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It has been some weeks ever since I came form Nigeria. The thought of what my mum has done to innocent boy keeps on paining.


Today at the training I watched as a lot of young guys race with great speed and Imagined if he were here with me


He were simply the best and I boldly tell you that with what I have seen know one is up to his match.


We have lost a lot of skater that the very best in it to the enemy of our boss and now they are out to get me as well, I get countless offers from the guys whom am sure to be the boss over there and the offers



are really good but just like the adage says ” Never bite the hand that feed you today because if you do you won’t starve forever.”


I have been to their training stadium as well and I saw many of our falling heros that they bought over with money.


Even among them still, Elvin seen to be more perfect with greater speed. Can ever see him again??? …..”


I asked myself.


We were summon by our new sport mistress, Well she is really great and the record has it that she was


the very best during her time in the sport.


She has a lot of speed actually.


I put on my skating shoe and my head guard and I ride to the spot that others were gathered.






After the man that taught us has gone, it seen their were no more classes and the student engage themselves in one thing or the other.


Some where reading and as well chatting while other mind their browsing equipment.


I look at Flora she were so engulfed with what she were reading.


Well I won’t disturb her, I took my laptop and I walked out the classroom.


I went to the usual garden I use to stay and study or chat with Flora, I got the sat down and I took out a deep breath.


I on the laptop with me and I logged into my favorite website were I normally reads and do more research to get more knowledge and experience.


Well am gonna search on the issues concerning the mind and the brains and how they works hand in hand to feed the subconscious mind.


Their functions and other thing connected to it.


I typed in what I want and I clicked on search and it automatically started searching for it while I wait and watch.


The image of a brain appeared into


My screen and I roll down to get more details about it.


I kept on reading and researching on more detail and I kept on putting so greater ideas into my note.



I haven’t been there for up to thirty minutes when I felt the present of someone around and I look up to see smiling Vivian. Not far away from me.


What’s she doing here ” I asked myself.


Hey cutie Elvin…..”


She said still not letting the wonderful smile she has fade.


” Hey …”


I said back not showing more interest but she seen not to understand my body language.


Can I sit with you please……” She asked still smiling.


Sure you can …..”


I said and she walked more closer while a make a space for her to seat down, and she sat gently while I focus back on the laptop.


It seem you are busy???


What’s are you doing???? ….”


She asked.


Researching ……”


I answered not looking at her.


Come on Elvin, do you prefer that over my presence here, am here to have a chat with you She said pointing at my laptop when she made mention of thing.


I was kinda of


What’s my business with you coming here, am I the person that invited you over???


What’s you concern with what I prefer most???


Well I didn’t say that to her


I just asked myself.


Am sorry about that… It just that I have a whole I need to search on before day runs out I said and she smiled.


It Okay, I understand….” She said.


I felt a presence of someone watching us and I looked around but I didn’t see anybody Strange” My conscious never lied for once, someone is indeed watching us from a far and I wonder who the person is and the reason for her look out.



Am Vivian….” She said




” Elvin …..”


She completed my name and I just smiled for the first time ever since she came in.


Unno!!! You are really cute and handsome just like a damn god….” She said.


Wow !!!


That’s so romantic and sweet but I don’t take complement form people like you expect fork my cute and adorable Stephannie




I smiled.


You are not looking bad either you are too way more beautiful and gorgeous just like a goddess……” I said and she became shy.


That’s so sweet….. Thanks….”


She said.


You are welcome……”


Instead of staying here just talking while don’t we talk a way to the cafeteria and have some drinks and food am kind of hungry


She said and just then Flora surfaced.


” Elvin !!! ……”


She called and the both of us looked at her were she was standing few metres away form the seat that the both of us were seated.


” Hey Vivian …”


She said to her but she wasn’t smiling again Oh !! …..It seem Flora’s presence has spoilt something for


her because she has not looking a bit happy at all.


Well Elvin I think I have to go get something… Well we are gonna catch up some other time ….” She said and sent a dead graze at Flora before leaving.


I made space for her and she sat beside me.


” Elvin what’s she doing here …”


Flora asked.


I thought you were here before she.. You could have found out yourself …” I said and she hit me.


That’s a rude way to answer your bestie’s question ……”


She said.


” Okay… But my bestie should know when to ask silly questions


I said and she hit me again but this time she did at the wrong place and Uuush!! ….”


She hit her hand at my backbone.


” I don’t think you are a human….”


She said and this time I did the laughing


Off course am not….”


Why did you leave the class without informing me that you are coming her….” She asked.


That’s because I don’t want to disturb you in anyway…. I saw the way you were focused on what you were reading so I thought it wise to let you be ……”


I explained.


But you could have texted me …”


She said.


Sorry I forget but come on, you are here now so forget about that….” I said.


So what are you reading …”


She asked taking the laptop form the place I kept them.






The day event were smoothly done and dusted, Kester came to pick us up by himself.


He took us to one of the highest classic restaurant around.


We made our order and set to eat


Kester seem hapy today am gonna find out what’s the secret.



” What’s up with you Kester


What’s with this smile all about ????……”


Victor asked.


You guess can’t guess right Well am gonna tell you


My baby will be visiting Luxembourg very soon and this time she is gonna stay back….” He said and wowed.


And who is this your baby….”


Victor asked.


It gonna be a surprise…”He said


Well I don’t think so coz I know the song called baby… Anastasia…” I said and Kester gave me a bad look.


Wow well she is cool and beautiful anyway ….”


Victor said.


Yeah…. ” Kester said.


So have you told her that you love her.


I mean have you ask her out


Victor asked.


Not really but am gonna tell her when she comes visiting. I know she feels the same way I feels about her …..”


He said.


Oh!!! Some one is actually in love..


You gat to that it slow and don’t mess up things …”


I advise.


Yeah I know…” He said.


We finished up our food


We drove into the castle.


Tomorrow is gonna be full of events because am gonna watch Stephannie exhibit what she gat..


I guess tomorrow is gonna be a long day..







Flora why are you pushing so hard to harm you, why can’t you just stay on your own and allow me enjoy


my time with my baby.


What’s even your problem???


Gosh must it be the moment I wanted to ask him for us to go have some fun that you decided to show your ugly face… Why??


Flora you better stay far away form Elvin Orless you will have yourself to blame at the end. Why can’t she respect the privacy am having with Elvin must her surface her ugly face


Am so angry and I will deal with that girl called Flora, I can’t drag my Elvin with you not in this life or even in your wildest dream.m


After I left the spot I watch both of them laugh to the none sense that she was saying… You could imagine the Elvin that never laughed the time I was with me is freely laughing and smiling at this ugly face Flora.


Flora stay clear or you will get disgraced.


To be continued………












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