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Every single day things get complicated, today’s practice was wonderful but something happened that kept me wondering.


One of my lost student was found dead, and according to investigate I think my enemies are up to take my students down.


I need more soldiers


This is getting into a bloody contest but am not gonna back down.


I must find out who the spy is.


I remember that my sister is gonna be competing with some other students so I decided to watch her performance but it seem that today isn’t met to be good to me.


I got home with so much anger. Stephannie really messed up and when I even confronted her.


She was still defending herself.


I think something really needs to be done about this


I went to Dad’s room to talk it over with him.


One thing about my sister is that she is so stubborn and she hates admitting that she is wrong, All eyes are on her and many wants her down but she is too blind to see that


Dad is really trying his best to help her out but my sister isn’t helping matter, she is just been unnecessary stubborn.


Something I wish I could just hit her so hard till she gets back to her right senses but I can’t hit her, Daddy won’t even do that not to talk of myself.


I was so lost thinking


She case is getting Dad mad and it kind of affecting his way of living


Joining Stephannie’s behaviors to the problem he is facing isn’t a good on him.


Elvin walked into my room and I had to maintain a cool mood.


” What’s that face for ……”


I asked seeing that he isn’t happy.


I should be the one to ask you that. You look mood and you are lost in your own thoughts……” He said.



What are you talking about…..” I asked pretending.


You can’t hide things for me either can I Kester so just open up I can be of help…..” He said.


You don’t need to bother yourself Elvin is something I can handle.


It kind of private ……”


I said not looking at him.


” I hope so Kester.


You just have to take things slowly.


She will definitely come around one day, it just a matter of time So chill …..”


He said pant my back and walk out of my room


He really caught me off-guard


What’s expecting that’s anyway but I still nod to what he said.






I over heard the family conversation that they were having concerning the issue of getting a privet teacher for Stephannie.


Stephannie is really a very hearted and stubborn girl


You know challenging her Dad’s order.


I left to my room immediately I noticed the crack of Mr Barlon’s door.


The seen that’s what happened between Stephannie and Kester shows that things aren’t moving fine….


They aren’t impressed with her performance.


I got to room and Sandra brought My food for me after that.


I decide to call Flora and know how she is doing since she is the only female friend I have.


I called her and she pick up at the second ringing, We both had a little discussions after which we save good night to each other.


I went out in the evening to receive flesh breeze of nature and Sandra walked up to me.


” Hey Elvin ……”


She said smiling but I couldn’t return the smiles because am not in a good state of mind.



How are you doing …..” I asked not looking at her.


Am fine. you don’t look good What’s the problem ……”


She asking trying to touch me but stopped seeing that I wasn’t in for any talks.


Nothing Am fine….”




I was just thinking maybe we could have a chat together am kind of bored but I will have to come back later


She said stood up and walked away.


I didn’t even look at her .


I stayed out till I got enough breeze then I turned to walked inside bit I caught sight of a figure and the figure vanished immediately.


Is this am imagination??


I asked by it looks like a female figure. I thought


I walked into my room took a cool shower and slept peacefully.






After so much argument with Dad


I had to give in to allowing myself to be guarded by my mistress Miss Harrietta, Well I have know her before now and I think I will feel free with her around.


You know after the competition that took place at the institution, something I don’t know how come grow in me, I became afraid of what I have been fighting so hard to win.


I slept with so much anger and afraid of something i don’t know.


I wake up the next day weak and tried but I have to be in school, I need something much focus if I must get myself together again.


I got ready and I drive with Tessia while the other two ride with another car.


I got to school but I sat outside waiting for what I don’t know, just then he was driven in by a car, he walked down and without looking my direction he walked into the classroom .



I stood up as well and get in. Sat down and Elvin greeted me but it seen his greetings today is different, I wanted to look at him but I has to stop myself from this.


I stood up and walk out of the class room.


Getting out a put In a loud music till all the memories in my head went to rest, the classes were great Teacher did their very best and impressed.


After today’s school which ended without much activities I drive home with my conscious in battle.


I got home and my Miss Harrietta was already at the castle, yeah I will be starting my tutoring today by 15.00 clock.


She was having a conversation with my Dad so when I came in


I greeted them and she demanded for a warm hug which I gave her with my whole heart, don’t get me wrong


I don’t have anything against Miss Harrietta but i know that, she staying close to be will prevent me from living my normal life of a lot of thinking and crying all day…


I think dad wants the best indeed for me


My step mom word echoed in my mind.


I went up and I changed into something simple, and I came down to have a cool time with my mind at rest.


Immediately it time, I heard a knock on my door and I know it her knocking.


I took a book, my phone and I walk down to the study room.


Getting there were the wonderful woman that I missed for a long time.


Miss Harrietta is my mum’s best friend when she was alive and she has been my private teacher since I was five (5).


” Good evening Miss Harrietta…..”


I greeted calmly and she smiled at me


How are you doing my dearest princess ???…” She asked smiling.


Am fine Mistress ……”


I said sat down while she walked up to a projector and turn It on.


She thought me so great but it quite unfortunate that my eyes were just looking with understanding much cos I have divided attention.



I claimed to have understood all she taught me because I thought I can out smart it, maybe reading on my own could help me out with this difficult.


I went to my room immediately after the lesson and the Mistress slept over till morning.




I woke up so sound and I went to perform my daily activities and after which I got ready for school and I was driver me to school.


Elvin spent his time with his mistress well that’s none of my business


I hat a whole lot to think about and he is not one of my worries.


Maybe he is anyway.


Today’s schooling was great I must say I drove home immediately after school.


on getting home I met my grandma


That big surprise, I wasn’t expecting grandma and dad didn’t even bother telling me that’s she is coming over.


” Oh !!! Grandma……”


I said and we both hug each other


My beautiful Princess, How are you doing??? …..” She asked.


Am fine grandma ……”


I have missed you so much grandma


” Me too My sweet heart


See you, you have grown so big


It nearly just few months that you left Switzerland Now look at how big and more beautiful you have grown to be….”


She said and I smiled


My grandma is just the copy of my mum, so beautiful and young just like her, seeing her remind me so much about my mum.


I fight to hard not to allow tears flow down my cheek and I hugged her holing her so tight.


” Am so happy to see you again grandma….”


I said so calmly into her ears and she pant my back a little.



Is alright and also happy to behold my wonderful Princess, my priceless jewelry…..” She praised me and I smiled.


How have you been coping with school over here, hope the mistresses aren’t giving you hard time…..” She asked and I just smiled.


They aren’t grandma


I think about my school will be a discussion that we will talk about later…..”


I said and she nod.


Let me tell you a little information about my grandma and her looks


She looks so much like my mum Just that she looks like the old version of my young mum.


Ever since mom died


I have been staying with her at Switzerland.


You know seeing her all the day without seeming my mum makes me to cry all day and that’s what lead to my poor performance in my education.


During those hard times Miss Harrietta was the one rha5 helped me out and I was able to bounce back on my feet.


Dad then took me away to come stay with them here in Luxembourg,


We both walked into my mums special room, that’s were she stays wherever she visits us here.


She went straight to her bag and pull out a precious waistband and a golden necklace that was designed by my mum.


I have long been looking for this two things but I couldn’t find them and I lost the hope of ever gonna see it again.


I thought I lost it the time I have a very fatal accident years back.


I treasures this more than my own life because they are the only thing I inherited from my mum on her dying bed.


I username it as a remembrance of her.


Grandma were did you find this??…..” I asked.


Where I got it doesn’t matter


All that matters is that it save ……”


She said smiling.



” Oh!!! My long lost treasure


I thought I have lost you forever…”


I said holding it very tight to my chest.


” Am I missing anything…..”


We heard Kester’s voice from the door as He walked in majestically.


Nothing really brother. You came right on time…….” I said and he sighted the golden necklace on my hand.


Huh grandma


You got that’s for her??


Where is Mine??……”


He asked making a baby face.


” Off course yours is intact …..”


She said took out another two necklace but it Silvish in color and she handed one over to me and hand one to Stephannie.


” Grandma that’s cheating


She already has two there with her…..”


Kester said pointing at the golden necklace that I had.


” Come on Kester.


Don’t be like that, does ate old lost necklace of hers ……”


Grandma said.


Okay thanks grandma. You are the best…..”


I said and I hug her while Stephannie joined us.






I had my lesson with Miss Harrietta and I must say that nothing still changed.


I even tried studying on my own but I found it difficult to do so.


My mind was thinking a whole lot of things that I can’t actually place a hand on. I can’t even give it a name.


Later in the evening time


We all had a chat with grandma and she told us a very interesting stories


Elvin and Victor were also around.



I slept in her room till the next day.


To be continued











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