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We had a lot of fun yesterday and we all drank to our fullness and we even slept at the parlor were we had the drink.


I woke up to see a beautiful day, it happens that Charlton was the first person to woke up and he woke other up. Each of us had our bath and Keira prepared something delicious for us for breakfast.






Am so happy to have us back as one family with on motive Keira said and we smiled.



Yeah me too.


I never knew that one day I could seat again with the almighty Derek having breakfast, I only thought it


was only gonna happen in my dreams……”


Charlton said and I pant him a little on his shoulder.


Thanks for forgiving me…” He said and I smiled.


You are welcome but I just don’t know if I can forgive the real man behind the act because 8 don’t think he has any reason sending you to get me killed after protecting him with all my live for all these years…..”


I said remembering how much I have sacrifice for my blood brother Thomson.


” You know Derek


Allot has happened, allot of blood has been shaded because of one man’s greediness and this man has


been in shadows tormenting innocent people….”


Charlton said.


Yeah you are definitely right and I bet he will seize to live this time because am coming for him…..” I said.


We are here for him and he must pay up to the nature……”


Keira said.


So tell me Derek how were you able to survive after getting four gun shots from me????? Charlton asked and I just smiled.


I must say it all a miracle even up till now am still thinking how possible it was for me. You know after giving the last shot and telling me the person that sent you…….”


I was still breathing but I was already hearing the welcome song of the devil.


I was so weak but in my mind I was pleading for a second chance even if am timed, the only wish I had


to make is just to revenge my death …..”


I said.


Allot has been kept hidden but thank God am here to make it clear for us here…..” Charlton said.


So tell me Charlton


Why have you been hiding for all this years????……”


I asked.


I wasn’t really hiding,


I actually went to get myself more prepared to come for the really enemy.



You know after I shot you and left that spot and only my way home I was attacked and shoot mercilessly without mercy……”


I almost died but thank God I made it alive by the help of a friend whom I don’t know from anywhere.


He took my to the hospital and saved my life…….”


I said.


After I woke up I realized that I have betrayed myself, I felt guilty and I wanted to kill myself but the doctor told me that their is always a way to correct my mistakes.


She told me that since your duty were to protect your brother that if I can sacrifice my life for your brother that I can make things right ……”


Then I came back to Switzerland and I wasn’t able to find either your brother none Barry Leon.


I concluded that Morgan must have killed them so I decided to go to Asian and acquire more skills to be able to eliminate Morgan.


I came back to hear that your brother has become the European God Emperor,


I wanted to go to him knowing fully well that he never knew I was the one that killed you but on my way


I met a man whom I have never for once set my eyes on…..


He wanted me to work for him and help him achieve his mission to become the emperor and when I refuse he sent his boys after me and that was when I came across Keira and Laura. They saved me and Laura took me to her house…..”


I never knew that you were alive then and we both lived together.


She noticed that I always cry with your pictures on my hand and one-day she asked me and then I told her all about you.


Even at that point I never knew that you were alive, she called Keira and she confirmed that the picture was you and you were still alive…….”


That was when I made up my mind to come for you and apologize for my wrongs deeds.


During the time you wanted to hunt your brother I was the one that asked Keira to do everything possible to stop you and thank God she was able to stop you Charlton said and I was confused.




This is in deed a long story and am lost in it. You said you wanted to make things right by protecting my brother???


I asked and he nodded.


But why…… Killing my brother could have been the only way to make things right not saving him form harm


I said.


Derek there are more than what the eyes sees….. Allot like I said earlier has been kept hiding for you, Thomson and Barlon for years……”


Your brother was never your enemy He said and I laughed.


And how possible is that


You told me he was the one that asked you to carry out the plan on killing me.


So how is he not my enemy……”


I asked.


What I told you was what the person that sent me asked me to say.


It might trigger something in you but you must know that am the one that killed your brother’s wife…..


I shot her and I was asked to do so by a friend of your brother who is so close to all of us Charlton said.


I guess Barlon is the enemy Here


Either is he also


He is also kept on the dark part of the secret…. You know the thing your brother and Barlon share be


bigger than what a mere business misunderstanding can break…


Someone was behind it all……”


He said and kept quiet while allot of things was going on in my mind.


Who could this be then ????


I asked.


I will leave you to figure out that form the boys you have outside Charlton said and I look at Laura Keira and then him and the all nod.


We stood up and walk outside and met them still sleeping.


I got a bowl of water and poured on him and they woke up immediately.


I got a seat close and we sat and I did the questioning.


Who are you guys working for.


I asked.


Dammit Derek


You should have been smart enough to know that I can’t disclose such thing with a beast like you but I just want to let you know that my boss will get you and when


He does he will Kill you……”


Gray said and I laughed


That will be a contract he will be wishing to sign with the devil. Am Derek and I get what I want at anytime i want it…….”


Am Calm today infact for the main time but am gonna ask you for the last time. Who are you working with ????……”


He pat on me


Go to hell


Gray said while I clean my face and took a deep breath out…


I know you are a killer and a very tough assassin but you know who Derek is..


Am the devil contractor…


Am not evil either am I good.


I don’t kill, I only help people get closer to the creator….


I said with anger running through my veins.


I took out a gun and shoot at his legs.


He shouted out in pain and I poured and drink on it while he shout the More.


I light up a cotton wool that I sucked on an acid.


You know Gray and James


You both are killers like me and I know what we are made of.


I understand the fact you are trying to protect your boss but he is a wicked man that needs to be dealt with.


Look let me tell you


Am Derek, am a new man


Am the devil’s contractor but I don’t kill worker I killed their bosses.


Just tell me what I want and I promise to let you go without harm but prove to be a hard man and I will kill you and still go after your boss


I said but he still kept quiet not saying at all.


Maybe this is gonna help.


I said and draw it more closer to the spot I shoot.


Fine am gonna talk…..” He said and I smiled.


Nice one my boy


Now start talking….”


Charlton ordered.



I work for Robinson


The drug dealer that lived for years in Asian.


He said.


And what about you


I asked pointing at James.


I work for Morgan


He said.


Okay so how come you guys are after one man Charlton????


I asked again.


Our boss wants him to work for him


James said.


Our boss


Charlton asked.


Yeah, Morgan and Robinson are business partners that has the same motive of killing the emperor James said.


” Oh!!!!


Now I understand more better


But why did you started shooting at us even though we were with James car??……”


Keira asked.


That were my boss’s order..


He wants Charlton for himself.


he is actually planning on killing Morgan after he must have happened him to kill Thomson He said.


This is really getting more interesting.


The two friends here are even backstabbers… They have different aims…….”


I said.


” Morgan !!!!!!


So you have been the green snake in the green grass…


I will hunt you down..


I will make you feel the pain you have cause me and my family……”


I said and walk inside while the others followed me.


I walked in and my mind was restless.



my brother has been accused of what he knew nothing about and that has brought separation to two great friends .


” So what’s next….”


Charlton asked but I just kept calm pacing up and down.


How I wish I never got involved in all this… Can Thomson ever forgive me for attempting to killing his wife…..”


Charlton said.


Even if you didn’t attack her she was still gonna be killed.


You know she was attacked by some men when she was in the hospital which then I and my brother thought were Barlon’s men.


But thank God she is alive….”


I said.




Charlton shouted


Yeah she is alive And Elvin is also alive including the newly born baby girl……” I saved them before the hospital got burnt down.


Wow !!! this is a great new but how come


How were you able to save them……”


Charlton asked.


” You know


I had it in mind that she will be the next target because my brother was attacked that same day but u was there to save him…


So how is Evelyn….” Charlton asked.


I don’t really know what to say about her all I know is that she made it alive but I don’t know about her mental state.


she kind of went into comma before I was able to got to her and she stayed in comma for three years.


The doctor that saved me whom happened to be her best friend is the one attending to her at the moment and as we speak she will be going into a surgery to know if she can be able to remember anything at all……”


I said.


That’s bad but what about Elvin and the little girl….”


Keira asked.



Elvin is doing fine though I can’t really say where he is right now because the last time I left to Asian six years ago and since then I haven’t seen him.


and as for the girl


She has grown up to be a beautiful lady….” I said.


Wow am happy Derek


Thanks again for accepting me back… ”


Charlton said.


” Don’t mention.


You know Barlon’s the little girl will be a year older than her……”


I said and Charlton took out a deep breath.


” So is your turn


What made you betray me ??…”


I asked.


Why were you hunting for me??…” I added.


Derek you weren’t part of the plan


I don’t know how you came into the picture… The deal I had with Morgan were to just shoot Evelyn on her legs but I didn’t know he was videoing the whole thing and he use it against me. Charlton said.



” Is alright


He will so much pay for his evil.


” Today have revealed allot of secrets


My head is full and I need a sleep if I must think straight and figure out a way forward….”


I said.


” Not only you…..”


Keira said and I gave her a bad look.






The day has finally arrived.


After yesterday tutorial with Elvin I kind of pay a Lil attention to all he taught me yesterday though I didn’t know why.



I woke today with a new smiled and a new worries, I payed homage to my mum’s grave and after which I walked to my room to prepare for school.


this morning I met Elvin at the elevator and the thought of what he told me yesterday refresh back in my memory


You are sure gonna lose out to Maya


And what happens if I didn’t…”


Am gonna do whatever you want from me and if you fail…. you are gonna do the vice versa of it and am gonna continue to be your teacher till I chooses to stop….”


His word echoed.


Wait… is he really enjoying our classes together even with my harsh words???


Is this guy a human


Others want space but he so much want my company Why????


I got ready for school and after when am done my grandma wished me a good luck and she asked me to make her proud.


Tessia drove me to school and I stayed in my car till it time for me to move to the location for the competition.


The competition will be hosted in each of the competitor’s institution.


We were supposed to have the competition at the competition bored but because of Maya’s health it won’t be good there.


Maya doesn’t stay in a coldy place that’s the report she made yesterday at the competition board well I don’t have any problem with that all I know is that am gonna win her out no matter what.


Though my mind what’s at peace with the development of us competing on our differences location but I still give in to it after some persuading from Dad.


Just few minutes before I will enter the hall I got two messages at the the same time, one from my Dad and one form a stranger number.


Make Daddy proud


From Dad


Stay strong no matter what the out come will become… Their is still a chance after this even if you lose out


The message from the strange number reads


Who is this


I didn’t think of what the message was so I just move in to the room with a plane mind to win and make daddy proud… Command Elvin to do anything and put Maya in shame.


I took out a deep breath and the time clicked start and the image of Maya appeared before me.


The competition started and at first it seem like Maya was indeed prepared but sometimes at the middle of the game she stared becoming weak.


She had to think before getting Te question.. I was thinking am gonna win her out but just at the middle of the whole thing


the light went off and came back to normal immediately.


What happened???


I asked myself or is my eyes deceivdeceiving me I asked myself


We continued the competition and this time it seem something changed…


this is not the person I was competing with… She were now answering questions more faster than I.


at a point I couldn’t get the questions again… I find it difficult to think straight and before I knew what was wrong.. my time was up and Maya was declared the winner.


At that spot I wanted to kill myself


some part of me was normal but some part was feeling guilty of betraying my dad’s trust and believe.


Tears slide down my cheeks and I cleaned it up immediately.


she smiled at me and then her image went off.


I came out form the competitors room and I got into my car and asked Tessia to drive me home immediately.


Am so ashamed of myself


What really happened to me Stephannie, this is not you.


what have I done


I have lost to Maya


Maya will soon become the European Queen.


I cried on our ride home.


I couldn’t win her.


she has taken everything away from me there I nothing left .



How am I gonna stand up to Daddy


Am a disappointment to Mum.


I failed mum.


I stayed in my car crying even though I was home very early. The time should still be around 11.00 am and then Dad isn’t around.


I ordered Tessia to drive the car to the back of the castle… I don’t think I can face Dad when he returns.


I cried till I slept off in the car and I was woken up my Tessia’s touch.


Stephannie you need to get into your room is already night, you can’t sleep here…..” She said and I look through the window and everywhere is already dark.


Is this a dream???


Have I really lost to Maya??……”


I asked no one in particular


Please you need to come inside……” She said again


Come inside and do what ..


I can’t come inside… How am I gonna face Dad, what am I gonna tell grandma that I couldn’t fulfill the promise I made to her.


What am I gonna tell Mum that I lost the gold she gave to me to Some one else???


Come one tell me ……”


I said as more tears flow down.




” Is not your making Stephannie


You have to come inside at least for the sake of your health…..”


She said .


” I don’t care about my health Tessia.


You don’t expect me to go and sleep comfortably as if am fine.


I don’t have a good account to give to Dad about the outcome of this competition..


I don’t even know how to face him ….”


I said.


” You just have to come in.


Your grandma has been worried and she is even scared that something bad has happened to you ….”


She said.


”Hope she is fine…”


I asked



Yeah but she needs to see you….” She said


I got down and followed the back door to my grandma’s room and immediately I saw he I felt like the ground should open and take me


I hugged her and cried on her shoulders


It okay.. I understand how you feel and what you are passing through…


Remember you still have one chance to make a difference so don’t kill yourself for kissing out ……”


She said.


But Grandma there will be no need for that.. The only chance I have is by competition among the people to be chosen as the female world best.


I can’t allow myself to be humiliated world wide. Am okay will this little shame…..” I said


Is okay


Just put your self together first…”


She said.


” Am sorry grandma


I failed you… I don’t even know if I can face Dad……”


I said


Come on.. Your dad is back and you must go and see him tomorrow so you better but yourself together… You Losing out is for you to notice that you need for effort…


I know you can still win her out but you have to make the decision yourself……” She said


Am going to get you your food


But yourself together before I come back……”


She said and walk way.


Maybe I can make something happen just like my grandma said.






” Dad you are such a genius


It worked just like you planned it……”


Maya said to her Dad.


” Off course I don’t make mistakes



You see, she won’t have the courage to come out and compete against you in the world best… You know all I wanted to terminate in her is courage and I have succeeded.. Even if she agrees to compete she won’t believe In her self again and she will definitely loss out forever….” Mr. Robinson said and him and his daughter laughed


But Dad we need to keep the robot intact in case if she tries to be stubborn and complete out to compete….”


Maya said.


I don’t pray that she does because if she really tries coming out to compete that simply means that we are doom… You can’t win Stephannie on your own and the world best will be instituted in the competition board and robot can’t work there……”


My Dad said.


Well we don’t have anything to worry about her Dad won’t even allow her to coke out for the finals because he will be afraid because if she fails his name will be drag to the mod…..”


My Dad added.


I just pray this worked out and she didn’t get to come out and compete with me because right now am scared.


it will be a total mess on my own side if she comes out to participate …” I said


Don’t be my daughter


Your daddy is on top of the game……”


Dad assured me and i smiled






I have been indoors ever since all that happened and I have tried so hard to avoid my Dad throughout the day.


I didn’t even said a good morning to him this morning when he was leaving.


I don’t even wish to see him because am so ashamed of myself.


How on earth am I gonna face my Dad, I have failed him, I failed mum


I failed to keep up to the promise I made to her to maintain the legacy that she handed over to me.


Anytime I watch Dad leave the house I cry silently. How am I gonna say good morning to him when I have failed him..


Am a disgrace to human race


Am not supposed to live among living things



I wipe silently as I walk through the castle. Dad is not around so am free to move about.



As I was working around I never know dad were already back and I walked out go see him coming up to his room.


I watched him entered his room


I couldn’t say anything to me… I followed him to his room and there was kester seated.


Dad were backing me and I could see the disappointment all over him. He looks so hurt.


” Good morning Dad….”


I greeted him but he was still backing me


” How are you doing Stephannie??…”


He asked still backing without a trace of smile in his face at all.


Am fine Dad how was your trip??…” I asked.


It went well dear


How was the competition


What good new did you bring for Dad…”


He asked and i just kept mute looking down.


I can’t look at him in his face not anymore because I have failed him.


I have expecting the question long before now


He is just look for a perfect moment to pour out his anger on me and I don’t blame him for saying anything to or of even hitting me because I deserve more than it I have lost the right ot live among human.


You should be ashamed of yourself Stephannie. You disappointed me, you dragged my personality to the mod.


You are a disappointment to your mum


He pour out the pains he had been holding back all this while and I allow the tear I have long hold to fall free through my cheeks.


” I warned you ,


I did everything for you just to ensure you Excel in this competition but what did I get in return disappointment and disgrace….”


He said and more tears flow down freely.


” Am sorry Dad……”


I said and he turned this time.


You are sorry Stephannie Tell what didn’t I do for you .


What didn’t I do for to be happy


What ????……”


He spoke out with anger and pain in his voice and for once I saw my Dad so angry.


” Am sorry ……”


I said again.


” You are sorry ???


Your mum is disappointed.


Am disappointed


Your grandma is so disappointed


The institution at large is so disappointed in your because you have failed them all.


I did everything I could


I got someone paid just to make things easier but what did you Disobey the person


Insult the living hell out of him……”


He said.


Dad I know I have so much damage already but I promise to do something. I promise to change this time…….”


I said with all honesty.


Oh !!!! now you want to do something when all hope seem lost.


She will definitely win you and win you again. So coming out for the second time will heal nothing


It will only Bring to your and I more shame and disgrace…..”


He said.


You never thought of today.. I thought you said you are you.


You have so mess up after everything. Go and tell your mum how sorry you are.


And also tell her how you fought so hard to make sure you disgrace your dad’s personality……”


Just leave my sight and never come back.


He said and his tears flow down.


He took his phone and walk into his private study room.


Dad has never been this mad at me not for once.


I look at Kester he were just mute not saying anything..


What was I even expecting him to say


He is helpless to me in this issue.



I walk out of Dad’s room with heavy heart


I cry silently as I walk on a half way leading to my room.


I wasn’t really looking at where am going and on the process of running I hit with Elvin this time I failed.


I stood up look at him and angry boils up..


Don’t you watch while walking??


I shouted at him.


” Easy Dear


You are the one at fault here but anyways am sorry I hit you down.


Am sorry about what happened but you really have to take it easy on yourself…


You still have a chance to win, all hope is not lost yet Okay…….”


He said.


I don’t think I need your sympathy ….”


Come on don’t be like this.


Remember the bet we.. but don’t worry am gonna help you out and you will sure won’t loss your




He said.


” And what made you think I will need your help for anything.


You know at some point I wonder form which world do you came for.


You so much irritates me..


If you know what’s good for you stay far far far away from me……”


I warned.


What’s really you problem Stephannie’s Can’t you be nice to people for once ???


Are you born this way???? to be wicked and harsh to people. I showed care ….”


He said.


You should keep your care to yourself


I know you must be happy that I have lost but you know what


I will make sure that you never live to take charge of my institution.


You will only see it as a dream and before you wake up you will find yourself six feet under ……” I said.


Why do you hate me so much Stephannie???? Every since I stepped into this castle you never showed any likeness.. What have my kind done to you that you can’t forgive.


I have tried to show you that am not interested in your institution……” He said.



You know what you did to me. I will tell


You are not what living among humanity so you go kill yourself and rest in peace……” I said.


You know I have so much tried to find out the difference between a pig and a goat and I found out that the pig smells and the goat is senseless bit you know what. Those two are far more better than you


You smells and you don’t have any atom of sense in you.


I wonder why God wasted his time creating someone as useless as you are..


Why send you to the world when you don’t have anything to offer


I poured out on him and just then Kester showed up.. Though Elvin didn’t see him because he is standing behind his back.


What’s really you problem Stephannie??? Tell what’s your problem ??????……”


He asked.


Oh !!! you really want to know kw my problem.. My problem is you.


You are so useless to the world that I sometimes wonder of what use can you be of.


I wonder if your mum really carried and gave birth you you like normal human does……” I said and this time his mood changed.


Nobody needs to tell me that he is now hurt..


Your mum should have at least taught you that you should keep your clothes were your hands can reach.


Stephannie that’s a harsh word to use why use them on him….” Kester spoke out.


That’s because you deserve them. You are a gold digger.


All you wanted in money


I know you are doing all this because of the money that my Dad promised you.


What do you really want me to do for you to know that am not anyway interested in your so called institution???……”


He asked.


Good I love that question


You really want to know what you ate gonna do for me to be happy.


First get yourself out of this castle don’t worry I will help you out with were are gonna be sleeping


because I know you don’t have a home…..”


I said and his eyes turned red.


” Second Stay far far away from me and anything that has to do with me.


And also tell my Dad the same way you told him about this whole lesson of a thing that you are not interested in my institution then after this it I’ll be happy again…….” I said.




Maybe I should just kill myself for you so that you will be happy right????……” He asked.


Oh if you can I will be so happy to feel your brains to the dog. I don’t even know if they can agree to eat a smell thing like you.


You are a gold digger


You so much love money


Your mum never taught you that you should mingle with you type.


Don’t worry about the money Dad promised you.


I will pay you double of it…..”


I said and I could see hot tears ready to fall.


Am happy I made him pass through the pain am passing.


He caused all this whole thing.


I hiss and walked away.


I got into my room and I felt relieved


That’s was so harsh.


Those words of your can kill human race


My grandma said as she walked into my bedroom through my kitchen.


Grandma he deserves to get more than I have him, he has caused me a lot of pain and suffering ever since he certainly into this castle.


Lost my Dad because of him.


Dad threatened to hand over my institution the only thing that makes me happy to him.


Dad no longer listen to me because of him .


Dad does nothing other than compare me with him.


So he deserves what he got.


I said to grandma and I walked out of my room.


I don’t need Grandma’s preaching this time.



I spent some time outside



I know Dad is hurt be I can’t live with this guilty conscious… It killing me every passing minutes of the day.


I am going back to his room and time am gonna cry till he says he has forgiven me.


I won’t leave until he tells me is gonna be okay again.


I know I messed up but I can’t continue to live with the guilt again because it killing me. He was perfectly right


Am a disgrace to his, mum, Grandma and the while institution at large because I failed on my duty.


It gonna be hard facing a man you have dragged his name to the mob he is still my Dad and he must forgive me.


I walk through the stairs up to his own floor and this time I wasn’t crying….but reaching there I heard


something very shocking.


There were three people talking in his room and through there voice no one needs to tell me that it my Dad, Kester and Elvin.


I stood at that spot and I listened to what they were saying.


To be continued………




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