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After the whole argument I had with dad.


dad has vow not to listen to me again since that boy called Elvin came into the picture but I know what to do…


I was so angry that I slept of while listening to my cool music.



I woke up at my normal time and I went straight to my mum’s grave to pay homage as I normally do every morning.. It has really become part of me.


After words I walk back to my room take my bath did some research on something to while away time actually and when it was 19.45 am I got down and Tessia and Stella drove me to school.


Getting to school students were walking about.. Well this is how school us to be… Every Tuesday and Thursday we have fun first before going to business..


I sat on my car and I enjoy the gift of nature.. I was online chatting with my brother Kester he told me a whole lot about how his students are performing.


I spotted Elvin with Flora chatting while walking maybe around the school… I can see he is getting along with students in the school.


I made sure I focused on my phone and I never looked at them till I was informed that the time for lecture has arrived.


We had a lovely class with very smart and professional lecturers…. They are indeed the best.


After the Miss Kitty was over with her class I kind of felt hungry so I decided to make use of the cafeteria.


I got to cafeteria to a place specially built for me and I ordered for a meal.


I was enjoying myself when am idiots actually walk up to me..


Hello !! My pretty Stephannie.


I heard him greet and I look up to see Mavis.. Mr. Desmond’s son (Head of institution) He is even smiling like a fool.


I just look at him and I just focused back on what I was eating.. I wonder were this school got some pigs from.


” Am talking to you my damsel….”


He said and touched me.


” OMG !!!


Did you just touch me with this sticking hands of yours ……”


I asked and he frowned and looked at his hand.


I stood up carried the wine I was drinking and I slowly use it to teach him how to bath…


What Nonsense !!!


Gosh !!! this students stinks ……”


I said and walk away…. While the idiot stood there and look shocked..


I walk out and I meet Elvin and Flora shocked with the other students in the cafeteria… Well I guess they saw what happened..


This idiot has spoilt my mood


I walk into the class and it was nosy but immediately I entered with the way my face is looking nobody needed to tell them that am not in a good mood.


I think that idiot will be suspended form this school next time he will mind his business and stay clear off me…


What was he even thinking


Gosh this school is so irritating.






What type of girl is this???……” I asked myself.


We were eating in the cafeteria at the place made for students.. I saw Stephanie but she was sitting inside though anybody could see her because it is demarcated with a glass so she is clearly seen.


We or should I say I was enjoying my meal and a chat with Flora… She is really a caring and lovely girl to be with..


We were eating when we heard a noise form the side Stephannie is only to see her stood and bath the


boy with her with the wine she is drinking….


After the act she hiss and walk out.. Oh !!! I pity just that boy …..”


I voiced out..


He is very stupid for trying g that with Stephannie…. He should have known that his father’s position don’t give the qualities to talk to someone like her……”


Float said.


So are you now blaming the young guy….”


I asked.


” Off course I am


I mean who doesn’t know Stephannie.


If she can slap the president son and still get apologize from the same person she laughed then who is


Mr. Desmond that he won’t Deal with his son…..”


He asked.


You mean that boy over there is the son of the institution head…….” I asked and she nod.


He should just pray that this ends here… He has brought trouble for his dad…” She said and I look at the boy again….he walk out in shame.


Me and Flora finish up our meal and we walk back to the class… Stephannie were sitting quietly with her ear phone on her ears.


We walked in and I walked to my seat and sat beside her.


Teachers pop in did their very best and left after their time is over..


After the whole stuff that happened in school Kester pick us from school back home.






I got to the castle though Stephannie got home before us this time..


I got to my room and changed into something simple and I walk out to have a chat with people around the castle since Victor and Kester went to sort things out in his stadium.


Getting out I saw Stella and Angela discussing I searched for an empty place I thought the swimming pool will be of help.


I walk to the spot and I sat down took out my laptop is read….. I wasn’t up to thirty minutes at that spot


when Angela walk up to the spot I am.


” Hey Handsome Elvin ”


She said and I turned to look at her with a bold smile.


” How are you doing……”


I asked and she just nod fine.


You look so cute Elvin….” She said.


Huh… ”


See this one oh.. Who don’t know that Elvin is so cute.. Why you think say nah the one you tell me I go listen to……*


I asked myself.



Like am really cute……” I asked and she nod.


Can we have a chat together am kind of bored please She said making a pleading face.


” Okay fine.. Am less busy anyway


So what do you want us to discuss….”


I asked looking at her and she automatically became shy.


” What the hell.


We heard a voice from behind and we both turn at the same time to see angry Stephannie looking at our direction.


What the hell are you doing with that useless idiots???? ……” She asked while Angela was shivering.


Will get in and fine something to do. She ordered and Angela ran into the building.


Even before u could say anything.


” And you, You better stay clear anything that links up with me.


I will make your life miserable in this castle until you get lost the way you appeared …..”


She said gave me a dangerous look before walking out of the spot.


What’s up with her……” I asked my self.


I focused on the thing I was reading until Kester and Victor came became back and we had boys chat together.






Am Flora and I must tell you am the daughter of a poor man… I was just privileged to get into the almighty Stephannie’s institution through the help of my friend Mirabel her cousin.


All the time I have been in this institution I have learnt to know that the institution wasn’t made for people with such background of mine so I have stayed on my own without friends and am happy.


The way i got to meet Elvin happen so fast and I must say he is so kind and caring other than other rich kid in the school.


Since I meet him.


I feels happy been in school.



I never thought someone as cute and handsome like him won’t like having anything to do with someone as ugly as I am but the opposite became to case.


Today we spent a lot of time together one could think that something is going on between the two of us..


He is really fun to be with.


I got home to my poor mum and dad fighting as usual.. This two are just disgrace to humanity… They don’t give a damn how am feelinh whenever they are fighting… . All they do is fight all day.



My dad is jobless and my mum happens to be the bread winner of the family….since the day my dad lost


his job he became a vessel to my mother… Though somehow he cause it because he does nothing else than drink.


I so hate them and I wish j have somewhere else to go after school I will be happy staying there all day and night without coming home to encounter all this.


You are a prostitute and I cheat.. I regret the day I meet you and decided to marry you you are a


disgrace to womanhood


I dad abuse my mum.


You are a useless man.. Of What use are you to this house all you do is to drink and chase after prostitutes


I mum voice back.


My head is so felled up


They were laying abuses on them selves I just walked into my room and put on a loud music and cry silently in my room.



What type of a parent is this????? I asked myself as controllable tears

flow down my cheeks.



How is wish that dad never lost his job this has been my burden.


I so hate them.. I wish I came out with them dead it could be better than the pain they are causing me..


I need someone to talk to but I gat no friend.


I took out my phone and called Elvin’s number he is the only one I know.


I got his number when we went to eat at the cafeteria.


The dial his number and it ring two times before he could pick up.


” Hello ….”


His cool voice sounds.



” Hello Elvin ……”


I said and I lost what else to say.


Speak up. Who is this and how did you get my contacts????? ……” He asked.


Elvin !!! Is me Flora……”


I said calmly.


Flora!! How are you doing……” He asked.


Am fine and you….”


I asked him back though I felt like crying and telling him that all isn’t right.


” Am great.


I just decided to say hi…….”


I said.


That’s so kind of you. How is over there……” He asked.


Here is very calm and bored..


How I wish we have classes till tomorrow……”


I said and he laughed.


Like seriously.. ?????


That’s will be total disaster ..


You know the brain over working itself is not a good thing……” He lectured.


I got that Sir….”


I said and he laughed and my stupid phone went off immediately


Gosh I smashed it on my bed in anger and the everything separated.. I pick them up and arrange them again.


This phone is so annoying why off now that an speaking with Elvin..


I know he must be trying to reach me my stupid phone….


Here is so bored..



I so need someone to talk with someone that can understand me. Someone that can pat my back and tell me is gonna be okay.


I clean up the tears that’s was flowing down my cheeks Am so much in pain






Stephannie’s institution is something one could refer to as a university in Nigeria.. It so big and what they are been taught is so heard and just a university standards.


Though am not the same blood with Elvin either have we know ourselves before but since what happened we had seen ourselves like brothers and the bound keep growing stronger.


Today’s lecture was great..


I chat with slot of female student in my class.. Most of them chat with me so that they can get close to Elvin… You could imagine that.


On our way home.. Kester got a call that he should drive to his stadium he wanted to go alone but I decided to follow him since I know that there will be nothing to keep me busy when I got home.


We drove to the stadium and I look around again.. It still unbelievable that one guy own this and thing done in it is been monitoring and organized by him.



I meet a lot of people the side we were almost at of them were on skating shoe race together and they were every good at it

I watch them



I meet one guy


He was looking at me like we have meet before or something.


I thought were could have me but u couldn’t remember…. ”








” What so you think about my students…”


Kester asked not looking happy.


” They are great… I must say they are the very best….”


I said but he wasn’t moved by my words


Nobody needed to tell me that something is definitely wrong.







This keeps one giving me sleepless night.. When I look at dad he regrets making such decision without uncle Henderson and now he is scared of telling him because he doesn’t know how is reaction will be.


I got a call on my way back home with Elvin and Victor.. The call is really a bad one.. One of my best student left my academy for that of Zandra My rival.


Truth be told I felt bad.. I felt like crying because he was one of my best student and I was hoping he will stay till the competition is over but look.


I really need someone to talk with but this is a top secret and my dad will be mad at me if I should let his brother know about it… I wonder if he wants his brother to hear this from another person.


We got home and thank God Elvin wasn’t outside because he could have been the one to notice that something is wrong with me.


I went straight to my room and lock myself up till evening.


To be continued………















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