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After we got home


I went to my room Immediately to get ready for what I want to read.


The topic has really been a disturbance to me and I so much want to learn and understand it that’s actually the main reason I want miss Harrietta to take me on it because she can offer me what I want with her experience as a psychologist


After I took my bath I saw miss Harrietta and I walked out to tell her….” She is really Young.


Good afternoon ma’am…”


I greeted bowling down a little bit


How are you doing Elvin right…..” She said more like a question




Wow, just like I expected


You are the boy that needs my help on something right???…..”


She asked and I nod.




Okay let get it down Immediately before it time for me to teach Stephannie She said lead the way while I followed her behind.


I got into the study room and it was wonderful actually. I sat down and she asked me to present what I have.


I showed them to her.


Wow !!!, this is actually a hard topic for a student like you, now I know why you are finding it difficult to understand but don’t worry am gonna explain it to you but I think we will have to wait till Stephannie Cole’s down because I will also want her to know this …..”


She said


Hope you don’t have any problem with that ……”


She asked.


Not really ma’am…”


So tell me about yourself and your family …..” She asked.


Nothing much about me ma’am


My name is Elvin Elson from Nigeria….”


I said.


” Wow, that’s cool anyway


I got a lot of colleagues from Nigeria and they are very intelligent.


So how do you study???…..”


She asked.


” Nothing different from the way others do.


I always go through the topic I want to read and thought who got it right then during the time I will


study it, it will be easy for me to tackle…..”


I said.


” Wow, that’s wonderful.


I guess you study frequently…..”


She asked.


Not really but I study anytime am less busy. And I try re-memorizing it after reading them in the night


…..” I said.


Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!!


That’s so wonderful……”


She said and the next thing the queen walked in.


Her face wasn’t looking good at all


What’s the hell are you doing here


This was the first thing she asked not even greeting miss Harrietta, what a rude girl that I have fallen in love with.


Did I just say that’s






I came back form school it happens that my grandma isn’t around,maybe she went to visit her old friend.


I went to my room and the through of the day event came flashing on my memory, I wave it off and focused on what I want to do.


Tessia came to inform me that miss Harrietta is already waiting for me at the study room.


I got my things ready and I walked down only to behold the presence of that boy called Elvin.


” What are you doing here……”


I asked not minding the fact that miss Harrietta is there and I haven’t said a greeting to her.


” He kept quiet not saying anything


Have you gone deaf and dumb that you don’t hear and talk again


I asked what the hell are you doing here….”


I asked again.


Stephannie you could acknowledge the fact that am here, you could have said a greeting to me before asking questions……”


She said.


Am sorry but this thing here should give us some space, you could have told me you are not ready yet i could have stayed back and finish up that am doing inside…”


I said.


Well am ready


Elvin here will he joining us to study for sometime now, he has some problem that he wants me to help him out with and I think you need to learn the topic as well so I will teaching the both of you together…..”


Miss Harrietta said and I was angry.



” What ???


No mistress,you can teach him separately whenever you are free or I can give you guys space now….”


I said.


” No Stephannie


What he is here to learn is what I want to teach you so you seat and pay very good attention to what I have to teach….”


She said but I was still standing as angry boil in me.


I said seat Stephannie


She said and I look at her with angry but I still seat, I won’t want to disobey her.


She started teaching and I must say the class were more interactive today than other days and I learn more than before.


It made me pay more attention because Elvin did ask a lot of questions while miss Harrietta provided the answers.


He seem more focused while learning that’s one of my problem always have allot thinking and it pushing me back.


I put things down as miss Harrietta explain every single thing that Elvin ask.


It seem we are learn the question that Elvin is asking because he seem like he has a whole lot of reasonable and a kind of difficult questions.


He must always be committed with reading, can I be like him ???? …..” I asked myself.


It get to a point that he asked a question and the truth is I have tried reading the topic and it quite difficult for me to understand I payed attention as miss Harrietta Explain the question and throw more light to the topic.


” Wow you really read wide


This is more that I expected from someone like you …..”


Miss Harrietta said and he smiled.


How did you come about this topic …..” She asked him.


Well I saw it in one of a text book at the library…..” He said.







So how did you get to go this far cos this is a very difficult topic to read and student complains not understanding it…..”


Miss Harrietta asked.


Well it was a kind of difficult anyway but I drive a way to get to down.


At first I just research on the topics inside it then, I start reading the topic one after the other starting form the basic of the topic.


But before that I have to search what the professors that a pro in it do to understand it more and I found out that understanding the basic is the secret do I go for the back and that give me an easy way to tackle it out …..”


He said.


Wow, I never thought of reading this way during my time in your stage….”


Miss Harrietta said.


You are really blessed with intelligent…..” She said and Elvin smiled.


Here is the solution to your problem


The guys you disperse has the solution…..”


My conscious said to me.


” I love your smart way


Miss Harrietta said and he smiled.


We went through some stuff more deeper into the topic and I understand every single thing he said.


Yeah he Elvin, he gave more details and I understand more about it than the time I reads alone.


After he was done with the details miss Harrietta applused


That’s a wonderful way for a novice to understand more better


Miss Harrietta said and he smiled.


Thanks….” He said.


It was just like miss Harrietta and I is the student here while Elvin is doing the teaching.


Miss Harrietta does the asking while Elvin do the answers and he does that with more details and in a well understandable and I perfectly understand more clearly.


When it time



Miss Harrietta just for him again.


I think that gonna be all for today She said.


So Elvin will you mind studying with us ” she asked and I look at Elvin.


I don’t really know but I will try amke out time to study with you guys whenever am free…..” He said.




I said to myself anyway.


But you could always make out time everyday it just for three hours……” Miss Harrietta said.


Well I study on my own …”


He said.


” Then you can study with us, it still the same thing all together,


Use the time you have your personal time to study with us at least we all could learn more……..”


Miss Harrietta said.


Okay fine he said and miss Harrietta smiled and she look at me and I frown.


Not really for my heart


I understand more today than yesterday and ever since I started learning under miss Harrietta so I don’t think is gonna be a bad idea perhaps miss Harrietta is our teacher here so


I stood up and walk away while they both were still the study room discussing on what their next business will be……”


I got to my room and after taken a little shower my grandma walked in to my room when I wanted to learn.


Good afternoon grandma……” I greeted and she smiled.


How are you doing my princess……” She asked smiled.


Am fine and you…”


I asked.



Am fine just like you can see…..” She said seating on my bed with me.


Where did you go ??


You weren’t home the moment I came back……”


I asked frowning my face.


” Am sorry I went to visit an old friend


You know it has been long we saw but don’t worry am here and I got something for you……”


She said and took out something and I wowed and collected it for her


” Thanks grandma …”


I said and she just smiled


How was your Learning class today…..” She asked.




Wow hope you learnt more than before ” She asked


Grandma am about to read…..”


I said.


” Okay fine I will give you some space


Join us after reading I have a wonderful story to tell you guys……”


She said and I smiled even though I tried hiding it fork her.


She left my room and I took out a deep breath and relax then open my laptop and click on the confusion topic I have tried working on before.


I tried reading it again and still I found it difficult but I remember what Elvin said about his first time of trying the read the topic so tried it out using his method and wow it worked.


” I read and understand so perfectly this time


I read for a long time and I enjoyed my reading today.


He is really good Unno…..” My conscious said.


Never said otherwise


But am not getting anyway close to him.


He should stay far away ……”


I said to myself.


After some more reading and I came out to see that it already dark and my grandma, Elvin, Victor and my brother, Sandra and my bodyguard were already seated.


I walked down and talked towards where they are and Elvin happened to be the first to see me and immediately our eyes met he removed it and I just smiled


Guess he is scared of the almighty Stephannie……” I said to myself and smiled.


My grandma told us a wonderful story and I really enjoyed it but during the period of the story I was like looking at Elvin but he was so focused on the story.


I went to my room and I study on more time with Elvin’s method of reading and after that I went to bed.


Second turn to minutes, minutes to hour, hours to day still a lot of changes has occurred.


Ever since the every day that i started studying with Elvin with us, I have learned a whole lot from him. It more like he does the teaching while miss Harrietta does the asking if question and he gives a lot of details and explanation.


He is really intelligent I must say but it a matter of time with will met up again to the way I use to be and trust me he can’t match with me.


The day for the competition has be given out and i have three week more before the competition will take place


I needs to be fast with my learning.


I can’t allow Maya to win me in this.


I notice that Elvin spent more time private this days, you hardly see him outside only when miss Harrietta comes around though he doesn’t study with us frequently and any day he didn’t I find it difficult to understand what miss Harrietta is teaching me.


For some days now, he has not studied with us and I have been having difficult time in learning.






Considering the period of time I have been the teaching stephannie and the time Elvin joined us their is a so different… I must say that Elvin is more intelligent than Stephannie present though with the nature of their smartness stephannie is more fast in learning than Elvin ..


I know you must be wondering how I know a psychologist I knows about human feeling and emotions so I knows the capability of their brain ..



Stephannie can learn and understand more faster than Elvin and that’s the only thing she has advantage over Elvin…


They both are natural intelligence even without reading they are still intelligent.


But the reason why Elvin is now more intelligent is smiply because he reads frequently more than Stephannie can even imagine.


Well considering the circumstances at hand I think the best way is what am gonna suggest to Mr. Barlon it will then be left for him to make the decision.


After today’s tutoring with Stephannie it happens that Elvin didn’t study today with us and that made the tutoring today very difficult for Stephannie to catch up something.


Immediately the arrive of Mr. Barlon I walk up to him in his quest room and Albert when to inform him that am waiting.


” Not quite long


He walked out with a bold smile on his face……”


Good Evening Sir……” I greeted calmly.


Good evening dear Harrietta How are you doing ????……” He asked .


Am very fine Sir…..”


Please sit……”


He said and sat down as well in an opposite cushion.


So how is the tutorial with my daughter Stephannie going . Hope she is catching up very fast


?????……” He’s asked.


Am afraid Sir


How I so wish it so but the reverse is the case here .. Stephannie is finding it difficult to catch up things that am teaching her ……”


I said calmly and just then he looked unsettled.


” What do you mean she is not catching up ..


You and I knows that Stephannie is very smart and easy to catch up things……”


He said.


” Yes Sir but I don’t really know what changed in her.


The last time I had a comfortable and cool class with her is two days ago …..”


I said.


So what do you think could be the problem to this .. She can’t just loss out in this upcoming competition……”


He asked.


Sir if I should suggest I will say that she should be made mandatory for her to study frequently just like Elvin does…..”


I said.


That’s the main problem here Harrietta.


She doesn’t have the passion she use to have when studying.


She even find it difficult to study and that’s why I called


Because I thought maybe with you she can learn as fast as possible……”


He said.


I thought so but she isn’t improving


Look Harrietta you needs to do all you can to make sure that stephannie gets back to her feet the way she was before now ..


Just tell me what you think could be done you have been with Stephannie for year and I know you must have handled issues more than this.


Just tell me what you think could be the solution to all this…..” He asked.


Sir i notice that she pays rapid attention when ever Elvin is around


So think it will be wish if we can make it more official for the two of them to study together offenly…….”


I said.


” What are you trying to say


I have already gave an approval that Elvin should study along side with her .. did she object to that …..”


He asked .


” Not really sir but what am saying that ..


Elvin don’t normally study everyday with us .. you know he sees it as an opportunity to study with us


whenever he is having difficult thing to tackle.. so I think if Elvin could be made Stephannie’s teacher


then she could learn more faster……”


I said.



Look Miss Harrietta this seem like mission impossible… Stephannie my daughter like Elvin one beat is like worse the situation if he is teaching her because she will never agree learning form him……”


He said.


I have already thought of that because I saw all this thing’s the time you ask Elvin to study with us her character to was him shows it all but that more advantage to what we want……”


I said and he looks surprised.


And how is it an advantage


He asked.


Sir I discovered that anytime Elvin studies with us Stephannie pays a rapid attention so for her to hate him .. will Make it more easy because I know that Stephannie won’t want Elvin to be more intelligent than her.


Perhaps even when he studies with us he does the teaching all u do is to ask him questions while he give the answer in more and understandable way.


She will disagree for some time but she will definitely come around……” I said.


Do you really thing this gonna work out…”


He asked


” Yes sir am very sure about it


She will definitely come around trust me on that……”


I assured.


Okay fine but you know this is gonna be like putting this whole castle on fire but am gonna do my best


.. just hoping she doesn’t hurt Elvin….” He said.


She won’t…”


I said.


” Okay then thanks so much..


I don’t know I could have done with out you .


You have really been a great help to me…”


He said.


” You don’t have to say all that Sir


Stephannie is my student and u will do everything possible to make sure she retain that position.. I feels proud knowing that my student is making it up to the top……” I said.




” Thanks again ……”


He said andI just smiled


” You are welcome sir


An delighted for helping you sir.


Your wife was my best friend and I made this promise not to let Stephannie go back to her academic


So it my pressure that you sent for me……”


I said


I will be so much happy if this really works .. Thank you once again Miss Harrietta……”


He said smiling.




I plead to take my leave now…”


I said stood up and left .


To be continued.












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