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I was in school before him and I was sitting patiently in classroom waiting for him to get to school. Just like I expected he walked in like a Greek god he is…


Oh my cute and handsome Elvin


Please stop driving me insane….”


I said to myself.


I watch him as he walk to his seat and I felt the hug of standing up and hugging him with a passionate kiss….”


I smiled at my thought.



I must make you mine Elvin


Since the first day I met you my mind has been restless and I know longer concentrate in anything until I sees you.


Oh I wonder why God has to creat you with so much handsomeness that even your follow guys evny you


and girl fight over you but you know what … Am a queen and I can fight over you with anybody because


I has all it take to make you mine and mine alone.


I said to myself and smile.


What’s so funny that you have been smiling all to your self ….” Kistona asked.


Nothing just thinking of the time God spent to creat such a Greek god …..” I said to him.


I should have thought if that….”


He said and focus on what he was doing.


Our eyes met and he just look away without a smile .. Well I will have to do some introduction later, Elvin you must be mine and mine alone…..”


I said and a message pop into my phone distracting me from the stare at my handsome boyfriend.


The class was cool and I was looking for a good moment to have an eye contact with him but he wasn’t looking at my direction.


When it was time for us to have some break .. I waited for him to go out but one idoit had stood up and he followed her, Flora !!!!!


How dare her move around with my Elvin.???


I said with a frown face.


Flora you better stay clear..


I was on my way out when I encountered something kind of a shocked.


I just stood and stare in surprised.










Hope you are alright son??? …..” Dad asked.



Yes am fine Dad What’s really going on…”


I asked dad through the phone but he put the call down without saying anything to me ..


I look at kayle then to Jacky before looking to Steve… Can you guys please explain what is going on here ????……”


I asked them but they were quite


Am talking to somebody……”


Sir, we are sorry but your dad gave the instructions that of no account should we allow you out from here ……”


Kayla said.


What ??? but why????……”


I asked but they were quite


You know at some point I thought this was to stop me from dropping the album I had for my fans but I have been here since yesterday..


Am I not going to go home and see my Dad ???? ……” I asked them again


Sir, we are sorry but this is for your safety …..”


Kayla said again.


” To hell with been safe


Look am not buying that shit ..


What sort of safety are you talking about that you have to lock me up in this room since yesterday as if am a slave or something…..”


I shouted at them but they just keep their face down.


” Jacky !!! …..We are friends aren’t we??


Come you can trust me and tell me why dad said I should be locked up like a slave…….”


I said but they were still quite.


” Is my Dad really Okay ????..


Why did he stop you guys form taken me home…..”


I asked this time calmly.


Sir, The boss is okay Nothing is wrong with him ..


He is just making sure you are in safe place at the right pointing time ….” He said.



But the Estate is always safe????…..”


Yes the estate is always safe but the road that leads home is been threatened by unknown fun men …..


And am sure they are hunting for you ..


That why we called boss and he said you should be kept here in the quest house till all is sorted out….” Jacky explained…


Now I understand better.


But why are they after me


I mean I don’t have any business with them….”


I said.


Sir, You are the only son of the European God Emperor and anyone that has you captive is liking said to have the whole city of Europe on captive so we need to move carefully …..”


He said.


I took out a deep breath.


I need some water…..”


I said.


” Okay Sir….. ”


Kayle said and walk out not few minutes she came back with the water.


Can all the ever be over ????……” I asked to no one in particular.


Off course sir ..


They are just thirsty for power and wealthy when they see that your Dad our boss is equal to them they will have no choice than to give up or get caught and face the law….” She said with so much certainty


” I pray so anyway….”


I said and then sat down a massive bed kept in the room.


” Where is here ???? ……”


I asked.


” The school quest house.


It actually underground and it only the three of us and your dad knows about it ……”


Jacky said and I just look around the beautiful room .







Yesterday after school was so stressed out and frustrated for me ..


Getting home meeting my parents doing nothing but fighting all day kills me everyday..


Well am gonna raise some money and leave them to kill themselves..


I was so happy to be in school because the sight of Elvin helps me a lot.


He smiled at me the moment he walked into the class and just the smile melt my pain and I became




I got a message for my mistress to come over.


So I decided to go see her Immediately after the present lecture we were receiving….


I texted Elvin were to meet me up but instead immediately I stood up he followed me out but on my way out I something shocking happened…










After I dropped Elvin and Victor to school I drove straight to my sports academy.


Getting there they were set to pick up on a race and I watch how excellent they did it… I really miss the few that left.


My academic advisor called me over so I had to work over to his office to find out what the problem is.


Getting there I met a beautiful lady at her early Thirsty …


” Good morning Mr. Rolland……”


I said to him as we had a hand shake together.


” Please have a seat Sure…. ”


He said and while I sat down gently.


” Sir this is Eva


She has been in this sport for years and from the information I have she was the very best for the past eight (8) years ……”


He said and I look at the lady and she smiled at me.


Mrs Eva this is Kester Mr. Barlon only son.. He is the owner of this humble academy ……” He said to the woman.


So how is she gonna be of help to what we are encountering presently ?????……”


I asked him.



Sir !!! You don’t need to be afraid.


He has already told me about the present situation at hand and I believe in something that if you guys can train up more student to back you up at anytime then I don’t think that the ones that left won’t be a problem..


I understand perfectly well that the ones you have lost are the very best but we can still train up special student regardless of the time at hand …..”


She said.


Oh !!!.. I think that wonderful……”


I said and smiled at her opinion.


Sir I also suggested that your student should be provided all they need here .. so they will have no reason or cause to leave the premise for any reason…..”


She said.


You think that will help???……”


I asked and she nod.


We are gonna turn their stay to be more like a summer vacation.. They will stay with in. Look at it this way..


If they stay indoor… The enemies out won’t know what’s happening around or even know the capacity of your student we are training…..”


She said.


You are really good at this…..”


I said to her and she smiled.


Thank you sir …” She said.


This idea is the best and we are gonna tackle it just like she just said and I will like this to be executed immediately we have limited time…..”


I said stood up shake hands with them and walk out.


I think this a good new but for now it will be kept in a low key


I said to myself and got into my car and drive to the nearest quest house around to have a cool drink I pray that this works.






After school yesterday I drove straight to Mirabel’s house where I saw my stubborn cousin Alex…



We really had fun and after everything I drove back home very late actually..


I was so tried that I didn’t go to say hey to Dad and I went to a dream land.


I woke up to see a new beautiful day and I put on my long night wear and waked down to visit my mum’s grave.


I spent some time with her in her grave then come up and prepared for School.


I got to school and everywhere was so calm.. One of our lecturer’s happens to be in the class room when I came though he didn’t question me why I came late but I know I was late.


I walk to my seat and sat down and that Elvin of a boy greeted me again just like he did yesterday and I also did like I didn’t hear him.


The school activities were moving smoothly I must say.


I opened my WiFi and school updates pop into my phone.


After going through the notice .. I guess they school management hasn’t found the time Worthy to let the students know the new update.


I log into different social media and I replied some messages sent by reasonable people.


I was walking into the class with my mind full focus on the music playing on the headphone that am with and then the next thing .. I hit something like a rock and I lost balance and fell.


I closed my eyes hoping to open them in the hospital, maybe in the evening time but I felt a warm and peaceful arm around me.


Could someone have caught me ???……..”


I asked myself and I refused to open my eyes.


” Open your eyes


Are you okay ????……”


The cute and Melodious voice said to me but I still find it difficult to open my eyes.


His arms felt so good and I felt the peace I lost for years.




To be continued………













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