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He is already on the airport to welcome his son kester and it seems his son came back with another unknown stranger who has a familiar face with the man we has been fighting against all this while …..”


The masked man said.


It can be….. the history has it that he had only one surviving son whom is Alvin…


what are you then talking about…”


The man that seem to be their boss ask.



Yeah sir… but the face here is far way familiar with Alvin… ” The masked on said.


The you have to found out


Who the boy really is and give me all the details about him immediately…….”


The boss ordered.


Yes sir


The masked man said and focused again on his laptop.


The typed in Elvin’s name and click on search.


After some minute of research.


The masked turned to the one that seem to be their boss and say to him.


Sir his history reads opposite of that of Alvin’s own… I don’t think he is related to Alvin in anyway…and some of his history is wipe off the internet world. the masked man said.


Okay just keep a close eyes on him for now…


we will investigate his case letter.


Thomson No matter has fast you can run You can never run away from you shadow

I must hunt you down Thomson and this time no one will save you.


Am coming Thomson


You must so much pay dearly


The boss said stood up and left the room.








It seem that am dead and been raised in another world. The flight from Nigeria to Europe is in deed a great one, Cool and fantastic.



I really enjoyed every beat of it though the flight was bored because Kester was busy chatting and smiling with whom I don’t really know while victor paid so much attention in his new phone.


Yeah Kester got us a new phone but you know that, taken a flight all the way form Nigeria.. I didn’t count pressing phone as a thing that can keep you company in the mist of people like Kester and Victor.


The plane arrived safely on the airport and we landed.


Coming out of the plane it seem as if we are unwanted people in the country because every corner of the airport were guarded with armed men with hug and hectic guns.


What is all this security men doing here…. I wanted to ask Kester but I decided to stay calm since he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable….”


Oh now I remember…


I shouldn’t have forgotten so soon that


He is Kester Barlon.. The only Son of Mr Barlon the second richest business


tycoon in the world of Europe…


Are you surprised on how I know…


Off course I made use of my new phone to google out his background and details


about it…. and I also got something else about him. …


A man that looks a little bit like Kester approached us…


I guess this will surely be his dad.. the Mr Barlon I have been hearing about because he look just like the man I saw in the internet yesterday.


Elvin !! , Victor !! this is my dad…” Kester introduced.


Dad this is Elvin and Victor my friends from Nigeria….”


He said to his dad with a smile and I pull Off my sweeter cap for him to take a clear view of me.


” Wow Young Thomson


I never expected seeing you here…”


He said smiling at me.


” Who is he talking about…


Who is this Alvin that people miss took me as this is not the first time am hearing


this name Alvin Thomson.. The kidnapper that kidnapped me years back was after


Alvin Thomson …….”


I asked myself.


” Alvin !!!!


He called out calmly


How is dad doing??


He added..


Dad this is not Alvin……” Kester said to him


They are just fortunate to look a like


This is Elvin Elson from Nigeria….. the friend I told you about …..” He explained in detail while his dad’s smile fade away.


” You mean this is not Alvin Thomson??? ……”


He asked further.


” Yes dad ”


” What’s your name…..”


He asked directing the question to me.


Elvin Elson sir …..” I answered calmly.


Oh!!!.. You look just like Alvin Thomson Sorry I mistook you for someone…”


He apologized smiling this time.


Kester let get going… You kid sister will be expecting you so soon….”


He said to Kester and lead the way to a convoy.


But dad I told you not to tell her about my arrival today… It was gonna be a surprise…”


Kester said…


Off course I didn’t…


I kept the secret as you instructed…”


I heard him say to Kester.


The three of us Kester I and victor got into one car while his dad got into another one behind us and we set out the ride home.


The journey home I couldn’t think straight all my mind is to investigate know whom this Alvin Thomson really is.






” They are just fortunate to look a like kester’s voice echoed in my thoughts…. ”


They can’t be just be fortunate… Something is strange about this boy and Am gonna find out what it is before it too late…


I supposed to stay in the same convoy with my son but I excused myself because of that boy Elvin.


They can’t just be fortunate Pharaoh


something is behind this… let this not be what am thinking… but I thought …..


But it can’t be..


I took my phone and called my researcher Miss. Janella.


” Hello!! Good day Sir….”


She greeted from the other side of the phone


” Miss Janella


Hope you got sight of whom my son arrived home with…???….”


I asked her.


Yes Sir this are the details shown about him Sir…..


His name is Elvin Elson from Nigeria.. Seventeen Years old Boy.


The internet has it that he looks so much like Alvin Thomson but there are differences between the two of them…


take a look at this pictures sir…”


She said and I got a message into my phone.


Look Miss Janella… I need a concrete information about him… He can’t be fortunate Pharaoh… I know that name and who bears it.. Get me all the details I need about him and be fast about it…”


Okay sir…


I’ll do as you just said Sir..


Just give us few minutes to trade more on his details and history…..”


She said and I put the line down.


” I needs to find out whom this boy is…..


But can he still be hunting after me, after all this years???….” Where has he been


all this while.??


I asked myself..


I don’t think so the friend I know will not do such perhaps why has he been in the air for the past (8) eight years now…. Why come out?? But the boy has a different identity…


I Thought he was burnt alive…????


How come????


Did he survive or something???


This were the questions I was asking myself without getting an answer to it.



The confusing part of it is that he bears the name of my friend but with the identity of Thomson…. though I have never seen Thomson but I have seen his son Alvin….”


Well if my friend is really Alive am happy for him.. I wish I could hold him and tell him how sorry I’m for what I did…


I just pray he made it Alive.


A message pop into my phone from Janella and it reads.


The packages has been delivered at your house sir.


Inform the other to speed up


I told the driver…


To be continued………


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