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I watched as they stare at each other and I felt like choking life out of that girl. How dare her stare at my Elvin like that… Stephannie you should better stay away from Elvin.. you can get what ever you want but you see Elvin I will stop at nothing until Elvin is min and mine alone…..”


I said.


Look Vivian Stephannie is not a girl to play with She is not only beautiful and amazing cute but her dad is f**king rich and powerful


so you should just kill the feeling you have for that boy if Stephannie is concerned…..” Ruth my friend said.


Yeah Vivian Stephannie is not what to mess with… Well I don’t even think that Stephannie is a problem here you should be worried about Vera and Sonia those two are rich and I can see they have eyes for him..


Stephannie is not even your problem but in case you tried crossing your line don’t dare she.. She is very dangerous ……”


Brenda said.


Look girls I don’t care of what you guys think but you see any girls that dare come close to Elvin will have me to contend with.


I said and just then Lyonal and his friends walk out and immediately they saw us they started walking towards us and immediately I walked out from where we were..


Vivian please stay and hear me out …..” I heard Lyonal said from behind.


I don’t give a f**k about that guy


he has been pestering me since I join this institution well am not like other girl in this institution that I heard he forced himself on..


he should go and flock around with other girls.


And as of Flora I will deal with you


you better stay clear or Less you want to get hurt at last.






It a bright new day and surely new activities must take place in the institution. I really thank my start that Mr Barlon helped me out in pleading with his daughter on behalf of my son to resume back to school.


Am just in my office clearing up some file when one of my staff walked into the office with her were a gentleman and lady walked into my office with a girl I recognize to be Maya with them is another man with a projectile in his hands.



” Good morning Mr Desmond…..”


They greeted and I had a hand shake with each of them.


” Please have a seat …”


I said pointing at the seat beside them.


” Thank you …”


The gentleman who seem to be at his early forties said as the four of them sat down.


So how may I be of help to you ????…..”


Well sir we are from the competition planner organization we are sent to you by the educational minister’s of Europe ……”


He introduced themselves by their name of each of them.


You are welcome in the Stephannie’s institution of science….


Please can we proceed to the quest office…”


I said to them an they followed me immediately.


We walked into the institution quest hall and we all sat down including Miss Tina….


I watch them place sixteen (16) projectile on the random table..


Just then he put it on and the projected image of minsters appeared.


” Thank you once again Sir


The man said after they had sat down he happens to be the only one standing at the moment.


” Just like you are expected to know


we are have a proposal from the second to forth best science student in Europe to have a belief competition along side with the almighty Stephannie…” The gentleman said.




Well that’s good to hear but the present situation of thing on ground concerning the present competition against who becomes the lastest European best science student.


My student miss Stephannie drop a note that all the proposal should be suspended till after the competition is over……”


I said.


Mr man… It is a must that she must partake in this competition… For some times now she has been excluded from partaken in any competition except the one she chooses to partake in but we all know as it has been for years now that it is only during this period of who becomes the next European best science student that any student of any standards is privileged to put up a competition between him and the best student


One of the men projected said.



But she has already suspended all the proposal and put them in pending…..” I said.


You must call her to order or I will take a report the European heads that she is just afraid of been defeated before the main competition ……”


He said and i look at others.


It hasn’t gotten to that.


Let me sent for her ..


It will be more easy if she hears this from you…..”


I said pick up my phone and call her immediately.






” That was so close..


You could have felled if he didn’t caught me on time and now you are rude to someone that saved you




My conscious said.


I took Tessia phone and texted a thank you massage to him.


I stayed in the classroom I couldn’t come out I don’t know why


I was in the class room when I got message that their are some people waiting for me at institution quest apartment with HOI head of institution so I sent for Lillian to get me my sweater at the car, I think I will have to dress like Elvin today.


She got me the sweater and I put it on and headphones and I head to the institution quest apartment. On getting their I meet a man and a woman maybe If I should guess her age I will say they are at the early forties.


I walked in and sat down a seat provided already and I looked at the faces that was made present through the projector.


they are the ministers of different countries of Europe.


I wonder what the meeting is all about


one if the people present were Maya the second best science student and at the projector is Priscilla the third bast science student.


” That’s Stephannie……”


Mr. Desmond said pointing at me.


” Good morning Miss Stephannie


We are so honored to behold the brain box covering the whole of Europe for years now….”


The gentleman said putting up a smile and I returned the smile.


We are here with a proposal of a belief competition among the first fourth best female science student which you are included to pertake in….”


He said.


Well it quits impressive that the student summon courage in putting up this competition but am


sorry….. All competition are suspended by me till the on going one is cleared off…..”


I said.


” It never done like that


Maya here put it to our notice that their is another brain box here in this institution which was a result of a secret arrangements made by you and your cousin Mirabel…


without the notice of the minsters…..”


Mr. Richmond said the general head in charge of educational affairs in Europe.


” What ???? that’s a pathetic lie Sir


The scholarship we awarded to student is world wide known by all the students so who so ever that said


is a secret entrance is a pathetic liar…..”


I said.


That will be after you must have proven yourself still capable of making decisions without the notice of the ministers…..”


Mr. Richmond said


For that singular act the board of education has it that your institution for the main time is suspended from bearing the best institution till after the competition that is originated is done…..”


He said.


That’s an impossible things to even think of


look Mr. Richmond you play your role while I do me…


If you guys are finding it as a problem you should tackle it your way and leave the institution out of it and for your information


the you or no one else has the right to do what you just said……”


I shouted at them.


Sir this report is due to jealousy and envy of the performance of this noble institution I will plead with you sir to retrieve yourself form this pronouncement…..”


Mr Desmond said.


Just stay calm I know where all this is coming from… Look for you information I don’t have any explanation to give to anybody not even the bloody president’s concerning how I run the affair of my institution so you get that into your thinks scoll…..”


I shouted at them.



” That a pathetic lie.


You sure have a whole lot of explanation to make or you should put of the bang tag that Elvin shouldn’t


be taken by any other institution…… ”


Maya said.


How dare you talk while am talking…..” I shouted at her.


Look Stephannie you no you have no mat for me so is better you back down or face the disgrace …..” She said and laugh.


That will be in your wildest dreams for me to back down…


I don’t take words form nonentity like you.


You parks like dog so go argue with your type…”


I scold her


” Look gentle man and woman


All the proposing competition is pending till the time I decides to honor them……”


I said and walked out from the quest room.


Mr. Desmond is in your duty to call her to order and get back to us in the next 24 hours or else……” I reserve my comment.


Okay sir the institution management will do something very fast about this….”


Mr. Desmond said and the projector went off.






Things are really going wrong and I don’t know how to handle this and put it back to normal… My brother warned me but by then it was already late and the mistake has already been made.


How am I going to put this right. I really know my fate… It seen thing are been manipulated I can’t really say what it is.


How I wish I know it before now


telling him at this moment will bear no fruit. I should just tackle out my problem and provide a solution immediately.


This is really killing me slowly


I have been in my room for days now


people visit me in their including my brother but I wasn’t able to tell him because I don’t how he is gonna react to it.


Is only my son Kester that know about this


aside him no one else knows my pain.


My phone started ringing by at first I felt so weak to pick up put it kept on ringing.


Albert knocked at my study door


Sir your phone is ringing and it Mr. Desmond on the line the head management of Stephannie’s institution……”


He said and i stood up from the bad and I sitting and walk up to the door opened it and collected the phone.


Good morning Sir …”


he greeted form the other side of the phone.


” How may I help you ????……”


I asked ignoring the greeting.


Sir there is a kind of problem we are having in the institution at the moment with Stephannie happens to be involved in it Sir….”


He said And i sat up right immediately


What’s the problem ??? ……”


Sir the Minister’s had a meeting today present at Stephannie’s institution He said.


How has that become a problem??? ……”


Sir they offered a competition group which the students involved demanded the present of Miss Stephannie to partake in the competition with them….”


he said


Then get Stephannie to sign her approval to it ..”


I said.


” Sir that’s where the problem came in..


Stephannie has put a ban that all the proposal that has anything do with her partaken in Any competition should be suspended till after the main competition is cleared off ……” He said.


” What???


Why did she has to make sure mandate knowing fully well that at this period..


students put up bet against her …..”


I said.



Sir the minister has concluded that if she didn’t give in that she will be declared expired. and her title as the best will be shift to the second candidate ……” He said.



” That won’t get to that


Send them the approval tag it with Stephannie’s signature


She will partake in the competition…..”


I said and put the line dead.


I called Mr kitty her favorite teacher and one of them high staff of the institution


” Good morning Sir …”


She greeted immediately she pick up the call


I believe you already know about the new development going on ” I asked


Yes sir but..”


Put Stephannie in other


If she declines the proposal information her that I gave in to it…..”


I said and put the line down.


Get me the view of the meeting immediately


I instructed and put the line down.


I walk out from my quite room to my bedroom and I bot on my system and view the conference meeting among all the Minister.


Mr Richmond must be very stupid nu making such threats to my daughter’s institution.


I took my phone and called Mr. Richmond.


Good morning Mr. Barlon …” He greeted.


You must be very stupid for making such threat at my daughter’s institution… It seem you have forgotten that she is my daughter and you should mind the words to use.


Look let me inform you who so ever that is feeding you up with that..


I don’t care to know because it will be disastrous for the person.


You should better be careful with the affairs of my daughter’s institution….”


I said to him.


” Am so sorry sir..


It was a mistake and I promise it won’t repeat itself again….”


He apologized.


” It better not


You have your rules and she will keep to it but don’t step out of your boundaries…..”


I warned and I put the line dead while he was apologizing.










I have been in Nigeria for one week now and it time to return back to Europe.. I have been staying with only Anabella while sometimes Jennica visits us.


I will be going back by tomorrow so I got my things ready I informed Anabella and she felt really bad so I had to promise her that immediately after the competition I have over in Europe I will come and pick her along with me.


It quits unfortunate that Elvin that I intended picking up with me back is no where to be found.


I got my things ready Anabella cried all day but I made sure I kept everything she needed


She was strong the time the flight took off.




I must am impressed with your comment


To be continued………













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