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DEDICATED TO Ifeanyi Emmanuel









After what happened in the institution between me and Vera, it was the talk of the institution for the least of the day.


What I asked Stephannie struck back to my mind.


Maybe she don’t have something for me just like am feeling some how whenever am around her.


I thought.


And what if she is trying to fight it just like you are fighting your own My conscious asked.


And why will she do that.


She could have said that she did it for me but no she kept quiet maybe she didn’t have something for and the reason behind her keeping quiet is just not to hurt me I said



You are getting it all wrong Elvin


Try something else and see for yourself


My instincts said.


Okay then let try it out like this




After having the lecture, I walked out and sighted Sonia and her brother Jasper so I decided to have a chat with her since I have been trying to reach her in the class but she seem angry…


I walked up to her and her brother left us.


We talked and I found a convincing thing to tell her why I didn’t call her after what Anastasia did the time she came over to the castle.


She was so angry at herself for been angry, you could imagine such a thing, girls they can never believe anything but lies.


She requested we have lunch together which we had and she took some pictures of us together. I got a text form Flora asking where I am and I also got a call Stephannie saying that Mr Johnson is already in the classroom asking after me.


Even Sonia was freatened, Mr Johnson is a very strict and difficult man that students fears so much. His rules number one, don’t come to my class after me.


We were already late and I couldn’t think off any excuse to give why am late for his class. Thanks to


Stephannie that interfered and saved me again.


It a surprising thing to me.


Well I need to be sure anyways.


After school Sonia walked up to me and hugged me but I didn’t push her out.


The next thing Stephannie hissed out so loud and she walked out in anger.


Maybe she does.


I said inside me


I walked out with Sonia well Flora is still with Miss Kitty and I have already told her am gone.


I got into Kester’s car and we drove off from the castle.






Today’s practice was great I must say and the new lady that came to my college is really doing so great in her work.


I got new faces and I must they are also good in the sport, for a while now I have noticed something around Kim, Morgan’s son.


He is acting strange this days well I hope is something he can handle.


Finally the day for the competition has been situated and I have already gotten a call from Dad.


well just likeep the meeting we had today .


The Nine (9) head of all the competition academy, we’re Present at the meet.


Me and Kim represented my Dad and Morgan his own Dad.


In agreement since the competition will be done more like a volleyball game and it consist of four competitors from each academy.


The competition will take a month to be done reasons so that the injured players could be treated before the next game.


It will be done once in a week and then they will come out in the second week and they fourth week will be for the finals.


I think that cool by me.


My Dad is already updated about the meeting. After the meeting I drove to my training stadium and I looked around with the faith that am gonna get all this done.


Well after watching over my students, though I got a lot of time, I just drove to the institution and I stayed there till it was time for them to dismiss.



The truth is that I don’t know what transpired in the class but my sister Stephannie came out with angry expression followed by Elvin with the same girl that got a fight with Anastasia Sonia!


She got into her car and zoom off to the castle while Elvin got into the car and I zoom to the castle as well.


What’s really going on between the two of you …” I asked as we ride home.


Nothing is going in between us Kester.


Is just that she is all over me


But the truth remain that I don’t have anything for her …. ”


He said.


You know what you did got Stephannie so pissed of, you should mind the things you do around her. She is a girl and a jealous type as well…”


I said and him and Victor laughed.


And why are you tell me all this


What’s my problem if your sister is a girl and a jealous type as well, I can’t remember telling you that we


both are dating so what are you trying to say??……”


Elvin asked.


” Come on Elvin


We are men and you can’t pretend that you don’t have feelings for my sister because I can see it all over you…….”


You can go ahead and continue with your pretense but don’t hurt my sister’s feeling ……” I said with so much seriousness.


We drove into the castle and we got down to see Kim hugging with my sister, the both of them where hugging so close.


I look at Elvin and he was so angry. I thought you said that you have anything to do with my sister, why is your face overwhelmed with jealousy…..”


I asked Elvin and Victor looked at him


Nothing is wrong with my face and perhaps and not jealous of anything……”


He said and walked into the castle


I look at my sister and Kim


They were still smiling and hugging each other



I and Victor walked into the castle as well and we met Elvin with Grandma



You look angry??? What’s the matter???


Who dare got my son in law angry …..” We heard grandma asking him.


Grandma no body got him angry..


He is just been jealous because he saw Stephannie and Kim hugging each other outside ….”


I said from behind.


And why should Stephannie has to get her husband angry ……” Grandma asked and I nearly laughed.


Grandma me am hungry …..”


Victor said and she smiled.


That’s why I love you so much.. never plays with food.


I prepared something very special for you guys…


Go up and take a shower before you will be down, the food will be ready …..”


Grandma said and Victor was the first to run back to his room immediately while I look at Elvin and then walk up as well.






Ever since Elvin apologize over the incident that happened at Stephannie’s castle, I have been in a good terms with him.


Well she gives me attention though he stay more time with Flora, before he came to explain himself.


I really felt bad with what he told me that happened at the castle concerning him almost fallen inside the swimming pool which caused the damaging of his cellphone.


I demanded to have lunch together at the School cafeteria and it sure a wonderful time I spent with him.


Am so happy that Flora wasn’t with us all this while she is too busy in school so I have Elvin all to myself today I guess


After the lunch we walk around the institution and we took different pictures on different spot and we were so cute.


Elvin is sure a God in human form.


We both sure spent great times together.


” Thanks for the lunch


I sure had a wonderful day with you around….”


I said to him and he just smiled.


I should be the one saying the thank you here, I made my day so wonderful……” He said and i brushed.


Wow !!! really.???…”


I asked and he nod.


His phone peep and he took it out from the pocket and look at me.


Then shift a little and answered the call though I could hear him.


” What’s up who is this??……”


He asked the person though I didn’t hear who the person said he or she is…


Stephannie he called out look at me and I look away, Stephannie???? How possible is this.


Does he has anything with her……” I asked myself.


Off course you should know that the two cute head can’t stay in one house without crushing on each other.


The both are irresistible…….” My conscious said.


It can’t be possible……”


I said as angry grew up in me.


She even has the gut to call him


” Okay no problem


I will be there in some minutes…..”


He said and put the phone down and walk to the place I stood waiting.


We need to rush to the class room Mr Johnson is in the lecture room He said and my jaw dropped.


” What ???……”


I asked while he move faster to the class and I followed him behind.


We got to the lecture room and he has already stared his lecturing and Mr Johnson is a very strict man and he is though to students, he got a lot of connection so he doesn’t fear student.



We walked in



And we’re are the both of you coming from. I have been in this class for some minutes now and you are just walking in now …”


He asked facing us leaving the class he is was teaching before we walked in, he looked straight into our eyes.


And I just bend mine.


Sir am the one that made them stay long outside….”


Stephannie spoke up to my surprise.


What did Stephannie just save me …” I asked myself.


Off course she is doing this not for you but Elvin …” My conscious Said


The man look at her and asked us to go and seat down..


Yeah he can’t do anything as long as Stephannie is the one that interfere. No one question her in the institution not even the institution head..


We walked and sat on our seat and I look at Elvin….


She said something to him, this two seem to have something going on well Elvin is mine and am not gonna drag him with anybody not even you Stephannie.




After class during the school dismissal Elvin walked up to me to say good bye and I hugged him immediately though I thought he was gonna push me away but he was just still and he look at me in surprise while that Stephannie of a girl hiss loud and walk out of the class.


He turn and followed her though he didn’t say anything to her….” I ran up to him at the door and I hold him back.


Come one it just a hug not even a kiss and you ate acting this way…” I said.


I wasn’t acting anyway


Am going as you can someone is already waiting for me…”


He said facing straight.


” Okay fine.


Let me get my bag let walk out together…”


I said looking at him.


” Okay Fine, Be fast about it….”



He said and i ran back pick my bag and walk up to him, hold his hand and he walked out of the class room.


I watched him enter in to his car and they zoom off.


My phone peeps and I look at it a message actually from my brother.


Easy baby girl.


The text reads




Naughty boy


I texted him back




Ready to go.


He texted again.




Yeah !!!


I texted back.




Not quite long


He drove into our class with his girlfriend from the other departments.


She is beautiful anyway but not like me.


We got into the class and zoom off to our house.


I smiled occasionally as I remember the cute moments I spent with Elvin..


I wish Flora never resume school again. She has really been the one distracting Elvin from noticing me all the while.


Flora stay far away form my Elvin..


Far away form him.


I got home and I decided to text him to know If he got home save but he didn’t reply to my message.


I tried calling him and after the first ringing his line was no longer connecting.


What’s wrong….” I asked myself


Is he in a kind of trouble or did he lied to me that he wasn’t angry when he was… Why is he ignoring my messages and calls…..”


I asked myself.






Wow, our plans are working as planned


Finally Barlon I will get back at you and you will pay for all the things you have cost me and the evil you have made me done.


Dad am not really understanding this whole thing because I don’t see anyway this whole thing is coming to our favor…”


Kim asked and I smiled and pant his back.


My son all is in our favor


Barlon thinks am with him in this competition and you know that we have successfully taken all their students it only you, Kester and that Danny of a boy and you and I know it a competition of four and their is no way that if you leave at the point of the second round that Kester and that boy will win. They will definitely loss out…..”


Dad you seem to have all this planned out, but how us all this gonna bounce back to you.


Look you are gonna participate with them at the first play and on the second you will demand for a very hug ransom which can make Barlon go bankrupt……”


But Dad what if they get someone else ”


Kim asked.


That’s not possible Kim Trust your dad on that. Look I know all Barlon’s plan.


That why I said you should participate with them at the first start so not to give them room for suspicious……”


So what happens after they loss out the competition?????……”


Kim asked.


Off course we will have the money and I will automatically become the second richest business tycoon in Europe and I can then be able to meet against Thomson…..”


You are sure a wise man Dad…..”


Kim said and hugged him







What game is Sonia of a girl up Huh


I thought Flora was the only one on the way now I see I have greater hands to compete with.


” What’s even Sonia’s problem


She has a boyfriend why not focus on him


And leave my Elvin alone…”


I asked myself.


The whole of today the both of them where together, they even had lunch together.


After the class she hugged him and he didn’t even push her off him. Do she love her as well???……”


I asked myself.






It a wonderful day,


Just like every other days I went to my mum’s grave yard and I paid my full homage to her.


I sighted Elvin at the spot he use to stay and watch me everyday… Yeah I know but i decided to keep calm all this while.


I went up to meet him but before I could get to the place he was already gone and that made me wonder If he know I was gonna come look for him.


I prepared and I was drove to school with my bodyguard Tessia, Lillian and Stella.


The classes where great and when it was our free time


Elvin went out and I followed him out though I waited for sometime before going out yeah. I know were exactly he stays.


And I was right


He was there but this time he is with Sonia and I don’t know how I feel seeing the both of them together.


They were holding hands and chatting.


Flora is in Miss Kitty’s office and I guess that why he is with Sonia. Anger boiled inside me.


What is really wrong with me??. Why am I angry ????……”


I asked myself



Because you are jealous of him been with another girl……” My conscious said.


I followed them to the cafeteria and I watched them eat together like couples.


More anger boiled in me.


I left them to the class and I thought they will come immediately knowing that the free time is over but I waited for him but he didn’t show up.


Mr Johnson was already in the class and he asked after him so I took my phone and I called him. Yeah he was surprised hearing my voice.


He walked into the class with her and Mr. Johnson were very angry at him but I saved him anyway, I wouldn’t want him to me suspended for one week. That’s his rules when you comes to the class room late.


He walked up to our seat and sat down gently,


What kept you so long outside even when you know that Mr. Johnson has class with us ….” I asked with concern.


I was with someone


I forgot actually, thanks…”


He said not looking at me but still I found myself smiling.


” You are welcome……”


I said and focused back on what the teacher is teaching.


After the class which happens to be the last class for the day, though I know I don’t go home with Elvin but I still waited back to make sure that my brother is here before I could leave.


He stood up and he walk to meet


Meet that Sonia of a girl and she hugged him, he even didn’t push her off he just stood there.



” Anger boiled inside me and I hiss out loud I really kind of felt hurt.

and walk away and anger….”



I got into my car even without saying hey to my brother and I drove into the castle, It happens that one getting to the castle I meet Kim waiting for me.


He said his father came in town so he decided to pay a visit to me today.


Unno it was a thing if surprise.


He hugged me and just then Elvin drove into the castle and I hugged him back.


this is the perfect moment to pay back.



I could see the jealousy in his face, I thought he didn’t feel anything for me, why is he now angry???……”


I asked myself.


If you see his face the time I was hugging him is not something to write home about.


I never no that cute guys also feels jealous as well….”


Elvin kept a constant stare at us


What’s even your problem


I asked myself and I walked in with him when Elvin has gone in.






























We drove into the castle and just coming down from the car to see a young guy of my age… he looks cute and richly dressed.


He was hugging Stephannie like say tomorrow no dey….


” Anger grew up I me..


What sort of thing this nah????


Why is Stephannie flicking around here with his bitch …..”


I asked myself


I need to move inside before I end up killing someone outside here.


I walked pass them with anger written all over me.. passing them I made eye contact with Stephannie she didn’t even smiled at me at all


Why am I even jealous???


She is not even my friend not to talk of been my girlfriend.. so I don’t see any reason to be mad… but my heart was beaten very fast with anger.


We walked in am grandma was sitting quietly at the sitting room watching a TV program.


” Good afternoon grandma …..”


I greeted her and she smiled and spread her hand and I gave her a warm hug.


You look angry??? What’s the matter???


Who dare got my son in law angry …..” She asked.


Grandma no body got him angry.. he is just been jealous because he saw Stephannie and Kim hugging each other …..”


Kester said from behind.


And why should Stephannie has to get her husband angry ……”


Grandma asked and I nearly laughed.


Grandma me am hungry …..” Victor said and she smiled.


That’s why I love you so much.. never plays with food, well I prepared something very special for you guys…


Go up and take a shower before you will be down. The food will be ready …..”


She said and Victor was the first to run back to his room immediately followed by Kester while I just was up gently.


After taken a shower


I came down to see everybody already at the dinning table including Stephannie and the guys that she was hugging.


I walked in and truth be told I lost my appetite instantly but I don’t know to give as an excuse so I just have to eat together with them.


Stephannie was sitting closely to him while Kester beside me at my right hand and Victor opposite Kim and grandma was sitting at my left hand side.


I couldn’t focus at all..


I was just busy looking at Stephannie and the guy Kim..


they smile at each other consecutively


Elvin what’s even your problem????


can’t you just stay on your own and eat


my conscious said to me.


I couldn’t eat..


” Elvin!!!!


Aren’t you gonna eat your food …..”


Grandma asked and I was surprised to look at my food to find it up touched.


Emm … Am gonna eat just that am not really hungry now you know I had a lot of food at school……” I said and she smiled.


Okay fine sweetie


She said smiling.


You guys should enjoy yourself let me go finish up what am doing in the kitchen….” She said stood .


Grandma let me follow you then…”


I said and Kester and Victor look at me.


She smile stood up while I followed her immediately in to the kitchen.


We I helped her out with some stuff but the kitchen became so unconducive for me.


I just excused myself from her with a lie that I got an assignment I needed to tackle out.


I walked up to my room and Sonia called and more anger grew up I just off my phone immediately.. and


lay down on my bed…..”


Elvin what’s your problem???


my conscious mind asked.


Why should she be so great and comfortable with that guy……” I asked myself.


Because you are not dating her so she has the right to do anything she wants.. I thought you said you don’t have anything for her Huh???


So what’s now happening??……”


My conscious mind asked again and I just covered my head with my pillow.




take off your mind and think something reasonable….”


I said to myself.


And what could be more reasonable and important more than Stephannie……” Kester said walking into the room with Victor.



” Are you guys an monitoring spirit???


Have you guys now lost it to the extend of walking into my room with out a knock……”


I asked my harsh voice.


” Easy bro… that’s Kester and this is me Victor, we aren’t girls.


We don’t need to knock while walking into our brothers room or is there something you are not telling us???..


See we are not Stephannie that is getting you this worked up for. Why are you even getting yourself this worked up with that guy around her when you said you don’t feel anything for her??……” Victor said.




What are you guys doing here??……” I asked


And when did it became a tradition that we must have something in mind before visiting you…




By the way what are you doing inside here in this hot weather….” Victor asked.


And did I say am feeling hot!!!???……”


I asked him


” Off course you mustn’t tell me..


Look at you Elvin even with all this air condition around here you are still sweating just because of Stephannie’s around a guy…. And after everything you will tell me the you don’t have anything for




Victor said.


” He can’t hid it


even Grandma noticed it..


Elvin control your emotions……”


Kester said


” That boy we no even fine


Is making you this jealous …..”


Victor said..


Who told you guys am jealous??? ….”


Nobody needs to tell us..


If you don’t know Elvin..


It all written over you… You are jealous…..”


Kester said.


You guys are just like a pest……” I said and put in my headphone


I don’t even like that boy and I wouldn’t want him to date my sister.. You are more cute and handsome than him and you controls Stephannie’s attention so come on you have much advantage over him ……”


Kester said and I did like I wasn’t listening to what he is saying.


Victor snatched the headphone off my head and I gave him a looking what’s now the problem???




” Come let go out and have some fun..


remember we have just few days to stay here before going to our new home…..”


Victor said.


” Am not in the mood for fun..


Just let me be.. I want to go through some topics we will be taught tomorrow…..”


I said and the both of them started laughing.


I don’t even know you could ever get jealous ……” Kester said and both of them walk out..


Trust me you must come out today …..”


Victor said not minding If i heard it or not.


what a crazy brothers


I said to myself.


Not up to thirty minutes they left my room


I heard a knock on my door at first I thought it was them again but at the second thought I know they can never knock before coming in


” Who is that ????? Come in the door is open…….”


I said and the door went open and review the image of Angela


” What’s the problem….”


I asked immediately she entered my room.


” Kester said is should call you to join downstairs immediately…..”


She said with her face still facing down as if she is kind of shy or scared of looking at me directly to my the face



” Kester really asked you come call me out ?????……”



I asked as if I didn’t hear her at the first time while she just nod Yes.


” Okay no problem just go will chat him up now ……”


I said to her and she still nod and walk out of my room.



” What is it Kester


Why do you want to outside and why did you have to send Angela to come get me


I texted.






Because I want you outside in the next few minutes… I mean in the next few minutes I want to see you right here …..”


He texted



” Should I take this as a direct order from the president???




“‘ You can if you want and no body violates my order He texted.




” Well this time you have got it all wrong..


you should have known better that Elvin is not a type they receives orders form anybody and that why


God created me to be on my own… you probably you should understand what I mean ……..” I texted him back


” Oh !!!! You should better be down here in few minutes at least if not for anything just to view the


kissing between Stephannie and Kim …..”


He texted and I felt like smacking the phone on the ground.


Are they really thinking of kissing each other Huh!!!! Kim don’t cross your boundaries so that you won’t be hit so bad by me …..”


I said inside me stood up and walk out.


You should have known that am smarter than that…. look Kester you can play such games with maybe victor and better still your sister but probably not me.


they can kiss for all I care …..”


I texted him backed on my way down the stairs.


” You Know I can never back down from my game no matter what.. either they are winning or losing I


makes sure I finishes what I started …..”


He texted



” Noted but you see this one. I bet you have lost the victory to me I texted him back.



Just then


Angela walked into my room again this time crying..


” What’s the problem ….”


I asked.


” Kester threatened to get me fired if I didn’t get you to come with me down the swim pool ….”


She said crying really hard


Okay fine I will be with him in a short hours. don’t cry okay……” I said. Only God knows what he told her.


Please I can’t go out there without you with me or I will get fired.. Please don’t allow him to fire me this is the only thing I don’t sustain my self and my family…..”


She pleaded.


I always win….”


He texted.


” Oh!!! No you don’t. You just do it in a smart way not to get some poor workers of your threatened




I texted him back using emoji to show an dead angry.


” But I still win.


You can get back at me if you can……”


He texted .


” You know am gonna use you instead


am coming right there and I will now see what I can’t promise and threats I texted him and he just laughed.


I look at the poor Angela at the midst of us


If I say no Kester will punish her maybe not now by he will definitely.


I just pity the girl and I took my phone and walk down the stairs with her behind me.


” In this game I win.. losing is never am options for me ……”


He texted.


” In you dreams ……”


” Am waiting…….”


He texted .



Just immediately I walked downstairs



I moved to the directions to the swimming pool and there I saw Stephannie with the guy Kim and them Kester and Victor at the little more far from them.


Immediately Stephannie made eye contact with me she was kind of Lost ..


we stare at each other until the guy she is with had to touch her before she could get her self again…


and I just smiled at myself..


I still controls her mind and focus


I said to myself.


I look at the guy Kim..


he wasn’t smiling at all.


he look like he is gonna choke someone dead in the nearest minutes.


well I know he can’t even touch the hair in my head perhaps am not the one and created myself either did I tell God to create me with such cute and irresistible face.


I walk closer to them with the aim of crossing over to Kester’s side since they are a little bit far from the spot they are.


Just like I was passing Kim’s ring felled or should I say he purposely throws it down before I could caught sight of the falling ring it was already too late and I step on it.


Just that and the next thing


poo!!!!! my body were socked with the wine they were drinking… wait oh did this guy’s actually poured me a wine after taken Stephannie he still have to temerity to pour me his drink Huh!!!!!.. I asked myself.


The truth is that the wine was really painful and if not for my glasses the wine might have even Blind my eyes with the help of the glasses it was just a little of it that got into my eyes and it was like pouring a pepper on your face.


I removed the glasses immediately and I covered my eyes with my hands.


” Are you crazy Kim????


How dare you pour such alcoholic wine at him….”


I heard Kester asked the idiot.


” Am so sorry Elvin……”


Stephannie said holding my hands stopping me from rushing it into my eyes.


” Are you okay ????……”


She asked with her melodious voice that’s make someone sleep for three day without bed or eating anything.


Though the pain was there but her touch super sides everything.. Are you Okay??? …..”


She asked for the second time.


OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!..


I can’t believe that am the one that the almighty Stephannie is holding this way and she is even asking


me if an Okay.


I thought.


Yeah a fine…….”


Did the wine get into your eyes???……” She asked.


It just little……”


Are you really okay…


should I send a doctor to come over….”


She asked.


” No don’t worry..


if I can sleep I will wake up normal again….”


I said with all sincerity.


I heard Kester shouting at the guy while the guy just focus in calling Stephannie and she paid deaf ears to his call.


Kester thanks so much for today


I said inside me and she hold me so tight and lead me into my room


” Are you sure you are gonna be Okay???…”


She asked. I can get a doctor check on you immediately.


She added.


” You don’t have to worry to much..


Let me just have some rest am sure am gonna be okay after that….”


I said to her and she nod covered me with my bed sheets before walking out of my room.






Am Kim Morgan, the only son and child of my parents, lived all my life in Iceland but because of some


things my dad wants me to help him out with.


I came to Luxembourg,


I had know Stephannie ever since am a child but because of some private stuff she decide to keep me as the only male friend she has.



I had been in Luxembourg for some months now but it only kester that’s know am around, yeah I know he wasn’t gonna tell his dad because to him he thinks his dad knows am around.


Today I decide to pay them a visit,


I made sure I put on my best outfit I need this to work out perfectly, I really can’t be disappointment to dad.


I drove straight to the castle with only me and my driver, don’t give me that look.


Luxembourg is a very save and peaceful city but it for only for my family,


Barlon can never know the true meaning of peace.


I arrived more early before Stephannie drove in and I came out to welcome her.


She looks as beautiful as the Stephannie I had known for a long time ,


Can I really betrayal this goddess dad???


She step down from her car while her guard followed her behind, she smiled seeing me.


” Who do we have here???!…….”


She asked walking more closer to were I am.


Your old friend that you forgot so soon Not a visit nor a phone call……”


I said and she smiled.


Am sorry Kim…”


She apologized


Just then kester drove in, and I went on a hug with Stephannie, her body were so warn and I forgot alot just at the moment.


Two guys came down as well from Kester’s car and one of them look familiar.


So familiar.


He has this angry expression on his face and I wonder what the problem is, Kester on the other side wasn’t happy


Yeah am not surprised,he never liked me for the unsent so his frown mood isn’t a problem to me.


The one that looks just like Alvin Thomson son walked passed us with anger and he hiss when he was too close for us to notice.


You are looking so beautiful as ever…” I praise her and she smiled.


You too, you aren’t looking bad


Look at you, you have grown so hug and cute, no girl can resist you Kim……”


She said and I smiled.


Surprised that this is coming out from your mouth, I know you are just flattering me, am too way ugly and you knows it….”


I said.


That’s a lie


I said You are too way cute and hot.


No girl can stand you without crushing…”


She said again.


” Thanks for that Stephannie


So how has school been over here


Hope you are coping very good???……”


I asked.


Yeah, the institution is great and I always have fun when am in school……” She said and I smiled


And I hope all those idoit are hanging their clothes were their hands will definitely get it for them because am not gonna drag my princess with any body…”


I said and she just smiled without saying anything.


I need to change to something more simple, you should wait for me at the swimming pool, I will join you in a minute time……”


She said smiled and walked into the building.


I watched her till she moved out of sight and I smile and and walked to the swimming pool.


Been the son of someone like Morgan


I gets what I want, when and how I wants it. I have been friends with Stephannie for three years now and since then I have been asking her out but you what her excuses are.


That she can’t imagine dating any man in her life, to her men stinks and can’t keep to loving someone.


I tried all I could but she is playing very hard to get but I will sure break her this time, my dad is the best friend to Mr. Barlon and that how become so close to the family.


Coming to talk about my nature


Am troublesome but not to compare with that of Stephannie, oh I give way for her in troubles .



Am fair in complexion and I hug, judging by looks and body status one could think am older than kester Stephannie’s elder brother but he is some months older than me though I passed out from school the same year.


Ever since I have know kester


Even when we were still in school


We we’re never in good terms and I know that he is the one preventing Stephannie from dating me but he shouldn’t worry cos this time am gonna get her beging for me.


I love Stephannie but I love my ex girlfriend more but dad has to force me to go for Stephannie because of the reason he has refused to tell me till now.


Dad are you sure, I can really do this


Hope I don’t fall for her beauty


I said to myself.


Getting to the swimming pool, Tessia came and served me with a bottle of wine


Not quite long Stephannie walked up looking so adorable and more beautiful.


I stare at her from the spot I am and the only thing I sees is a cute and irresistible goddess.


She smiled at me and sat down while we start up a discussion on the things that happens in each other’s absence.


Just at the middle of our decisions Stephannie’s attention was drived away and I look at the direction of her eyes and I found out she was staring at a guy.


Who that guy.????


I asked myself as his image was becoming more viewable.


He looks familiar but I don’t think it him because he has dark brown hair.


Well I will make investigation.


I allowed him get more closer and I poured the wine I was drinking at him.


To my surprise Stephannie took him to his room ignoring my calls and she even came back to warn that that I should pray that nothing happens to him.


Let this guy not be who am thinking but how possible is that, the Alvin I know don’t have any business here in Luxembourg.


I called my friend that’s in Iceland and he assured me that Alvin is still in state.


Something is fishy here.


Who is he to command Stephannie’s attention????? And even got Stephannie so angry towards me.



You could image how Stephannie was looking at her without even minding the fact that am around her.


She couldn’t even look off him.


Gosh this guy has spoilt my wonderful moments with Stephannie and I will make sure he pays for coming close to my Stephannie, I might be here to play with her feelings but for now that I will be playing this game no one should distract me.


The real truth about the whole thing is that, for sure I don’t love Stephannie but Dad won’t give in to that because he wants to get back to her Dad for what he did him that I don’t even know of.


I drive back home with angry expression, I got home to meet my ex Maya and my mom chatting.


I walked in and passed them without saying anything to them apart form saying a good evening greeting to my mom.


Kim!!! Don’t tell me you didn’t see Maya here. Mum said.


Mum please am not in a good mood now, I don’t know who she is and I don’t have anything to do with her and I have warned you to stay far away form me.


I said even though am pained with my words to her but I gat to do that because of Dad.


She looks hurt and I watched tears slip down her cheeks and I felt bad, real bad but am helpless at the moment.


I walked out of the spot to my room


Please Maya stay strong, it just a matter of time and everything will come back to normal please.


I locked myself in my room and I cried.


Yeah I really love her.


I got a call from one of my friends that I should come out and have a drink with them, well I think that’s the only thing I needs for now.






It painful watching someone you love act like he don’t, I and Kim has been dating for sometimes now but he changed without any reason.


I know he is coming back form Stephannie’s castle, him and Stephannie has been friends before we even met each other but what I don’t understand is if he is dating Stephannie.


The information I got says yes but the Stephannie I know don’t like guys so that’s the confusing thing here.



Well all I know is that if it will take, taken Stephannie out of the way to completely have my Kim back I will surely do that.


Stephannie am coming for you and I will make sure you feel my pain, I will make you cry just the way you are making me to cry now.


I will cut short your happiness and take away anything that gives you joy.


I said as tears slip down my cheeks.


I feel really hurt.






Jealousy is what I can never pray to have over someone because it can kill more faster than even death itself.


My friend and sister are trying so hard to fight what they know they can never win even if the battle is extended to their next life.


They love each other but they are fighting their feelings for each other but the feeling is natural and nothing can be done about that.


You could imagine how jealous Elvin was seeing Stephannie hug Kim and how jealous Stephannie is


seeing Elvin with the president daughter Sonia.


Two headed friend and sister of mine.


Elvin stayed indoor and I know so we’ll that he is so angry and won’t want to see Stephannie around Kim, well if you must know I hate Kim so much because he is a good digger.


I might not know what him and his father is up to but I sure know lthat I will discover it on time.


Kim’s father Morgan is the person that convinced my dad to sign the contract of setting up a competition with my academy……


I know they have evil plans against my father but I don’t now how to convince my Dad about this but I know I will one day get a prove it just gonna take some time.


I sent Angela to go call Elvin,


I need to confirm if what am thinking is really truth.


Elvin tried proving stubborn but I did it a smarter way.


He walked down the building with his face in his phone.


We are also at the swimming pool, I and Victor.



Immediately Elvin got a little close to the swimming pool, Stephannie got lost staring at him. She couldn’t even take off her eyes of him even in the presence of Kim.


I just smiled, I was quite right with my guess, now let me see how he is gonna date my sister when another man controls her mind and attention.


I smiled at myself as I watch Kim’s face change from smile to frown. I think I am gonna enjoy this whole thing.


When will this two admit that they have something for each other???? …..” Victor asked.


I don’t know but I know that it sooner that anyone could think, what they have for each other is strong and they can’t win even if they try fighting it …..”


I said to him and I heard Elvin scream only for me and Victor to turn and see Elvin covering his eyes with his hand.


I look at Kim and he was holing his Glass cup and it already emptied.


Stephannie on the other side was holding Elvin.


I and Victor stood up and wait you to that spot. And looking around it shows that kim poured the wine


he was drinking at Elvin.


What nonsense.


Stephannie did say anything she was just asking Elvin if He is fine.


” How dare you Kim ???


How dare you pour such an acholic wine at him …..”


I asked my anger boiling inside of me.


” Are you crazy Kester


Can’t you see that the fool walked on my expensive ring….”


He said and I hit him so hard that he failed on the floor.


You don’t tell me that am crazy when am talking to you and let what happened today never in your life repeat itself again……”


I warned and he stood up dust himself with a frown still visibly shown on his face, who cares.


He ran after my sister calling her back as she payed much attention on Elvin.


I no my sister is really angry snobbing Kim’s call shows he will get no chance again form her. He has spoiled his day with his own hands out of his foolishness….”



We exchanged bad looks and I walked inside while Victor followed me behind.



We walked into Elvin’s room and just then Stephannie walked out of his room, did she come to the extend of bringing him to his room by herself


I asked myself and I look at Victor and he push the door open and we meet laying Elvin covered with his bedsheets.


We walked closer and Victor removed the bedsheets from his body.


” What’s you guys problem……”


He asked and Victor and I bust out laughing.


” Wait what’s the whole plank all about ???


So the wine didn’t get into your eyes in the first place Huh !!! ????……”


I asked.


Off course but not that bad anyway Why am I even talking to you guys You caused all this …….”


He said


You should be grateful that I made Stephannie show so much care and how she loves you…..” I said.


You are not serious Keater


If you don’t know the reason why she did that is because she thought the wine got into my eyes…..”


He tried defending himself.


That’s still didn’t change anything here, If it were to be before now


You know what her reaction will be ,she will even be the one to pour you the drink…..” I said and he keep calm.


She is gonna call mum……”


I said.


Why ???? I already told her that all I needs is rest, am gonna be fine…..” He said.


Well it unfortunate that she don’t want taken chances……”


Victor said.


” And what’s that supposed to mean…..”


He asked raising his voice a little high and as well frown his face.



You better stay calm She is not yet far …..”


I said and he look Immediately at the door .


Were is she now ???


He asked.


I guess in her room….”


What of the guy ???……” He asked again.


Well when he is tried of waiting for her he will definitely leave, he knows I don’t like him one bit he will Definitely be on his way home now.


So don’t worry, your Stephannie is no longer with him at least not for today again…..”


I said and smiled while he covered himself again with his bedsheets backing us and Victor overed it again.


He sat up and we were chatting in a very low voice, and not up to thirty minutes.


We heard a knock on the door and we all look at the door as if we are expecting someone.


Who could that be??!……” Elvin asked.


I don’t now


Let me go and find out ……”


I said stood up and walked closer to the door.


Who is on the door……” I asked gently.


Am the one .


I heard Stephannie’s voice and I smiled and looked at Elvin.


Is Stephannie…….”


I informed him.


What’s is her doing her????…..” He asked in a low tone.


And how am I gonna know that


I guess she is here to check on her boyfriend……”


I said and he frown.



” Tell her am asleep…….”


Elvin said and I wave my head in a no sign


I opened the door wide and she walked in and I could feel she is nervous probably with the presence of me and Victor.


I excused myself from Elvin and Stephannie.


Walking out from Elvin’s room and Albert walked up to me and told me that Dad want to have a word with me.


I followed him and I got to my Dad’s room but he wasn’t in his room but his study room is open.


Nobody needed to tell me that whatever we are gonna discuss is confidential.


Walking in I met Daddy and he doesn’t look good and I know that it must have something to do with the fact that the date for the competition has be mandated.


” Good evening Daddy


What’s the problem you don’t look good


I asked seating down opposite him.


Do you really think that the academy can hold this upcoming heat……” He asked and I know exactly where he is driving at.


Off course Dad I know my student.


It the first turn and I know we are gonna come out as the best perhaps what I gathered, Zandra’s academy student don’t have anybody that can mat me and Kim so we have much advantage…….” I said to him.


” Aside from you and Kim


Is their any competent students that you have in the academy???? ……”


He asked.


” Not really apart form Danny


He is also good but with the helping hand of me and Kim we can cover him up.


Dad we don’t have anything to be afraid of, we will sure gonna win this competition trust me on




I assured.


” I must be straight forward son


I don’t know the kind of feeling an getting now but anyways, I trust you


Just get everything needed and make sure that their is no mistakes…….”


He said.


” Okay Dad…”


I said but it still look like something is bothering him.



Dad is any other thing the matter.????


Don’t worry I will be fine


It something I can take care of…..”


He said.


” Okay Dad


Maybe you can go out and have a drive with your brother maybe share the problem with him, a


problem shared is a problem half solved……”


I said.


” Trust me I will be fine……”


He said and I nod and walked out form his room.






After the hug with Kim and then Elvin had walked into the building with a frown face. I feel like laughing out loud….. I thought i was the only one that could get jealous….” I said to myself.




It simply means he has something for you, he might be hiding them for long time but he just showed you now so you don’t have anything to fear…….”


My conscious said.


He is just jealous an everyone can be without having feelings for someone.


He might even be angry at some else……”


I said to myself.


” Come on Stephannie


Admit to it, you love him and that’s what count…..”


My conscious said.


” Am not in for that right now…..”


I went into my room to change to something simple while Kim waits for me downstairs… We are not dating if you must know so he isn’t allowed to come anywhere close to my room.


After sometime minutes


I was done with my shower and I came out dry up my wet body and put on something beautiful.


I look myself in the mirror smiled and walk out.



Went to the swimming pool with Kim and along side we were getting along like we kind of want to move to the next level.


Well I have known Kim for years and we have been so close but just like a friend to me. I don’t knows he has something for me.


We got to the swimming pool after he had told me so much about Switzerland and my friends there.


We sat down in one of the seat and Sandra got us a red wine.


We were chatting and drinking, I didn’t even know that my brother was in the other side of the pool until I saw one of the maid walked up to him.


After sometime minutes Elvin walked out walking towards the direction of the pool and I just lost the control of myself and I stare at him as he walk majestically like a damn God.


Oh!!!! I don’t think that’s this boy is a human. I was lost staring at him as he come more closer to the direction me and Kim is.


I got much closer and I look down because I couldn’t look at him again and I Kim’s face was filled with anger.


Why is he angry????


It just a mare harmless look




The next thing I felt was the splash of something watery and I look up to see Elvin’s clothes soaked with wine and Kim was looking at him with a dangerous eyes.


” What just happened here.


How dare you pour that acidic wine on his face…..”


Kester asked.


I didn’t say anything to him nor even turn to look at him, I just stood up and walked up Elvin to know if he is fine.


Kim you better pray that nothing happens to Elvin or else you will see the other side of …” I said inside me.


I walked Elvin into his room and even Kim was calling me but I payed deaf ears to what he is ranting at.


You better not be in this vicinity before I go in and come out.


I could hear him and my brother exchanging words. Well even apart form what he did, my brother hates him with so much passion and he never wants me to have anything to do with him.



” I escorted Elvin to his room.


Are you Okay Elvin????……”


I asked scared that the wine might cause damage to his sight.


Should I invite a doctor to check on you immediately ????……” I asked.


Don’t worry Stephannie I will be fine


I just need some rest and before I worked up it will be gone……”


He said.


” Are you so sure about this.


Let me get you a doctor to check on you. The wine is quite acidic and can cause big damage to your sight……”


I said Am actually scared…


What if the wine got into his eyes??


” Thanks so much for your care but the wine didn’t get much into my eyes. I was with eyeglasses so


it prevented some….”


He said.


” Okay please be fine for me……”


I found myself saying and he smiled a little.


I walk downstairs and Kim was still there but my brother and Victor has gone into check on Elvin.


” How dare you Kim??


Are you out of you silly mind??


Have you gone insane??…..”


I asked shouting at him.


” Stephannie what’s this all about.


Are you now siding that idiot….”


He asked.


” You are idiots here Kim.


What’s wrong with you….”


I asked.


” Nothing else except you Stephannie


Why should you be looking at him like that????


You were so lost staring at him even at my very presence….”


He said.



” What do you even think I am to you.


What’s you business with who I stare at or who controls my attention


What???? …..”


He is a pig and that why I have to put him in his place. He should better stay very far away form you or else…. ”


Or else what Kim.


Are you my lover or boyfriend


Which of them are you Kim ???.


Now listen and listen good.


You are my friend and that what you are… You better watch your boundaries……”


Stephannie I know you more than this He should stay far for you….”


He said again.


As what???


Let me inform you, you better go down on your knees and pray that nothing I mean nothing happens to


him or else you will see the other side of me……”


I said to him and walked out.


” Stephannie wait ……”


He said and followed me but immediately I entered the elevator Tessia stopped him.


I walked into my room and collapsed on my massive bed, what’s all this all about, Kim has something for me.


Been my friend for a long time and I only sees him as one why is he now acting this way.


If it were to be someone else that did that I would have forgot my hand on his face.


My head is so full.


Sandra walked in with my food.


Just take it back am not in the mood to eat… I will eat when am hungry


I said to her and she bowed and walk away.


My door open and my grandma walked into my room immediately.


Stephannie !!! What’s wrong what are you doing?…”


She asked.


Nothing grandma….”


” It can’t be nothing


Why did you ask Sandra to return back the food….”


She asked.


” That’s because am not hungry


I will eat when am hungry grandma….”


I said.


You should eat now so that you can got and study or won’t you be having your lesson today???? ……” She asked.


Yeah grandma….”


‘” Why???? You know your Dad will be so angry if he found out that you didn’t go to lesson…..”


She said.


I wish to but it not my fault Elvin is not feeling fine


That’s why I won’t Be having lesson today…..” I said.


What ???


How is he doing now


Have he seen a doctor??….”


She asked.


” It not really a kind of sickness.


Kim poured a wine on him and it were on his face, the wine got into his eyes…”


I explained.


” What??????


Why did Kim has to do that…”


She asked.


I don’t know grandma He said he just need a rest.


He refused me invite a doctor over…..”


I said getting angry at what I don’t know.


I understand, just put yourself together, he is gonna be fine Okay…” She said and I nod.


“‘ Am getting your food and don’t tell me know because am not gonna take that……”


She said as she walk out if my room.



What’s a grandma….” I said.


I heard that…..”


She said and I smiled.


She brought the food herself and she stayed back watching me eat.


” You love him right????……”


She asked.


” Who are you talking about…”


I asked back.


” You know what am saying


You have feelings for him??……”


She asked again.


” Come on grandma


Kim is just my friend, I don’t have anything with him……”


I said diverting the real answer to the question.


Am your grandma Stephannie so you can’t play a smart game with me because I will always win. You love Elvin right ????……”


She asked and I just stopped eating not knowing what to say at the moment.


Grandma am eating and it not good taking while eating…..”


I said and she smiled.


She pick up my remote and put on the television.


She stayed till I finish eating.


Keep hiding your Feelings one-day someone will take your place in his heart……”


She said and walk away.


That’s will never happen


He is mine and mine alone…..


Why would grandma use such words on me Huh!!!!


I couldn’t think straight again.


My whole body wants to see him and know how he is doing but am holding back myself knowing fully well that my brother and Victor will be with him for now.


I couldn’t have tried getting him jealous


I said to myself but he did it first.


He allowed Sonia to hug him and he didn’t push her away


Please just be fine for me Elvin


I don’t mean to get you hurt……”


I said to myself.


The only thing I could think of is to walk to his room and stay with him till he is fully back ok his feet.


I couldn’t hold myself any longer so I left my room to his room with the only courage left in me even though I know that my brother and Victor is still there.


I walked closer to the door and I over heard, him, my brother and Victor chatting. well at least he is a little fine now.


I wanted to turn and leave immediately but my stupid hand immediately knocked that the door.


Believe me, I wasn’t the one that asked my hand to knock, I just stood there as I could hear Kester asking who the person is…….”


I watched the door opened and Kester’s face came in contact with mine. He opened the door more wide for me to come in and I could see Elvin still lying on his bed.


Elvin I need to get going immediately, my presence is needed immediately at my sports academy……” Kester said and left the room while Victor followed.


I know he doesn’t have any emergency at his sports academy but he did that to give me and Elvin some space and that’s why I love my brother.


I walked more closer to the bed and I sat on the white cushion beside his bed while he sat up right and we both went into a long stare.


To be continued
















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