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Miss Harrietta Is right when she said all that what’s Stephannie needs is studying continuously but making Elvin Stephannie’s tutorian is a very difficult thing but anyway I don’t have any option here..


How am I gonna handle this ???


I know that Stephannie won’t even give this a second thought…. She hates Elvin with so much passion.


Just then kester walked into my room


Dad he called and I turned to look at him .



” What’s the matter???


I have been standing here calling you but you seem to be lost in your own thought


What is the problem??…….”


He asked .


Is about Stephannie…” I said calmly.


What has she done this time??…..” He asked.


Miss Harrietta complained that she is lacking behind and is not good for her at all I don’t really know what to do at this m


I said looking sad


What did she suggest we do ..


I mean do she said you should do anything…”


He asked .


” Yeah but what she said is like still not doing anything..


She wants Elvin to be teaching Stephannie for two weeks then she will take over after that ……”


” That’s an impossible thing to think of .


Dad you and I knows that Stephannie doesn’t like Elvin one bit and you think she is gonna agree to studying with him??? ..


Is not even the both studying with each other but Elvin been the one that will do the teaching That impossible .


Stephannie will never buy that……”


He said .


I know but she said that’s the only way to help her .. I don’t know what to do ……”


Dad if you should take my suggestion I think you should be bothered about Elvin not Stephannie.. all this is done to help her out…. We should just be bothered about Elvin that will carry out the task here……..”


He said.


I don’t think Elvin will be a problem perhaps you can talk to him to help us out in this ……”


Dad is not a matter of him helping us out but what he will pass through in Stephannie’s hand… You know Stephannie so much dislikes him


Stephannie my sister can never give in to this …..”


He said


” So what do you now suggest we do


We can’t keep calm as if everything is alright with her ….


The competition will be set out in months and you sure know that Maya and Priscilla are up to something we can’t predict to …..”


Well dad since Miss Harrietta said that this will help all we need to do now is to tell Elvin and then make Stephannie study with him


As simple as that Dad ……” He said.


You are right son


I think I will have to sent for Stephannie and tell her first then letter I will let Elvin know about




I said.


” That’s cool Dad.


I supports you in anyway you thinks is right to help my sister……”


He said stood up and walk away.


I took out a deep breath.


This is really gonna be a long talk






Today’s tutoring was something else I must say I find it so hard to concentrate in what Miss Harrietta was teaching me.. this is unlike me


What’s really happening to me???……” I asked myself.


I walk out from the study room after she was done teaching and I went straight immediately into my room on my way I meet that Elvin of a boy he is putting on a headphone and when I was close to him he took it off and greeted me.


I just hiss and continue my walking.


I got to my room and I log in to my Instagram and Facebook after I log in on what’s app and their I chatted with Kim my only male friend I have.


we talked about a whole lot and he promise to visit Luxembourg very soon.


Tessia came and informed me that my dad wants to have a word with me.



I got up form my bed and I walked up to my Dad’s room.



I walked in and my grandma and my step mum were present.. I wonder what they are all here doing .


Good evening grandma!!! Good evening mum!!! Good evening Dad !!!……”


I greeted them one after the other and they responded to my greeting.


How are you doing my princess…”


My Dad asked


Am doing fine Dad You sent for me …..” I said.


Yeah I did


I just want to have a chat with you as one big family…..”


He said.


Okay dad ……”


So how have you been coping with Miss Harrietta’s teaching……” He asked.


Very cool


She is the very definition of the best


she teaches perfectly……”


I said.


That’s good thing to hear but her report about you is really not a good one….” He said and I look at him to Grandma then my Step mom.


I don’t understand Dad???……”


I Said but it seem what he wants to say u


is too heavy to let out of his mouth.


I looked at grandma and then to my Step mom and them aren’t even saying or doing anything.


” Dad !!! ……”


I said I don’t understand.


What report did miss Harrietta gave about me ??


Is not actually a report but it is a problem That is natural for any student to encounter. You know you are my only daughter and You remind me so much of your mum….”


He said.


Yes Dad you have told me that countless number of times…


Your mistress suggested an easy way you can learn more faster without having any atom of distraction from anybody or by anything……”


He said.


Ok…ay and what’s the suggestion all about ???


Am all ears Dad…..”


She suggested that you should be taught by your follow student, she said that it will make it a very wonderful class and it will also develop the two of you …..”


He said.


Ok……ay Dad


So who is this student you think that can actually teach me ??????……”


Well with the research I have Elvin is the only one that has all it takes to handle you in any aspect of study you want …


Miss Harrietta will be coming from time to time to help out with some hard practicals if needed……. ” He said and anger boiled up in me.


Dad am not in for this


I can’t picture studying with Elvin so Dad don’t think that this idea is gonna work .


I can’t learn form Elvin he has nothing to offer me ….”


I spoke in anger.


Look Stephannie I understand you don’t like this boy but am not telling you have anything to do with him just keep those things aside study with him am sure he has a whole lot to offer…….”


He said.


No Dad !!


He has nothing to offer .


I can’t stup so low to learn form that son of a bitch I can’t Dad …


Am gonna be learning form Miss Harrietta and if she is not available I can read on my own .


I won’t and can never study with Elvin not to talk of allowing him be am teacher…..”


I said.


” Stephannie he has a whole lot to offer you .


I know all this is because you hates him so much but you can put that hatred aside get what he has and then when you are fully back you can continue your normal reading……” He said.



” Dad I don’t hate Elvin but you see me learn from h is impossible….”



Stephannie I have tried to talk some sense into you but it seem you have forgotten that am your Dad . Look am doing all this because of you..


It all for you own good….”


I can’t watch you drag all that your mum has built for years for you to mess everything up just because of your foolishness…


Look Stephannie am not begging on this but have it In mind that I will rather hand over that institution to someone who can stood up and defend it at anytime no matter what than allow you drag it to the mod……”


He said and walk out of the room.


” I look at Grandma then to my step mom


the both of them are not even saying anything.


Grandma you can’t let dad do that to me…..”


I said but she was still mute .


” Stephannie their is no need trying to oppose this.


All this is for your own good and you know your Dad too well, he don’t go back to his words…


Why not just do as he said ……”


Grandma said.


I walk out and ran after Dad.


I can’t watch my Dad hand over than only thing I have ever treasured for all my life. that institution is just like a mother to me because it was built in her memories and I promised her to keep them to the best standard.


I can’t just loss it to a stranger.


No need Dad calling the name of the person that he wants to hand over the institution because I know it Elvin… because he is the only one he sees to be capable to defend the institution.


Getting to Dad’s room he had already instructed Albert not to let me in.


I stood there with tears in my eyes but I can’t let it fall .


I went to my room and on my way I met that Elvin of a boy and he smiled but I felt like using a knife to cut of his head and feed him with it …


Elvin you must so pay for making me pass through All this pain .


I regret the day my brother brought you into this house ever since then my Dad has changed towards me …. I will make your stay her a living hell for you. I said to myself, hiss and walk away.




I got into my room and I was surprised to see Mirabel… I never knew she came around


Seeing me in the state am into nobody needs to tell her that all isn’t well .


I sat down on my bed and allow my tears flow.


Why is Dad finding it difficult to let me be …


He is so much trying to make me uncomfortable with Elvin around me.


What’s the matter Stephannie??


Mirabel asked but I just kept mute and I kept on crying.




After Mirabel’s advise to give in to Dad’s demand so not to loss the institution to another person I decide to go to Dad and accept what he said though I intend trying to convince him that I can study without Elvin around.


” I got to his room and this time Albert let me in.


He happened to be in his bedroom busy with nothing……”


He is actually backing the door that is he is also backing me.


” Dad !!!!!! ……”


I called but he didn’t answer either did he turn to look at me …. He really means what he said earlier.


” Dad am talking to you ……”


I said and this time he turned but their were no trace of smile in his face.


Can you remember the very words of Mr. Richmond the last meeting you guys heard about the upcoming competition going on…..”


He asked and I kept calm.


Dad why are you doing all this


Those this has something to do with the meeting we heard with the educational minster or about the


report my Miss Harrietta reported???…..”


I asked him.


Yeah has to do with both the meeting you had with the minster’s and the report Miss Harrietta reported about .


Look Stephannie the ministers sees you as someone who is no longer competent enough to represent the best student in Europe.


Isn’t that reading any meaning into your mind……” He asked looking so angry


But that’s which they said in the meeting has nothing to do with this because they made such statement because of the report they got form Maya, Priscilla and other fools…..”


” Stephannie if you are sure in charge prove yourself…


Or you ready to go on an open competition with Elvin and if he wins he takes charge of the institution


can you ????…..”


He asked.


Dad!!! why asked you such … the competition is made for me female student……”


Yes but you are the best should stand up to be able to defeats both the male and the female. Stephannie is better I hand this institution who can defend it at any given time than to allow you drag all my wife your mother’s has labored for years.


I can’t think of risking that…..” He said


But Dad you already recommend Miss Harrietta to help me out and am fine with her teaching why put Elvin in the line ????.


Have you ever think of what the report your mistress made ???? ,you loses focus so easily and anytime you does you find it difficult understanding what’s she is teaching.


Now tell me how do you think she is gonna help matters????…..”


Dad just like you said yourself


Is a normal thing for student to lose focus.


Dad am kind of having some health problem but am very fine now


By tomorrow I will be good to go……”


I said.


” Look Stephannie this isn’t the first time she is making such report.


Yeah every student is tend to lose focus at some point in life but mow as frequently as you does Stephannie.


You always gain you full attention whenever Elvin study’s with you guys….”


He said.


” Dad give me time please.


I will promise to change Dad.


exposing Elvin on me won’t help matters in anyway perhaps my mistress is never the one that suggested


to this….”


I said.


Well it unfortunate that she is the one that did and she suggested that it must be done fast. Stephannie don’t see this whole thing as if am been wicked towards you but am doing this to help you out… If you can’t stand up to Elvin do you know what Maya and others are up to???……”


Dad you should leave me to handle that myself Dad.


Dad if you are thinking that making Elvin my teacher will help issue here then know that you are just


making the whole thing worst….


Elvin gives me divided attention..


I feels distracted whenever he is around….”


” But that’s the opposite of what Miss Harrietta said.


Don’t forget she has been your mistress ever since you are a kid so she knows so much about you.


I don’t know what you have with that Elvin of a boy but you needs to know that.. he has something you


need badly and you must find a way to get it……”


He said and I became quite …


If really that miss Harrietta said this then their is nothing I can do … is either I accept or Dad will do what he had said earlier.


Miss Harrietta has been my teacher since my age five (5) and she is my mum’s co-worker at the hospital and she is also a psychologist and my mum’s best friend….


In as much as I don’t want Elvin around me because of my personal issue… I stand compete with him….”


Why not push aside whatever that happened in the past and move on this is the future…


He sure has a whole lot to offer…..


My conscious mind said to me.


” Okay fine Dad..


Since this is what you want


Am ready anytime……”


I said with all the strength I could gather and he smiled.


” Thanks my princess.


I promise you that you will never regret this just calm down and learn whatever he has to teach you Okay…….”


He said and smiled for the first time ever since we started talking.


” Okay Dad !!!……”


I said without any trace of smile in my face


I can’t watch my Dad take way the only thing that makes me happy and give to a stranger…


I know him too well, he doesn’t go back on his words.


Just then grandma and Kester walked into his room.


Stephannie don’t see this as if your Dad is hurting you … he loves you and he cares so much about you, all he is doing is for your own good……”


Grandma said.


Don’t tell me that grandma


What he is doing is for his own interests not for my happiness…


He doesn’t care about what and how I feels…


Ever since mum died he has been the one making Decisions even when it has something to do with my happiness.


I don’t know the kind of father he is…..”


I shouted at them in anger.


Stephannie, that’s a very harsh word to say to Dad…..” Kester said but I just hiss and walk out of them.


I got to my room and lock the door immediately.


I cried all night till I slept off ..


am not crying because of what Dad did but because of the way I spoke to him.


He use to be my favorite, we use to have fun of each other and he doesn’t what I wants but I don’t know


what changed………”


To be continued………












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