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After the lesson I walked into my room.


The truth is if not because of my Dad I won’t attend the lesson today.


I was in my room when Dad walked into in room and he wasn’t smiling at All.


” Stephannie what’s really wrong with you. Tell me what’s your problem


Talk so that I know how am gonna help you. Why have you decide to punish yourself Huh?????………”


My Dad shouted at me.


” Dad what have I done this time around ???


I don’t have any problem and nothing is wrong with me at all……”


I said


” I don’t think so Stephannie


What do you really want me to do for you for you to see that everything am doing is for your own good




He asked.


Dad what are talking about…”


What will make you raise your hand to hit Elvin what???? …” He asked.


Dad he talked back at me…”


Are you crazy Stephannie.


You want to hit your teacher because he talked back at you, Whats wrong with you??? This is not the girl I trained as a daughter.


What do you want Stephannie??! ….”


He asked still keeping his voice high.


Dad I don’t want him to be my teacher again, change him and get back miss Harrietta and them all this will stop ……”


I said to him.


You know what


You can do your worst but let me tell you weather you want it or not. You better calm your ego down because Elvin is the only one to decide if weather you takes over the institution to not.


Without his approve the institution will still be under my custody get that into your head……”


He said and walk out of my room.


” Dad no


You can’t do that to me, Dad!!!!……”


I called him but he didn’t stop.



Elvin !!!!! Have you seen what you have cause… Am coming for you and I will make your stay more frustrating.


Here can never be comfortable for the both of either you leaving or I do….” I said.


I know he is the one that told Dad about all this rubbish


I will deal with you Elvin…..”


I said to myself walking around my room.


You shouldn’t push your Dad too hard., You know what he can do when angry……” My grandma said walking into my room.


Grandma can you imagine


Dad is siding that idiot..


He insulted me an here Dad is shouting at me…..”


” Stephannie in deed something is wrong around, I have been thinking


What exactly do you have with Elvin that you have so much want him far away form you??? ……”


My grandma asked.


Am happy you know that I don’t hate him but Dad doesn’t understand that a single bit. I Don’t want Elvin an inch close to anywhere I am. Is that difficult for Dad to understand.


Why do that want me to be close to him why grandma !????……”


Look Stephannie you are misunderstanding your Dad. He want the very best for you…


He wants you close to him because he is intelligent and smart and he can help you on your quest to win


the upcoming competition…….”


Grandma said.


Grandma I don’t need his help…..”


So you are gonna disobey your Dad’s orders right. What are you even trying to avoid???……”


She asked.


Look Stephannie


I was once at your age and looking around I thought that what am thinking is the very best for me. But now there is something that I have learnt and I will like you to think about it


We are human and we controls the world. We wins every fight we engage ourselves in but your see nature.


That’s the only man who has been standing strong form ages.


Allot of people has tried fighting him but he has remained the way he is.


Don’t fight the nature


You will always loss for it to win…….”


She said and walk out of my room.


What’s grandma talking about Am not fighting nature…”


Maybe you are…”


My conscious said.


” No Am not


Am just fighting against what I don’t want……”


” Which is????…”


My conscious asked and I just kept calm.


” Why can’t my Dad let me be….”


I asked myself and I sat down on my bed.


I must sure win this time. I can’t live with such…..”


I said.


I will just seating and watch you get more acquainted to what you are fighting against…….” My conscious said and I screamed out.






I walked into Mr. Barlon’s room he asked me to see him after the lesson.


Getting there his bodyguard opened the door for me and I walked in.


Good afternoon Sir ……” I greeted.


How are you doing Elvin???…” He asked.


Am fine Sir ….”


That’s alright


How was your lesson with Stephannie today…”


He asked.


” Very fine sir….”


I said and he laughed and I I was kind of surprised why is he laughing??.


” It in deed went well Elvin


You know, sometimes you don’t need to be too soft and calm to women.. Show then the ugly part of you so that anytime they sees your calm side they will treasure it and handle it with care ……” He said.


I don’t understand Sir…..”


I bet you on that Elvin


Look you are Stephannie’s teacher so you have the full right to shout the hell out of her whenever she




He said.


Okay Sir but…..”


You don’t need the but here Elvin.


If you keep showing Her your soft part she will always misbehave around you.


Sometimes be harsh to her so that she can get her mind I’m one piece….”


He said and I just nod.


Why is he even asking me to harsh to his own daughte???????……”


If you weren’t too soft on her she won’t have dared raising a hand on you…..” He said and I was kind of surprised


How did he know???……”


I asked myself and he just smiled a if he heard what I was thinking.


” You are thinking how I get to know about it, and how I get to know how she attends your class with


only phone and her headphone without even a half piece of paper…..”


He said and I become more surprised.


” You know


I watch around and knows what happen in the castle….”


My daughter is a type that diaper men been around. She always wants to be free and live her life the way she thinks is the best but we are her guidance and we needs to teach her the real ways of life……” He said and looked at me.


Don’t feel bad if you are teaching her and she is misbehaving it a matter of time I believe she is gonna come around but I just pray she comes around very quick before life teaches her what she needed to learn herself by force….”


He said.


So what do you suggest I Do Sir because this whole thing is getting me thinking all day…. I kept thinking if we have kind of met something of that nature and I part clashed???…….”


I said and he laughed.


Is a normal thing to think to that direction. All you needs to do is to pardon her to the extend you can and don’t be too soft on her, she is a woman but you gat to show her sometimes that you aren’t stupid…..”


He said and I nod.




I got that perfectly Sir….”


I said.


Don’t worry am gonna talk some sense into her and she is gonna change her mode of conduct….” He assured.


Thank you sir…..”


I said.


” Come on


You don’t have to thank me


She is am daughter and anything am doing for her is my responsibility as a father……”


He said and I just smiled.


” Okay, Just endure her for sometime.


Miss Harrietta will take over three days after her competition with Maya…”


He said and I felt somehow.


Like I don’t want to stop teaching her…….Okay Sir ….” I said and left his room.






Tomorrow is indeed gonna be a very long day for me…. The all waited competition has finally been


instituted and tomorrow we are gonna know who is gonna remain the best or not…


I don’t really know how am feeling about this whole thing.. I prayed for it to come so quick and here is it am feeling like it should be extended more.



It happens that am gonna have class with Elvin today then after today Miss Harrietta will take over… I think am so happy at least Dad will sign the document after this competition and u will have my place in his heart again.


I came back after school and i was still in my room when Tessia came to inform me that Elvin is already waiting for my at the study room.. Well he can wait for all I cares perhaps Dad plead him for it.


I took my time to get my self in a good outfit as if am going for outing and I look at my self in the mirror smiled on how cute I am.



I took my phone and my headphone the study room.

, then I got a book with me and walk out of my room to



Getting there he was already there seated and immediately I walked into he smiled foolishly like he usually does everyday.


Good afternoon Stephannie What took you so long???…..


He asked.


Am I supposed to answer that stupid question of yours… Look for the fact that my dad made you my teacher doesn’t give you the temerity to talk to my at your own will…..”


I shouted at him.


What’s wrong with you Stephannie.


Why can’t you be nice to someone just for once… Will you die if you do so, you dad asked me to teach


you must you frustrate me??? ……”


He asked.


You are very stupid for saying that to me… You think my dad is gonna hand over the institution to you That will be if your nightmares because I will kill you before you wakes up…..”


I never know you before now..


I wonder why you so much hate me even when u tried so hard not to offer you… Why have you decided


to make my stay here miserable??……”


He asked.


That’s simply because your kind don’t deserve comfortabilility, look Elvin I don’t like you if you must know and I will keep on frustrating you




I spat out and Sat down.







Anger boiled inside me but I just kept calm not that I don’t know what to say but I just choose to stay calm and endure her excesses.


Even after what Mr. Barlon told me I still find it difficult to be harsh at her. Why?????? She is over stepping her boundaries.


I look at her and she was less concerned even If am angry I guess is none of her worries.


You know, Am so pissed off with this your character, you should better study on your own if you have to win this upcoming competition which I don’t even know if you can win……”


I said and watch her reaction.


Ugh !!!! you think am gonna lose out???


Then you are just wishing for the impossible. Am Stephannie, you can go and search more about me.


I don’t lose out in anything I do.


I haven’t got once so what that into your head……”


She said and I laughed.


” You think so


Well I will watch you fail this time


Even if you manage to out win Maya something big is coming on the way.


You are gonna lose out if you don’t change you attitude……”


I said.


” That’s you headache


Stephannie never loses no matter how though it becomes….”


We can bet on that. You are gonna loses ……” I said.


And what happens if I didn’t …..” She asked.


I do whatever you want me to do for you and if you lose out. I will do the reverse of it and I will also be your teacher till the time I wish to stop teaching you …..”


I said.


Let see then…”


She said.


Don’t be too sure you are gonna win, I will be so happy seeing you cry because you are gonna definitely Loss out……”


I said in a scary way.


Never !!!!!……” She spat out


Tomorrow is gonna tell.


Now, say what you have to say let me get the hell out of here…..”


She said and I laughed while she looks surprised.


You don’t need to know why am laughing.


I thought her and today she was a little calm but still stubborn but I know she must be thinking why I made the bet…..”


Well I pray she doesn’t loss anyway though I know she has fifty-fifty (50- 50) chances of winning the competition.


The truth is that.


During the time I was teaching her she refused to pay attention and I know she can’t understand what I was teaching her even if she reads them on her own.


I know her egos won’t allow her ask me to help her out but she will sure do when she loses out on tomorrow’s competition.


Am not wishing her bad luck


I watch her walk out of the study room and I turned look at me and left without saying anything.


What’s going on in her mind?????!


I walked back to my room immediately and just few minutes there the two headed brother’s of mine walked in as well.


” What’s up Elvin……”


Victor said sitting on the cushion while Kester sat on the bed.


” Am cool what about you guys


How was your outing and how many girls did you deceive….”


I asked.


” As many as possible.


How I wish you were with us..there is this one that could have been pretty perfect with you ……”


Victor said.



Am gonna be the one to choose a wife for Elvin and I have already gotten one Kester said and me and Victor gave him a look of who?????


My sister off course even grandma is insane support of it ……”


He said.


” You are not feeling fine Kester


What even make you think that it gonna work out???……”


I asked.


I think I goes with Kester you guys are gonna make cute and pretty babies and you both looks great like couples……”


Victor said.


Is like you guys can go to your room and finish up this discussion of yours before coming back here…..” I said and the gave me a look of impossible demand.






I drove with great speed following the instructions gotten form the map that the unknown man sent to me.


It got to a point were I saw a burning car and another car parked behind it.


I looked through the side mirror of the call and I saw one of the men that works for Morgan, James.


Someone is in that car.


Just take care of him I want him alive


I said to Keira and she smiled and step down from the car while I take another root inside the forest.


If I should use legs I might get there late and according to the message he said I have only thirty minutes to get to the spot and save the man and the lady or I will meet their dead bodies if I delay one minute.


I just to a point and u stop and another car stopped behind me and Keira stepped down.


Where is the idiot????……” I asked.


At the back of the car.


He is well tried and he is on conscious……”


She said.


I got this in the call and I thought it gonna be of a wonderful help to us…” She said and threw a cell phone at me.



Just then a call came in and it were one of his boys…. I picked up the called immediately and I kept quiet


for him to start a conversation first.


” Boss, we have them here with us.


Our men surrounds them and their us not escape root for them…….”


The boy said


” Job well done


Keep a close eyes on him and make sure they don’t make any move.


I will get back to you…….”


I said.


” Okay boss.. ”


He said and the like went dead.


” I stood at that spot.


If they could catch Laura that means they are too many……”


I said.


Yeah they must be too many but you just need to apply wisdom and get them down immediately our time is kicking……”


Keira said and I just nod.


I picked up the cell phone again and called the number I just finished speaking with and he picked up immediately.


” Yes boss…”


He answered immediately he picked up the call.


How many of our men is still standing…..” I asked.


We are nineteen remaining


Other has been gun down by Laura…”


He said.


Okay sent ten of you telling men out here immediately. Some hooligan are here on a attack. I need backup as soon as possible……”


I said.


Okay boss


They will join you as soon as possible


Watch very careful boss, Be save boss….”


He said.


” Same to you.


Watch over those two their


And I mean very closely……”


I said


” Okay boss…..”


He said and the like went dead.


We are expecting ten (10) visitors….” I said to Keira.


Am always ready.


My tongue needs blood…..”


Keira said and I just smiled.


How many of them are coming…” She asked.


Just ten of them…….”


That mean five for you five for me??? We are gonna share it equal….”


She said and I just smiled.


Fine by me ……”


I said and we speared and just few minutes they came out and I take down for while Keira did as well.


We shot all of them dead.


Now let move for the ones inside


I said and she nod while we moved in.


We got to a point and I the number called again.


” Boss, hope you are save now.


The people I sent must have gotten to you……”


He asked.


Yeah but unfortunately The killer is by name Keira She has wasted them already.


Sent me more men immediately and find a way to leave that spot before they get to you guys…..” I said.



” Okay boss


They will join you soon


I will have to six of the men while I will move away with the other three…”


He said.


” Okay


Watch your back and keep a close eye on Charlton and that girl called Laura…..”


I said.


” I will boss…Be save….”


He said and the like went dead.


More six is on the way coming….” I said to Keira and she smiled.


We weren’t far form were they are so they got to the place we ate right very fast and we executed them and went after the rest.


We meet them still leaving the spot and watching how stupid they are.


One of then was holding Charlton while they point gun at Laura while she moves.


I first gun down the head by his leg


I need him alive while Keira killed the two other one and Laura shot at the other.


” Derek !!!!!!!!!……”


She called and i just smiled at her.


” Yeah is me


Am here for you guys……”


Thanks……” She said.


We need to be moving


They sent move men and they will be here in the next minute time….”


Laura drive Charlton to the hospital immediately me and Keira will finish up the deal, I need their boss alive


I said to her and she nod and we all walk out of the forest.


We got into the car.


Laura and Charlton drive using the car i came with while I drive with Keira on the one we took away form James.



We got to a point and I stopped waiting for the people that James called while Laura drive Charlton to the hospital immediately.


Just few minutes after they left


They arriveed and just like I predicted


Gray was the one leading the group.


Yeah I know Gray.


He is one of the old killers Iceland has.


He is quite tough but it quite unfortunate for him, he has met his match today.


Am gonna nail him today.


His men came down and walk towards our car hoping that they are coming to meet James but to our surprise They started shooting at us and Keira drove back, turn the car and drive more deep into the forest.


Make sure that they don’t escape and get Charlton alive…….” I heard Gray’s voice ordering his boys.


What just happened


Who are they….”


Keira asked.


I don’t know but who so ever that sent them and sorry for them Bubba’s for that Gray I know him and he works for Robinson my brother’s revival


He is the only one I know that had problems with my brother during the time he was contesting for the European God Emperor……”


I said to Keira.


But I thought they were the person that James called for backup, if it them that means Robinson and Morgan are working together…..”


Keira said.


Yeah but why will they start shooting at us if they are working together…”


I asked.


I don’t know maybe they knew that James is dead……” She said


That’s impossible


What we have here is thinned glasses so they didn’t see us, this probably means they have a different mission.


I need Gray alive……”


I said.


” Sure…..”


She said smiled and I open the car and felled off.


They stopped their car and came out and just then Keira turned and stared shooting at them and before they could take cover almost six of then were down.


Turn the car immediately and leave


I heard Gray shout out and some of his men was able to get in as fast as possible leaving two whom tried defending themselves but I killed them at one shot.


Keira got to were I was and I got into the car and chase after them.


They ran but Keira was much faster than them.


I short at the two back tyres and their car was unable to ran as fast as possible again.


They stopped and tried running on foot but I killed two and shot one by the leg.


Gray tried running but Keira shot at his front making him to stop and raise his hand dropping the gun he was holding.


” No need to tell you what to do..


Make a sound and I will sent a message through you to the devil himself……”


I said.


What do you want Derek


He said and Keira hit him with her gun and he went unconscious.


We put him in the car just like James and we drove of to the house.


We got home and I tried them and the sun for them to gain back some strength while Keira went to pick Laura and Charlton from the hospital.






Just when I thought all hope was gone the Lion and Lioness showed up and am sure they will sure destroy the enemy.


I fainted immediately they arrived that the At the spot me and Laura was hold hostage.


The thing, I woke up to see myself in the hospital and Keira and Laura was seating beside me.


They smiled seeing back on my feet and I was kind of happy that my brother Derek still cares about me my saving my life but became moody knowing that he warned me to stay far away form him.



The doctor came in checked me and said that I can go if I wishes.


I got everything cleared and I hot into the car with Keira and Laura.


” Drive me to Derek’s apartment


I want to say something very important to him….”


I said.


” No am not gonna do that


Don’t you love the life you you living Charlton, you know what Derek is gonna do if he sees you……”


Keira said.


” Please just drive to his apartment


I have a very vital information for him and I know he will listen, if he can save me form those me he still




I said.


No Charlton am not gonna play a hid and seek game with your life on Derek’s hand…..” Laura said.


My mind can’t rest if I don’t see him


Please this is the only favor I have asked just grant it for me….”


I said.


I no it hard because Derek is a man known for keeping his words and promise but I must see him.


I wouldn’t mind if I die in his hands.


Keira looked at Laura and they turned the car and drove to the house The more closer we get the more faster my heart beat increases.


You can Charlton……” I said to myself.


Keira input the gate code and it opened and we drove into the car.


I stepped down and they did and we walk closer to the building sit out and just then Derek walked with a gun in his hand and he stopped at the sight of me.


He looked at the gun and me and he wave his head in a bad sign.


I just smiled and closed my eyes for the worst.


Am not the giver of life Am not a killer Am not wicked either am I kind.


Am just me, a man that fulfills his promise to mankind.



I have a deal with the devil and I promise human race to take them closer to their God instead of allowing them suffer…….”


He said and I closed my eyes more tight and I noticed that Laura’s grip on me was becoming much tighter.


I must complete the deal.


For the trust you betrayed Charlton!!


He said again and I heard a gun shot but I felt Keira’s body fall on me and the both of us felled down.


What did Derek shot me and Keira used her body to save me


I asked myself as tears wipe down my cheeks .




I opened my eyes gently and the first person I saw was Derek and he smiled.


Then I look at Laura and he smiled then I turned to the other side and saw Keira and she laughed dusting herself.


Was that a trick?????……” I spoke out.


No really brother


I fulfill my promise


Am a man of my word brother.


Any day Charlton crosses my line that day he will seize to live and today I found out that Derek and Charlton are long dead.


We are New Man brother.


In deed no matter how dry the judge is the Lion will and can never eat grass and no matter how


devastating and dry the desert is…


Lion can never eat his child..


He said and shot at the air


So did Laura and Keira.


I look at my hand and I took out my own gum and shoot at the air with a smile.


” Welcome back brother ……”


Derek said and the both of us hug each other while Keira and Laura joined us.


Just then two men tied on a chair coughed and I looked at their direction.


Who are they??? ……” I asked.


They are Gray and James


Morgan and Robbinson’s high killers


I thought they could be of help to us that why I kept them alive……”


Derek said.




Let go in and celebrate the reunion of the devil contractors……” Keira said and we all laughed and walk inside the building.


To be continued.












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