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Today seem boring ..


I got to school a bit late and I met a lot of new faces in the class room


I made eye contact with Flora and I smiled at her …This girl is really cute when she smiles..


Going to my seat and made another eye contact with Vivian the minister daughter and she smiles … Is she smiling at me huh???.


I made my way to my seat and I sat down and observe the beauty face of my queen Stephannie.


” Good morning Steph …..”


I greeted but she payed deaf ears to my greeting.


A man at his early forties walked into the class and after introducing himself as our new lecturer he drive into the days topic.


I notice constant stare from that girl called Vivian but I made sure I didn’t look her way at all … What is even her own problem self ???


He taught perfectly fine and I learnt a lot from his teaching and after the whole thing he was giving a little speech when Steph stood up and walk out of the classroom even when the man was still saying something.


I got a message from Flora telling me that she got a call to answer after which she will meet me up at our usual place I look at her from my seat and she just smiled … This girl is looking so cute and beautiful today or Is my eyes now deceiving me ???.


Well I don’t think I will be waiting for you at any place… We will go together..


Immediately the man finished with his speech and left the class Flora stood up and I stood as well and followed her.



I meet up with her half close to the door.



I taught I sent you a message.?????……” She asked.


I saw it but am not leaving to go alone .. I will follow you today……”


I said and she smiled.


Okay then fine but you will wait outside while I go in because I don’t know how she will feel seeing both of us in her office…..”


She said and I just nod.


We were chatting and moving towards the door … Just few meters out from the door my phone vibrated and I put my hands in my bag to get it out only for me to bum into someone.


Who is that ????


I raised my head up to see it was Stephannie and she lost her balance and fell even before I could realized myself I was already holding her by her waist.


That was very close .. She could have felled


Wait how came I caught her on time ????


Was I really that fast ????


I asked myself.


I look at her


This girl is really a goddess in human form


Am not even sure that God spent only one day creating her ?????


She looks so cute and beautiful…I haven’t seen her kind or anyone matting to her kind of beauty.


She was closing her eyes very tight and her grip on me was so tight.


” You can open your eyes…”


I said but she was still closing them.


You can open them you are save I got you on time ……”


I said but she wasn’t acting as if she is gonna open them anytime soon.


Come on


Open your eyes


I got you….”


I said to her calmly.



Her phone vibrated and she opened to her eyes and we stare at each other… She was surprised to see me and some how shocked.


I stood her upright I can see the surprised in her face….. I can’t say if she is angry or happy …


Am I the one at fault..????


Are you alright????……” I asked showing concern. Am so sorry hitting you down


I added in a pleading manner but she was just looking at me.


Next time watch your way while walking….”


She said and walk out immediately.


She is rude again .. Not even a thank you Am I the one at fault..


Is she looking when she bum into me ……”


I asked myself as I watch her walk into the classroom.


She is really cute


My mind said and I smiled.




Can we now start going……” I heard Flora said


Oh !!!! … I even forget am with her Yeah… Yeah we should……”


I said repeatedly and she just smiled.


We walked to the garden and I notice she was just smiling all this while. What’s funny ???……”


I asked her.


Am I laughing …”


She asked.


Not but you are smiling…” I said.


Huh … Nothing just think how cute you guys look together……” She said.



You better stop thinking……” I said and she laughed.


You guys look really great


How I wish she can date you but her pride and annoying character won’t allow her….”


She said.


You should have told me you wanted me dead.. Well you know that’s impossible for us to date because I won’t even date herself…”


I said and my heart ached. Why????


That’s a lie


Stop pretending I saw the looks on you face ..


I know if I was the one to fall.. You would have just stood there laughing at me instead of holding me


just the way you hold her….”


She said.


” You can try and see …”


I said and she laughed while we kept on walking.


” Off course I won’t even try.


I don’t want to have a broken head….”


She said still laughing while I hiss and walk more faster.


We got to the garden and the strength to follow her to the mistress office was no longer there.


I think I will have to wait for you here …” I said not looking at her.


Like seriously..


I told you earlier but you said no ..


Now just because you hold Stephannie you no longer have the strength to follow to the mistress




She said.


” And what made you think so ???


Look my intention was to follow you to this place then wait while you go answer the call since am not


gonna follow you into the office……”


I lied.


But I told you earlier but you objected to it and now after this you said you got no strength to follow me….”


She said.



Is it a must that I will follow you perhaps I just told you what I had in mind even before this .. So cut that thing you have going on in your dirty mind…..”


I said and she laughed.


See you can’t fight it ..


I know you want her for yourself but don’t worry I she likes you in saw how comfortable she was in your


arms …..”


She said.


” You are sick


Just go and come back very fast and don’t keep me waiting……”


I said.


Fine I won’t .. I know you want to think about her … But don’t forget to kept me updated you know




She said and walk out smiling.


What a crazy bestie…”


I said.


I heard that …” She said and I hiss.


She is really so cute and beautiful God really spent a lot of years creating her. Wow … She finally smiled at me


For the very first time …”


I said to myself.


” Am so happy..


I hold the almighty Stephannie in my arms and she was smiling at me


Wow ! Wow !! Wow !!! Wow !!!!


She likes me ..


She couldn’t open her eyes because my arms was so comfortable for her ……”


I said and smiled at my foolish thought


” Shut up and what has she smiling got to so with you…


The fact she closed her eyes was because she was shocked so is not because your arms is so conducive for her.


You know she can’t date someone like you ……”


My conscious scold me.


But my arms is involved…” I said and I smiled the more.



A message popped into my phone..


I look at it and it was from an unknown number…..I opened the message and it reads.


Thanks so much for…..


The message ended.


Huh … Who the hell is this and why is she thanking me ???


What even made you think that the unknown person is a she ???…… ” My conscious said.


” Anybody the unknown person is ..”


I said.


I search for the contact details and it an official number..


Who could this be ????






Today is really so dull and boring…


My two friends aren’t in school today and I don’t want to stay with the female here all of them are my


friend because of the person you are thinking……


How am I going to spend today all in this lonely and boring place


I asked myself just then I remembered that I have Elvin in the same school with me.


Is not really my Fault… It seem they are schooling in different school altogether..


I only remember that we are in the same school when ever Kester comes to pick us up..


Well I think I will have to go and see him since my two side chick are not in school I can’t come and kill myself and I don’t have anyone her to talk to.


You know nah ..


You gat to behave like and big boy so that you won’t fall your hand.


I stood up from the place I was seated and I walk to their own school or class as case may be…. I got into


the beautiful environment and I wowed … Here looks so different and massively classic.


This is really the first time am coming here if you must know …


I look around as I walk in more deeper to where I guess could be a classroom.


Just more meters closer


I saw Elvin walking out form a structure I call a classroom with a beautiful girl beside him …


They were smiling as they are coming out


The girl is really beautiful and cute just then I saw Stephannie walking towards that direction.


She look so cute as well and she walks just like a queen..


Before I could relate what was happening


The next thing I saw was Stephannie on Elvin’s arms.


It all happened like a movie


So fast….


I look at them from where I am ..


Am not even too far from them so I could see everything so clear.


They look so cute and beautiful together


Oh kester you need to see this beautiful moment.. I took out my phone and I took pictures of them and I walk into a hidden place and view the pictures.


Oh this two looks so great


This is just the viewing picture of a god and a goddess …


They just look like a perfect couple


I check out the five shot I took and they all look great ..


Before I could come out form my hid out I didn’t see Stephannie again … I guess she must have left in surprised.


I saw Elvin and the girl walking closer to were I was so hid … I don’t need him to know that I saw anything.


I followed them to a beautiful garden and I watched the two of them argue on the thing that just happened..


His friend is really a crazy one but she was right with all she said.


I know Elvin was lying when he said he don’t want to date Stephannie I mean who in his right sense go reject someone like Stephannie


I allowed the girl to head to while she was going and just then I can out from my hid out like someone that knows nothing about the incident that happened.


” What’s up Elvin….”


I said and he raised his head up because the time I came he was busy with his phone…..


He looks so surprised to see me.


” Am cool and you ???….”


He asked making a space for me to seat down


Am fine ….”


This one you came to see me ..


I even forget say me and you are schooling in the same school….”


He said and I laughed..


The same here is just that my two side chicks no come today so the class the so boring that why I decided to come over ……”


I said.


You and women..


One day you will wake up without you …”


He said and draw the last word and I just laughed.


OMG !!!!! Una cute die …” I said and he look surprised.


Who ???…”


He asked.


” I don’t know Oh !!!…”


I said and he just gave me some how look.


Just then the girl I saw him with earlier walked in.


” What’s up guys …”


She said as she walked closer.


Am cool as you can see ……” Elvin answered.


Hey !!…”


She turned to me


How are you doing???……” I asked.


Fine …”


She answered and sat between me and Elvin.


Flora that’s Victor my brother Victor that’s Flora my girlfriend…..”


I said and she gave him an angry fave …


” That’s a lie .. Am his bestie..


He has a girlfriend and she is so cute …”


The girl said and I just laughed at them.


You look so cute anyway…” I said and she became shy ..


Oh this girl is really cute but not anyway close that of Stephannie. I said in my mind.


You both look like couple


And you sure look great …”


I added.


No ! No !! … I don’t give in to that They look much cute and perfect together


You needed to have seen what happened few minutes with his crush…..” She said coming closer to me.


Flora !!!! Won’t you keep quiet and mind your business…..”


Elvin said


Off course am minding my business perhaps and discussing with your brother not you……” She said and just the Elvin’s phone started ring and he stood up and gave us a little space.


You needed to see how cute they look together…”


She said.


” Who and who ??? ……”


I asked though I know what she is talking about.


Your brother and the almighty Stephannie….” She said and I laughed.


Okay take a look at this …”


I said and took out my phone and view the pictures for her and she gaped.


Where did you get the pictures from ??…” She asked.


I took them myself……”


I said and she looks surprised.


Yeah I saw it as well I said and she laughed..



They are cute …” She said.


Yeah and I gonna show it to someone…” I said and just then Elvin walked back


And what’s the laughing all about ……” He asked and I just hiss


Is none of your business …”


She answered


” Am hungry


Can we just go get something to eat….”


I said and Elvin nod and we stood up and left.


To their cafeteria I guess..


To be continued……..





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