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After the day event I got home and unfortunately for me Kester and Victor were said not to be around.


I just walked up to my room and took my bath then lay on my bed to move into a dream land.


I was woken up by a knock on the door, I stood and opened the door to see Sandra ,



Good evening Elvin…..” She greeted smiling


How are you doing…..” I asked.


Am fine I got your food for you


I thought you might be too busy to have the dinner downstairs with others so I specially dish out yours……”


She said smiling.


” Thanks so much Sandra ….”


I appreciated and gave her a little bit smile then collected the food and she walk away.


I got in ate and after reading a slept off again without even checking on Victor, I just called him on phone and he said he is fine but will be coming very late with Kester.


The next day came very fast and I woke with a slight headache, I poured water on my body, brush my teeth and put on a nice dress with a sweeter.


I got a call from Victor which shows he is done preparing so I walked down joined them in the car and we zoom off to school.


They kept on talking about their yesterday while I was thinking how am gonna go about my teaching with Stephannie today after school.


I took a deep breath out and I then put on my head phone and listen to a cool music .


I got to school and even before I arrive Stephannie was already there.


I walked in sat down but I didn’t say any greeting to her I was so lost in my own thoughts.


Teachers came teach and go


Flora on the other hand seem to be busy the whole of today and that what made my day so thoughtful.


Thinking thinking thinking .


After the whole things.


I drove home with Kester and Victor but after dropping me home they were to catch up some fun while I stayed back to prepare for my class with Stephannie.



I will just be having class with in the period of 15.00 o’clock pm that is three hours of my time.

to 18.00 o’clock



When it when it was ten (10) minutes to 15.00 pm I took my books and my laptop and then wall to the study room to wait for her.



I got there sat down took out a deep breath.. This is gonna be………………


She walked in with Tessia and Stella And then sat down gently without saying anything at first.


Wait am I supposed to be the one to do the greeting here Huh!!!! ??????


I kept quiet looking at her.


She looks so disorganized


She came with her headphones playing a loud music. She doesn’t even have any book with her.


I stare at her in Disbelief.


Why the hell are you looking at me without saying anything Huh you are crazy or something wrong with you??


If you don’t have anything today tell me let me go to my room……” She shouted and I swallowed my spit.


Do you expect me to start talking with all this things around, why not put down the headphone and the tell them to give us some space……”


I said politely and she just smiled.


I can see that this privilege is getting into you head, am Stephannie, I don’t take orders from anybody. Now look up, they aren’t going anywhere so you start talking and when your time is up


You get lost……” She said rudely.


I look at her without saying anything.


Then she managed to put down her headphone.


I started talking just like she instructed but she seem to be so smart catching up with me very fast but that thought is just an imagination.


I kept on talking without she asking me any question and even when am down teaching she just stood up and left before me.


I think I will be enjoying this class I took my books and my laptop and walk back to my room.


Not quite long


Kester and Victor walked in with a bottle of wine in their hands.


” What’s up Elvin….”


Victor asked and sat on my bed while Kester sat on the cushion.


” Am cool


Where are you guys coming back from???…..”


Where else if not where we went and have a whole lot of fun, don’t worry we are gonna visit there


during the weekend when you will have chance


Kester said.


Oh!!!! You guys had fun in my absence Huh, what did you guys get for me ???……” I asked trying to cover up with a smile.


A lot of things


By the way how was the first time with my sister ???……”


Kester asked.


Bad…. It just like wasting my time talking to my self for a complete three (3) hours


I said without a smiled.


You don’t mean it boy


But why??? Did she find you interesting or what you are telling her


Victor asked and I look at Kester


He seem quite.


How am I supposed to know.


She made me look like a mad man


She even came to the study room with her bodyguard and they stayed the the class ended I said and Victor busted out laughing


What’s funny here???




Am sorry that am laughing.


Don’t worry she is gonna come around. You known this is her first time with you.


I know with time she is gonna pay much attention and she won’t give you much headache again He said.


Let me just believe so.


I said.


Are you even sure you did any teaching or were you standing staring at Her without saying anything Victor asked and this time Kester…..” laughed with him.


And what’s that supposed to mean



Look I can be lost staring at Stephannie rather she will be the one to act so… You know am too hot and cute ……”


If it were to be so she wouldn’t have asked her guard to stay back… Unno she is just scared of what you might do to her in her guards absence…..”


He said.


Oh !!!! Yes I admit to that.


Kester has said it countless number of time even before we got here…..”


He said and Kester throw the pillow at him while he continue laughing.


” In a more serious note Elvin


Do you really stare at my sister because that’s the most thing she hate about guys???….”


Kester did the asking this time.


” Oh!!! really???


You should have told me to blindfold my eyes while going to the study room ……”


I said and they was like what’s this one nah??


Is like you guys have over stayed your welcome Oya go to your room I want to have some privacy I said and Kester sat in a more comfortable way on the cushion and Victor stay in the bed.


Huh!!! Silly guys


I don’t have your time this evening


I said took my phone and walk out of my room while they stood up and followed me immediately.


I got down stares arguing on something anyway, the three of us actually.


After staying for some time with them I walk back to my room when I caught sight of grandma coming.


I stayed in my room till the next day.






When it was time for the lesson I just got myself ready, I took my headphone and my phone no book with me actually.


Am just going there so to make my dad believe am studying.


He doesn’t have anything to offer


I said.


” You know that’s a lie


He helped you out with something sometime ago ……”


My conscious mind said to me.



I walk out and to the study room with my headphone


any book.


This is just a time for fun.

and phone, well I didn’t come out with



I walked into the study room


And he was kind of surprised.



He tried saying something but you am the queen and no one gives me orders.


I shut him up.


Well I like of enjoyed his class though he was fast and that’s exactly what I wanted but I was kind of confused at a certain place but I never bothered to ask am gonna read it up personally.


I left the study room immediately it time even before he was done with what he is saying is none of my business.


Getting to my room I took out a deep breath and fall on my bed and just then the old woman, my grandma walked into my room


Oh !!!!my beautiful princess is done with today’s lesson, hope you enjoyed his teaching and company???….”


She asked.


What grandma


It so irritating and annoying


He can’t even teach very well grandma, you need to help me talk to dad that boy his just wasting my




I said.


” You are not serious Stephannie


As a matter of fact am gonna tell your dad to retain him as your teacher…..”


She said.


” Look Stephannie


He is cute so smart and intelligent


Why do you despise him so much


Did he do anything to you before my arrival……”


She asked.


” No grandma


I didn’t hate him


I just don’t want him anyway near me….”


I said.


What are you afraid of????….” She asked getting me off guard


Grandma !!!!


Am hungry can you get me something to eat and stop acting me irrelevant question …..”


You know am very much saying the truth, you can fight nature. It come and goes when it wants.


Don’t let you past experience affects your happiness and future…..” She said.


Grandma can you go and Get me the food am not interested in your talks today….”


Fine she said and walk out


And few minutes she came back with my food.


Just think about it….” She said and left.


Your grandma is very much saying the truth don’t dwell on your past for so long.


You should move on and look up to what the future has to offer….”


My conscious said to me.


I took out a deep breath


I lost my appetite at the moment and I slept off leaving the food up touched.


I can be the first to make a change…


this is her last known promise I must keep them for her….




Morning came so fast.


I was woken up by my grandma so early actually and I did my morning homage payment to my mum’s grave.


I got back to my room


Took my bath and my grandma brought my food Tommy room and forced me to eat them.


After that, I got out and drive to school. I had to get some stuff in the super market before heading to school and that took some time from me.



I got to school and I walk into the classroom, everyone became quite listening to the sound my shoe produces.


I walked like a queen


I sat down and Elvin greeted me tgisbtike but ignored not that I don’t to talk to him but u wanted him to repeat the greeting but he didn’t.


He stood up and walk away after I sat down and till a teacher came in I never saw him again.


After the first lecturing I got a message that the head of the institution wants to see me and I have already known why.


Maya wants another competition with me, if you must know am happy but a little scared. Am happy that this is gonna be the last competition I will have with her till the new best student it been named but am scared why she wants it this early.


Why do the head of institution wants to see me even when he know that I must give in to the proposal.


I walked to his office with Tessia and Stella with me while Lillian stayed in the car.


Good morning Mr. Desmond……” I greeted immediately I walked into.


Good morning Stephannie……”


He said with a smile and then Miss Kitty walked in.


” Sorry am late ……”


She said in a pleading look.


Stephannie I know you are already aware that Maya wants another round of competition with you in the next five day and this is gonna be the last opportunity for her…….”


He said.


Yeah I know


So why did you send for me……”


I asked.


We just want to inform you as it is our duty, your Dad said you are ready at anytime and I just want to urge you to study more harder because no one knows what Maya is up to this time……”


He said and I smiled.


Thanks for your concern Sir


Am so happy that I have your support and interest at hand.


I will do as you have said……”


I said and they smiled.


” Okay then


I thought this is gonna be a difficult situation……”


Miss Kitty said and I laughed


I sure understand what she meant.


” Not really …..”


I said and we all laughed.


I excused myself form them and walk back to my class with double mind.


Nobody knows what Maya is all about…….”


Miss Kitty’s advice echoed in my head.


I got to my class and the lest of the day went smoothly It seen Elvin is kind of avoiding me or something.






Her actions yesterday got me so pissed off and am so angry at her All throughout the whole day I avoided her.


Since that’s what she wants


I will play along to her taste


After school, Kester came and pick us up and as a normal thing


They went out to have some fun while


I stay back home.


I don’t want to go anywhere not because of the lesson I have with Stephannie.


When it was time


I walked to the study room and this time she will be the boss while I will work she wants.


We had a cool class and this time I didn’t give her a room to pour out insult on me.


After the lesson


I left for my room and just like every other day letter in the evening grandma told us a wonderful story.






His class today was a bit boring..


He avoided anyway I can shout a him and am happy at least it gonna help me a whole lot.



I felt bored after the lesson so I just drive over to Mirabel’s house and with her around I was able to free my mind form a lot of thinking


I got home and it was just during the time my grandma use to tell us a story.. I noticed that he wasn’t paying attention to what grandma was saying and I kind thoughts what could be going through his mind at the moment.


After the story I walked into my room and I did a little reading before going to bed… I just have less than ten (10) days to for the competition to be hold And four day to Maya’s proposal.


So complicated……….


To be continued.










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