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Stephannie’s word kept on ringing in my mind, is this what she really think of me?? been the one making a selfish decision for her?? ……”


I asked myself.


Why do she think like that’s, I so much cherish her And all Am doing is for her own good and benefits but she is Thinking it A negative way, Why can’t She see things from others view, Why has


This hatred Of hers towards men is getting from bad to worse, Evelyn!! Is this what you really want your daughter to be??? …..”


I asked callin out my wife’s name.


” Is Okay Son….”


grandma spoke out and I turn to see her standing behind me,


For how long have you been here grandma ….” I asked and she just smiled.


Long enough to know what’s going on on your mind….Stop thinking of Stephannie’s, Just think on the


solution to her problem.


She is not even the problem here so forget about Her and focused on the things that can get her back to normal. She is still a child and will always act like one. All this is for her own good…”



” But it turning into something else.


it even affectting her character towards me……”


I understand Son but don’t let it bother you, this is for her own good yeah she might be angry at first but she will come around one day….” She said.


What you need to be thinking is how to convince Elvin to help us out on this.


Grandma added.


Yeah, I will send for him immediately I believe he will help us out, even if I must increase the payments two times higher than what I pays Miss Harrietta ….”


That’s good.. And as for Stephannie don’t worry about her, I will talk to her and I believe that she is gonna come around trust me…..”


She said pant my back and walk out of my room .


I took my phone and called Kester’s immediately to inform Elvin to see me






After everything that has transpired between me and the student of stephannie institution and the lesson and attending with stephannie through Miss Herrietta … I found out something about stephannie.. she is most intelligent than me because he can capture thing very easily but in my own case I have to read frequently before it could be fully understand.


We both have the same gift of natural intelligence but she has more sharper brain than I but the problem is that she lacks focus and hard to read.



I won’t tell you guys what I mean when I say she is more intelligent than me.


I decide to study ahead of them while alone then get more information on what I read when they will be thought about it.


This is just the only way to get more smarter than her.


I was reading peaceful on my room with my laptop and phone online.. Google actually. Kester walked into my room with a frown face .. it seem as if he has not smile for ages and I wonder what the problem could be.


” What’s up Elvin…..”


He said and sat on the cushion in my bedroom.


” Am cool …..”


I said observing his mood.


” You don’t look good


What could be the problem??……”


I asked but he kept quiet..


” Am just fine


I don’t really have any problem……”


He said but his mood and body language that he is exbitting shows everything is wrong.


Come on kester we vow that their will be no secret, So stop hiding things from me. What’s the problem????……”


I asked again while I drop my book and face him this time.


Don’t bother yourself Elvin …


Is something I think I can handle on my own ……”


” No ! No !! No !!! ..


We are not taken that as an answer…..”


Victor said as he walked into my room and me and kester look at him.


Even if is something you can handle tell us about it then tell us your aim on how to solve them .. you can keep your mind this way and still think we will believe that all is right …..”


He added.


Yeah ..


Am in support of that.


Tell us what the problem is and how you want to solve it …”



Well it kind of a favor but I don’t know how to go about it .. I think I don’t need to ask is something you can do me….”


He said.


A favour you want to ask me ..and you have already concluded that I can’t help you out ..


Come on .. No matter what it is ..


I will still want to hear it


Perhaps is my decision to no ifI could be of help……”


I said thinking of what could probably want to ask that I can’t give him.


” Yeah say it out


We wish to hear it ……”


Victor added.


Stephannie is having some problem in her academic performance and it really not good for someone with her status ….this is really eating my Dad up ..he has build so much to make sure that stephannie retain her position but she is loosing focuse……”


He explained.


I felt pity for his dad ..


And inside of me so much want to help but I don’t know how I could….”


This has really kept my dad so worried and he is scared that stephannie might lose it this time ..for the past three days he has been indoor without going anywhere…….”


He said as if he is going to cry any minute from the moment.


Inside of me I was thinking on what I could do to make things again .


But I think your dad is just scared for nothing .. maybe he is just loosing hope and believe on stephannie because the times I study with her and Miss Harrietta she was learning very fast….” I said.


Yeah she was but Miss Harrietta said she is loosing a lot of focus while studying and it very bad for her because she can remember anything taught…….”


He said.


Since Miss Harrietta is a psychologist she should have an idea how to sort out the problem.. do don’t she


have any solution to that ????


I asked.


Do you think is something medical??


She asked back while I just wave my head in the manner of I don’t know.



What do you then think could be the solution to this .


I asked.


Stephannie started losing focus easily since when something bad happened to her but…. You are the


only one that make her have steady focus again


He said and I look at him in confusion.


What do you mean by that ???


Look Elvin the Miss Harrietta said that she has notice that stephannie stays focus anytime you studies together with them


He explained and I became more confused.


That’s the reason why dad made it mandatory for you to always study with them but you know know longer does that he said.


Their is nothing that happened..


You know sometimes I feel like studying and making new research on things alone that’s why it seem o don’t study with them again .. and perhaps Tessia never told me this will you are just doing and when stephannie do not enjoy my company.


Look Elvin I know that Stephannie isn’t happy that you guys study together though this is a reason she refused to tell anybody but your presence create focus for her…….”


He said.


Okay fine then


If this is the solution then I think youStop worrying because the problem is already solved. I promise to always study with them since that’s the only thing that can make things right again ……” I said and look at him to see his mood but his mood didn’t change.


” Come on Kester chill ….


All this is gonna be over one day ..


Stephannie is gonna be okay I promise you that, trust me on that…..”


I said.


Dad wants a favour from you… He asked me to get you ….” He said and me and Victor look at him


Is it because of this ???…”


I asked.


I don’t know that’s why you must go and find out yourself…” He said stood up and walk out of the room.








Why is Dad doing all this to me


How can he disgrace me to the extend of asking me to be Elvin’s students why??


I wipe silently in my bed


I hate all this, I hate everything around here, I said as I throw my pillow away.


Since that has decided to do this let see who plays Te game more faster, Elvin I know this is all you ever wanted but I wonder if you are gonna enjoy the cake you have in your own hand.








I wonder what favor someone like Mr. Barlon could probably want from me, well I think I have to find out first


I walked into his room


I met Albert and Eric Kester didn’t come with me.


Eric pointed a room for me and I walked towards the room pushed it open and it revealed the image of Mr. Barlon.


He happens to be sitting on a rotating seat and he was backing the door the time I walked.


” Good Afternoon Sir …”


I greeted calmly and he turned to face me, just the look on his faces shows that he is troubled.


How are you doing Elvin……” He asked.


Am fine Sir….”


Please have a seat……”


He said and i sat on a chair opposite his and I waited patiently for what he has to say..


” So how are you doing Elvin….”


He asked again trying to pit up a smile that only shows he is passing through some issues.


” Am Sir….”


How about you sir???


I asked. I thought it wise to ask


” I think am cool….”


He said.


Sorry to Ask Sir but you don’t look settled Is anything the matter?????……”


I asked and he tried putting up a smile but they are so weak and show nothing but worries.


Not really… Am totally fine


Is just a little issue but don’t worry is something we both can handle together…”


He said.


* We ?? Huh !! *


So how have you been coping in the institution….” He asked.


Very fine Sir ”


I said.


I need a favor from you though is something that might be very difficult to do …..” He said.


What’s it ..


I will do anything for you as long as it something I can do even if it hard to do I will try …” I said.


” Elvin …


Is it because Stephannie is involved



I know that ever since you can into this castle with Kester Stephannie has never showed you any atom of love or liking


He said and that made me wonder if this is the reason he called me.


Yeah I know ..


” Do you know why???


I mean I have once thought of the reason why she acts that way towards you ??…..”


He asked.


Not really sir I felt maybe that’s her way of life .. or she chooses not to show her likeness towards me




I said and he smiled and that made me wonder what his aim is but asking me this.



What’s this man up to ????


What do he even mean by have I thought of why she acts that way towards me ..


I means that’s her personal opinion to answer not mine. *


” Well let don’t dwell on that .


You know my daughter Stephannie happens to be the very best student Europe has been when male is concerned……”


He said and I just nod yes.


But do you know that’s position is no longer her’s after this upcoming competition….” He asked and I looked at him in surprised.


I don’t think so sir though I don’t know why you said so but I know that Stephannie is very intelligent and I haven’t seen her match or anyone close to her standard……”


I said.


” That’s where you got it all wrong


Yeah she is intelligent but not like she use to be … Stephannie can’t compete the best with you … She is


even scrard of Maya and Priscilla…..”


He said.


” I don’t think of sir ..


I have been studying with Stephannie for sometime now and she is still the very best…..”


” Come on you know that’s a lie


Miss Harrietta made a different view of her performance…”


He said.


” You know that Stephannie can’t compete with you over the best.


You more intelligent, smarter and more concentrated to your studies than her…..”


He said.


Sir it doesn’t matter who studies frequently but what counts is how fast you can tetaim and capture new things while studying…..”


I said.


Yeah I knows that


Stephannie captures faster than you do but you study’s more wide than she can ever think of ..


Don’t be surprised I know of your nature and that of my daughter….”


He said.


” I know what you are thinking……”


He said and for the very first time since I entered the room he put up a smile and happy smile.



” Really ????……”


I asked like a fool


” Yeah .


You know I thought of something great and it came to look like this.


Their is a competition that will be hosting along side with the present one that is going one which male student will also bring out the best male student and I had a thought that it gonna be great seeing you and Stephannie hitting the top…….”


He said and this time I smiled at what I don’t even know.


” Hope you are gonna win that position…”


He asked and I nod and his mood changed again.


” What’s the problem


Did I say anything wrong.????……”


I asked and he gave a weak smile.


No you don’t just that, unfortunate that my daughter won’t make it this time but don’t worry am gonna give you all this support you need…..”


He said looking sad.


Why say that Sir


Stephannie will stop at nothing.


She is very intelligent and female student can stand up to her…….”


I said.


The story will soon become a history that Europe he gonna keep for the next generation. You see Stephannie my daughter has lost so interest in the things he does.


She no longer study like she use to does.


Am afraid she will lose it to Maya this time……” He said with so much certainty.


But sir something can be done about this


I mean you have already done just a matter of time for her to pick up again ..


Miss Harrietta is quite the best and she can help Stephannie get back to her feet…..”


I said


” How she so wish she could


Elvin, Stephannie losses focus so easily and that has rendered all Miss Harrietta’s effort useless….


How can she pick up if she can’t concentrate and learn…..”


He asked


I know sir but something can be done about it… Or is there not a way to help her out ????……” I asked with so much concern.



Well Miss Harrietta suggested that she should study with someone that can creat one mind and focus for her


Probably a student just like her….” He said.


That’s where you come in Elvin


I have tried to think of anyone that can help her and you are the only one, you are actually the person Miss Harrietta recommend to help.


She said whenever you guys studies together she kind of focus and she learns more faster ……”


He said.


” I want you to help her out ..


I mean you can teacher how she can study and learn more faster just like you……”


He said.


” But sir… Considering what you said


My presence creat the focus, so this I will just have to study with them constantly….”


I said.


I thought of that as well but Miss Harrietta came up with and great idea that can benefit the both of you….”


He said and look at me while I gave him the look of ”Which is??”


Become Stephannie’s teacher…..”


He said and I was kind of is this man really Okay?????..Do you want to kill me before my time ??.


I Know this is not gonna be easy for you regarding the fact that you are not in good terms with her but look at this this way.


You are smart so is she …


The problem she has is that she losses concentration so easily and you can help creat that for her.


If you both can study together then you both and learn more fast because I know that either you nor her will like any of yourself to be come inferior over each other……”


He said so easily as if that’s gonna make thing change.


Sir I understand what you are trying to do but I can’t become a teacher to Stephannie. Not that I can’t do it but she can never agree to this.


She hates me and it will be difficult for her to learn form me……” I said.


Yes I know all that but if she finds out that’s you can help her out she will definitely come around….” He said.


Is not really gonna be easy but I will try anyway….”


I said.



” Thanks so much Elvin.


Am promise to provide anything just for this to work out.


I will pay you every single day you teaches her Okay……”


He said.


” You don’t have to Sir


You have already done more than enough.


Is time for me to show appreciation for your nice questure,


I never agree to this because I am expecting payment but am just doing to help her out ……”


I said.


” Yes I know


Am just paying to also show appreciation….”


He said and smiled.


” Thank you Sir…”



Elvin !!! What have you gotten yourself into ???


How do you think you can handle Stephannie???……”


I asked myself.



” Off course you can is a matter of time.. come one is not a big deal So just chill at least this is gonna bring you closer to her My conscious said.






And who is saying about coming closer to her here.. Stephannie that I know will never agree to all this




I said .


Leave that for her dad to handle if she agrees is for your own good at least it will give a room for her to love you…..”


My conscious said and I nearly laughed in Mr. Barlon’s presence.


Think all is settled


Can we have a drink together??!…..”


He asked and I just nod.


He stood up himself and walk up to a little and classic bar and the edge of the room while I observe the room as well.


He dropped a shiny and classic Glass cup and poured us a red wine.



We and he smiled while I just look around the massive room we are into.


We had a chat while drinking.


I must say he is really an inferential man and he is cool and social.


He told me so much about how he loves Stephannie and can do anything for her to be happy. What a lovely father…….”


I spent like more thirty (30) minutes after the main talk and I excused myself


I got to my room with double mind.


Am I really sure I wanna do this ???…..”


I asked myself.


It happens that Victor is still in my room playing video games with Kester.


” What’s up Guys…..”


I said trying to cheer up.


We are cool as you can see. Am sure gonna win you Kester….” Victor said.


By way were have you been since ???


Victor asked.


Hope the meeting ends well …..” Kester asked.


Which meeting??…”


Victor asked.


” You guys should slow down.


Kester you already know what the meeting is all about … And I think it end well but I don’t think it gonna work out smooth ……”


I said and he just smiled.


What’s funny now Huh ????????????……”


Can you guys just tell me what you are talking about … What meeting and who and who was present in the so called meeting……”


Victor asked and both is of us started laughing… Me and Kester actually.



” That’s isn’t funny at all ……”


He said showing a hard face.


” Okay fine and gonna explain so just calm down first.


Kester’s Dad and I had a chat not a meeting and he wants me to teach Stephannie……”


I said and this time Victor did the laughing.


What’s funny now ??……”


He wants you to teach Stephannie??? Is that anyway possible????……”


He asked.


Well is really gonna be cool having class together with Stephannie.. she is intelligent Like wise you and the both are so gonna learn alot from each other….”


He said.


You know that’s not gonna be easy…..”


I said calmly.


Yeah we all know it not gonna be easy as a matter of fact Stephannie has a whole to teach you so you should get ready to learn but tell problem her is that if she teaches you a hundred (100) things


Only one angry look will make you forget the Ninety nine (99) things she taught you and the only one she is gonna leave behind running……”


He said and both him and Kester started laughing.


Like seriously


You are saying that to me ……”


I asked.


” Know Elvin


Am just kidding as you can see it fun and Kester laughed but seriously you are gonna learn a lot


Just focus on learning and leave her beautiful face alone……”


He said.


” You are crazy Victor


You know am going to pay you back for this ..


Even you Kester you are also laughing as well???……”


” No ! No !! No !!!


I never laughed intensionally just that what he said was kid and funny


Don’t worry you can have both what she is gonna teach you and her cute face as well ……”


He said. And both him and Victor laughed again.



” I don’t think I will stay here with both of you….”


I said and walk out of the room.


I so much need to cool


My head …













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