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What did you say that really happened


Robinson asked one of his boys that escaped from Derek’s attack.


Sir, they were four in number Two male and two female


They were armed and they took James and Gray with them, I managed to escape because I left the car before they got to the spot…….”


The boy said.


How is this possible.


They were only two.


Charlton and Laura, who then came and made them two….”


I asked no one in particular.


Can you describe how the other two people looks like……” Robinson asked.


Well sir the other one


As I could remember called one of them Derek and Keira……”


The boy said and Ilaughed.



Come on. You can’t be serious with this information, maybe what you passed through has gotten into your head……”


But Sir what I said is the truth


I heard him ordered Laura to drive Charlton to the hospital while he and Keira goes after Gray……”


The boy said.


” How serious are you.


Morgan this might be the truth…”


Robinson said.


” No, this can’t be truth


Derek is long dead and there is no way he can come back to life because my boy confirm he truly died……”


I said recalling what my boy that watched Charlton kill him told me.


Then who do you think that came to rescue Charlton??? …” Robinson asked.


I don’t know but am sure that it not Derek, do you really know who is Derek??


If he is alive then I will advise you quit your quest on becoming the Emperor and go back to Asian perhaps Derek can’t come to save Charlton because he happens to be the one I sent to kill him, so even if he kills my men to get him then he will still kill Charlton……” Morgan said waking around the living room.


And what do you think that will happen if Derek happens to find out that you were the one that sent


him to kill you


Robinson asked.


Well he won’t ask Charlton such a question because Charlton already told him that his brother is the one thatbsnet him so instead of coming after me he will go for his brothers life……”


I said and I smiled.


Boss Derek is too Smart


He will surely find out that your ate the one that sent Charlton….”


Bruce said and my smiled fade.


This is really not a good omen We need to take charge of this city.


If Derek is alive then we need to get him kill, I must pull down anybody that stands on my way not even him can stop me…….”


I said.



I never thought of this this way



I said to myself


Boss if Derek is really the one that took James and Gray then I suggest you should be watching your back because those two can’t make it alive and they must give Derek the information he needs……” Bruce said one of robinson’s killers.


And what is your reason saying so…”


Robinson asked.


Sir, Derek is a toughest assassin that ever lived in Iceland, he is the younger brother to the Emperor……”


Bruce said.


To hell with that. Don’t tell me that you are afraid of him, you are the best from your country, are you afraid…”


Robinson asked.


No boss


Am just telling you that the man we are up against is not a boy in the game


He can go any length to protect his own and he spears no one the crosses his lines……”


Manson said one of Morgan’s killer.


You guys seem to know this so called Derek so much……” Robinson asked.


Boss, indeed almost all assassin knows him because some of his rules has been a motivation to tough and strong assassins around three continent of the world……”


Manson said.


He is really a dangerous bloody sucking killer….”


Bruce added and Robinson took out a deep breath.


He is indeed a tough guy but I will tell him that am out to win in this game and no backing down……” Robinson said.


Well, all we just need to do is to be at alert, if it true that Derek is alive then he must sure coke for me first but I doubt if he really alive……”


Morgan said.


Manson take care of him and watch the estate properly


You know whom we are up against now…….”


Morgan said and Manson nodded.



” Don’t worry Morgan


Am on top of this game


You don’t have to worry about him and I will put him in his place….”


Robinson said and they shake hand and Robinson left Morgan’s house.


Manson put the best of your men on the watch, I don’t need to tell you what to do….” Morgan said.


Robinson am sorry for you


Derek will surely come after you if you dare stand on his way.


But how come was he able to survive?


Maybe he never did…….”


Morgan thought.


Well I still have to watch very well to avoid the story that touches the heart Robinson your time is more closer than what you think if Derek is really alive…..” Morgan murmured and walked upstairs.






We heard a cool rest and Keira wake us into have lunch.




So what is the next plan of action


Charlton asked.


” Well I don’t really know


I think I need more information about this Robinson, I already know whom Morgan is and what his worst can be but I really need to no what there next plan is……” I said.



” Okay, you are really right


So do you have anything in mind??


I mean how do you intend to get the information concerning Robinson and Morgan……”


Keira asked.


Well I think all the information i need Gray and James can give them to me


I said to them and they gave me a how looks.


Let go and have a chat with them…..”


I said stood up and walked out while then followed me behind.



We picked up a seat outside and I sat down while Charlton called out Gray and James and they stood up and walk a bit further.


We your friends came to have a chat with you guys. We kind of need a information which we know that


both of you can help us out in it


I said.


And what’s that……” Gray asked.


Do you know what Morgan and Robinson wants after killing the emperor ???……” I asked.


I don’t really know what their plans are, all I have with them is just watch their back and kill anyone that stands on his way……”


Gray said.


How many killer are working for them……”


I asked again.


” Well as for my boss


He is just working with three tough men that has their boys at their calls.


Am one while Felix and Manson are the two others……”


James said.


” Well as mine Robinson


He is just working with four men


Myself, Bruce, Maxie and Aaron…..”


Gray said and I turned to look at Keira and Laura.


I guess it your time to give me an answer, have you heard about any of this killers???? ……” I asked.


Well I only know about four of them


Maxie, Manson, Felix and Bruce…”


Keira said.


Manson is a very tough killer from Asian with is friend Felix, Felix his more faster in shooting while Manson is more intelligent and tough to take down.


Talking about Maxie and Bruce


They are just killers without must tough histories but all I know us that.


Bruce seems to the toughest if I should be taken form my experience.


He is smart, and a dangerous shooter…..”


Keira concluded.


” I only know of Maxie and Aaron


We both went to the same college and we were trained by the same man in Iceland……”


Laura said and I took out a deep breath.


” Well, I think all we need to do now is to monitor closely at them,


I don’t have any more things to say but firstly we need to pay my brother a visit but before that I will tell you guys our next action.


I need to pay someone a visit before I takes any action ….. ”


I said.


And what about them…..” Keira asked.


They can go whenever they are fully back on their feet…….” I said and walked away.






I woke up so sound full of health and strength. I prepared and got ready for school. Did my normal


morning thing ..


Boys stuff you know ..


I made sure I was in go attire.


I put on a brown sweeter and I got out to see kester and Victor already waiting in the car.


” The king looks so cute more than what he use to be ..


I wonder why he didn’t take much time to look this good today…..”


Victor said while kester laugh.


Is someone now getting jealous……” I asked.


Jealous of what ?????


Look I can’t be Jealous of you because


You know nah ……”


He said and kester gave me a look of we don’t know anything.


” We are already late …..”


I said got to into the car before they could say what they wanted to say and Victor followed before Kester now got in and Albert did the driving this time.



We got to school and almost everyone was already present except from Stephanie that is busy with her phone in the car.


I walked in stares form a lot of angel both male and female but the stare of their male is not a good one at all.


If only eyes can kill I will be dead before I even get close my seat.


I ignored the stares and sat on my seat.


Sonia was sitting with her brother Jasper while Flora is busy with her books.


I exchange smile with her and I kind of notice Sonia’s behavior whenever am with Flora … She trys her possible best to drive my attention to her alone.


She had an angry expression the time I smiled at Flora … What is even my business with what she is thinking.


It none of my business


Since there was no teacher in the classroom I went to the school garden to have a private research on the things am studying..


If you must know that’s my way of reading.


Well if you must know why their us know teacher in the class ..


Every Tuesday and Thursday they use to have music class first before we have our general class by noon.


So that’s was why there were few people in the class.


I want on more research on ANATOMY OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.


” Who do we have here…”


I heard a voice from behind and I turned to see Flora ..


Hey Flora…”


What’s up Elvin


What are you doing here all alone……”


She asked.


Nothing actually just doing some research on something.. Am kind of studying anyways……”


I said to her.


And you dim it fine studying without me huh ???……” She asked.



” Not really.. I just thought I can get more research alone since we are on free time…”


I explained.


She sat beside me but I noticed that’s she wasn’t looking good .. I mean she seem disturbed by something.


Nobody needs to tell me that


Their is something wrong somewhere.


Why is your face like this. You don’t look bright


Is there any problem???……” I asked her but she kept quiet.


Am talking to you Flora…”


I touched her and she seem to be in deep thought..


” Is nothing Elvin ..


Is really something I can handle.


Don’t bother your self, I will be fine……”


She said.


You know am not gonna take that as an answer… You can’t be looking like this and tell me not to bother that it is something you can handle.


Come on talk to me. what’s the problem…..” I asked her again .


Is nothing…”


She said.


” Like seriously??? Huh !!!


And you are putting up this face ..


Come on say something..


What’s the matter??……”


Am all ears


” I saw a letter this morning in my desk ..


From an unknown person.. the person said I should stay far away form you.. or I will have her to contend with……”


She explained.


Are you kidding me……” I asked and she nod NO.



” Do you have any idea whom this person might be???????……”



No I don’t .. and that’s the confusion am having here.. I wonder who could have dropped such letter in


my desk….”


She said


Are you dating any girl in this school??…” She asked and I just laughed.


Be serious here Elvin ..


Just tell me the truth


Are you ????……”


She asked again.


No am not orless maybe some bitches that are dating me behind my back …” I said and she laughed.


You could imagine such ..


Anyway don’t let that bother you .. the bearer of the letter is sure stupid to have written such letter to you…….”


I said and she smiled this time.


But what if the letter is coming form your boyfriend????……” I said and she looked at me with is not possible look


That’s impossible.. perhaps I don’t even have a boyfriend and am not even thinking of having one …


Not for now….” She said.


Really ???…”


” Yeah !!!!!! …


It will kind of be a distraction to me and as well a lot of gossip and other stuffs that’s I won’t want to get myself into……”


She said and I just wowed !!!!!.


I felt eyes watching us and I turned to see Sonia behind us bit Flora didn’t see her.


I looked around to know if there is anybody else looking at us but Flora distracted me.


Sonia walked closer to were we where anger is clearly written all over her face…


She has never been happy seeing me and Flora together.


” Hey !! guys.


Sonia said from our behind….”


I already know she is here so I wasn’t surprised at all.



” Hey !! Sonia


I said to her while Flora adjusted a little from my side.


” Am I interrupting anything???


She asked with a smile as if that wasn’t what she always wanted.


And what do you think you might be interrupting ?????……” I asked back.


Nothing is just that…..”


She said.


” Elvin!!! I was thinking if you will can follow me to a get together party ..


My friends form other school are the one hosting it and I need a company with me….”


She said.


All this while Flora has been quite facing down.. some girls are inferior over others and I must say that this is the case we are facing here.


I wonder if this how she will defend her self if their is any arised problem in the future….. Just wondering




But I don’t think. I can be able to join you to the party, am not really a party type….” I said.


Oh!!! No body has ever turned me down and this is the first and only request I have asked form me, just grant it for me please even if you just come around with me and you can go back whenever you wishes




She pleaded and j look at Flora.


That’s only if Flora is gonna come with me aside that am won’t be coming over….” I said.


Okay if that’s what you want then you are free to coke over with her……”


She said and I look at Flora but she is still face down.


That’s will be great then.


I said ..


Should I take that to be a yes answer???


She asked and I look at Flora before nodding yes.


Wow… Well we both will ride to the event venue so I will pick you and her up Immediately after school so don’t go anywhere else…..”



She said and I just nod okay hope this is not gonna get Stephannie angry I thought


Why worry about Stephannie??? ……”


Let me go have some fun with you brother and his friends or do you guys mind joining us??? ….” She asked.


We would have but we have something we need to go through before doing any other thing…




I said calmly while she just smiled and walked away


Okay fine you guys should have a nice break… See you around…..”


She said and walk away.


What’s that for???……” I turned Flora




She asked.


Why were you facing down although my conversation with Sonia. You didn’t even alter any word Why???????????????????????……”


I asked her.


What were you expecting me to say Huh !She isn’t here for me sonic did you guys a favor by staying quiet without altering any word…….”


She said.


Nothing anyways but I wasn’t expecting you to put your face down although our conversation…


Come on that’s your follow girl and you are too scared to look at her in the eyes. Is this how you stands up for yourself???……”


I asked her but she was just quite.




” And what’s that for.???


You better have it mind that am aren’t going to any party with you…..”


She said.


And why


I told you I can’t mingle with someone like Sonia, don’t even try to persuade me because I’m not gonna listen to you….. ”


She said.


We studied about a whole lot..


Flora is really intelligent and smart.


I didn’t even know when we exsuested the break time.


I got a text from Stephanie that a teacher is already in the class asking after me.


I informed Flora and we both walk back to the class






I pains a lot not getting attention from whom you so much treasure.


Ever since Elvin came to the institution Flora has been an obstacle between me and Elvin .


I wonder why she can’t stay on his own and leave Elvin’s life alone.


I felt like killing her anytime I sees them together.


We hope she saw the message I dropped for her… She should better be careful or I will so deal with her ..


She is such a low life helped by Stephanie to study with the rich .. I wonder why she can’t just study and leave .


Anyway if she refused to listening to the message then i will make sure she dances to the tune of my music.


I was standing in a distance watching Elvin and Flora .. he always feel free around Flora like they have known each other for before now .


Elvin turned and saw me so I had to come close so that he won’t suspect anything.


Getting more closer to them gets me more angry .. they were so close like lovers .


Even the blind will think that something is going on between the both of them.


Immediately I came much closer


Flora became umcomfortable and her face was down till I finish my conversation with Elvin ……Flora


jusy stay clear off Elvin


Am just warning you for your own good


I got to the cafeteria my brother and two of his friends were there already with him and his girl friend.



We had our lunch and got back to the class even before the break time came to an end.







After the wonderful learning I had with Flora she is sure so intelligent but I guess not like the might Stephannie, the truth is that apart form some problem she had with me and her so ego that made not to pay attention to what I was teaching her days ago she is still the very best.


I know with time she will definitely come around and the time she does she will become as intelligent as she use to be.


I will make sure she wins Maya this time,


Well she will sure will.


I walked into the class room hand in hand with Flora the truth is that I have come so way to trust and respect her so much ,no no no don’t misunderstand me I don’t have feeling for her ,she is just a wonderful bestie.


Getting into the classroom


Sonia was already in the class with her brother almost everyone where in the classroom and if you see the looks on Sonia’s face, what’s even her problem self.


I made eye contact with that Vivian of a girl and she smiled at me but send a dead graze at Flora.


She sat on her seat while I went to seat on mine and Stephannie wasn’t facing up so probably she didn’t see both I and Flora,


I sat down without saying anything to her,


Though it kind of pain that she wants me far away form her but anyway I will keep my distance.


Wait i thought she said a teacher was in the classroom???


I look at her but she was so engulfed with what she was reading.


Not quite Long a teacher popped into the class and we had a wonderful time and he was gone immediately his time exsuested.


I took out my laptop to go through some things and just then my phone peep and I saw a new message notice.


I unlocked my phone and it were a message from Kester.


Elvin I won’t be able to pick you guys up from school today so I will send Eric to do that, am going to pick


up someone that has been disturbing to see you ……”


He texted.


” Okay but who is this person


If I may ask ???? ….”



” It gonna be a surprise


He texted back in five minutes.




” Okay then but hope it not what gonna take much of my time cos I will be going out with someone, she


kind of invite me over for a get together party …..”


I texted him.



” Wow and who is that He asked.




” It also gonna be a surprise anyways am gonna come back home with her then you will both show ourselves the surprise ….”



” I thought you said she invited you over for a party He texted back.




” Yeah!!!, we are going to leave immediately after seeing your so called surprised package




” Okay that cool


Take care of yourself and as well my beautiful sister


He texted and I hiss at the text.


” I will …..”



I smiled as I texted him back


After the class we had, Victor came over to my side and there we waited for Eric.


Sonia walked into the garden were I and Victor were seated, on the other hand Flora is not yet gone she just went to have a chat with her favorite mistress who happens to be Miss Kitty.


” Hey cute guys


She said getting Victor’s attention and he faced up and smiled at her….”


Victor and women


Hey Sonia …” I said.


Hey beautiful princess……” Victor said and she smiled boldly.


Am very much fine as you can see…..” She said.



Victor this is Sonia the president daughter Sonia meet Victor my brother……”


I introduce


Nice meeting you Victor


You are sure as cute as Elvin …..”


She complemented while Victor stretch out his hand and Sonia put in her and he kissed it.


You are sure beautiful more to be compared with an angel…..” Victor said.


Wow !!!


Am I that beautiful??…….”


She asked looking at me as if am the one that gave her the complement.


Off course you are . Who said otherwise…..” Victor asked.




Hope Elvin will admit to that as well


Because he never acted as if I am…..”


She said


” I look at this girl Oh !!!


Someone complemented on your beauty and you are still seeking someone else attention… Is white lady made this way or are all ladies created in such manner.


They love giving attention to who doesn’t care and after everything complains of how wicked men has been for hurting their feeling..


What a life.


” Elvin am good to go now…..”


I heard Flora’s voice driving me out of my thought and I smiled at her.


” Oh..Kay dear …..”


We will see tomorrow and have a wonderful journey back home…..”


I said and she smiled.


” You too


She said and walk way while Sonia hiss.


What’s that for, am still here……”


She spoke out .


” What was what for????


I asked back getting pissed off and my phone peeps…. It was actually a message from Flora and I just




Am gonna read it later.


” I look up to see Eric


Victor we should be on our way now.


Eric is here ……”


I said and I look at Sonia


She wasn’t smiling.


I thought you were gonna ride with me. Come on, let ride on my own car Victor can ride with Eric…..”


She said making a baby face.


Okay fine….”


I said and she hold my hand and we walk out of the garden.


As well walk closer to the car I caught sight with Stephanie, how come ????


I thought she has gone home.


What’s she still doing in the Institution


I asked my self and I turned to look at the place I saw her car but it was no longer there.


I walked into Sonia’s car and we ride home to the castle. During the ride Sonia were talking


Oh my gosh


This girl talks to much


Can’t she just stay calm and allow me enjoy my private time…..” I said to myself.


My friends are gonna be so happy to see you, you know I will show you my cousin she has a huge crush on you but she will burry that feelings cos am the only one permitted to have such…….”


She said and I was like Is this girl Okay.


I would have put on a earphone but that will only worsen the whole thing.


She talked till we get to the castle.


We got down and by then Victor were already down as well.


He look at me and he just smiled and walked inside while we followed him from behind.


She were holding my hand so tight as if she is scared of something, are you Okay???? ……” I asked and she nod and smile.



We walked into the massive building and behold, the surprise guest happens to be Anastasia and Vanessa.


Immediately she saw me she stood up from where she were and she ran and gave me passionate hug….


Oh I nearly loss balance if not the fact that I was standing strong.


Just after the hug she turned beside me and saw that Sonia were holding my hands and her face changed to that of angry bird


Sonia in the other hand isn’t looking bright a well, you guys should just wait let me give you some space


you can kill yourself with eyes


I said inside me.






I was so happy that Anastasia were visiting yeah I have crush on her and I intend telling her after the visit maybe when we both go out to have a drink together.


She called me on phone to inform me that they are already at the airport and I took my car keys and I left with Eric and other solider as an excort.


Just as beautiful as she has always been she were shining and she was putting on this golden smile on her face which made her much more beautiful.


They got to where I am and she gave me a hug and a peck while Vanessa just hug me .


We got into the car and we drove into the castle.


You have grown more hug and cute


Vanessa said and I just smiled at her though is expected the complement to be form Anastasia.


She were busy with her phone, guess she is chatting with someone.


Europe looks so great and wonderful…” Vanessa said.


Yeah, …”


Anastasia said in agreement with what Vanessa said


So how is South Africa???…..”


Cool, Mum missed you so much


She was even asking when you are gonna visit us again. Unno it has been a long time …..”


Vanessa said.


That’s not gonna be a problem I will definitely come around one day …” I said.


So how is Elvin??……”


She asked for the first time, since me and Vanessa started talking.


” Elvin is much fine


He is doing wonderful….”


” I can’t wait to see him…..”


She said and I just swolled my spit.


We drove into our massive building and we are came down form the car.


” Here we are……”


I said and they were like wow!!!


Here is so huge just like what the internet showed…..” Anastasia said while Vanessa just smiled


Well Vanessa is my bestie when we were in school so she has visited here many. Times but she has not for once seen my sister so here is not a new thing to her.


” Let go in…”


I said and I gave the soldiers sign to pick up what’s in the car ” their luggages ”


We walked into the massive building and Anastasia wowed again as she look around the massive interior.


You guys should seat and make your self very comfortable,I said and I took a walk up to while Sandra came out to serve them a wine.


I got into my bedroom and I called Elvin and I just told him that he has a quest waiting for him so I will have to send Eric to pick him and Victor up,


I freshen up, put on a nice and classic cent and a fashioned clothes and I came down and they two sister where just discussing about what I don’t know.


” Hey guys…..”


I said from their behind and just Vanessa turned and smiled.



” You look amazing on that dress….”


She complemented smiling


” Thank you …..”


I said though I felt somehow that Anastasia didn’t even turn to look at me.


Do you guys mind us going on a walk round????…..”


Am cool with that I don’t know of Anastasia here ….” Vanessa said and we both look at her.


Would but am kind of tried, Unno !! That’s a long flight…..” She said and I just nod.


Why the whole place so quiet


I haven’t seen Elvin


Is he not in ?????……”


She asked.


Well he will be back in some minutes time with Victor I have sent someone to pick him up form school….”


I said.


Oh !!!


That’s cool anyway…..”


She said


Oh that’s reminds me How is Victor ???….” Vanessa asked.


Well you are gonna see them in some minutes so you will get the answers you want from what you view…..”


I said Iook the remote control and I changed the channel to the site that is showing interesting show.


Just like expected they arrived


The first to walk is were my sister and she wasn’t looking happy.


” Oh my model is here …….”


Vanessa said and she ran and hug my sister while my sister gave her a cute smile.


Are you surprised????


Don’t be, My sister is not harsh none wicked she is just quick to anger and she only behaves that way towards guys not lady’s like her.



How are you doing ???……” Stephannie asked.


Very fine


You look so astonished


You look just like and queen….”


Vanessa said and my sister smiled the more.


” Thanks dear ….”


Stephannie said still putting up a smile and just then Victor walked in.


Were is Elvin ???…..”


Anastasia asked directing the question to Victor in particular and my sister’s mood changed as she at her in surprise.


Just immediately Elvin walked in with a lady beside him


Elvin arrived and unfortunately she were with someone I guess must be the girl he told me over the phone that invited him over for a get together party.


She look really cute,


Oh that’s Sonia the president daughter and Victor walked in with the girl’s brother




Just immediately Anastasia noticed his presence she ran to him and gave him a hug if not that Elvin were standing strong he would have failed out of the hug.


” Easy baby girl…..”


Elvin said and Anastasia looked at Sonia who is holding Elvin’s and her mood changed.


Sonia on the other hand wasn’t smiling at all


I don’t think thing is gonna end in a good fate.














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