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The institution is cool and so beautiful I wonder if this is really a school at first.


I thank God the day I met Elvin


I remembered my friend back then in prison..


they might be thinking that we are dead or something…


Student here are really beautiful and amazing cute if you must know… and they are fun to be with you could imagine within the short time and came already have up to five contact of them…


Don’t give that look am not a bad boy just playing fun in school






Getting to Victor’s class you could imagine what I saw…. he was with numerous girls chatting and


laughing… I wonder if his class are also the membership of Stephannie institution of science… well just wondering.


the way he is getting acquainted to his classmate unlike mine own class were kinky the rich moves with the rich and even the rich kid are even so rude that only their world can kill a harmless soul.


I wouldn’t want to spoil show for him because I know if I even step my foot in the class room then u will buy all their attention so I just turned and face my back back to were am coming from.


If not that I didn’t know anywhere in the school class will be the last thing I will go to during break… anyways I got to class and it seem the break was over but the only difference is that everybody were doing what so ever the person wants.


I work up to my seat and sat down quietly with looking again Stephannie.. didn’t she go out for break?????


what is even my problem with she does or not.


Staying in the class with no friends though am a type that doesn’t like much friends but at least I keeps one male or female friend in school.


I summon some courage to talk to the guy beside me..


what’s up


I said politely but he just looked at me like a trash talking to him.


who the hell are you to talk to me???


he asked



that’s so rude


I said calmly again but he gave me a dangerous look and nobody needs to tell me to mind my business in the class room.


I was sitting on my own Jejely when a beautiful girl ran into the classroom initially I thought maybe someone is after her or something related to that but surprisingly she ran up to my seat


OMG is true..


My handsome crush is here


she shouted… I was just looking at her like a mad girl you know how we Nigerians look at mad people when passing them nah


She was allover me


is this girl insane or something????


who is this bitch by the way????


I asked myself.


How come you resume and I didn’t get to know on time???


she asked herself because I know she wasn’t talking to me at all..


she tried sitting on my laps and I just shifted my legs to another side and place a book on them… what is even her problem???


Don’t worry you don’t have to be scared dear crush am VERA BELMONT she said smiling.. she is cute but even more crazy than Jennica


My name is……




she completed it for me.


Don’t worry I already know your name sweetheart…


You look more cute more than what the Broadcaster said


She took out her phone and cross her hand behind my shoulders then we both took pictures.


Wow !!! this picture are so cute


She said peck me immediately and ran off..


What a crazy bitch


I murmured but I guess Stephannie heard my statement because she chuckled.


This girl must be form another planet.



seriously is this what am gonna be facing every single day in this school??? this school is like hell.. can I really cop with all this crazy acts????


No ! No !! No !!! I can’t take this…..


I look back to see three cute and rich guys at the back they weren’t smiling at all.. not even one beat.. one of them was the one that shouted at the teacher earlier.. their father must be rich and popular for them to act that way to wards the teacher.


Since I was bored I decided to maybe check new thing on the internet..


I put on my date one and the school lastest update pop into my phone.


A picture of me and that Vera of a girl with a tag write up of….* Me and my crush.. the hottest guy and


the hottest girl is in a relationship?? *


that’s were the comments of some student.


I look at the views and almost all the students must have seen them.




what sort of madness is this.


What’s the problem


I heard someone asked and I turned to see a female student.


what’s the problem with all this bitches???


I asked myself.


Did I said anything the matter???


I throw the question back to her rudely.


Easy.. that’s school life here it might be different with how you guys study over in your country but trust me it fun…


I have to try and cop with it..


She said..


You don’t have to rude at the first chat..


I wasn’t rude you know


she added and walk to her seat.


I look at her and I felt bad.


I stood on my feet and walk to were she is sitting.


Am sorry


I said getting close to her seat.


Am not angry


she said smiling and you don’t have to apologize next time.. you didn’t do it intentionally… I mean you


said that out of annoyance


She added.


What’s your name


I asked trying to make friends with her since she is a cool and kind.


My name??


she asked back as if I was speaking….this is one thing Niger is very good at answering questions with


question so am use to that


Yeah I mean your name


I asked again.


Well Am Flora


She finally said.


Wow cute name for a pretty damsel like you


Stop flattering me Elvin


She said smiling.


You already know my name???


Off course


I mean who doesn’t in the institution??? and perhaps you said it not quite ago and every students is tagged on the shirt


she said and my eyes went to hers


Well I guess we are cool.


I said and she nod smiling.


I walk back to my seat.


thank God I found a sensible friend in this school.


The less of the day was cool and a lot of crazy thing were displayed in class but one thing I recommend about my class is that they got a lot of smart and intelligent student… when I mean intelligent I mean brain of computers.


I need to read more hard if I will still want to retain the top…


Kester was already waiting for us at the car park even before the school dismissal



I backed my little bag and drag myself to the car… I thought Stephannie was going to ride with us but she wasn’t even moving like someone that saw his brother .


She was still busy with what I can’t even say of…I had a hand shake with Kester and we drove to Victor’s class to pick him up.


The ride to the castle was very bored unlike when we were coming in the morning.. Something seem to be bothering Kester…


I must find out what that is..


We got to the castle and Angela came to my room and took my shirt because that’s the only thing that I can say that students wear uniformly.


She also serve me my food in my room


This one too dey smile ” she smiles at any comments” I make about her been caring


I must say that’s my day was so hectic gosh is this how am going to cop with this crazy student here ..


they should better find any other way to live school life not that crazy act they are calling school life.


I took out my books to go through when Victor and kester walked into my room …Kester was still putting a frown face while Victor is busy with his phone.


What’s up Elvin……” Victor asked


Am cool where are you guys closing form with your fave like this …….” I asked directing the question to one in particular.


We are coming from heaven


Victor answered while Kester smiled


He sat on the cushion while Kester sat on my bed ..


” What’s up Elvin.


How was your school today …….”


Kester asked


Oh !!! I never know you are gonna talk to me today…. I never know you were gonna ask What went wrong ….?????


Why did you came to pick us up with your face like that??……….”


Am sorry I did


Just went thought some trials but don’t worry is something I can handle..


Am fine…..”


He said.


Okay if you said so…”




Back to the question


Victor how was schooling today….”


He asked directing the question to victor this time.


Their was a lot of fun in school today.


He answered.


Like a lot of fun????


I asked.


Yeah…I made many friends today in school two male and many beautiful female countless of them ……”


He boosted.


That not an achievement


You know…”


I said to him not looking at them.


” Huh…


So what’s her name….”


Kester asked


Dalia and she is really beautiful and amazing cute take a look at her pictures.. Victor said showing kester a picture using his phone.


Wow she is really beautiful just like you said…”


Kester commented.


Though I was reading bit I was somehow listening to what they were discussing..


I was distracted by my ringing tone.


I look at my phone and the number wasn’t saved in my phone….”


I pick up the call. Hello !!!!!!


A melodious voice said form the other side of the phone….”


Hello who is this ……”


I asked.



Please is this Elvin Elson


the voice asked.


” Yeah this is Elvin…..”


I answered and the line went dead immediately


I look at the phone and I wonder Who could this be and how she got my contacts…


I asked myself but I don’t give anybody in number… So how come??????


Well I didn’t allow that to bother me at all


I just focus on what I was reading earlier.


So Elvin tell us how yours were and how many friends you make in school today….” Kester asked me but I just ignored the question.


Am talking to you Elvin ……”


He said.


can’t you see am reading


I asked them.


Well you will have to do the reading letter but for now you will have to gist us on how your first day in


school was……”


Kester said.


” Their was no event in school today..


I was just on my own reading all day……”


I said calmly.


” You know that’s a very big lie.


You and I know that even if everybody stays on their own.. My sister alone will create a whole lot of events so tell you about it..


even if it a terrible one we are ready to hear them ……”


Kester said


Yeah we all know that nothing fun will come out form any event with Stephannie….” Victor said.


I wonder what you guys want to here.


Look am not in the mood to talk and perhaps I already told you guys that their was event in school.. Can’t you guys see that am studying


you are distracting me ……”


I said to them.


” Am not gonna take that


You must talk or their will be no reading for you today …..”


Kester threatened ..


I should up and walk out the room and they followed me immediately we got to the staircase I ran back to my room and lock the door form behind before they could advance close… They stamp the door till they got tired and walk to where I don’t know.


I ready till I felt like is enough..


I decided to take a nap before going out.. Just to get some strength anyways








Am so happy that Elvin is happy.


After everything was sorted I drove to my stadium to find out the way practice is going.


They are really doing well.


Let me enlighten you guys on kester’s stadium.


Kester is a type that loves sport so much so his dad build a sport camp for him were he can train citizens that also have the passion for sport just like him.


All type of sport activity takes place in this sport academy.


Presently there is an upcoming competition that will either generate billions for Barlon or make him step down as the second richest in the whole of Europe so for this purpose Mr. Barlon has invested so much to make kester’s students the very best in the game of skating.


He even went on hosting free entrance to all the three best skateboarders in other countries.


It could simply said that the end of this competition determines the title of Mr. Barlon.


No one knows of this expect his son Kester and friend Morgan who is also competing member of the competition.


Am happy that am seeing hope in all this that dad is doing but am still scared that this might be a plot to rip him off this wealth..


I just pray that this really work out.


the whole thought keep me thinking even when I went to pick up reconfirm the school I would sent Albert but I know that going home by then is too early and I will end up thinking myself to what I would regret.


So I just got to their school and stayed in the car till it was time for us to leave.


I must say that the ride home was the most boring ride ever.


You could imagine.


To be continued………












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