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The day for the competition is finally here, well if you must know I don’t read when going on exams or competition I reads ahead before the time.



I drive to school and everywhere were already set for the time, well I will stay in my institution because we have projector while other schools that don’t have will either go to Maya, Mirabel or they will go to Priscilla the three best student though it also my school but a bit far from my class.


I was in the class listening to a cool music when the boy that calls himself Elvin walked in and very where became calm, girls adjust their clothes while the men change form happy mood to a sad one.


He only smiles at Flora and he came to the seat and sat down calmly, I guess he only admire Flora the both are always together always !!!


He said a good morning greeting to me when he sat down but I just ignored him focussing on what am doing.


The class were going smoothly and immediately it was time for the competition I stood and went to the competition room where camera and computerize robot are.


Students went to the hall to view me and other competitors. Five minutes later the competition started.


We first go for the writes, when the Robot ask we do the answering as fast as possible before the time clicks stop.


It was a competition of seven contestants, Me, Maya, Priscilla, Mirabel, Olivia, Pamela and Isla. I wonder why my Dad choose to accept this when two of my students is here, it disrespectful competition with my own students those low life.


Priscilla and Pamela are from my institution but they study about the nervous system that’s under the field of Neuroscience while I study to be a psychologist.


Maya, Pamela and Isla study the same thing with me but not in the same institution.


Priscilla is form my institution,


Immediately the clocked and everything move accordingly. The truth is that we all are really intelligent, it has really been long I did this. Unno this competing of a thing.






A new day comes and new activities is urge to take place, finally the all waited day is here.


Kester happens to come back to the castle very early in the morning but Eric did the driving though Kester wanted to come with us but we declined, we told him to take some rest.


We got to the school and nothing new actually not like Nigerian if there will be such activities the school will be so disorganized because the teachers will focus in the day activities but her reverse is the case.



It happens that the competition is gonna take place immediately it clocked 11 am.


Walking into the class room the class was full with student and on there seating position, it happens that it just like two to three empty seat.


I look around caught sight of Vivian and smile but I put up an angry face, then to Stephannie but she were busy to even notice my present in the class and to my cute bestie Flora she smiled and I return back the smile.


I walked to my seat and I sat down quietly say a greeting to Stephannie but she paid deaf ears to my greeting.


I took out a book and I started reading since there were on lecturer in the classroom.


Immediately it 11 am on the dot though by then Stephannie was already out… Other students walked into the institution hall while I and flora stays in the class room and watch the event with my laptop.




They went on with a writing one, the robot does the asking and their answers is been displayed for us to see.


The first to leave the competition is Isla followed by Olivia then they went in two different round before Pamela and then a beautiful girl by name Mirabel then there were a long round,


It seen that the competition was gonna be postponed but later Priscilla left and it was only Stephannie and Maya…


It took the both a long time,


It seen Stephannie were getting weak that I even have a second thought that Maya were gonna win her out but on a last minute, Maya gave up and Stephannie won.


The institution were in celebration and very one where happy that the almighty Stephannie were able to make it to the first again.


It was sure a thing of joy and I was happy for her. I wish I could go congrats her but I know what her reaction is gonna be so I just stayed in my own.


” After the school.


Kester came to pick us up and he happens to have this frown face like he is angry at someone or at something….”


Well I didn’t bother asking during our ride to the castle.


On getting to the castle, it happens that the slay queen was already home and she sat at the living room the time we walked in.


However, as we walked in his brother didn’t altar any word to her either did she.



Is anything wrong


I asked my self but I decide to act cool for the main time.






Dad !!! Why did you ask me to do that, I could have won her out at once…..” Maya said showing her angry face.


Look Maya, you are really intelligent and am very proud of you but you need to know that, this game is not the one we play in a hurry.


Remember her father is rich and very smart, he can go any length if he finds out that we are kind if cheating, So we need time to plan a better way for this is work out smoothly…..”


Mr. Robinson said.


But Dad I could have won her out once, I have all it takes to do that and you know it,


why did you stop me


She was even about to give up because she has nothing more to offer again…..”


Maya said.


” Look my daughter


The only thing you think is winning her, has you forgotten that if you win her now


She can still be able to contest against you over the world best and you and I know that she will win….”


He said.


Look, I wants Barlon not to have any chances of having a back up, Morgan is already moving smoothly with our plans on the skating competition so she is gonna be disgraced publicly ……”


He said.


Dad you thinks so.


You know I can win her once and for all, at least we will then concentrate on the skating competition


What do you think????……”


Maya asked.


Look Maya even in your wildest dreams you know you can win someone like Stephannie on a first line, she is too way smarter than you even though with what we has as back up on your side


She is still the Stephannie Barlon you know……”


She is way too smart….”


He said.


” So what are you now saying Dad.


My backup is smarter than her natural Brain…..”


I said.


” Yeah but don’t forget


If you win her at first trial even the God Emperor will be interested in you……”


He said


Dad are so sure about this??? ……” She asked


Off course am sure of this


Only one man can help me out but that man can never do that, he will even help him fall down. Don’t worry am on top of this game…..”


He said, laughed and drink form the wine he has.


Barlon i will trip you all you got and I will kick you out if the Emperor’s list. He said and laugh out loud.


I will bury you were your generation will not find your grave, and as for you Thomson, you will fall after


your good friend Barlon


He said laughing.






What’s all this about


No am not gonna watch this daughter of mine humiliate me and drag my name to the mod.


I watched her performance in the competition and I saw how Maya has to give unto cover her shame of been defeated at first trial.


What’s has really happened to my daughter thus us not the girl I notched, she has really changed into something human can’t think of.


I really need to do something about this, I got a call from her mum’s best friend and mistress Miss Harrietta who has been her private mistress since her age of five.


She spoke with so much disappointment and the whole blame is on me, she said that all this happened because I took her away to stay with me leaving her to study by herself.


I really need to fix this


I can’t imagine if anybody takes away this status from her not even Maya,


How come??? What really changed


Maya were not match for my daughter before now …


What happened


I got out from my study room immediately I got informed that she is back from school


I need to talk some sense into her and this time I will do this my own way.






After the competition.


I went home immediately


The truth is that what I saw wasn’t what am expecting…


Maya and Priscilla has really gone wide in studying..


I need to study more harder and focus on my book, I could have lost to Maya if she didn’t give up..


Yeah I know she purposely did that but I don’t know why.


Oh my God my Dad is gonna be so mad at me. He will think am afraid that’s why I never wanted to contest with Maya and Priscilla at the first place.


On getting home, it was only Kester home and he was not happy at all and I know it has things rondo what the competition


Stephannie did you watch yourself on the television, you messed up big time Stephannie Dad is gonna be disappointed in you…..”


He said walking down the stairs


And what’s that supposed to me Kester, is that gonna even a job Weldon Huh… After everything I won Didn’t I??……”


I fired back


You should be ashamed of yourself


You are too way smarter that the both of them but look at you, you can’t stand Tonto Maya She has to give up just to proceed your shame……” He said and i was kind of shock..



How did he find out..


” You know what.


You should better go fix yourself well because I know Maya is not gonna reconsider on the next


competition event …..”


He said and walked away.



I went to my room downcast and I took my bath first after then I spoke with miracle before Dad walked into my room with his angry face along side with my Step Mum.


What’s really your problem Stephannie……” Mr. Barlon asked


Dad I don’t get what you are saying


My problem?? I never told you I have one……”


I said.


You know I thought I was the only one that noticed it but I was all wrong, tell me Stephannie how did the competition went??…..”


He asked not putting on a good looks


Dad the competition went fine.


What are you even saying that it wasn’t only you that found out??…..”


I asked looking at him for an answer.


Your performance at the stage today ??? Stephannie, that’s what am talking about….” He said.


Dad what happened to my performance, with what u know I didn’t great ……”


I said.


” You did great Stephannie.


Can you listen to yourself Stephannie


What’s really wrong with you???……”


He asked


Dad am not getting where you are driving at, I did perfectly well so I don’t understand what you are saying…


Didn’t Miss Kitty sent you the video of the competition????……” I asked.


Off course she did and I watch how you struggle so hard to win Maya, Just a little Maya gave you hard time to win… You spent two good hours with her on the stage.


What’s is really wrong with you???……” He said.


Dad am fine nothing is wrong with me ……”


I said.


” No something is wrong



This is not the girl I train up as a daughter, my daughter is smart and none of her mate can stand up to her,


What has changed Stephannie??? ……”


He asked again


Dad I don’t know what you are taking about, am still the daughter you trained. Am still Stephannie ….”


I never taught of this all this while


I no this is the actual reason why you never wanted to approve this competition in the first place……”


He said and i was kind of hurt is Dad not doubting the trust he has for me???


I asked myself.


You know what Stephannie Am getting you a private mistress And that’s final……”


Mr. Barlon said


No dad, you can’t impose a private mistress on me. I don’t need her for any reason if I don’t think I would be let you know Dad ….”


Stephannie said.


Stephannie!!! I wants the very best for you, don’t see private mistress as a punishment but as something that’s gonna build you up….”


Mr. Barlon said with so much passion in his voice so calmly.


But dad, they shouldn’t be any need for that, am good reading on my own, I understand more when alone. Getting a private mistress will not help matters cos am always gonna be around her dad. Please just try to understand…..”


I do understand Stephannie but you need a mistress to guard and help you out perhaps am getting your favorite Miss Harrietta….”


He said.


Why are you doing this Dad,


I don’t need her around maybe later but not now dad perhaps I don’t have a tie, I won them all Dad……”


Stephannie said.


” You won but you had to struggle


Stephannie before now Priscilla and Mirabel combined together can’t beat up to your standards but you couldn’t take out Priscilla and Maya,


Have you even thought of what is coming up next.


Don’t even forgot she gave up to shave your shame….


You are in the period where they can put up a competition without you consent


What happens if she does Huh???….”


He asked.


” Off course


Dad I will win them over and over again…..”


Stephannie said.


You might have done it today but they are sure coming up more advanced than what you would think of Stephannie.


Have you even thought of someone like Elvin, can you stand up to him???……” He asked and i kept a little calm.


The truth is that Dad is right j need to study more but I want a private life, I don’t need a mistress around me.


I want to keep living the way I have lived.


You know what, I don’t need your approval to do this as a matter of fact, I have sent for Miss Harrietta and she will be your private mistress till the competition period is over ……”


Dad said stood up and walk away.


Mum aren’t you gonna say something, Dad can’t force me again my own wish.


Will he???? ……”


I said and turned to my Step mum.


Stephannie you need to listen to your dad, he is doing all this to keep you on your position, your dad really care and love you. I know he will not do something to harm you…….”


Just do as he said, you know he doesn’t go back on his words She said while hiss and walk away


To be continued.












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