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I know it not gonna be an easy one teaching Stephannie even with her character and harsh behavior.


I was sitting on the balcony of the massive castle lost in thought until I felt the old woman touch.


Good evening grandma……” I greeted and she just smiled


How are you doing…”


She asked still keeping up the smiled.


” Am fine


But thinking on how to go about what my son told you ??


She completed for me and I was kind of surprised….”


I understand how you feel and how difficult you might think this is gonna be, but I just want you to know that Stephannie wasn’t born with her harsh character…….”


She said and I was like why are they telling me all this.


I don’t understand what you meant …”


I asked paying more attention.



You see, Stephannie use to be a loving and caring someone to everybody but something changed one-day ……”


She said.


So just don’t think of her present state, you can still call on her soft spot ……”


She said and I just nod to what I don’t even understand she is trying to say.


She walk away after saying that’s and some part of me was like, can I really invite her soft spot just like grandma said.


But what really happened that changed something in her that she has failed to let go and continue a new life……”


I asked myself but their was no answer I could get.


I walked back into my room and Victor and Lester was no longer there the time I walked in so I just stayed in and I played my guitar so quietly so that I could be the only one hearing the beat.


Maybe this isn’t gonna as hard as I thought, trying can not kill I said to myself just to put them together.






I got up the next day very weak and tried, I was feeling a little headache and I know it caused by too much cry yesterday.



I got up from my bed went to take my bath.

and I walked into my bedroom to have a my teeth brushed, after that I



Today I didn’t go to my mum’s grave, I walked out of my room to the stairs though the breakfast was ready but an not hungry.


I didn’t even greet either my step mom, grandma or even my dad that I normally greet every day before leaving for school.


That’s what they are gonna be getting since they have decided to allow dad to do that to me without them saying any word to him.


Grandma were still in the kitchen when I walked out and I walked out form the massive castled and my Dad surfaced surprisely…..”


” Stephannie !!!!…..”


He called and I stood there in shocked not saying anything to him .



I know you are still angry at me for something but am still your Dad, He said as I just stood there looking at him.


You didn’t eat you breakfast


Why ???????…….”


He asked.


That’s because am not feeling hungry Dad, if I am I will get something to eat ……” I said.


Even if you are not hungry Stephannie you and I knows that the food there is your favorite and it cooked by your grandma !!


Are you now rejecting your grandma food


He asked.


Dad you are twisting the whole thing


Here, I never said I don’t want to eat but am not hungry, am not a kid Dad,


I know when am hungry and where to get something to fix for myself …….”


I said and I tried to walk away.


Okay fine


I will drive you to school today


He said.


No Dad, you don’t have to stress yourself I will be fine,


I can drive myself to school perhaps Tessia, Stella and Lillian is here with me…….”


Come on Daddy is not stressing himself by taken his beautiful princess to the school. Let me bother about that ……”


He said.


But Dad…”


No but Okay?!!!!….


I will ride with you today or less you don’t want me around you again……”


He said and I just kept quiet and walk out while he followed me behind.


We got out and his BMW this time


Much security ride with us to my institution.


I sat on the back seat together


I just took out my headphone and played a loud music


I wouldn’t want to have a long talk with him not now not later.



We drove into the institution and immediately my Dad was seen by students they ran to have a view of him, some only see him in the television while some have but just once Student gathered but they couldn’t get close because my Dad were heavily gathered. I made my way into the class am not more popular than my Dad.


Dad walked into the Official guests office, I guess he wanna address the institution Officials before leaving.


I walked into the class and it seem here isn’t my class, Just few top student in the class, Sonia, Jasper, Vivian, Three cute guys at the back and then Flora and Elvin.


Elvin was seating on our seat with a book in his hand while Flora was with Jennifer They seen to be studying.


Vivian and Sonia where with the cute three guys at the back. Jasper with a girl I don’t know but sure she isn’t one of our classmate.


I walked to my seat sat down and Elvin didn’t say anything to me, what’s wrong I asked myself, I look at him but he was too busy with the book in his hand.


Does this boy ever have a rest without reading……”


I got a message from Miss Harrietta saying that Elvin is gonna be the one teaching me for some weeks


while she stays for her vacation.


Unknown anger raised again.


Just then Dad’s call came in and I put off my phone, I don’t think I want to talk to him. I look at Elvin he is still reading.


Today’s Class was great and I must say no much activity today.


After school I was kind of weak immediately I remembered I will be having class with Elvin as from


tomorrow all in the name of him teaching me.


Can you imagine.






After school


I got a call from Miss Harrietta, she invited me over to a restaurant very classy one at that.


I walked in while Victor stayed in the car waiting for me….. I sighted her at that edge of the restaurant


having a chilled drink .


” Good afternoon ma’am…”


I greeted and she looks up and smiled.


” Oh!!! Elvin


You are here already


Please seat…..”


She said and I sat down.


How are you doing???……” She asked.


Am fine ma’am….”


That’s good ……”


She said and then a lady walked up to us and got a glass of wine filled up immediately.


” So how are you doing.


Hope you are catching up very fast……”


She asked.


Yes ma’am but I haven’t seen you since yesterday, you didn’t come to teach Stephannie??? ……” I asked.


Not really, am no my vacation and it dedicated to a friend of mine that just came out of comma, she needs all my attention now and the surgery is gonna take for some weeks, she kind if loss he memories




She explained.


Oh I see


So what happens to Stephannie……”


I asked.


Didn’t Mr. Barlon update you on the new development ……” She asked.


He did but am kind of confused why he had to choose me over other students …” I said.


Well am actually the one that recommended you to be the one to teach Stephannie because she understands your teaching more than she does to mine ……”


She said.


Do you really think so ma’am


Am seeing all this to a disaster that I wouldn’t want to participate on.


You know how rude and disrespectful Stephannie is……”



I understand perfectly fine but you have to do it to help her out, she might be mad at first but she will come around when she sees you have a lot to offer


Look Stephannie use to be a wonderful girl that’s been loved and cherished by both that male and female.


I know you wouldn’t understand but have it in mind that someone put her in this state and it take


someone else to change her…….”


She said.


” And must that person be me.


Why are all of you telling me all this, Stephannie use to be love by all then what changed??? ……”


I asked myself but got no answer.


Please do this for me and for her even though you think she do not appreciate you but I know she does but it a matter of time ……”


She pleaded.


I can tell Mr. Barlon to double the payment ……”


You don’t have to ma’am


I have already accepted to help not because of the money but for my personal reasons ..


I just hope this is gonna work out as I think…….”


I said and she smiled.


” Thanks Elvin …”


She said and drank her wine






I was in room thinking off an easy way to go about this whole thing,


I spoke with Keira and she told me to be very fast so to avoid Derek from hunting his brother the Emperor.


Charlton I guess someone is here to see you.


Laura said and I walked out of my room to see Mr Morgan.


What’s this man doing in my house.


I asked myself.


What an unpleasant visit of Morgan to to the long thought killed soldier Charlton…..” I said and he smiled.


” I guess you are surprised.


seeing someone like me Charlton …”


He said.


No I think you are the one to be said to be surprised, I know you thought I was die but am not, I am too precious for the world to loss someone like me……”


Well am not here to waste you time am gonna make it beliefs.


You know, we both have an unfinished business here…..”


He said.


” Look Morgan


I don’t have any unfinished business with you, and let me sound this as a note of warning


Stay far away form and everything that has to do with me…..”


I said.


Wow !!! he is still the Charlton that I no Always ready to taste blood but unfortunately you lied on this. Infact we both will forever be business partners ……”


He said and laugh.


So what do you want this time ….”


I asked.


I want the Emperor’s head and that of his son but what I actually want is his son’s head but I know he will choose to rather die than allow me have his son’s head…..”


He said.


Be specific with me Mr. Morgan


What do you want???……”


I asked again.


” I want Alvin’s head……”


He said and this tike I did the laughing.


You will never have that Let me tell you Morgan


You think you are the smartest here ,I will show you how the game is been played….” I said with anger running on my vain.


Charlton!!! You don’t know what you are doing to yourself and look up.


I still have the view and you know what it means if I should it out to the world……”


He said and he played a view where I shot Mrs Evelyn.



I was really surprised




I still have you right in my arms And now listening and listen good


You are gonna finish up the deal or else I will put you behind the bars……” He threatened.


Morgan…. You should have not forgotten so far that what goes around comes around…. The way you I


was gone a man was also in a dark shadow waiting for you I said to him…


Wow… Who so ever the person is tell him I will come to the shadow world and get him or her killed…… Am Morgan, I get what I want and when I want it.


I wouldn’t want us to have problems


you know where to fine me if you need me and I give you 48 hours to come am sign in OR…….


He said and walked away.




This is not a good one


What are you gonna do now ……”


Laura asked.


” Off course I will do what is right


Save the Emperor and his family I can never allow myself to be use again not after when I know what I know now….”


I said to her and she looks surprised.


” So what are you gonna do then


He has you were it matters the most ….”


She said.


Yeah I know but he doesn’t know that Derek is still alive, I wanted to do all this alone but I think I will be needing the help of Derek and it time to inform him, that’s the only way……”


You think Derek is gonna smile after you shot him Huhh????


Don’t forget that Derek has vowed to kill only to kill, he will not spear you not even on bit……”


She said.


Even if it gonna take my blood


He needs to know the truth and protect his family on time before something goes wrong.


Derek is a brother to me, he is the only family I know and have


I might have hurt him in the past but I know him too well, he allows his victims to say their last wish before been killed.


I could make this my last wish


Mr. Morgan must find out that am here to save the Emperor, you know what he is gonna do I must act fast


You have my support in all you are doing but I promise that I will never allow this to take your life…..” She assured me and i smiled.


Let get it executed


We get no time to waste before it becomes too late ….”


I said and she nod and we walk out to Derek house….






The long waited day has came, the day I will be starting my lesson with Elvin as my teacher.


I felt like to say that Monday should never come.


When I woke up as early as I use to, I went to my mum’s grave and I did my morning homage payment and let came back to have my bath.


Even before I was done preparing the breakfast were already ready but I have decided not to eat anything in the castle ever again.


I left very early unlike me and not quite thirty minutes of driving Daddy’s call came in, I ignored it at the first and second ringing but he constantly kept on calling so I had to pick up.


Hello Dad….” I said.


Stephannie what’s wrong


It took you many ringing to pick up your phone, what’s the problem??……”


He asked.


Nothing Dad just came across something that I wanted to buy and I forgot my phone in the call…..” I lied.


Okay, but you didn’t touch your food today, Stella said you didn’t even check if weather there is food on your dinning table…Why Stephannie?? ……”


He asked.


Nothing Dad, u just don’t feel like eating anything this morning, I will fix myself if am hungry…..”



That’s not a proper way to get it done Stephannie, you didn’t even inform me that you were leaving and you know that it unlike you…… ”


He said with a sadness in his voice.


Nothing Dad, it just that I was in a kind of hurry that’s why didn’t inform you that I was leaving….”


I lied again.


You are in a hurry??? Anyway it Okay.


Just take care of yourself and don’t forget that Dad loves you…..” He said and I hiss a little


Okay Dad…..”


I said and put the phone down.


I got to school and school started.


We were taught very well and after the whole thing


I drove back home with an undiluted anger.


I got home and it seem Dad didn’t go out because his Official car and personal bodyguard are around.












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