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After the competition, I saw her drove out of the institution and felt for her, it quite hard to believe she lost out on the competition.


I began to blame myself for everything, maybe she failed because I didn’t put more effort to make sure she understands what i was teaching her.


I was really weak and the only thing on my mind is to tell her is gonna be Okay.


I left my laptop on my desk because Flora was still making use of it, I don’t want her to notice that am sad but she still traced me to the garden.


Your mood has changed after watching that competition view, what’s the problem????…..” She asked.


Don’t bother yourself, am fine….”


You are not giving me that as an answer


I know something wrong, you can’t just suddenly change your mood and tell me all is right with you….”


She said.


Tell me what’s the change of mood for??? …..” She asked.


”Okay fine, something is kind of bothering me but it something I can handle alone……”


I said.


” I disagree with you


Tell me I want to hear them…..”


She insisted.


” Okay, For sometime now


I have been the one teaching Stephannie so yesterday she kind of gave me hard time that’s all, Coming to what happened today


why must she be the one to lose out…..”


I said.


” But why should she be giving you hard time


others wishes you teach them but instead she is messing up her time.


I guess this is why she Loss out to Maya……”


She said


You think so???……” I asked


No Elvin, something is wrong about the whole competition, Even if Maya’s is upgraded to two she can’t win out Stephannie, Stephannie is too way more intelligent than her. I suspect that something went wrong


She said.


What do you mean Something isn’t wrong…


For the fact that Maya won her doesn’t mean She isn’t intelligent. So you shouldn’t say something went wrong…”


I said.


No Elvin I know exactly what am talking about


firstly, the competition should have been situated at the competition board but they objected and can you tell me what went wrong that made the light to put off and then Maya whom was getting weak in how fast she is answering questions become so fast like a computer can you explain that……” She said and I kept quiet.


Something is definitely behind Maya’s Victory. The time you left I searched the record of how the competition went but I found out that at the spot when the light went off what’s shown ….”


She added


I don’t really understand what you are trying to say, Stephannie did her very best……”


I said


” That’s what you think


If you had known Stephannie before now you should know that what she exhibited out there wasn’t has




She said.


” So what are you trying to say ???…..”


Stephannie use to be a very friendly and caring friend to everyone even though then her mom was still on her sick bed.


She use to be very smart and even more intelligent than you.


But when she lost her mom allot of things changed in her……”


She said.


” You mean Stephannie is dead??? …”



Yeah didn’t you know???…” She asked and I just nod.


What’s about Mrs Beatrice


I even thought that Mrs Beatrice is her Mum..”


I said


” Yeah but she is her Step mum


Her mum’s name is Catherine, she is a well known doctor ……”


She said.


Wow!!! How come you know so much about Stephannie and her family??? ……” I asked.


Well I use to be the daughter of a rich man


then I was a close friend to her cousin sister Mirabel, I admire Stephannie allot then and she was like a row model to me and even up till now I still see her as one.


I loved her smart and intelligence……”


She said and I kind of laughed even though what she said wasn’t anyway funny


Daughter of a former rich man Does that exist ?????…”


I asked and she laughed


Well my Dad was once very rich and well known but it happens that he was dealing on a contraband goods so when the Emperor figured it out


He seized all my Dad’s property……” She said.


Oh!!!! that’s very sad…..”


I said and she just smiled.


But your Dad could have negotiate with the emperor or better still do something about his property……”


Their is nothing my Dad can do about it


He doesn’t have a direct access to the emperor, their are procedures and it happens that the person in charge is my Dad’s enemy so it a hard thing to crack…….”


But there could have been another way….”


Well It has been some months now and we have learnt to live with it that way……” She said.


” I really feel for Stephannie…


she has lost a whole lot because of this whole thing……”


I said.


She hasn’t really lost out She can still make it and still regain her status but that’s if she wins Maya and becomes the world female best science student….”


Flora said.


You know someone who lost at this level won’t have the courage to face again…


She losing out again will be a very bad disaster so is better she lies low for now She added.



I don’t really get what you mean…


She had a chance of winning again and become the beSt female I asked and she nod.


Yeah but she must win the world best….” She said.


I can still make things right for her anyways I thought.


Let me get something over there I will be back in a second….” Flora said and I nod and she walk way.



science Student again???? ……”











Just then I caught sight of a very beautiful girl.


she was going towards Mr Desmond’s Office.


She stopped on her track and she was looking at my direction.


She stayed at that same spot staring at me and I was looking at her at the same time.


” We need to be in the class now or less you want Mr Johnson to deal with us……”


I heard Flora’s voice and I turned to her and then to the girl’s side and she just smiled and continue her walk…


” Who is she???? ……”


I asked and Flora turned towards her direction.


” That’s Priscilla


The third best student in Europe……’


What’s is she doing here ???…..”


Come on don’t tell me that this is your first time seeing or hearing about someone like she…. in fact she studies in this Stephannie’s institution but she is a Neuroscientist……”


She said and I wowed.


What’s the wow for.????…”




Is better we start heading to the class now or we will tell the story together…”


I said and she nod.


We walked to the class,


All throughout the whole day I couldn’t concentrate at all


A whole lot were occupying my mind Flora’s words.


Who is this Priscilla of a girl


Something seen connected like someone I have met somewhere….”


After the class


Kester came to pick us up.




Ever since the competition at the institution I haven’t seen Stephannie.


I feels hurt that she is hurt…


I so wish there is anything I can do to help her out.


Well I thank God she still have one chance to get back her status so all I think I need to help her out and study more harder.


It has been a whole day and I haven’t seen her anywhere around the castle. I asked Tessia and she told me where she has been and how she has been crying all day.


I really felt hurt and in pain.


I wish I could turn back the hands of clock.. I blame myself because I also caused everything if I had thought her what she needed know she won’t have failed there by losing to Maya.


I judged her wrongly and now am feeling so guilty.


I need to put things right.


The castle tonight was so boring.


No Stephannie no story for me grandma


Kester wasn’t himself either because he said he haven’t seen his sister


It happened that this afternoon as I was going to honor Mr. Barlon’s call I met her on the way but not in a good state.


We both hit ourselves and she failed because I couldn’t catch her.


She is really angry


Do you watch while walking??…..” I shouted at him.


Easy Dear


You are the one at fault here but anyways am sorry I hit you down.


Am sorry about what happened but you really have to take it easy on yourself…


You still have a chance to win, all hope is not lost yet Okay……”


I said calmly.


I don’t think I need your sympathy ….” She spat out


Come on don’t be like this.


Remember the bet we.. but don’t worry am gonna help you out and you will sure won’t loss your status……”


” And what made you think I will need your help for anything.


You know at some point I wonder, form which world do you came for????


You so much irritates me..


If you know what’s good for you stay far far far away from me….”


She warned.


What’s really you problem Stephannie’s Can’t you be nice to people for once ???


Are you born this way to be wicked and harsh to people….


I cares, so you should show some care no matter how little…..”


You should keep your care to yourself


I know you must be happy that I have lost but you know what


I will make sure that you never live to take charge of my institution.


You will only see it as a dream and before you wake up you will find yourself six feet under ……”


She spoke out with so much anger.


Why do you hate me so much Stephannie???? Every since I stepped into this castle you never showed any likeness.. What have my kind done to you that you can’t forgive.


I have tried to show you that am not interested in your institution. What r do you want from me????……”



You know what you did to me??


I will tell


You are not what living among humanity so you go kill yourself and rest in peace I said.


You know I have so much tried to find out the difference between a pig and a goat and I found out that the pig smells and the goat is senseless but you know what. Those two are far more better than you


” You smells and you don’t have any atom of sense in you.


I wonder why God wasted his time creating someone as useless as you are..


Why send you to the world when you don’t have anything to offer ???……”


She poured out on me her anger and frustration.


What’s really you problem Stephannie??? Tell what’s your problem????…….”


I asked.


Oh you really want to know what my problem Really is Huh!!!!????


My problem is you.


You are so useless to the world that I sometimes wonder of what use can you be of.


I wonder if your mum really carried and gave birth you like normal human does


She said and this time my mood changed…


I was no longer finding it funny


Her words hurts more than ever.


I no longer see it as anger and frustration but I saw it as something else.


I felt like killing myself at that moment because she has touch me in my wounded area.


I would have hit her if am a type that doesn’t control themselves.


Your mum should have at least taught you that you should keep your clothes were your hands can reach.


Stephannie that’s a harsh word to use why use them on him……” Kester spoke out.


I never know he were around.. I really felt hurt and pain


I feel like crying out my eyes




That’s because he deserve them.


You are a gold digger.


All you wanted in money


I know you are doing all this because of the money that my Dad promised you.


She said.


What do you really want me to do for you to know that am not anyway interested in your so called institution???……”


I asked with the mind to do whatever she wants if she can say it out.


Good I love that question


You really want to know what you are gonna do for me to be happy.


First get yourself out of this castle don’t worry I will help you out with were you are gonna be sleeping because I know you don’t have a home…….”


She asked but I was just looking at her with my red eyes that is waiting for any opportunity to allow tears fall.


Second You should just stay far far away from me and anything that has to do with me. And also tell my Dad the way you told him about this whole teaching of a thing.


tell him that you are not interested in my institution then after this it I’ll be happy again or better still….


I should just kill myself for you so that you will be happy right??….”


I asked and I meant it


Oh if you can I will be so happy to feel your brains to the dog. I don’t even know if they can agree to eat a smell thing like you.


You are a gold digger You so much love money


Your mum never taught you that you should mingle with you type. Don’t worry about the money dad promised you.


I will pay you double of it.


Just get yourself out of here…..”


She said and walked away, I could feel my eyes fighting so hard not to let the tears fall.


Elivn !!! What’s really wrong with you.


You have really changed and become so weak……”


My conscious said.


You are in love that’s the only thing that can make you feel so weak at a mare word if a girl.. You have grown so weak.


This is not you.


You weren’t supposed to fall in love….”


My conscious scold me but I tried not to think about what happened.


I walked out on Kester and I went back to my room to clean up my face and afterwards I went to Mr.


Barlon’s room to know what’s the call all about.



Getting there Kester were already seated and his Dad mood wasn’t in a good state I guess Kester must have told him what happened.


Am sorry for making you pass through all this pains and emotional downcast all because of Stephannie…. Am deeply sorry…..”


He said and i put up the best smile I can offer.


You don’t have to be Sir


She is just frustrated because of what happened. She isn’t speaking from her right mind……”


I said.


” But it wasn’t your fault so she shouldn’t have said those hurtful words to you.


I have called off the deal I have with you on teaching Stephannie.. Miss Harrietta will take over from


here …..”


He said.


” No Sir


You don’t have to


Am comfortable with her…..”


I said.


Come Stephannie is a difficult type to handle when she is mad. You have went through a lot already


So just let Miss Harrietta take it up from here…..” He said.


Sir is not a matter of me teaching Stephannie but I learns a whole lot whenever I teaches her and seeing her learn so fast makes me study more and wide…


I can’t picture myself been happy if I couldn’t help her out with the problem she is facing right now If I didn’t back down since I won’t do so now….


Not when I thinks I have the solution with me….”


I said to sir and both him and Kester took at me.


I don’t get what you just said….” He asked me.


Exactly what you just heard sir.


Sir I found out whole lot of things about her during this her period of trials..


She has been in a dark spot and she has been studying in fear of the unknown….”


I said and I can see the look of confusion in their face.


I don’t really understand what you mean by she has been studying with fear because I don’t see any reason why she should be afraid and perhaps you are her teacher and the Stephannie I know can never be scared of you……”


He said and i smile.


” Far form it sir


When I mean she is afraid I never mean afraid of human I mean afraid of loosing something or fighting something in her.


You know she don’t really need to study because she wants something..


She needs to study with free mind without been afraid of getting it wrong ….”


Throw more light because I don’t get what you are really saying……” He said


Okay Sir.


It kind of gonna be like a favor though I don’t know if you can trust me enough to do it for me but I kind of need it to be done just to put things in a proper way…….” I said.




Go on, anything as long as it something I can do freely perhaps is my daughter we are talking about here, so I can do anything to get her back on her feet……”


He said.


Thanks Sir.


Sir, I understand that you are trying so hard to see that Stephannie gets and becomes the very best but you mustn’t push her to it..


Just like I said earlier she is afraid of what u can actually say but with what I gathered…. She is so much


afraid of loosing something she so much treasure.


And what could that be that she thinks she is gonna loss anytime soon……” He asked.


Well sir if I should ask.


Please can you grant her full assess of the ownership of that institution……”


I said.


” Oh !!! come on Elvin.


You should know that she has failed on her duty to defend the integrity and honor the institution commands, so she can’t have the assess to the institution……” He said.




Sir I understand what you are trying to say but this is exactly what she is afraid of…. Losing the institution to me or anyone else..


If she must study with peaceful mind then she must have full assess to the institution so that she will know that she is studying on her own not with the fact that if she fails to study she might loss to someone…..”


I said.


” I can’t just grant that


She needs to prove to me that she is capable… I can’t risk the institution in her hand just the way she


fail on her personality……”


He said.


” Sir, she made a mistake that can be correct


Perhaps I heard she has a second chance to prove herself so she can still make the wrongs right again but we needs to help her out with the support she needs…..” I said to him and this time she kept calm.


You think this is gonna work out??? …” He asked.


Perfectly Sir.


You can bet on it……”


I said.


” Okay then consider it done.


Am gonna hold you by your words so do whatever it takes to make sure she didn’t disgrace the


institution reputation….”


He said and I smile.


” I will Sir


Hold me if there is no changes


I promise ……”


And I will also like to ask for a space from the castle… I mean I will love to move in to the house Kester already prepared for us…..”


Oh !!! no this one is not acceptable by me … You are not going anywhere if it because of the rubbish she said back there then she should better have a rethink because you are not going anywhere…..” Kester said.


Come on Kester.


I am doing this for the benefit of us all.


I irritates her so staying her will still make things bad so is better the time she get to see me will be only when I come to teach her… she can cope with it that way ……” I said trying to persuade him.



” No Elvin, you got it all wrong here.


You are not leaving this castle because of Stephannie….. ”


He insisted while Mr. Barlon was just looking at us.


” Sir am the one that needs the favor


will you will grant the wishes for me??…..”


I asked neglecting the fact that Kester is against my leaving the castle.


I think the both of you should talk this whole thing out in your room and you can always come back to me to give me feed back……”


Mr. Barlon said and I look at Kester.


Kester we shouldn’t be auguring over this… Is for the benefit of both of us..


She is even a distraction to me because the hard time she gives me makes me think instead of reading so is better to stay away and help her out than to stay here and worse the matter…..” I said looking at Kester but this time he kept mute.


Please just allow me handle this and trust me it just gonna last for some time moreover you can always


come around to visit us……”


I persuaded him.


Okay !!! fine Dad you can go ahead and give your approval to his request…..” He said and I smiled at him.


Okay then.


When are you guys leaving…….”


He asked.


” Sir Kester is not gonna leave with us


It just me and Victor and it inform you the time we will be leaving Sir….”


I said and look at Kester but his face were frowned.


” Okay then…”


He said and i proceed to leave the room.


One more thing sir ……” I said and turned back.


And what is it????


He asked.


Please go to her and create a new believe in her… Make her understand that she still have her position in your heart……”


I said.



” Is that all you want????……”


He asked


Yes Sir…..”


Okay then I will do just that ……” He said and i smile.


Thanks so much Sir ……”


I said.


” Come on you don’t have to thank me


Stephannie is my daughter, I should be the one thanking you instead for bringing out your time and energy to see that she gets back to her feet again


Am grateful……”


He said and i just smiled and left the room.


” I think I have to be in my room Sir…


I have some stuff I need to put in place before it night……”


I said


Okay then.. Come over for us to have a drink when ever you are free…..” He said and I nod walk to my room and Kester followed me


Am sorry about all that Elvin…


it was all my fault maybe if I didn’t ask Dad to sign in to you teaching her all this would n’t have happened


I take the whole blame….”


Kester said.


Come on it wasn’t your fault You wanted the best for a sister.


She was just really right maybe if I had a mum she would have taught me well…” I said with so much agony in my word.


I just wish to speak out to let the burden leave form my mind.


Stop saying that


You are the best even without the training of a mother, don’t let what she said out of frustration affects you…..”


Victor said pant my back a little.


” But I should be leaving with you guys…”


He said and I wave my head in sign of no while Victor looks surprised



” Leaving to where??? ……”


Victor asked


We will be leaving the castle by next week, I Just have to put it that far so that you can have your time and get yourself and your wives here ready……”


I said and Kester laughed while Victor frowned.


Why are we leaving ????


Here is cool, do you expect me to go to a place where only men are living and leaving all this beautiful


girl here??? ……”


He asked.


Is not by force, you can stay back but as for me am leaving…” I said.


No am not gonna Stay back, but I will surely miss Sandra and Angela but wait Elvin.. What gonna happen to your girlfriend Stephannie can she stay a day without you????…..”


Victor said.


My so called girlfriend happen s to be the reason why we are leaving


Don’t mind Elvin they must have agreed on a better place to be meeting…..”


Kester said and Victor nod in agreement


” I don’t have your guy’s time….”


We had a little discussion before they went to receive some fresh air outside while I stayed in my room doing nothing actually… I don’t need to see her face even if it just only for today.


To be continued………













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