will be here any moment from now…..”


But I told you, I will be fine


There is no need inviting a doctor over…”


He said.


” I can’t take chances with that.


Don’t worry the doctor will soon be here, I need to go take care of some outside, be fine for me……”


I said and he smiled.


” Okay I will…”


He said and I smiled at him and my eyes went again on his pick lips, so tempting.


I will see you later


I said and walked out of his room.


Immediately I closed the door I took out a deep breath, that was so close.


I walked into my room immediately and there were Mirabel, looking as beautiful as ever.


” Beautiful Model….”


She called out and I smiled..


How are you doing Mirabel I asked.


Am fine as you see.


How is Kester and that c[ye boy I saw the other day….”


She asked.


” They are fine I guess


How is everyone doing over there…..”


Good apart form your stubborn cousin Alex that don’t want me to testified him in the house, he keeps on looking for someone trouble….”


She said and I smiled.


Where did Kester went to…..”


She asked.


” Don’t you know his room


Go check him there and stop disturbing me with questions……”


I said.


Okay fine.


She stood up and walked out of my room probably to Kester’s room..


What happened between me and Elvin came flashing on my mind






Immediately she left my room,


I felt relieved, what was that. Oh God this is way too close.


Kester walked in immediately clapping his hands together.


” That was too close…”


Victor repeated what i said earlier.


What was too close???…” Victor asked.


And how is that your business.


Wait oh!!! Are you guys a monitoring spirit or something??? …..”


” Off course we are not


You better keep your voice low because she is standing outside there…”


Kester said and I look at the door immediately.


Why not stop all this your pretence and tell her how you feels about her, see Elvin no matter how hard you fight the feeling is two times stronger than you…….”


Victor said.


Just summon courage.


Perhaps it not gonna be a hard thing to do because she also has something very strong for you…….”


Kester add.


You both can lecture that to the bird or who so ever that is ready to listen to you…..” I said remove the bed sheets on me and stood up.


And we’re you off to???? ……”


Kester asked.



” To the bathroom off course


Do you guys mind joining me…..”


I said hiss and walked while they laughed.


Just immediately I was done I came out to meet a young lady, I think she is the doctor.


She checked on me and confirm that am fine.


I took out a deep breath


Am gonna be leaving the castle tomorrow, we are gonna drive straight to the new house after school.


This is gonna be a tough thing for Me don’t even know why I don’t feel like going again.


During the evening time


I walked down with the guys, with a sweeter and a cute eyeglasses .


Stephannie was already down and she was laying on her grandma’s laps.


I waked in a we both made eye contact and she just look away immediately and I found myself smiling.


On the other side..


Mirabel smiled seeing me.


Angela and Sandra where present anyway.


Grandma told us a wonderful night story. And I mad eye contact with Stephannie countless number of times and she will always be the one to look away. Mirabel was just focused on the story though she sometimes looks at me.


After the wonderful story.


Grandma stood up and left leaving only me, Stephannie, Kester, Victor and Mirabel.


Stephannie was the first to leave and she was putting on a headphone I look at Mirabel she was now lying on Kester’s laps she was also with her earphone plugged and she was busy nodding to the lyrics of the music she must be playing.


I stood up.


Are you leaving because my sister has left???? ……” Kester said.


Who told you that???…”


I told myself…..”


Victor said



” I know you love my sister…”


Kester said.


Am not even interested in your sister. Neither is she in anyway …..” I said and my heart pain.


Your love doesn’t count, as long as she loves you that’s the number one thing that counts……” Kester said.


Kester you know I was thinking.


What Is really the reason why Anastasia choose me over you and you know what I found out????? ……”


I asked he nodded No.


You are never serious….” I said and he laughed.


Elvin you are smart I agree to that but your smartness is on other things that relationship isn’t included in, Anastasia is a girl that can never give up on what she wants. You should just be very careful with her…”


He said looking serious.


I got that


Thanks for the information


Is well noted……”


I said stood up and walked out as well but I didn’t go inside, I just gave them some space and I sat down some metres away form the Stephannie’s garden.


I was busy with my phone when I noticed a standing image of a human being and I look up to see


Stephannie standing in front of me.


She smiled as we made eye contact.


Am quite surprised


I thought she has gone to sleep.




” Hey …”


She said and I smiled at her and I make a space for her to seat beside me and she sat down and thanked me anyway.


I came to know how you are fairing…” She said still smiling.


Am good thanks for coming to check on me …..”



” You are welcome.


She said.


Are you still gonna leave the castle??…”


She asked and I must say am surprised I was never expecting this question from he not now not ever.


Why is she asking




I swallowed my spit


Yeah we are still leaving…..”


But why, you have everything you need Here so why go to a place that you will see less people and you will be feeling bored ????……”


She asked.


Well there are things attached to it.


Perhaps, I need much privacy to focus on my studies……”


But you can have all the privacy you seek here, perhaps no body is disturbing you ……” She said


Well I would have loved staying back but you see, we aren’t met to live here with you guys and perhaps we have already told your Dad that we have gotten an apartment……”


If my Dad is the problem her then u can talk to him to let you guys stay back more longer ……” She said and I couldn’t think of any other thing to tell her.


It not really all about me


Victor is the main reason we are leaving, he said he needs some space he is no longer finding here conducive Perhaps we aren’t leaving permanently we will still be coming around….” I said and just then Kester, Victor and Mirabel started walking towards our direction.


” I have to go now…”


She said stood up and left before Kester, Victor and Mirabel could get close.


I think I need to tell her that am innocent…..” Victor said.




You just lied against me


He said.


Can you even talk to her


I asked.


You should be thanking us that we saved you, if not she would have convinced you to stay back Kester said.


” And what asked for your help.


What did you guys even saved me form????………”


” Form her off course.


Don’t be surprised that she will even follow us to the new house……”


Victor said and they both started laughing while Mirabel seem to be list in the whole thing.


” I hiss and out on my earpiece but Kester took it off, it already dark… let go catch some


sleep …..”


Kester said and I stood up and we’ll walked.


I got to my room but i couldn’t sleep.


I played my new guitar that Kester got for me but it seemed worse..


I felt so bored in my room though the air condition is working perfectly fine but still feel hot and uncomfortable in my room,


I look at my grandma’s picture and then that of my dad’s own.


I really miss you guys,


It quit unfortunate that I fail you and I failed in listening to what you told me, I felt love even when I know it not right .


” But it just nature and you can’t fight it


Come on Elvin you can’t keep living like this, like you don’t care when you know she means a whole lot to you.


Come on Elvin you can’t fight this……”


My conscious said.



” Off course I can and I can, I must and I will, I can’t just find myself in such a situation I said to myself.




” Even if you fight it Elvin


You will surely loss, no one ever fight with nature and wins with it because they made you and decide what and when to act.


You can’t win Elvin!! And you know that….”


My conscious said.



I took a deep breath and I look at my guitar and I smile, I think this is gonna be the prefect


moment to make use of it.


I took the guitar and I walk out of my room and down to a quite place.


I walk down through the elevator and I got down very fast without stress, everywhere were so quit it just the soldiers around and they bow as a pass them while some smile the female actually.


I caught sight if someone in the garden and I know that the only one that can be there is Stephannie but I wonder what she could be doing awake by this time and in this place.


I walked into the garden, well this time Tessia did stop me from entering, she didn’t even say any word to me.



I walked into the garden and yeah I was right it her and she was with a bottle of wine looking at a well decorated area that is surrounded with flowers around….

and she were



What could she be doing here.


I walk more closer and I found out she have already emptied a lot of wine



and she is already drunk.



I watch from the spot I was and I look at her to understand what was really going on with her.


You has a lot of friends but none were able to love and trust you back, You has a lot of rivals but none has the courage to stand up to you….


I watched her pour out her sorry though I don’t understand who she was referring to.


I watch her pick up something to drink and I immediately came out from the spot.


I can’t keep on watching her drink her self to death.


What the hell….”


Stephannie what are you doing…..”


I asked walking more closer and I sat with her.


Come on, who the hell are you and how did you find me. What are you even doing here human should be sleeping comfortable by now, it already night …..”


She said and she smiled.


What are you doing to yourself Stephannie????


You are already drunk.


Just give me that drink……”


I said to her and smatch the bottle out of her hand.


” How dare you interfere in my affairs


Look, hand me over that bottle now.


I don’t have a reason of living, leave me to live my life the way I wants…..”


She said snatching back the bottle out of my hand again and she drank form it.


Come stop that, this is not a good way to live a life perhaps don’t you know that living your life like this is hurting those the love you ……”


I said though I know I was talking about my feelings.


Come on Elvin


Stop telling me about love because men know absolutely nothing about love.


So just stop the preaching…..”


She said.


” You think so.


You that’s a wrong way to judge men.


You know everyone has it own bitter stories, everyone has it hurtful past, everyone has once lost something that is so precious to them which they treasures with the whole heart…….” I said looking at her.


” What do you know about bitter past???….”


She asked but I just kept calm looking at her and seeing something that a normal eye can see.


” Well I guess you don’t ….”


She said laughed and drink form the bottle of wine.


” But don’t worry am gonna tell you what butter past really means.


Have you ever been betrayed in life by the people you so much care about and trusted with your whole


and heart and everything you got


Huh ??????


Have you ever watch your beloved ones helplessly die on your present right on your own damn hands Elvin !!!


Have you ????…..”


She asked this time admitting a little shout


And I just pick up my guitar and played a beautiful calm rhythm.


Am surprised at my self that I could sit close to you and chat freely…. I never for once thought of that not even in my widest dream…….”


She said and I just look at her as she drink form the bottle of wine she was holding.


Talking about the bitter past


Do she really understand what it means.


Has she really been hurt so much????


Has been betrayed by someone before?…”


I asked myself and I look at her.



She look so innocent and hurt.


Now I understand why she acts the way she do though she has not mentioned anything about it but merely looking at her one could see pain and sorry all over her face.


In as much as i have experience a whole lot in life I still have a heart and sure understand her case.


She is just hurt beyond words.


I play the guitar so slow to fit in her pain… I so much want to last her back and tell her is gonna be fine, I wish I could


Wipe away her pain and tears.


I played so slowly and she smiled and stare at me for sometime.


I really feel for her


I watch her drink her self to stupor while I play my guitar so slow.


She must be deeply been hurt by someone in the past but am not gonna ask whom.


Life is full of wickedness and betrayals, Seeing the people you so much love and treasure hurt you so much, seeing the people you so much trust betray you as if trusting them is all your fault.



Seeing the people you have secretly fight for planning for your down fall, tabing hard on the back.

you really



It so painful remembering the past cos it brings not good than pain

, sadness




sorrow , tears and Heart broken



Well i Gat to keep living


I gat to stay strong all day


I gat to prove to them that with or without them I can make it great and large, living happily. But can the past ever be forgotten ?


Can it ever been wiped off so not to bring misfortune ????…….”


She asked looking at the decorated area.


Yeah it can be wipe of but that’s if you can forget about it and think of those that loves you …….” I said still playing the guitar


Come on


Stop telling that, You men don’t know the meaning of love, you men should have been kept in the same place were women are kept.


Love isn’t meant for men because they don’t know the meaning of love……”


She said and drink more.


Loving a man Is like digging your grave as early before the sun rises,


You never can tell if you will be Tab really hard to death by men before the sun sets.



If I could be allowed to make a wish I will wish never for my heart to fall for a man but it quite unfortunate that I don’t have the privilege to make a wish so I will just live the way nature wants……”


Men are just betrayers


Life can never have a better thing to offer with men around.


I hate them with so much passion


I hate them to taken the life of the only woman that makes me happy


I hate them for betraying the trust of my dad.


I hate them for stabbing my feelings


I hate them.


She spoke and finished up the bottle she had and she pick another one as more tears flow down her cheeks.




Come on stop that.


You are hurting with me with those word… Stop the drinking


I said and snatch away the bottle form her while she try getting them back from me.


Indeed very hurting, Tears sly down my cheeks unknowingly, it quit painful watching her pour out her pains but you know something telling people sorry doesn’t heal anything it rather makes it once..


At that moment the only thing that could calm her down was my guitar as I thought but I decided to allow her pour away the tears she has been holding for a long time.


Sometimes when the heart gets so heavy and the mouth feels so weak the tears becomes the only way one can show how hurt he or she is.


She is deeply hurt by someone, a man in particular before now I was desperate to know why she so much despise men.


Now I understand why she so much hate men with passion and I can see this hatred grow into something that anyone can handle.


I look at her and I smiled for the first time since I sat with her.


Unno life when you talk about your problems with people or how you feels towards things you thinks your problem is so huge but when you sit and listen to other talk you will end up thanking God for the strength so far.



Life is just a gift, people are appreciated and Classified on the way the package they are respected the way they handles the gift.

their own and



Nothing what trusting..


We lives in hope and believe even trust itself is not what trusting nor love is what loving.



I said does things to cheer her up and make her understand that life is full of pain and joy, sad and happiness, betrayals and trust, wisdom and selfishness, Treasure and gold.


I really want her to see men in a different angle, I want her to see men in an opposite direction of wickedness and betrayals.


She is carrying more than what her heart could bear.


The only thing I could think at this moment is how to wipe her tears and make her smile again.


This night my heart melted at someone’s story of the past even though I have past through a lot, I look at her and I pant her pant while she put her head on my shoulder.


I played my guitar and I watch how weak it makes her feel.


I played it until she feels asleep on my shoulder.


I don’t know why she chooses to do thing just today I told her that am leaving.


don’t she wants me to leave???


bit she just said she wish not to felt something for a man so she probably don’t have feelings for me perhaps staying back can’t change anything.


And who says is not gonna change thing.


you are just trying to run away form your feelings but you can’t win no matter how hard you try fighting it Elvin


my conscious said.


Well am gonna leave for good


If not for anything for the fact I made the promise, she needs some space from men for the moment.




I carried her up to the building and I lay her down on her massive bed.


I stare at her for sometime before I left her room to mine.


Getting into my room in couldn’t sleep all my mind were reflecting on all the things she said at the garden.


I couldn’t have judged her without knowing the cause of the whole thing


I was all wrong about the whole thing


I said to myself.


If I could be allowed to make a wish I will wish never for my heart to fall for a man but it quite unfortunate that I don’t have the privilege to make a wish so I will just live the way nature wants……” I record her very word.



Doesn’t she wants to be loved again??



Come on Elvin what’s your business with her love affairs, weather she loves it none of your business….”


My conscious said.


Can I really fight this feeling…”


I asked no one in particular.




To be continued














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