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Hearing that from Elvin the truth is that am happy but very surprised, well maybe he wasn’t thinking


towards the direction my mind is going


I said and laugh to my thoughts.


I know this two stubborn heads must one day find a way to accept the feeling they have for each other.


I know Elvin studying with Stephannie is gonna be a hard thing but I don’t care the process all I want is to make sure that Elvin is the one to date my sister.



I won’t want someone else to do that,



After I drop him off to school and I drove straight to my stadium and after observing some good changes in my student I got to my car and I drove off.


On my way I though I haven’t gone really far from the stadium, my new coach at my stadium called demanding to have a chat with me.


I drove back immediately and I just drive to the stadium quest apartment and just then she cat walk to the place I was seated.


Good morning Kester…..” She greeted smiling.


Sir good morning……”


I greeted her and she smiled .


Sir I hope you are seeing the new changes hope you are impressed with that …..” She asked.


Yeah I am….”


I said.


You know I was through the academic history and I found out you are also among the participants…….”


She asked and I nod.


Yeah, am gonna particular in the contest


Do you have any problem with that….”


I asked her.


” Not really, just that


I was thinking maybe I could help you build up yourself as well you know


Am really good with such…..”


She said and I smiled.


Fine then I will think about it and I will give you a reply when I come around tomorrow…..” I said and she smiled while I stood up and left the room.


I got into my car without any thoughts running through my mind, I got home and just like every other day Dad is in his room.


I didn’t even bother going into my own room I just head straight to my him room.


” Good morning…..””


Eric bow down in greeting.


Hope my dad is in???…..”


Yeah in his study room Inner chamber….”


He said and the door opened on it own and I walked in.


I entered into his studying room and he was backing the door going through something.


Good morning Dad


I greeted him and he turned kind of surprised seeing me.


Son!!!!! How are you doing


He asked.


” Am not fine Dad


Why are you doing this ??…”


I asked not smiling at all.


What’s the problem


What is it am doing that you don’t like


He asked.


Dad why have you decided to lock yourself in this room, you have been her for some weeks and you are not even acting like someone who is gonna leave anytime soon. Dad I understand it not easy but you


But you need to be strong even not for anything but for me and your daughter Stephannie,


What do you think is going through our mind whenever we come back to meet you here or is because


Stephannie hasn’t notice you locks yourself up .???


I asked.


Kester that am staying indoor doesn’t mean that something is wrong, am still Barlon the second richest man as long as Europe is still in existence


I have allot of people working for me so I don’t need to be going out every day…..” He said.


Dad can you boldly tell your daughter that you are resting, can you look me in the eye and tell me that something isn’t wrong dad .


Dad you have a brother and a friend


Go out and have a chat or drink with them


Stop making this whole house unbearable for me ……” I said.


Am sorry son


I will make changes




He said.


” ThereBetter because am not gonna keep it to myself again


I will tell Stephannie if you don’t change and I won’t leave this house again……”


I said.


Will be not reason for that I have already promised…..” He said smiled a little.


Come on Dad have given you his words


I promise am gonna be moving around trust me Okay, so put a smile on that face…..”


He said and I force out a little smile.


I guess you are coming out from the stadium…” He asked.


Yeah dad…..”


Hope their is changes ……”


He asked.


Yeah, ever since Miss Eva Took over as the coach


The academy Yeahreally moving back to what it use to be……..” I said and he smiled


I wanted to tell him about what Miss Eva Told me but something in me refused it from coming out of my mouth.


Am really happy to see you smile again…..” He said.


One more thing dad….”


I said and he look at me.


What’s it ????…..” He asked.


Dad Elvin kind of having some difficult time with some of his practicals and he asked me to help him tell miss Harrietta to help him out with it …….”


I said.



I don’t have any problem with that he is free to ask miss Harrietta anything he wants…..” He said.


But dad you know I was thinking


You know my sister is kind of having some hard times now, I think is good if Elvin could study with her at least even if she find it difficult to understand Elvin could help her out…..” I said.



” l don’t think there will be any need for that .


Stephannie have been with Miss Harrietta and perhaps miss Harrietta is a pro and she knows how to make Stephannie understand when she is confused……” He said.




Dad am not saying that miss Harrietta isn’t capable and just saying towards the direction of helping build Elvin up as well at least with someone like Elvin in the We won’t be afraid of any thing.


” Okay see it this way dad.


Stephannie and Elvin are very intelligent don’t you now that the both of them can understand each


other when reading together……”


I said.


” Am not objecting that but you know the kind of sister you have.


You know she is not gonna give in to this and I won’t want any misunderstanding between me and her…….”


Dad if you can tell miss Harrietta am sure she can handle that, if can’t help my friend out with such a thing is some how Dad…..”


I said


Okay fine I will ask for her opinion


Elvin might be of help just like you say and it not good to turn his first request down perhaps it not a big


or bad something…….”


He said.


Okay thanks Dad I appreciate…..”


I said.


You don’t have to thank me son


Just always have it in mind that I love you and your sister my daughter so much and I can do anything to


keep that smile steady on you guys face ……”


He said.



” Thanks Dad……”


I said and I hug him.


I need to take a shower Dad I will join you later ……”


I said and he nod while I stood up and walk out of the room






This is really bad


I felt kind of ashamed that my son even noticed all this, I need to find a way to help myself and family out.


I said that to cheer myself up,


I don’t even know if I can stand up and beat my chest and proudly say that am still the Barlon I was.


My three biggest company has been be hijacked and I don’t know by who.


I have been trying to get it back but to no avail.


Am just tried for all this


I wonder how am gonna wake up one day and see that all this is all a dream To retain my position as the second richest man in Europe.


If Stephannie gets to win the world best and if I win the competition but I only sure of one.


The academy is under some problem.


Well I just hope God is gonna make a change.


I think I I’ll have to do as he said


Staying indoor will not help instead it will worsen the whole thing.


Maybe telling brother about this is gonna help ……” I thought.


Coming to think of what exactly do kester wants me to do?? Permit Elvin to be studying with Stephannie??


why do he want this two birds to always peach on the same branch of the tree???


Maybe it a harmless thought


He might even be saying the truth perhaps he can’t just start lying about Elvin…..”


Lemme just ask for miss Harrietta opinion in this, whatever she says stands.


I took my phone and I called her.



” Hello Sir


Good afternoon …”


She greeted immediately she pick


Up the call.


How are you doing miss Harrietta??…..” I asked.


Am fine sir and you ……”


She said


” Am good


Their is something I would love to seek for your opinion on …”


I said.


What’s that sir …” She asked.


The boy that stays in the castle with us Elvin, the boy that won the competition that Stephannie set up, he wants to study along side with Stephannie ……”


I said.


Well sir if it really him then their is nothing wrong with it, it will even help Stephannie pick up very fast, you know getting ideas from two people


She said.


So what are you saying……” I asked.


Sir if he is the one that wants that then you are free to grant it, I was even planning tell you something similar ……”


She said.


Okay then


I will tell him to be having class with Stephannie then, all I need is for Stephannie to get back on her feet so she can be able to stand up to her normal level….” I said.



” You don’t have to worry


Am trying my best and I know she is gonna be catching up some things fork the little time I spent with


her so you don’t have to worry …..”


She said.


Thanks you so much miss Harrietta……” I said and I could here he smiled.



You are welcome sir ……” She said.


Okay then I will he expecting you today …..” I said and I put the phone down.


I think am gonna give in to this after all.


I pick my phone and call Kester and I told him to tell Elvin he can study with Stephannie.


He was happy and that’s made me wonder why he is happy, knowing that this is not gonna be funny to Stephannie.


He always want his sister close to Elvin what’s he even planning, Children of this days.






School today is more like a living hell.


There were a whole lot activities and we weren’t given a breathing space at all.


The institution wants to personally host a competition with in the institution premise but I guess that gonna be after the competition anyway.


After I met with Victor and he came along with some girls before Kester arrive to pick us up.


” What’s up guys…”


He said.


” Cool how was training today….”


Victor asked.


” Wonderful


My student are getting back on their feet again and am so happy about that ……”


Kester did and I smiled


” That’s a good news to hear…..”


I said


” Yeah …”


Victor said in concordance.



You know it has been long you came back from training this happy, I think this changes in your academy is sure what celebrating….”


I said.


Am in, we guys could go have some drink before going home……”


He said.


” No ! No !! No !!!


I don’t give in to that’s


I have a lot to tidy before tomorrow


I can go out with your guys tomorrow so let leave it tomorrow …..”


I objected.


” Okay then


don’t problem with that……” He said looking at Victoria


Either am I Anytime am ready


He said and I just smiled


So Kester


Hope you are catching up as well….”


Victor asked.


Unno I don’t really train with them….” I train alone.


He said.


But why, you said the new Miss is very good in it, or don’t you think she can coach you …” Victor asked.


Not really she even asked me to join the training but I told her am gonna think about it …..” He said.


Kester, I might now know how your academy operate because I haven’t really been there stay but whatever you are doing, you should always no that you need to train yourself personally don’t relay on the training that she is gonna offer to avoid failure ……”


I said.


Thanks for the advice though am confused why you said that….”


He said and I just smiled.



He doesn’t know am good at that but I stay low till the day he will be needing me for anything but for now, am gonna be focusing on my studies……”


I said to myself.


Look Kester


Remember you was once having a wonderful students but suddenly they started disappearing into the tin air and just then she came and put things right….”


You might not understand what am saying for now, you are more like their motivation, they will put up their best you meet up to your expectations but you sure need to be making a difference every single day….”


Train with them but make sure that you have your personal training everyday, as your students they needs to have a new thing to see in you and you need to always give them surprise ……”


I said though I could see he is confused.


Can you make me understand the more…”


He said.


Even if I explain form now till tomorrow you won’t understand, just have it in mind that all am saying is that you should be having personal training, a training that only you will be trained and only by yourself


……” I said.


Don’t depend only in the training she is gonna give you, train more often personally …..”


I added


Well I will not say I understand but I will do as you have said …..” He said and I smiled at him.


You know we are human and we are not supposed to trust.


Am not saying that the woman is a spy but Nigerian are very careful with anything that will get them Money.


We watch our back by ourselves and for ourselves


” Guess what Elvin….”


Kester said drawing my attention.


What’s it am not good in guessing ……” I said.


But you can try….”


Anyway Daddy has approved your request


He said and I smiled.


Why are you smiling




What request are you talking about??……” Victor asked.


Must you know everything ???……”


I asked back


Well Elvin wants to be studying with Stephannie under the watch of miss Harrietta……” Kester explain.


It good anyway but it really a disastrous miss, Stephannie is not gonna find this funny at all and you know she never wants Elvin around her for anything in this world…….”


Victor said.


Yeah I know but just there for miss Harrietta to help me out with something’s am not really gonna be studying all day with her just for a few times……”


I said.


Okay then you just be careful and don’t stare too much on her cute face so you won’t attract a hot slap




He said and Kester laughed with him.


Are you guys now making guest of me hug???? ……”


I asked while they kept on laughing


No but what Victoria said is kind of truth just don’t stare at her Focus on your learning…..”


Kester said.


You know she is gonna get distracted because of my cute face….” I said and they laugh the more


Maybe in your dream because you know Stephannie is not gonna look at you…..” Victor said and I gave him angry face.




I asked and they nod


Off course…..”


They said at the same time.



Okay I have heard you guys


I said and I put on my head phone while they continue laughing.












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