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” Am sorry Elvin.


Forgive me for my harsh word to you…”


She said in she angelic voice and my heart just melted.


Hearing that from her again really way me down. Looking at her and her red eyes like someone who is gonna break down crying if what she is asking for isn’t granted.



” Is that the only thing you want??…”


I asked and she nod.


What more was I even expecting her to ask form me







” Okay then I forgive you….”


I said and she smiled and to my surprise she hugged me




” Am sorry, that’s just a way to express how happy I’m…..”


She said and I smiled.


” Okay no problem…”


I said and turned to leave a again.


” One more thing Elvin.


She said and I dropped on my track


The bet, when are you gonna make your wish ????…..”


She said and I turned to know if she really asked me that.



Huh!!!!! Are you in for the bet??……” I asked and she nod with a smile.


Am gonna get back to you when am ready for my wish, you are already my students ……” I said.


” Can we have a walk together….”


She asked and I look at my laptop and pen in my hand.


Don’t worry Tessia is gonna take them to your room……” She added


Okay then…”


I said in agreement and just immediately Tessia came and I handed them over to her and told her to keep them in Victor’s room.


” So shall we….”


She asked


Sure….. ” I walked


We walked out form the study room towards the pool.


” So tell me


What’s the secret to your smartness and intelligence????…..”


She asked and I just smiled at the question.


Nothing, just constantly reading and memorizing……” I said.


Oh!!!!! Really??? …..”


She asked and I nod.


We got to her garden…. We walked into the garden and sat at a very decorated shade.


I never knew you know how to say sorry …..” I said to her and she smiled.


Off course, who doesn’t know how to say that, well I do know but I have never said them to anyone . You are actually the person I have every said am sorry to……”


She said.


And why?? ……”


I was scared you could do something bad to ur self and I my mind kept me restless….”


She said.


What made you to be so angry??…..” I asked.


I wasn’t angry, kind of frustrated.


Dad threatened to hand over the institution to you if I loss out in the competition and when I finally did.


I was scared he is gonna do so because am Dad is a man if his words…..”


She said.


” Oh!!!! I see.


My phone deem light and it was Flora calling.


” I gat to go now.


I have something to attend to inside….”


I said.


Okay then see you around. She said with a smile and I walk away but not without smiling back for her.


Maybe am dreaming








I smiled as I watch my daughter and Elvin on the study room.


You know I have camera allover this castle and I knows what happens and when it happens whenever I choose to know.


In deed Elvin is a genius and I know he has something for my daughter.


How I wish he is really think the son of the man just like I thought he were.


I got a call form my brother immediately and I walked inside my confidential room.


” Hello brother…”


Mr. Henderson said over the phone.


Yes brother


Is it just a mare talk or is there more to the meeting


I asked.


” Yes exactly brotherly.


Is just that one of my boy got a vital information about the two people that came into Luxembourg, they


are by name Charlton and Laura……”


He said and I was shocked.


What???? Do you really know what you are saying ??……”


Brother do you know this man in question???? The information here says he is high killer lost for years….”


Mr. Henderson said.


Yeah I knew him..


Everybody thought he was dead.


What happened???


How come, ……”


I asked even though I know my brother don’t know anything about him.


Did the information you got says they are still here in Luxembourg???? ……”


Not really


they are no where to be found in the country as we speak….”


My brother said


Well I don’t think there is any call for alarm… I know him too well so his coming back must be of good so no need going after him…..”


I added


Okay brother but do you really know him too well, because the history he bears isn’t a good one but in any case


I will instruct my men to stay down till you give instructions……” Mr. Henderson said.


Don’t worry, I know him well.


He was once my guard and I know what he is capable of doing. so until he does something fishy your men should stay down…….”


Keep me posted if he tries doing something that goes against the law.


Take note, Of no account should you send your men after him without my consent…..”


Okay brother….” He said


Thanks for the information……”


You are welcome brother.


I so need to watch your back for you because if I don’t no one will.


Just watch your back and never make any move with Morgan’s men. Morgan is a dangerous and cunny man….. ”


He said and I just smiled…


My brother has never been in a good term with Morgan starting from the first day I introduced Morgan as my friend. Well any problem they are having they should sort it out themselves as men and keep me out of it…….”


You can count me on that.


I will keep it as a promise….”


I said.



” Okay brother ….”


He said and the like went dead while i took out a deep breath


CHARLTON !!!! I called out.






I’m so happy that he finally forgive me.


I watched him walk way after having a little chat with him. He is not really a bad option to consider.


Let in the evening


We all came together to listen to grandma’s night story and this night story seem to be the very best grandma had said ever since she started telling us night stories.


After the story


Elvin was the first to leave and then grandma and my brother had a chat while Victor was busy with his phone even though he was there.


I slept off on my grandma’s laps and later tomorrow morning, I found myself wake to see am in my room.


I opened my head to see the face of my smiling grandma but because I was just waking up it looked scary so I shouted and jerk off form my bed while the old woman started laughing.


What was that grandma??? …..”


What was what???


I thought you weren’t gonna get up……”


She said.


Remove that thing you are putting on. You look so ugly and scary on them…..”


I said and she kept on laughing while I frowned my face and turn again to lay on my bed.


You better get up from the bed or…..”


There will be no need for that…..”


I said stood up and walked into the bathroom.


I poured water on my face and then I went out to pay homage to my mum but this time, I was hoping to see Elvin out again, just like everyday.


Yeah, I knows he always watch me every morning but I don’t know the reason for it.


I walked out form the bathroom and wanted to go out but I heard grandma’s call from my kitchen.


I walked in to know why she was calling.


Where are you going to???……” She asked.


No where just wanna take a walk around the castle, it more like an exercise to me and I does that every morning……”


I said.


Am sorry sweetheart.


You will have to suspend it for today.


Come help me out here……”


She said


” What????


No grandma, if you need assistance I can call Sandra or Angela for coke help you out ……”


Off course I know they stay with us here in this castle but I want your helping hand, better still it not gonna take much time. After this you can go and have your walk ……”


She said and i frown.


Why me grandma


I always goes out for this morning walk and you are trying to stop me form doing it this morning……” I said still keeping my frown face.


Am not stopping you from your morning walk sweetheart perhaps do you have a mandatory time to take the walk. There is still enough time for you to have your walk around orless if what you are going there to do isn’t just a mare walk…..”


She said giving me a suspicious look.


What grandma


It just a mare walk not else..


I said


Then come help your old woman out. It just a few minutes stuff …”


She said.


Come on !!!!……”


I said again and I drag my self to the kitchen.


” What’s even this old woman’s problem??? ……”



I was with grandma but my mind was far away. What if he is waiting outside to see me and now look at what grandma has tied me up with.








Yesterday was something else for me.


I didn’t even know I can be able to forgive her so easily.


That’s simply because you have something for her……” My conscious said.


When Flora called I had to excuse myself form her to answer the call.


I waked into my room and I called her and she picked up almost immediately.


” Hey Flora


How are you doing…..”


Elvin !!!!! Am fine What about you????…..”


She asked form the other side of the phone .


Am good…”


How is the castle???


Hope Stephannie isn’t giving you hard time??? …..”


She asked.


Not really We are cool….”


Okay then see you tomorrow


I got a great new for you but it will be tomorrow……”


She said.


Wow Okay fine Tomorrow then……”


I said and she said bye to me and put the call down and just then Kester and Victor walked in.


Not again


Without a knock….”


I asked but they paid less attention to what am even saying.


They sat like usual.


Kester on my bed and Victor on my cushion.


” What’s up Elvin


How was today’s lesson with your girl friend?????……”


Victor asked.


” Fine, more of a fun….”


I said and Victor sit up.


” Oh!!! Really???


You finally agreed that she is your girlfriend anyway gist us What happened?? ……”


He asked


” Gist you guys as what.??? ……”


I said hiss and walked out of my room while they followed me down shouting.


What a crazy brother I got…… ” I said and increased my spaces.


Late at night


We all went to listen to grandma’s night story and I must say tonight was so fabulous. I enjoyed it but got uncomfortable stares.


We kind of made up to three times eye contact.


After the story I walked up to my room immediately.


I studied at night and even slept off with my books on my bed * funny *


I wake up with a confused happiness that I don’t know where or the reason for, how can someone just wake up and be happy without any reason.




The thought of seeing Stephannie walk towards her garden truck on my mind..i look at my wall clock and I woke up a bit late, I immediately walked out and stayed at the very spot I normally stay.


I waited for her but she never showed up. I Kind of become worried,


I stayed for some time and it was already getting brighter but I wasn’t that late out. At least I could have seen her walk back if I wasn’t able to see her pass…..” I said to myself.




Or maybe she didn’t come out to visit her mum’s grave yard today. I concluded and I walked back to my room with an unexplainable feeling.







After I was done with what my grandma wants me to help her out with. I rushed out but it was almost bright. I look at the spot I normally sights Elvin but he wasn’t there.


I was weak though I don’t know why I am. I just turned back and walked back to my room.


You came back pretty fast or didn’t you had your walk out again…” She asked.


I didn’t ”


But why??? ……”


She asked again


Because I just lost the strength to do the walk out…..” I said to my grandma.


Why??? Why you did wasn’t a stressful thing so we’re did you strength went to….” She asked


Can you just let me be grandma……”


I said in calm voice.


” My pressure…..”


She said and placed my food for me on my bed side.


Make sure you finish them so that you can gain back your lost strength…. ” She said and walked back to the kitchen while hissed.


I had my bath then came out and eat my breakfast. I said bye to grandma and then walked down stairs to get going. I came out and my car was ready so I got in and zoom off to school.


I got to school quiet on time but I stayed in my car and just few minutes after my arrival Kester’s car drove in and Elvin got down and walked into the class while I got down as well and walked to the class.


I got in to see him seated already and I walked to our seat and sat down.


” Good morning Elvin….”


I said calmly to him touching him because he had his earphone plugged in his ears. he turned and look at


me taking the earpiece off his ears and I repeated


My greetings.


” Good morning


Hope you had a great night??……”


He asked.


Yeah and what about you???? I asked smiling.


Mine was pretty good


He said with a smile and just then Miss Kitty’ walked into the class room.


We said a greeting to her and after which she asked us to seat, she passed an information concerning Mr Johnson whom happened to be the one to take us on a practical but unfortunately he is sick so our practical was postponed.


She left after passing the information across. Elvin stood up and walked to Flora’s seat and they both started chatting…. Something of that nature.


While I just plugged my earpiece and listen to a cool music .


Just like the normal day activities during our free time, Elvin happens to walk out of the alone well Flora left alone as well.


I followed Elvin but I stayed at my car and watch him at the institution garden.


I kind of wanted to go join him since his Flora that keeps him company isn’t around but I stopped myself because I don’t know how he will fell about the whole thing. I don’t even know how to approach him.


I was watching from my car when I saw Sonia, the president daughter walked up to him. I dropped my phone and focus on them.


Sonia said something and Elvin stood up and followed her.


I left the spot I kept my car and followed them while Tessia tried following me but I stopped her..


I was watching the two of them and the next thing Sonia grabbed him hand.


They walk hand in hand till they got to the Cafeteria and I texted Tessia to join me at the cafeteria and few minutes she did.


I sat with she and made order for just a drink because the truth is that I wasn’t hungry. Don’t know why I chose to monitor him today.


I watch the both of them eating but Elvin wasn’t actually playing to her tune But they were still together. Sonia gave him food from her spoon to eat but I don’t really know what happened and the food poured away.



I was happy Elvin didn’t eat them and very very angry at Sonia.



Why Am I feeling Jealous?????


I asked myself.


Because you love him


My conscious said.


I don’t think so, it just because Sonia isn’t a good company for him I answered myself.


They stood up and left the cafeteria though Elvin was the first to leave while Sonia followed him behind.


I dropped my glass wine that I didn’t even take a sip of the drink in it.


I still followed them till Elvin walked into the garden and there was Flora.


Sonia left while Elvin and Flora started walking towards the classroom.




Stay far away form Elvin.








I had my breakfast right in my room, thanks to Angela that got my food ready. I walked down immediately I got Victor’s call.


I got into the car and this tike Eric did the driving while we occupied the other spaces in the car.


We exchanged peasantryes and the car zoom off to school.


we got to the institution dropped victor and then to my own class.


I walked into the class and all attention were on me like they had never saw me before. I maintained my cool self and I walked majestically to my seat, I only smiled at Flora and no one else even though I got allot of stares form that girl that called herself Vivian and Sonia wasn’t left out.


I can’t come and kill myself for you guys .


Just few minutes after I got to my seat Stephannie walked in just like a queen and I just smiled at the sight of her but u still plugged my earpiece.


She said a greeting, Yeah I heard her but I did like I did and to surprise she repeated the greeting.


Teacher popped in teach and go but that was after Miss Kitty has announced that our practical has been postponed because of Mr. Johnson’s health.



During our less busy time.


Flora went to answer Miss Kitty call while I just went to the garden to wait for her.


I was there studying when Sonia came around but I just did like I didn’t see her but she started coming towards my direction.


” Hey Elvin ……”


I heard her voice and I look up to see her with a smile but I wasn’t smiling back, I don’t even know why.


” Hey …”


I managed to say.


” Can i seat???…..”


She asked and I made space available for her and she sat down.


Thank you…..” She said.


You are welcome….. ”


What are you doing??


She asked and I was like, can’t you see am reading and you are still asking me what am doing




Am going through some research…” I said calmly.


Wow, I don’t know how you are gonna react You know was thinking maybe we could go have lunch together.


What do you think ?????……” She asked.


Am sorry but am not hungry…”


Come on.


I know you might not be hungry


Okay fine, come escort me even if you not hungry you can have a drink ……”


She said.


” What’s this girl’s problem ???




” Please don’t say no



Please just this once…..”


She said making a baby face.


” Okay fine let go…..”


I said and she smiled stood you and I did as well, Put my laptop in the bag and we head to the cafeteria.


On our way, it seem she hit her leg on a stone and she used my hand for a support. Our hands were like that, stocked together till me got to the cafeteria.


She placed an order for herself and then she ordered for a drink for me.


I watch her eat and gosh I regret going out with her…. She kept on talking even when she was eaten.


She tried to put food on my mouth using the spoon she were eating with but I just pulled it way with my glass of wine, I intentionally did it but to her and people around it was a mistake.


My phone deem light and it was a message from Flora… I have to be on my way now.


I said stood up immediately and walk away while she followed me up.


You don’t have to leave like that


Am sorry if what i did got you angry……”


She said.


Am not angry perhaps it wasn’t your fault, it all a mistake. I actually have an appointment with someone


And I need to catch up with her immediately ……” I said as we were getting closer to where Flora is.




Oh she I guess


She said pointing at Flora.


Well I have to go now


See you some other times…..”


She said and walked away while I just hissed.


Who cares how she feels




” What are you doing with her??? ……”


Flora asked immediately I got closer to her putting up a frown face.


” Come on


I should be the one putting on such.


You should be apologizing for keeping me waiting for a long time not giving me that look……”


I said but she didn’t say anything



” Fine, Nothing actually


She asked me to escort her to have lunch since u objected that I wasn’t hungry so I just escorted her to


the cafeteria nothing else…..”


I said.


Why will she ask you to have lunch with you??? Is something going on between you too??? ……” She asked and I just laughed


Nothing is going on


I can’t have anything going on between me and that girl…”


I said honestly.


” Come on


Am saying the truth here so smile at least ……”


I said and this time she smiled and I frown.


Why are you even concerned if something is going on between us??? …”


Nothing, I don’t have any business with that, just watching out for my bestie.


Sonia has a boyfriend and his boyfriend won’t take it likely with you if he sees you an inch close to




She said.


And who is this boyfriend ???…” I asked.


Kistona !!!……”


She said am sure you know him so just stay clear from her.


” How I wish she will….”


I said and she smiled and I frowned.


” What??? ……”


She asked still smiling


Is time to get upset What took you so long ????


Why did you waste allot of time in her office???? ……”


Am sorry.


You know I can’t just walk out when she is still saying something to me…


Well she said that the school has finally host the date for the competition of the king and queen of Stephannie’s institution ……”


She said and I wowed.


” You gonna study hard


I won’t want you to miss out….”


I said.


Yeah but you are gonna help me out with difficult part while am studying …” She said….


Sure I will….. ”


I need to start going back to the classroom. Professor is gonna be around anytime from now She said.


Okay then let get going


I said we head back to the class.


After school


Just like usual, Kester came and pick us and we first went and head a drink before driving home though am actually the only one going home, Victor and Kester is still having fun. I need to get home to cool my head for Stephannie’s lesson.






I was so happy seeing Elvin seated alone without that bitch that calls herself Flora around him like a pest.


I walked to him with the best smile I can offer and I adjusted my clothes to a proper way to get him attracted.


He kind of tried to reject my offer but I persisted and he finally gave in.


After he left the cafeteria the way he did, I know something was behind it but what I never expected was that Flora was gonna be the one that distracted my time with Elvin.


I will so deal with this girl.


I can see you don’t want to stay away from Elvin, I will help you do that.


Elvin my sweetheart, am gonna be the one to date you.


After school


My brother and I drove to my friend’s house to have fun.







We drove in, step down and walked towards their gathering. They were seated in a random table with drinks allover the table.


” Wow !!! Sonia and Jasper is here……”


Elizabeth said attracting others attention towards us.


We got more closer and sat down with them and they moved us a drink.


I think this is the best moments to discuss about our tomorrow event…..” Elena said.


Yeah you are right


Now that we have Sonia and Jasper her with us……”


Elizabeth said.


Well I don’t have much time to stay here and talk with you guys. Anything you discuss Elena will update me later.


You guys should make it large and especial because am coming over with my New boyfriend…….” I said and they shouted out in happiness.


Who is the damn lucky guy??……”


Elena asked


Don’t worry you are gonna see him tomorrow ……” I said and she opened the car for me and I got in.


Your new boyfriend


What happened to Kistona ???


Aren’t you guys still dating??…..”


Jasper asked.


Well we had a break up …..” I said paying less attention.


So who is the new catch


He asked and I smiled.


It gonna be a surprise but trust me he is someone you know and he is too way more cute and hot than Kistona…..”


I said smiling and he smiled anyway.


To be continued.













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