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I drove out from the house heading to Derek hidden apartment. I know this is not gonna be an easy one confronting a man I killed years back to talk of trust.


Immediately I drove out of my house few metres away form the building.


A car blocked my move, they were like four and armed men with hectic guns came out from the car.


I just stayed on the car and do the watching. Laura’ pull out her two guns ready for action.


Just calm down this are fools not assassins


I said to her.


You can’t be too sure


We gat to watch our back very well with caution.


She said and just then.


Their boss came out from the car


He seem to be a man I knew so well


Mr. Robinson. Deadly drug dealer that has lived in Asian for years.


What’s he doing here in Europe????


I spoke out


You know him??….”


Laura asked and I nod.


I pull out my gun..


Just get ready for anything


I said to Laura


Easy Charlton


Your blood is always hot


Am not here to fight or to kill


He said.


” So to what do u own this visit


That you and your stupid boys has to block my way……”


I asked..


” Nothing just here for a business talk


You know I have checked all the lately Heroes Europe has and I found out that you are the only one that is too smart and still alive…..”


He said and take a step more close to where I am.


Am here for a business…” He concluded.


So what do you want.????……”


I asked kissing my patience on him as I point my two guns oh his forehead.


I understand the fact that you are a killer and a very fast shooter ever know apart from your lost partner He said and laughed a little.


Well I bring you a very confidential deal, one I need you by my side.


I want you to work for me achieve my aim and become the next European God Emperor.


So I want you to help me kill Thomson


He said.


An I promise you half of his own entire wealth


He added and this time I did the laughing.


Europe is a great continent with great men, you can’t become our Emperor, it can only be possible in


your wide dreams


I said.


You could have done more research or better still as your stupid business partner who I am before bringing up this offer..


Now let me warn you Mr. Robinson


Am a solider, a protector


Not a cheap killer like you and your partner.


I said.


Say that to the birds Charlton


I know you too well, you are more wiser than this, I should be the one to ask you to do more research about my type of either work with me or you sell your life To me He said.



You are dealing with a fire


I know you more than you know yourself Charlton. You kills for selfish interest. Don’t if the pay us the problem I can give you the whole of his wealth I just want him down……” He said.



You are a fool Mr. Robinson……”


Look Charlton


I have your life at my hand and I can decide weather you live here a live or dead…. Am your God…..”


He said and I laughed.


To hell with you your threats and your offer but I have to warn you befor3 you use your won hand to dig your grave. Thomson is too smart to compete with someone as low as you.


If I were you I will run back to were am coming form. Charlton is not a type to deal with


You better watch your back very well before thinking of coming on this mission because of next time……”


I said to him


Very Well then


We shall see who really needs to watch his back closely……”


He said and laughed.



” You are digging your grave old fool….”



You can as well think about it and get back to me in the next forty-eight (48) hours… I don’t make offers I give orders……”


He said got into his car and zoom off.


I drove with my heart In my hand.


I might be very though, Brutal and dangerous but the truth is that the man am going outside there is face us two time whatever I am or whatever I am good at.


He taught me all I know, a fast shooter but us well faster than I, I have a heart of beast but he is the beast itself.


I know this is not going to be an easy taske But I have made up my mind to give out my own life for the family. I have fought so hard to separate.


the only people I truly knew to be a family.


This is the family that gave me life the time I thought I’m going to give up in existence.


It gonna be fine Charlton so just chill, no matter what we are putting things back to it Normal way….” Laura said panting my back a little bit and I nod to what she said.


But do you think that this is the right time for you to do this???, I mean as you sure about this move have you really made up your mind….”


She asked.


Yeah am perfectly sure this time is this best time Laura it just that am not the right man for all this….. ” I said to her.


It okay the mistake has already been made it tike to watch and rewrite the wrongs done in the past




She said and I just nod.


I stopped at the front gate of Derek’s apartment. Here is too lonely for a normal human being to live….. I


in deed he is still himself the Derek I know.


Can you belief me a little about who this man is and what really transpired between the two of you


???……” She asked.


Well it all started when we were still a little kid.


Then we were just at the age of four between five. Even at that age, Derek happens to be a very stubborn and hard boy. he fight you no matter how strong and age you are. He is a man that has no fear for men.



I was the weak one then and he took it upon himself to fight whoever that fight me and then my own parents were still alive but they never stood up for me I’m anything


They never showed me the kind of low that’s Derek and his older brother showed me.


I ate in their house, bath in there house and even something I sleep over there whenever my mum and dad has problems with each other.


They were all I could call brothers and family


They were my all and all back then in the hood.


we do everything together as one big family.


Because of the way the hood it. Derek used his strength to start doing bad things I mean beat one up take his things but he only does that to those that looks for him trouble.


The hood boys started planing evil together against him and they wanted to attack him in the night and take his life but luckily Simone revealed the secret to Elson and they had to run away from the hood at night and then we were twelve (12)


I cried so bitterly because they are the only true friend and family that I know.


all we shared!!! the good started maltreating me because Derek was no longer there to stand by me.


Fifteen years later, Elson came back to the hood as a wealthy young man at the age of thirty (30) I was so happy seeing him again but then he told me that Derek had went to a school overseas to study terrorist after staying for some years as a soldier.


It happens that during the time in exile I find it difficult to eat or maintain myself to I had to become a thief that steals without a gun though.


One day I was caught and nearly killed but that was the day that my save showed up and saved my life like the way he use to do.


I said and look at her and the question she wanna asked was clearly showed up in her face.


Who was the person that saved you ??? ……” She asked.


Derek he showed up….”


After the incident they took me out form the hood and I came up to live with them in Switzerland. even though I changed environment the stealing habit was still in me and I continue stealing even when they probably provided everything I needed.


A lot of guys wanted to kill me


The police arrested me but Derek saved me so many time.



Derek then took me with him into the military and trained me to become a very though soldier. he took out the human heart God created me with and placed the heart of a monster.


We stay like family and loved each other like a blood. even when my parents died they were there for me… we cry together in the time of pain and we smiled and laughed together in time of enjoyment.


They were all I could ever think of as a family.


they were all I could ever pray for.


We stayed in Switzerland for years and our bond became more strong


we were ever ready to kill anyone that touches any of us and we were ready for fighting for what we want regardless of who wants it most.


People thought we were really brother and we lived with just one identity as a one big family. Years past and Elson were becoming more rich and me and Derek were becoming more know and though.


Elson married at the age of thirty-five (35) and they I and Derek were just twenty-four yeah Elson was


eleven years older than Derek and I… Their only sister who is Derek direct elder died along with their parents.


The richer Elson becomes the more enemies he has but me and Derek were his back shelled.


But one day something went wrong between Elson and a man by name Barry Leon the two rich known business tycoon in Switzerland.


They were best of friends and they do business together.


Me and Derek protected them with all we got and we made sure that none of their enemies were able to get to them.


Their has been attempt to kill the two friends even before they had issues but the enemy whom we never know couldn’t succeed because me and Derek were too way very smart and intelligent.


This enemy is Morgan who was also their only closest friend and a business tycoon as well whom suddenly became envious of them.


He stared fighting the two friends without them knowing that he is the one behind the problem they are having.


Elson killed three men of Barry and he killed only one men from Elson.


They continued attempting to get to each other. Then one day Elson’s wife was attacked and shoot though he survived.



Elson confronted Barry and he denied knowing anything about it but out of anger Elson threatened Barry to pay him back in his own coins and he sent us to kill Barry’s wife but the truth is that before I could get there


Barry’s wife has already been attacked and shoot.


I secretly took her to the hospital and informed Barry about it but the mistake I made was I never told him that Elson wasn’t the one that shoot his wife.


Derek was watching over Elson’s pregnant wife and his two twins by name Elvin and Alvin.


I said and then took out a deep breath.


So what happened then??……” She asked.


Well we all thought then that Barry and Elson were enemies but we never knew that Morgan was the one behind all the misunderstanding going on Between the two friends.


He contracted me to shoot Elson’s pregnant wife Evelyn and I accepted not because I wanted to betray Elson none because of the money but because I wanted to pay Evelyn back on what she did to me during the time I was taken by Elson. She hated me then.


Morgan convinced me that it was just to shoot her and get Elson more alerted. I did it without knowing


that Morgan was videoing the whole thing.


After the deal was done.


I left both the money and everything for him because that’s wasn’t my aim just happy I get back at her.


Morgan was still the one that informed Elson that his wife has been attacked by Barry and then Elson sent some of his men to shoot Barry’s wife but Morgan’s did the job even before they could get to the place.


And that was when the really war between Barry and Elson started without them looking back.


Elson’s son Alvin and Elvin was still at the age of three (3) years while Barry’s son was around five (5) years he had a little daughter then.


Evelyn was heavily pregnant then during all this trauma.


The two friends kept on sending killers to each other while Morgan sat down home and smile at his victory..


You said you only worked for him once and you did it out of a reason…” She asked and I nod



So how come did you become his worker and how and what happened that made you betray Derek by shooting him to death????……”


She asked.


You know Morgan had the video with him so he used it to get me down and I started doing everything for him.


At first I kill others who are not close to Elson or Barry and I was thinking he just want me by his side.


But one day


He called me and asked me to kill Derek since he is the obstacles that stops his men from getting at Elson.


At first I objected but he threatened to show Derek the video and if he does Derek will kill me.


I thought of it and I wiped for some days knowing that I was gonna betray a brother.


There was nothing I could have done at this moment. I needed to protect my life from Derek because he will kill me if he gets the video.


I agreed to kill Derek because only me can and even before I killed him I vowed to get back at Morgan and wipe his family away.


My plan was to kill Derek and then plead with Elson for forgiveness over shooting his wife Elson has a Soft heart and forgives early.


I wanted to protect him with all my life after taken Derek down.


The truth is that as of then I never knew that Morgan was behind it all.


We all thought he was an innocent man who is trying to settle a dispute between his two friends from killing each other.


I killed Derek not because I was smart and intelligent more than him but because he trusted me so much.


I wipe as I shoot him.


Before I gave him the second shot


I made a believe that I was sent by his brother just like Morgan asked me to do… And I shot him the last time before leaving the spot.


” Gosh


That’s beyond bad……”


Laura said.


Yeah and that’s why he is hunting his brother today… This is the main reason why I must do this now…


He needs to know the truth and save his innocence brother from harm….” I said



After that on my way home


Morgan’s men assassins me and shoot me mercilessly without looking back.


So how did you then became alive again and Derek…..” She asked.


Laura !!!


I will tell you all you need to know after this mission but in case I didn’t make it out alive


The answers you need in kept on the dairy I warned you never to touch.


I said and she nod .


It time to go ……” I said.


Are you really sure about this whole this.. You really think is right….” She asked and I nod.


We need to get it done now….”


Once and for all….”


” He is dangerous


Among all the assassin I have researched on he is too dangerous and he doesn’t forgive. Charlton your life is more useful to him later…


We shouldn’t do this at least not now…….”


She said.


Yeah he is dangerous but promise me you will have over this to him even if he didn’t give me the privilege to listen to my story…….”


I said to her.


I won’t take it


You are gonna make it alive


I won’t allow him kill you ……”


She said.


We are in his territory and there is nothing we can do if we ever step in but one thing is sure. He will not harm you, he kills the quilt


Just do as I said…..”


I said to her and forced the record into her hand.


What’s in it…..”


Is not for you but for the both of you and one more thing make sure you help me rewrite my wrong. Keep the Emperor’s save…..”


I said.



Now let go.


I walked closer to the gate and I impute the pin and it opened on it own. Yeah I still have the pin in my head just surprised that it still the same after all this years


My heart bit more faster as I step into the house. He happens to be playing basketball with Keira.


Keria happens to be the first to see us and out of surprises or something she made a shout attracting the attention of Derek and he turned to our direction immediately.


We were just few metres away form them. I look into Derek eyes at the moment and the only thing I could read is vengeance…. Bloody eye of his turned from it normal color to something deep.


He pull out his gun at the moment and pointed them to me while Laura pull out hers and point at him as well.


Keira was just looking at us all.


I was the first to point gun at him anyway… That’s the only way to make him have a conversation with me before killing me because Derek is not a type that get scared by a gun point.


He pull the trigger immediately he raised it up and I was lucky to bend and it shoot out and the got it read to shoot again.


” Stop Derek…..”


Keira shouted holding him and he hold on looking directly into my eyes.


As he was so desperate to shoot me again.


How dare you show your face to me again even in my own aboard Charlton???….” He asked.


Am sorry Derek….”


That’s was the only thing I could say.


” Why shooting at our visitor.


How you known him before now???


Who is he and why welcome him with a gun shoot???………”


She asked.


He is the bastard son of the devil that doesn’t what living among men…..” He voices out


He pull out form Keira’s grip and shoot at me again but I bend down and it went another direction and Laura shot at the air.



Derek you have to calm down or we all die here, if you mess with his life we all will go down this minute ……”


Laura said and Derek laughed but death could only be seen his his eyes.


You can’t kill me.


Didn’t he tell you that he once tried but you can see and still breathing even if you do as well I will always live you know why??? Laura!!!


I and the devil have a contract….”


He said and both I and Laura were surprised…


How did he know her name???……”


You are so right Derek…


You are a lion and even if we kill you now you will still get up and keep living but if you kill us we are


gone for good but there is a reason why the goat chooses to visit his hungry Lion even though he know


that the Lion can never spear it……”


Laura said so calmly.


” Am sorry Derek


I know I have caused you a lot of pain but a really sorry…..”


I said again.


” Oh!!!! You are sorry Charlton


That’s what betrayals knows how to say best… You messes up and come back to say sorry Huh ???……”


He said.


Charlton !!! I gave you life when you lost one, I kill a lot and took life out of people just to keep you living.


I was even ready to kill more, I was ready to die for you to keep on living. I gave you all but what do you pay me back with????


Huh you decide to pay me with evil and betrayal……”


You stabbed me very hard in the back forgetting what we shared and what we have in common. Tell me why did you do it???


Why did you betray a brother??


Why did you betray your only family?? Why??????? ……”


He asked as his eyes turn from deep red to dark deep red .


The Derek I know is long dead the one standing before me is no human.


He is the devil himself……


” Am so sorry sorry Derek.


I have lost everything and ever since I did it I have been living in regrets.


I have lost love, care, happiness, peace of mind and trust ……”


I said as tears slide down my cheeks.


Laura was still holding her gun and Keira was just standing and looking at us without saying anything.


” What more is life without all this Derek, I have made a mistake in the past and I takes the blame of


whatever the outcome will be in the future ……”


You can go ahead and pull the trigger at least am happy that I get to see the only truth family I had that I sold out their trust and love….. Am happy you made it A live at least there will be someone to stand by our brother and protect him with all he got.


You are free now to make your judgement……”


I said and lowered my gun and let it fall on the ground.


Charlton you know me more than this


I don’t betray people that’s why I found it difficult to forgive betrayals because it is a sin in my rule of assassination……”


He said and shoot me in my arms and I called down while Keira rushed to me while Laura just stood watching.


Laura pull down her gun and let it fall on the ground and Derek pointed his gun at me again.


You are right Derek


Forgiveness is a sin even in my own dictionary so I understand perfectly.


For the trust he betrayed you can kill.


For backstabbing you so hard in the back you can kill.


For hunting you to death you can kill.


He is guilty and is met to die but great men are not known killing their blood.


Even if you kill him Derek you enemies are still there waiting for you.


Reading your history you never forgive anyone but you still never killed betrayals who betrayed you out of pressure.


He is guilty so you are free.


Even if you kill him now I know he is more happier that you are the one that took the right law on him.


He is toll your blood and you are the only family he know no matter what has happened in the past…….”


Laura said.


” He made a mistake in the past but he is here now to make things right.


Don’t forget he is guilty and deserves death but even though I wasn’t able to find forgiveness in my dictionary I still have a law that did condemn second chance…….” Keira said this time as she cries holding me very tight.



He didn’t do it intentionally Derek he did out of pressure.


Even at this point his life is still in danger even that if your innocence brother the Emperor Whom you think sent him…..”


Laura said.


Please Derek…”


Keira said.


Stay out of this Keria you no nothing about all this and same thing goes to you Laura… You both should stay out of this……”


He said and I groaned in pain.


I might not know anything But I know that no matter how though a king is his blood can never be wasted by another.


We are no here because we are helpless but because we want to watch a king drink the blood of his own….”


Laura said.


Derek you are the one that gave me life and you told me that very day that their us more to betrayal. You thought me to leave the real enemies and fight the shadow enemies because the real seen enemy are never the main enemy.


I know Charlton here is an enemy but what am not sure about us fighting he is the real visible seen enemy or the shadow enemy but am here am sure expecting to get the answer form you Keira said and I could see Derek were already getting weak.


Blood were all over me and I was getting more weak.


” I know one thing Derek


No matter how hungry the Lion is


He will never eat glass. We all away here to serve as your meat ……”


Keira said again and it seem her word were so heavy on Derek.


For the first time in my life I saw tears slide down through Derek cheeks… He is a man who believes that tears is a pain killer and is met for the weak that has nothing to do over a situation.



For causing me pain I heard gun



gunshots and I close my eyes gently hoping that the next bullet will hit me.



For Hunting you own blood


I heard another gun shot.



For Betraying my trust for you


He said and I opened my eyes to see that all the gun shot where directed at the air.


I stayed calm to know what he is gonna say.


Leave Charlton and never come back again…. Go very far away form me and my line.


I won’t want to see you again because any day I does that day you will seize to breathe He said lower down his gun and walk into the building and I just fainted on Keira’s arms.


To be continued………

















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