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The thought of what Anastasia exbitted out there few minutes ago keep on ringing on my ears


If I should tell you that am not confused the simple call me a lier, am so mad what are all this girls up to. Anastasia!!!!


What really happened outside there???


I asked myself as I try to figure out what really happened.


Gosh those girls are really crazy and I mean really mad, am so much disappointed at Anastasia she has sold the trust and respect I have for her..I can’t even picture myself dating someone as crazy as she is.


She couldn’t even hid her stupid feeling. Acting that way even in the presence of kester, I feel like a bad person, I feel like I betrayed kester but is it really my fault that she can’t control herself.


Is not my fault but I no how it feels loving someone and not been loved back.


Why is all this happening to me…


This is actually what cause what happened in Mr. Benard’s house between Anabella and Jennica.


God why is my life like this.


I hard someone pushing the door and I know is either Victor or Kester must be at the door.


Yeah I locked myself up


I need to cool my head and find a way to handle this


I don’t even have feelings for Anastasia none even Sonia, I will try my possible best to make sure that Anastasia dates Kester


He so much love her.


I could see how hurt he was when Anastasia was laying abuses on Sonia all in the name of protecting me.


I need to cool my head.


Just calm down you can handle this.


I wake up letter in the evening and I went and opened the door when I heard someone knocking it happens to be Sandra and she came to deliver my lunch but the way am now I don’t think I can eat anything.


I just told her to take the food back that am gonna eat maybe later.


I went back to my room and I took out my books to read when my door opened and Kester and Victor walked into my room smiling and I felt a little relived seeing kester smile.


” What’s up Elvin


Why have you lock up your self for so long. I came knocking but you didn’t open up Why???? …..”


Victor asked.


” Nothing just taking a nap.


didn’t really hear your knocking…” I said looking at Kester.



” Am sorry Kester


I said bending down my head while I heard the both of them laughing..


What’s funny now Huh??? ……”


I asked myself.


Sorry for what exactly……” He asked.


Sorry for everything kester, I understand how you are feeling right now even if you pretend not be hurt but I feels for you ……”


I said with all sincerity.


Come on Elvin


Don’t be like this, you didn’t do anything to me, is not your fault that she didn’t love me


Love is form the heart it isn’t made to me forced……”


He said.


I still take the blame ……”


Take the blame if what exactly Elvin


You know for the fact she choose you over me still didn’t change anything it only Change my understanding that not everything you treasures comes your way ……” He said.



” Thanks so much Kester.


You are one in a kind, am happy for your understanding……”


I said and he smiled.


But those girls really put up a wonderful drama, I didn’t even realize it were happening in reality I thought am watching a movie or something…..’


Victor said.


I always no you are not normal….”


You are not the first to tell me that


I have even told myself countless number of time so yours won’t hurt.


Perhaps am not the only one that laughed Stephannie joined me……..”


He said.


You mean she was laughing??…..” I asked.


Yeah, and I mean real laugh……”


He said.


I guess I really need to be turned to a woman so I can feel this so called love and watch how I will react when I gets jealous….”


He said and both him and Kester laughed.


Am not finding this funny and you guys to knows that …. ”


I said.


We are not comedians so if you don’t find it funny is not our fault nor yours. We are just making ourselves happy…..”


Victor said and they laughed again really hard while I frown.


But seriously Elvin


You really need more cap,


You know I thought you were kind of crazy whenever I sees you covering your face with your sweeter


cap but now I understand the reason…..”


He said.


” Me too ……”


Kester said in Concord.


You know sometimes I wonder how your class mate copies when you are around. I mean how they concentrate????……”


He asked but I didn’t even say any word to him.


I can see you guys are not serious..


Am out of here..


I have a whole lot to read……”


I said stood up, took my laptop with me and walk out of the room while they followed me behind still making jest of what happened.


We walked to the swimming pool and we sat down on the available seat there actually in a round form.


I placed my laptop on the desk and I put it on and went on my reading while Kester and Victor kept talking


We weren’t up to thirty minutes when Anastasia walked up the place we are though I saw her earlier before Kester could but I just kept quiet and pretend as if i never saw her coming


Immediately Victor saw her coming he signified her to come back later that am not in a good mood.




I have Kester in mind when I said giving someone else a chance


” Am ready to wait Elvin


Am ready, I have tried forgetting everything about you but the more I try the more I felt for you becomes stronger.


I really love you with all my heart Elvin please don’t push me way……”


She said sobbing and I felt angry looking at Kester and seeing him in a bad mood.


Please, I did what I did to protect the love I have for you Elvin……” She added.


Anastasia !!!!


Do you really wanna know the really truth about the whole thing……”


I asked and she nodded.


” What you did put there worsen the whole thing, I can’t go with someone like you….”


I said though I know it hurt but I need to say them so that she can feel hurt and let me be.


I look at Kester and he was fully focused on his phone although I knew he is listening to what we are discussing. I look at Victor and he wasn’t even looking at us at all.


” Am sorry ….”


She pleaded breaking down to tears


” What’s even wrong with this girl


Can’t she just understand the fact that I can’t return the love she has for me, my friend and brother feels something for her so I can’t……”


I said to myself as anger grow up on me.


Come on Elvin even if Kester isn’t in love with her you will you still won’t go with her over Stephannie…..”


My conscious said.


Don’t worry Anastasia


Just go for now, I will help you talk to him and you can come back when he is more calm but for now you need to give him some space…..”


Kester said and she thanked Kester and left.


” What’s the promise all about?? ……”


I asked he laughed.


” Look Elvin


I appreciate all you are doing


I know you are harsh to her because of me ……”


He said and truth be told he was right.


But there many ways to kill a rat, In as much as I know that you are harsh to her because of me but next time be a little calm she is a lady remember and perhaps it not her fault to fall in love, Unno, love they say can make you stay awake for a whole night with out any tangible reason……”


He said and nod while he smiled


Love is really crazy, loving someone that doesn’t love you because the person loves someone he is afraid of telling his feelings for….”


He said and i just focus on what I was reading on my laptop because I know where he is driving at.


Am talking to you Elvin


I know all this is because you are caught in love with a goddess of beauty herself ….”


He said hitting me a little.


You better hold yourself Kester…..” I said.


But am right Elvin


Don’t worry I will sent for the queen immediately at least you will get to see her cute face before you


sleep today…”


He said.


You know, now I really understand why Anastasia choose me over you……” I said and he laughed hard.


That’s simply because of your are more cute than I am Elvin !!


You are cute and that’s all……”


He said.


” No it not that’s


It because you are never serious with yourself not to talk of been serious with others ……”


I said and this time Victor laughed.


I will make sure that Anastasia stays far away form you ……”


And I will make Stephannie very very very far away form you, even with this your cute faces you can’t get cloes to her If I object……”


He said


Am gonna win you if you make that a bet ….”


I said and just then she walked in there with someone but I focused on the laptop I was operating.



” Hey Alvin….”


I heard the girl she came with say but I did like I was fully focused on the laptop I was operating.


Kester touched me and i took off the ear phone in my ears ..


How are you doing


I asked


Am fine


She said and me and her shuck hands together and stare at each other like lost twins that it took year to find each other.


” Elvin that’s Mirabel my cousin..


The girl I told you about the other day .


Mirabel that’s Elvin and over there is Victor they’re my friends from Nigeria…..”


Kester introduce.


” Wow !!! she really looks beautiful but not way close to Stephannie.


She looks surprised and she stared at me like someone she had seen somewhere.


” You mean this is not Alvin???……”


She asked and i look at her again remembering where I have heard the name Alvin before. We stare at each other and this time we stared for a very long time and she started brushing




You really look so cute…..” She said.


You aren’t looking bad either…..”


Stephannie !!!


Is he not the guy you were drawing ???? Back there in your room……”


She asked and I look at her and she became shy instantly.


” No that’s not him ..


I was drawing Alvin not him….”


Stephannie said.


Seem someone is lying here




No !!! the person you drew looks more like him She said pointing at me in indication.


Alvin doesn’t have a thick dark hair and ocean blue eyes…..” She explained and I just found myself smiling….



Wow she thinks of me


We made eye contact and I smiled at her for the first time ever since what happened in the afternoon.


So can we see the drawing you made…” Kester asked.


Yeah I know it gonna be cute


I added in what Kester said and she began to cough immediately, Tessia got her a water to drink.


Are you Okay


Kester asked her immediately


I think I should


She said and I just shifted a seat for me to sit on.


I know what she is trying to do so is not a new game to me….




She said and I just smiled.


We engaged in a conversation and Kester, Mirabel and Victor were actually the ones doing the whole taking here while me and Stephannie were just smiling at each other.


She started acting strange like something is wrong with her.


I tried observing what the problem could be but she were just closing eyes and trying to open her eyes.


” Stephanie !!!…..”


Kester called standing up from his seat and walk closer to her.


She tired saying something but we couldn’t hear what she is saying.


She tired standing up and she lost balance and felled on my arms.


I took her up to her room while Kester and Tessia including her cousin followed behind.


I placed her on her bed and Kester has already put her mum on call and she said she will be home in the nearest second.


I look at her and I felt like staying beside her till she wakes up but her cousin is there so I just told her to get well soon and I walked back into my room.







I woke up to see myself lying on my bed, and my step mom was with her Stethoscope while my grandma was sitting beside me on the other side of the bed.


” Mum!!!! Grandma !!!!!!…”


I called and they smiled at me.


What’s wrong with me ??……” I asked


Don’t worry my princess


You are gonna be alright ……”


My grandma said.


After checking me and step mom requested that u should be served food to eat immediately which I did.


Where is Elvin and everyone and what really happened to me because I can vividly remember that I was outside with my brother and others……”


I asked.


Don’t stress yourself my jewelry


I don’t really know what happened but your mum said you are gonna be fine.


You passed out while chatting with your brother and Elvin.


So Elvin carried you in ……”


She said.


Elvin did??? ……”


Yeah !!!!……” She answered.


Where is he then ????……” I asked.


He went to get something for your mum in the hospital with Kester and Victor, they will soon be back in few minutes time ……”


She said and just my brother walked in.


Wow, you are awake already


How are you doing my sweetheart……”


He asked…


” Am fine


I though you left with Elvin


Where is he ???????……”


I asked and he looked me surprisingly


I was even surprised at myself asking after Elvin this frequently.


” Well he went to fleshing up.


He might be down in the evening ……”


Kester said.


After sometime


He left and it was only me and my grandma, she was just making my dinner while my mind was long list thinking about Elvin.


My grandma stayed in room till the next day and was didn’t have our night story again she only told me bed time story but it was kind of boring and she noticed it she she rather sang for me and I slept off few minutes later.


Their comes the beautiful Tuesday morning. I did my normal morning activity and this time, I went out on time to visit my mom grave and just like expected Elvin was outside and I sighted him at far spot looking at my direction.



I went to my mum’s grave and I dropped a beautiful flowers walked back to my room..

on her grave yard. And I stood up and



Getting back to my room, my grandma has already served my breakfast on my dining table so after I was through with my bath,, I put on something so classic and expensive, I had my breakfast and walked down.


I got down and it happens that my brother’s car was Ready for them to go.


I remembered I forgot something inside in room so I instructed Tessia to get them for me while I stand beside the car and waist for her.


Not quite long I heard the guys voice and I turned just I see my brother push off Elvin’s sweeter cap and he turned towards my direction and I gasped.


Oh!!!!! My God


This boy is not a human


I spoke out though they didn’t hear me.


I constantly was looking at their car till it was out of sight.


Gosh, this boy is so cute and hot


I heard Tessia’s voice that she has gotten what I sent her and we hop in and drove out of the castle.


Immediately I got into the institution premise my phone reminders popped out a notification concerning the institution. Well I got this notice yesterday but I didn’t open it so I decided to open them now.



Even when I was already in school I decided to stay back in my car and have some times to myself before teachers will start popping in.


I clicked on the notice and the image of three girls appeared so I scrolled down to know more.


This are the two new students that will be resuming with us in the institution tomorrow ” that is today” their name reads, Anastasia Roland from South Africa a music student and Anna Richmond a Neuroscientist. And then the mighty Vera Marcelo whom has been on vacation for some weeks.


The two new student mentioned above are the very best form their institution and it will also interest the less students of Stephannie’s institution to know that the competition of the queen and king of this noble institution will be in the next three days been on Thursday but their are set of students that won’t participate in this competition, Miss Stephannie, Elvin and Priscilla


Gosh!!! The institution is getting more hotter. Well we will always be on top if the whole game ……” I said and smiled at my thought.


I walked into the class into the class and everywhere became so quiet while guys around stare at me including Elvin and he kind of smiled seeing me and I smiled back.


I got my seat and sat down.


Good morning Elvin


I said and he turned to look at me and he smiled.


How are you doing Stephannie


He asked still keeping his golden smile.


Am doing just great


What about you??? Hope you are doing fine???


Yeah much good


How was your night.


He asked again.


Wonderful and peaceful


What about you




He said.


Why ?????


I asked.



What happened to you yesterday really made me restless, hope you are much fine now He asked and I smiled.


Do he really serious that what happened to me got him restless but why. Do he care about me that much…”


I thought.


Yes am much fine now Elvin


Thanks so much for your helping hand….”


I said and he smiled.


Come on is nothing But what really happened yesterday??…” He asked showing a concerned face.


Nothing actually, it just because I didn’t take my drug yesterday, I actually forgot it ….” I said.


Are you actually sick before???


He asked and just then a teacher walked into the class room and they stood up and greeted them…..


School activities started and after two teachers has thought us and left the institution head walked in with three students two are actually new while everyone knows crazy Vera.


Good morning my intelligent and brilliant students of almighty Stephannie’s institution ……” He greeted and the students responded while he continue with his speech.


It a delightful privilege that I bring to you two brain box form their institution of the world, this is


Anastasia Roland from South Africa, she is a very smart and intelligent students


He introduced and Anastasia smiled at the student.


” Bitch…..”


I murmured.


Over here is Anna Richmond.


You guys already know her Vera Marcelo, she has been with us for went on a vacation for some weeks


and now that her vacation is over she is back.


Mr Desmond said.


You guys should accommodate them, they have something to offer so do you guys have something to offer to them as well and it will also be in your interest that the institution will be hosting a debate among you all to name the institution year’s Queen and king …….”


He concluded and the classroom went into a talk while Mr. Desmond asked them to pick a seat and make themselves comfortable.



But they seen not to see anywhere comfortable.


Anna go seat with Flora and you Anastasia go and seat with Sonia


Vera you already know where to seat he said and walked out of the classroom while Anastasia and Sonia gave themselves a dangerous looks.


Oh!!! This class is gonna be a whole hell for all of us, well they should better mind their place and stay far away from my Elvin because I won’t take any shit form any of them.


I was so freaked remembering something.


Allot was going on in mind concerning what Elvin was asking after.


I was waiting to know if he is gonna ask again and thank God he never did.


We had the first and second lecture and Sonia and Anastasia was behaving like bitches without class, so irritating.


During the break time.


Flora and Elvin went out to have fun while I just stay back in the class.


I don’t know why I don’t get mad whenever Elvin is around Flora but I gets mad when seeing others with him.


We were in the classroom when the crazy Vera ran into the classroom and started asking after the were about if Elvin.


That’s the drama queen of this institution, everybody knows her but she has never dared crossing my lines because she knows what that means.


she left when she couldn’t see Elvin and just Few minutes after she was gone Elvin walked in sat on our seat.


You didn’t go out for a break,


He asked.


Why would I go out ???


Who will I even go out with


and I just smiled at my thought.


Nothing just feel like staying back


I said and he just smiled.


” So what did you get for me??……”


I asked and I was kind of shocked at my question but thank God he didn’t hear what I asked.



What did you say….” He asked.


Nothing, I wasn’t referring to you actually ……”


I said and he focused back on what he was reading and then the crazy Vera ran in and ran towards Elvin.


” Oh my cute and hot crush


You look more cute than what I saw last time……”


She said and Elvin was just looking at her in surprise while the less of the class was staring at the crazy seen.


She tried seating on Elvin’s laps and he shifted and that’s queen felled down and Elvin stood up and walked away.




Vera stood up and left the classroom in humiliation.


I was just laughing within me.


Just few minutes the notice was updated and the news headlines was ” The almighty Vera has been trashed my the Greek God of Stephannie’s institution Elvin ” I just smiled at the update and saved them.


I looked at Anastasia and she was having a smiling face, well the next is gonna be your turn if you are not


careful and stay far away from him


I murmured.






What’s really happened yesterday really gave me sleepless nights and I couldn’t even figure out what exactly I was thinking about.


I don’t really know if $hat happened to her was something serious though Kester said she is gonna be fine that it just a minor something but my mind was restless.


I didn’t get to see her till the day got very dark that nobody could come out side to do anything. I had to force myself to sleep.


I played my guitar till I was able to start feeling sleepy and I slept offf.


I wake up a bit late because I didn’t really sleep on time and I wasn’t even reading. I walked out immediately to the elevator to watch Stephannie and yeah she came out.



After which she walked back to her room. I prepared for school and left hoping to see her at school and thank God she came around.


After exchanging peasantry and I tried asking her what the problem behind what happened yesterday but she said it because she didn’t take her drug.


I never know she was sick and I asked her if she was and she couldn’t give me a clear answer, it seen it something hard.


She was about telling me finally but Mr. Desmond interrupted us with his presence and that of the new students he came with.


After he introduced the new student which Anastasia was among, Yeah u wasn’t surprised because Kester told us.


During break I went out with Flora but she didn’t come into the class with me because Miss Kitty sent for her so I was the only one to walk inside only to meet Stephannie in the class.


Didn’t she go out for have lunch of something??????


You didn’t go out for a break??…” I asked her.


Nothing, just feel like staying back……” She said and I just smiled.


So what did you get for me??……”


I heard she asked and I was kind of shocked at her question.


was she expecting me to get something for her


I asked myself but I asked her what she said to know if I actually heard what she said but she pretended like she didn’t say anything.


It has not been long I walked into the class and that crazy Vera ran in.


What’s really this crazy girl’s problem


She is actually the bitch I met me first day in this institution that took pictures with me and uploaded it saying am her boyfriend.


I walked into the garden and sat down gently, You bitches should sat far away from me if you don’t want to get hot.


I was in the garden when Flora came into the garden.


” What’s up Elvin


What’s this on the update??……”


She asked me and I was like


What’s on the update???


She showed me her phone and I was kind of surprised, this institution is a crazy one.


” How come????……”


I asked no one in particular.


Did you actually push the almighty Vera down …” She asked.


I never did, the idiot was hovering around me like a pest and she wanted to seat on my laps and I just shifted my legs and she felled that’s all……”


I explained and she just kept calm.


I guess that’s why you came here?? Well let take a little walk around it gonna cheer you up….”


She suggested and I just nod.


We took just few steps and two men stood on our way.


So this is the bitch that made you push me down like a trash. beat the hell out of her …” Vera Ordered the men.


1 inch close and you will look for your face and you won’t see them again….”


I heard Stephannie’s voice form behind and Flora and I was surprised.


What’s your business with what am doing Stephannie, stay clear perhaps she is a bitch and I must teach her a little lesson


Vera said but Stephannie didn’t make any move or say any other thing.


I will just act like I never hear that from you. I hate repeating myself and you know that, she is mine students and not a bitch like you. Count your words….”


She said, turned and walked away while Vera stood there.


You this bitch, I will deal with you….”


She said.


” And as for you Elvin


I rather away form her.


you are mine and no one else can have you expect me.


Am Vera and I gets whatever I wants….”


She added and walked away.



Flora took out a deep breath.


Wait. Did Stephannie just saved someone?????…


That was so close …..” Flora said.


Come on that’s not a big deal….”


What?? You think she is kidding when she ordered them to beat me up. Thanks Stephannie….” She said.


Why would she even do that,


so if Stephannie didn’t interfered she would have beaten you up??…”


I asked..


Off course She said


And you think I will allow her get away with it Huh!!!!! ……””


What are you gonna do, report her to the institution management right??? Come on that’s Vera is the daughter of Marcelo the five richest business tycoon in Europe.


Only Stephannie can object to her demand…….” She said now I understand.


Let just go back to the class.


I said and she nod while we walked back to the class room.






” What’s Stephannie up to.


Why is she protecting that bitch???


She even threatened me because of that idiot….”


I said walking around one of the garden in the institution with my friends Arianna.


” Allot has changed in the institution ever since you are on vacation.


This boy called Elvin has made allot changed, you could image that even Sonia the president daughter


has eyes for him…..”


Arianna said.


What??? Oh she dares not because I will squeeze life out from her. How dare her have a eye for my crush



Sonia is a minor problem here because I don’t even think that the boy in question has something for her because if he does Sonia would be the one much closer to him……”


I think what we be planning now is how to get that bitch that calls herself Flora out of the way……” Arianna said.


She is not also a problem here


I will just find my way into Elvin’s heart.


I must date him or no one else will….”


I said.


Come on, you think it gonna be easy when it seen Stephannie has interest in her. If she can protect her from you harm Few minutes ago and even warned to deal with you if she looks for any of her hair in her body.


That means Stephannie isn’t joking and you no what she can do…..”


Well she said that for today


Stephannie we know don’t have time for people, she only did that because she is present. I will deal with her later.


” We just need to be careful


If I should suggest let find a way to deal with her without making Stephannie know…..”


Arianna said.


Don’t worry am gonna fix it trust me and if Sonia dares come on the line I will make her pay for doing so.


Elvin you are mine and I can’t compete with anyone over you because am the very best……..” I said smiled at my thought.






I know that Vera is sure gonna confront Elvin for busing her down so I just followed her the moment she left the class and just like I have in mind she went after him with his two male guards.


I interfered in the case not because of Flora but I know that if I don’t they might try harming her and Elvin will get injured trying so save her.


Vera is a trouble maker and she claims to always gets what she wants but am so sorry for her because she is not gonna get this one.


Are you admitting that you have feelings for Elvin…..” My conscious asked.



I walked back to the class and just after some minutes Elvin walked back with Flora and she thanked me for saving her.


Thanks for saving my friend…” Elvin said as he sat down.


You are welcome and perhaps you shouldn’t be thanking me, she is my students and I shouldn’t allow that idiot to touch her……”


I said.


Did you really did that because she is your student or something else???…..”


He asked the unexpected question and I just lost my voice.


Why is he asking me such question??


” What are talking about……”


I asked back pretending not to understand his question.


” Never mind …..”


He said and focused on his phone and I took out a deep breath.













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