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I woke up to see a new day and I smiled with a wonderful though in my mind that today is gonna be good for me.


I got down from my bed and I went outside and just like every other day Stephannie went to her mom’s grave yard to pay homage to her.


I watched her till she returned to her room this time and something seem different around..


Kester drop us to school and I must say no much activity in school apart form the crazy Vivian and Sonia those two wants to kill me before my time but it not gonna be possible.


Later after the day


Kester’s car drove in and I bride good bye to Flora before heading out to go with Victor and Kester.


I got in immediately the two are already inside waiting, so immediately I got in I the driver start the car and drove of from the institution.






” My grandma came around…”


Kester said.


That’s a good new to hear…….” Victor said.


Yeah but my grandma can be dramatic, Hope you guys will copy with her drama….. ” He said and i just smiled.


She can’t even compete with an old grandma from Nigeria…..”


I said.


Like seriously my grandma is kind of a ant that bit in the pocket. Hope you can can cope with her drama……”


He said


Sure thing….”


We drove into the castle but the old woman seem not to be around.


I went to my room to take a shower and just immediately after my shower, Joe came to inform me that Kester’s grandma is around.


I dress up and came down and I met the cute and young old woman.


” Good Afternoon grandma…..”


I greeted and she turned look at me and smiled boldly.


How are you ????…..” She asked.


Very fine MA……”


You look so cute and handsome…” She said and I smiled.


Who are they ???……”


She asked directing the question to Kester.


” This is Elvin and that’s Victor his brother


They are from Nigeria they are my closest friends…..”


He introduced.


You should have informed me they were around before now… I would have gotten something much precious for them anyway get me my bag …..”


She said to Kester and he went to get the bag.


He didn’t sent much time and he came out with a classic hand bag and handed it to her and she put her hand inside and pull out a precious silver necklace and she handed it over to us, one for one for Victor……”


I was like wow


Thanks grandma….”


I said with a smile and Victor thanks her as well.


Hope you guys like it??……” She asked.


I love mine


They are more than gold and a treasure…”


I said and she smiled.


They are staying with us for the main time, and he is also the guy that won my sister’s free institution scholarship……”


Kester said.


Wow!!! You are not only cute but you are also intelligent, give me a hug……”


She said and I hugged her again.


” And what about me grandma……”


Kester said from behind and grandma smiled and speared her hands more and both him and Victor joined.


You are so cute and handsome, I think you are gonna be my grandson in law and you are gonna get married to my grand daughter Stephannie….”


She said and this time Kester and Victor laughed this tike while I just kept calm.


Yes grandma


They will definitely give birth to gods and goddesses….”


Kester said.


Yeah because he is cute and handsome while my granddaughter is beautiful and pretty ……” The old woman said while Victor and Kester laugh loud.




Like seriously


Are you gonna give your grand daughter out without her consent ……”


I asked.



Off course I Know my grand daughter is wish and she will be happy with my choice for her……” The old woman said.


I don’t think so….”


I said.


” Grand Ma


He is just been shy,


He don’t want to admit it….”


Victor said and grandma laughed and touched my face.


You are shy to admit even with your cuteness?????……” She asked facing me.


Don’t mind them grandma


Am too big to be shy even if I should be not in the present of this ugly guys……”


I said and the old woman did the laughing this time.


I look at Kester and Victor they both have a frown face and I smiled this time.


” Come on guys.


Let go have some looks around…”


The old woman said and hold my hand and we walk out of the massive living room.


We spent some time with the old woman till when Mr. Barlon’ sent for her and she left to his room.


We sat on the pool and watch around the environment.


You grandma is something else …” Victor said and Kester look at him.


I told you guys earlier before now……” He said.


Yeah, she is fun and jovial




Like seriously, grandma can be dramatic and annoying some time. You won’t want to spent your whole day with her …..”


He said.


Off course I will love it.


She is so friendly and nice……”


I said.


” Thanks, happy you guys like her


I thought her drama will make you guys have a different view ……”


He said.


” Who that??? …”


I asked point at a room where I saw Stephannie and a lady maybe at her early forties.


” Oh !!!, the general study room,


Anyone in the castle can really study there.


That’s Miss Harrietta Stephannie’s Mistress her private teacher actually ……”


He said pointing at the woman I saw yesterday with her.


Wow she looks young just like a medical practitioner ……” I said.


That’s what she is.


She is the very best in her profession as a psychologist ……”


He said.


” She is a psychologist?? ……”


I asked looking at her through the window though her vision wasn’t clear.


” Yeah with a lot of experience.


She is worldly recognized in her field of profession, she is actually my mum’s friend with my step mom


when my mum were to be alive……”


Kester said.


Wow she looks much younger to have obtained such history and popularity……” I said.




Kester said not looking at me and I look at the study room Hoping to see what I don’t know.


It gonna be a wonderful thing if you both can study together, you know it kind of gonna be a challenging thing between you and the almighty Stephannie


I thought


Off course I know but it will also be disastrous, Stephannie won’t agree to that ….” I said to my mind.


Maybe Kester could help out


Tel him he could be of help….”


My conscious said.


” I don’t think I will be needing his help.


I can study on my own and even get more advanced than her ……”


I said to my mind.


But you know that’s not gonna be possible, that Miss Harrietta is a professional in her field and she is the very best, she has a lot to offer….”


You know she is already a head of you and she can help you out with a lot of practical experience…..” My conscious said.


Huh !!! ….”


Yeah, reading alone and studying with them won’t be Desame, you would still get some ideas from Stephannie’s and also form Miss Harrietta……”


My conscious said.


But this is gonna be a hard thing to do perhaps Stephannie doesn’t want me around her in any way….” I said to myself.


Come on give it a trial and know first


Kester could be of help if you can tell him about what you want, he will surely help you out…..”


My conscious said.


I look at Kester and he was busy with Victor discussing, then I look at the study room and though of Stephannie flow in.


I excuse myself from them and walked in my room. I don’t think am ready for this now


Maybe next time ……” I said to myself.


I got to my room and I took my laptop and search more about Miss Harrietta and I saw a whole lot about her and her history.


I think she can be off help indeed. Trying won’t harm…..”


I said to myself and I fall on my bed.


Tomorrow came so soon and I went out to view Stephannie and like usual she came out but she didn’t wast a lot of time in the garden.



I went to prepare for school and when am ready I got out and I got in, am only riding with Kester today.



Victor has left earlier before us because he wants to learn how to drive and Eric promised to help him out.


After some peasantry with Kester .


The car become boring, I couldn’t summon enough courage to ask him to help out with getting Miss Harrietta teach me as well.


But finally I gathered a little courage.


Elvin you look worried What’s the problem??? ……” He asked.


Nothing, just thinking of asking your help on something….” I said.


Okay am all ears


What’s that, I will help in anyway I can…..”


He assured.


Am kind of finding some difficulties in some of the brain practical, and I was thinking maybe Miss Harrietta could be of help since she is a medical doctor and psychological practitional……”


I said.


Yeah she is


So how do I come in.


How do you want me to assist you…..”


He asked.


I was thinking maybe She could help me out


You know I kind of need your Dad’s permission on it…..” I said.


Well though I don’t think you need Dad’s permission but don’t worry about it I will talk to him on your behave, I will make him see reasons with me.


I was also even thinking of telling you to study along side with Stephannie, unno that’s gonna help develop the both of you very fast……”


Kester said.


You know your sister is gonna object to that, she doesn’t like seeing me around her so I don’t think that is gonna work out


I said even though I know that’s what I wanted ….(Competition)….”



” Come on Elvin


Leave that to me, Yeah she might not want you close to her but she will learn to study with you perhaps


it just three hours of studying…..”


He said.


And you think she is gonna understand it that way ?????……”


Don’t worry I will handle it.


It gonna be a great help for the benefit of the both of you


And you know it, so chill……”


He said pant my back.


” Chill Elvin.


This is not gonna be as hard as you think perhaps this is what you wanted, she attention …..”


My conscious said.


You got it all wrong


I just want to get more advanced and more knowledge to what already have.


I said.


We drove to the school and Stephannie happens to be in the classroom


I got in sat down and I greeted her but she paid deaf ears just like she does everyday single day.


I took out a deep breath


How am I gonna study with this kind of a girl???


Not quite long after I walked into the class room Miss Jane walked in to the classroom.


We said a brief greetings to her and she began the lesson of the day.






Derek we still have more time before we could execute this plan, I know we have a perfect plan but we need to strike Thomson when he won’t have anybody to stand up to him….”


I objected.


But why do you want us to stay down for now, you just said we have a wonderful plan that can be perfectly executed without trace why delaying…….”


Derek asked.



Am not delaying Derek but I need some time to put something in place, don’t try asking me what because I want it to be a little surprise.


Don’t worry I got your back in this and I will make sure that Thomson pays for it even his son won’t be speared….”


No Keira, his son is not included among the people to be executed, I just want the life of the emperor’s I don’t have anything against their children …..”


Derek said.


You still have soft heart


He killed you and your family


Him and his generation deserve to be wiped out


They have hands in your pain, sorry, agony and suffering.


They deserve more than wiping off their families ….”


I said to him and I watched him reaction


No Keira, my quest to wast his blood grows more stronger everyday, am sorry letting you know this now but that’s boy Alvin is my blood brother’s son……”


Derek said.




That means Thomson is your brother…”


I asked pretending not to have known.


He seized to be my blood the day he accepted a deal with the devil……” He cut short what I wanted to say.


I will get him and kill him…..”


He said and walk out from the room.


I smiled.


Immediately my phone rang and I look at it and it Charlton,


Hello Charlton…..” I said smiling.


Where you able to stop him???….” He asked immediately.


Yeah but he is so much boiling to drink the blood of his brother, we need to be fast with whatever you are doing, But anyway he still have soft spot for the little boy Alvin….”


I said to him.



” Very good Keira


You need to stay close and report to me if there is any changes, monitor him well, I know Derek too well.


He is my boss and I he is sure too smart and can read mind.


Am happy you are helping me out with this, I need to fix the two brothers back to the way they identify live before I separated them


Be careful and watch your back ….”


He said.


” I will Charlton ….”


I said and put the line dead.


” I just hope am doing the right thing


I can’t watch him kill an innocent man, Charlton you need to be fast so that he won’t harm his innocent


brother and our Emperor……”


I said to myself.


To be continued………











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