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Not quite long after I walked out on the minister I got a call from Miss Kitty and she demanded for my presence in her office as a regard to very important information.


I was really angry but I just have to honor the call not that if I don’t she will do anything to me but I respect her alot and I won’t want to get her angry or create a problem for her in the institution.


I got to her office thought she was having a chat or a discussion with someone but Immediately she saw me she discharged the person and urge me in.


” Good afternoon Miss Kitty….”


I greeted her and she gave me a wonderful smile.


How are you doing my beautiful Stephannie… ???…” She asked.


Am fine as you can see …”


I said still finding it difficult to smile.


” Look I understand how you feel


I perfectly understand but look let me tell you something….


Those fool thinks they can compete with our almighty Stephannie but you know what …


They are no match for you


So just chill okay ……”


She said and I smiled.


” Your dad told me to approve the proposal…”


She said calmly.


” Why would dad do that without even asking for my opinion….”


” Look your dad must have a reason for not consulting you…


Stephannie the school has to send an approval to the board within the next t twenty-four hours……”


She said.


Okay fine if my Dad said so then why call me when you know that after everything you will still give an approval to it …”


I said stood up and left her office while she calls me but I paid deaf ears


Dad couldn’t even call to know what really transpired in the whole meeting..


He just went into conclusion even without hearing form me ..


Why has dad change …


He is now acting cold towards me this Dad


Am so angry


I won’t go home today


Let him sleep alone in the whole house since that’s what he wants….”


Immediately after I left Miss Kitty’s office I got out… I walked into the classroom Elvin walked in with that Flora of a girl but am not in the mood for all that.. I took my things and walked out of the class, got into my car and drive to Mirabel’s institution… Am so feed up with the school.


How I wish I can go back and stay with my grandma…


I couldn’t control anything at all ..


I got to her school and there she is having a chat with her classmates I guess..


Why can’t I for once live a perfect life and stop all this pain I passes through Everytime….” I asked myself and hot tears flow down form my beautiful cheeks.


I stayed in my car and watch as she play freely with his mates …


I put on a loud music that even Tessia could hear …


I so much needs to cool my head.


It took my some time to cool my head and at least notice the present to Tessia.


Just few minutes after Mirabel noticed my presence and started walking towards us.


She got close and Tessia came out from the car and opened the door so that the Both can have assess to each other.


” Stephannie !!!!!


How long have you been here …”


She asked putting up a smile.


You know that’s a rude way to approach your elder sister ……” I said to her and she kind of give me


What??? Looks.


Elder Sister??


Look you are just few days older than me so ”


She said still smiling but her smile kind of fade immediately she notice I came with just only one car and Tessia.


Why are you here with only Tessia ???


Where is Stella and Lillian??? …” She asked



They are in the institution they will going home from there am just here her with her……” I said pointing at Tessia.


You know dad will be very angry with them for not coming with you….You know …” She said.


Miss Mirabel


Are you ready to go home …”


One of her bodyguard asked.


” Yeah..


Get the car ready, I will ride with my sister so you guys should drive front Okay!!!!! …”


She said to her and she node and walk away.


So why did you decide to come over with Tessia.. You could have snick out on her absence and then by tomorrow dad will use her head to prepare something for you ……”


She said and I laughed while Tessia just smiled.


I can’t let my Mistress go anywhere without me…..”


She can’t even outsmart me


Tessia boosted.


You know one day am gonna break your head for always disobeying my instruction …” I said and she laughed.


You know I better get punished by you than by your dad.. I could imagine what will happen to me if I haven’t insisted in following you…..”


She said.


Tessia just do the driving while other should get into the other car and ride behind us …”


Mirabel instructed walk over to the other side of the car while I close the door side of mine.


Stephannie !!!!


What’s the problem


You don’t look good at all …”


She asked as we drove out form the institution.


Am really trying so hard to hide my sad mood but it seem I couldn’t she finally noticed…”


Is Dad..


Dad is really getting on my nerves …”


I said..



What did he do??? …” She asked.


You know how the meeting we heard today ended.. But you know what dad did..


He told Miss Kitty to approve that stupid request of Maya and other idiots that supported her to it..


He couldn’t even heard from me ……”


I said feeling so said.


I understand how you feel but you should know that dad is doing all this for our own good. I told my dad about the threats Mr Richmond Made and he warned him for doing so….” She said.


Dad did???


Yeah he did in my presence.


See Maya and does fool are up-to something and we need not to give them any room to think otherwise


about us….”


She said


If you view this whole things form this side of view you will found out that Dad is really doing a great job for us.. Okay take a Look at this in this way.. It not about me but you…


You have been the first student in Europe and for the past three years now you have not been exposed to the new method or strategy of competition.. So I think you going for this competition will enable you know the capacity of Maya and others …..”


She said.


I think you are right but don’t you think those bitches are too small to try doing such a thing with me Huh….. ”


You know what… Dad must have to plead before I comes back home or he will have to come pick me by himself…”


Dad’s pet….” She said and laugh.


But come to think of this what even gave Maya and her colleague to think of putting up a competition challenge with you…..”


She asked.


How would I know


those fool are just out to disgrace themselves but trust me am gonna help them out….


They should have known that even in their widest dream they will still be like the heavens and earth that keeps looking at each other but can never touch themselves……”



You are right Steph….” She said.


We first drove into a shopping mall and get something for Alex then we drive into their massive estate and the guards around rush to welcome her unlike if I get to the castle the guards will just stay on their own.. Well am not her.. She has her life to live and enjoy.


We walked in and my uncle and his wife is at the living room with Alex laying on mum’s laps.


Good evening Dad !!!!!


Good evening Mum !!!!!


me and Mirabel greeted and Alex stood up and smiled at me. Alex is Mirabel’s twin but Mirabel happens to be the older one….”


Stephannie !!!! Mirabel


how are you girls doing???


MY Uncle asked


” Am fine Dad…”


I said smiling at them


Stephannie I and your dad have sorted things out.. that stupid Mr. Richmond won’t try such with our daughter’s


So just chill he has been taken care of




He said and i smiled.


Thanks uncle but am angry at dad he must come here to pick me up himself or he will ask for Forgiveness or else I won’t return home….”


I said and he laugh.


Okay fine i will let him know that he has offered the Princess and the princess needs his apology…. ” He said and i smiled.








We walked into her bedroom well sparking and beautiful.. I love the new saint of this room….”


I voiced out.


Just then we heard a knock at the door and Mirabel went to open the door and the Image of a boy called Ferdinand showed up..



Anger grew up in me immediately.


It has been natural thing for me to get mad at guy but Ferdinand Here his a backstabber and a cheat but my sister has failed to understand that… I wonder what my sister is still doing with him even after what he did.






Their are something’s in life when you try so hard to change it you will end up discovering that you have been wasting you time for years.


Stephannie has been like this for years but I don’t blame her or try changing her because I know the cause and her reasons for doing so and that’s what people don’t know.


I got a message from Ferdinand just some minutes after me and Stephannie arrive home that he is already at the gate…. You know if he had told me he is coming over I won’t have allowed him come because I know Stephannie won’t be happy to see him.


Just some minutes a knock landed on my door and I walked up to the door to open it… Nobody needs to tell me that it him knocking..


Just like I expected immediately Stephannie saw him.. Her mood changed. Even the blind could see the hatred she had for him..


” What are you doing here you idiots..


I thought I have warned you not to come an inch close to my sister??? ….”


She asked standing up form the place she is sitting.


Stephannie am so sorry for what happened but at least you should hear me out and don’t use harsh words on me….. ”


Ferdinand said.


You must be very crazy for thinking that can sit and listen to all the rubbish you have to vomit out form


your stinking mouth


I shouted at him.


” Mind you word


Am not here to see you either am i in your house so mind your speech ….”


He said.


” How dare you talk to my sister like that….”


I shouted at him and he kept quiet. he should control his anger and respect the fact that he caused the whole thing for himself so he should beat the pain and hurtful words.



” Now Leave this minute …”


I said and he left the room immediately


” Am sorry


I said and she breathed out and sat down..


I know you think what I did is wrong.


But know No, I understand Stephannie’s actions, Stephannie is not a type you talk sense into when she is angry.


So the best thing I needs to do is please her at the moment and then talk to her letter.


Ferdinand was my boyfriend but he cheated on me because he wanted to win a bet he had with his friends could you imagine that..


Well love they say is something that can make you act stupid and helpless.. I really love him.


He came to apologize to Stephannie.


I have already accepted I just thought it wise to tell my sister about it though I know she will not accept it but I know talking to her when she is calm will help matters.


Ferdinand is the a very intelligent guy


He was just my friend before I discovered I have feelings for him.


I hope is not what am thinking ….” She said few minutes after he had left.


Yeah is what you are thinking Stephannie am sorry to say this. Look Stephannie is really love him…”


Despite what he did Mirabel..


I warned you about this thing called love..


You say you never had anything to do with him..


Look you need to kill that feeling you have to him. Men are not worthy to be trusted


He will always cheat no matter what you do or how much you show him you love him…..”


She said.


” I know Stephannie but in this case am helpless..


I love him and I can’t imagine myself seeing any other girl around him Please just understand….”


I said to her but she just kept mute.


” Look Mirabel.


I understand how you feel but at least he needs to prove that he really loves you this time..


Look just give yourself time and make sure that he won’t hurt you….


I won’t take it likely with him if he hurts you the second time..


Am not saying you shouldn’t date him or forgive him but at least let his character show that he is sorry….”


She said holding my hand.


” Love is really crazy ”


I said and she just inhaled.


Yeah very crazy but you know what.


I can’t find myself in such mess


She said and I just smiled.


You will when the time is right no matter how much you try to fight it. Love is a nature that can’t be changed is either you love OT you live with the live that others has for you….”






Love is a mess I can’t pray finding myself in..


It reminds me nothing but how hurt it has caused me and the most treasured thing I ever valued in life.


I can’t picture myself falling for men again because they have nothing but pain and suffering to offer to the world..


I wonder why my sister has failed to understand this.


I hate men


And I hate the fact we are created In the same world to live in


* *






The things that happened today needs consideration… After we went to the cafeteria to eat we came back to the classroom while Victor return to his own Class..


I noticed that Stephannie wasn’t happy at all.. she just walked in took her things and left the class and from then I never see her again.


I got a lot of stares from that Vivian of a girl After school Eric came to pick us up it happens that Kester is out or town and will either be back very late or letter tomorrow morning.


The castle was very quiet and boring I must say… On the other hand Stephannie seem like she didn’t come home and I wonder where she gone to.



Victor were busy with Angela and Sandra and I was just in my room reading what I find it difficult to understand..


I slept off while reading and I woke up a late.. I did my morning activities just like l always does everyday but today I didn’t go out to receive some fresh air.


We were drive to school by Eric and before we got to school Stephannie were already present ..


I walked into the class and I sat down on my chair.. I look out for Flora but it seem she isn’t in the class room but she is already in school.


School activities began and I got a notification from the institution site about the competition that will take place tomorrow which Stephannie will represent the institution.


Wow that gonna be great at least an gonna watch her exhibit her Intelligence













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