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I woke up very sound and strong regardless of all that happened yesterday… I have received a lot of messages and pleading form Mr. Desmond concerning the statement I made against his.


How I wish I can listening to his plead and have mercy for his stupid son but I can’t because if I do other students will have the effrontery to try what he has done.


I woke up full of strength, I stood up from my bed and headed to the garden.. Yeah to the garden that I warned Elvin not a enter ever again..


I want to have a chat with my mum.. This has took the better part of me and I vowed to keep doing it till death take me away.


I wipe on her grave and I poured out how meaningless life has been without her..


I so much miss you mum


I have made it a duty for me to pay homage to her grave before another thing in the world and my Dad and brother has learnt to live with it since they have tried to depress me of doing it.


After I thought I have had enough chat with my mum. I got up and walk back to my room to get ready for school.


I took my bath.. After I was done with brushing my teeth… I put in a simple cloth then I walk to have my break fast on the dinning table..


After I finish eaten I got into the car and drove to school with Tessia Lillian and Stella.


I got a call from Dad..


I guess Mr. Desmond did, you know if he can be of help but it was unfortunate because I payed deaf ears to all the thing that Dad has to said to me.


Yeah I intentionally did it so he will know how it pains when he takes other opinions without considering mine… Dad should let me live my life the way I wants it.. Perhaps it not that he cares about me anymore.


I got to school students where walking around but when I got my class they were organized but they


were making loud noise.


Immediately I walked into the classroom every corner of the classroom became as quite as graveyard.



I sat down button the desktop and I searched for a topic to read. Going through the topic I found it difficult understanding what am reading.. I tried to understand but it seem the more I try the worse it become .


I shut down the system and I took out my favorite poems booklet to read.


Not up to thirty minutes (30) Elvin walked into the classroom. Immediately his image was seem it seem he became the center of attraction… Apart from the male student in the class the whole class were busy looking at his direction.


He walked into the class and He only smiles at Flora become walking to sit on the seat.


He said a good morning Greeting but I payed deaf ears to that’s.. I wonder why he has failed to understand the meaning.. I don’t need you around me. You better stay on your own Elvin.


Am warning you.


We had a cool class with the lecturer and when it was kind of free time to student to either eat… Chat of even read on their own.. I decided to take the time to walk around the school.


I just don’t want anything that will make me be seeing Elvin’s face around me all the time.


I got out walk straight to where my car is parked actually to get my headphone I got the headphone from my car only for me to turn and I saw the so called DKL Dynal Kistona and Lyonal standing close to Elvin.


What could they have with him???


I was watching and they were just staring at each other with a dangerous look s on their face while Elvin seem to be the one lost.


I wonder why they are looking at him in that manner ?????


Does three are not recorded to be a good company to keep none mingle with… They do bully students before my arrival I guess is not what they are there to do..


I felt uncomfortable so I heard to walk back to the class and found out what actually is going on… As I walk closer they saw me and they left immediately Elvin on the other side didn’t even know that I wasn’t in the class because he was even that’s he had to look side our seat to know probably if I have become two.


He was kind of putting on a funny glace and I almost laughed but I controlled myself and walk straight to my seat and I put up the volume of the music that’s am listening to.


Not quite long Elvin left the class to where I don’t know..


Is none of my business to know anyway.


I still got a text from dad still pleading I think I will reconsider but he will have to spent three day at home.







Getting back to were I was supposed to wait for Flora earlier, she is already there and she looks tried and frustrated.. I guess she must have been here for a long time waiting for me.


” Hey Flora ….”


I said as I approached closer to her.


” Elvin!!


Where did you go to that’s you forgot that I will be waiting for you here.


I even thought maybe you didn’t see the letter or you choose not to stay….”


She said with a frown face.


” Am sorry dear


I met a new friend today and he heard a little walk together that why I spent time with him….”


I said.


Who is so called new friend….” She asked.


Jasper.. That’s his name he came as I was reading here and he requested for friendship between the both of us….”


Jasper.. The president son….”


She asked and nod.


Is there anything wrong with been Friends with him….” I asked…


Not really but it kind of strange for Jasper of all people ask for a friendship with you a new student ….” She said.


Is he kind if bad guy or something???…”


Not really but he is arrogant and irresponsible.. He is so full of himself too proud actually.. Well he once tried such thing with Stephannie and he pleaded for forgiveness after receiving three hot defenceless slap from her….”


She said.


Really !!!…..”


I asked and she nod.



You just need to be careful with him.. He is never advisable to mingle with such people in this institution.


Just be careful anyway…..” She warned.


I got that Ma’…. ”


So where are you coming from.


I asked ..


What made you think am gonna tell you that when you have not apologize for keeping me waiting for a Long time….”


She said and started walking away while I followed her.


Am sorry..


I said that earlier


Am sorry okay.


It wasn’t intentional….”


I said and she stop and turned..


I got a call from Miss Caroline our mistress…….” She said.


Oh I hope the call was for something good ???? …..”


Yeah…. ”


She told me about the upcoming competition the institution wants to hold so to get student read




She said.


Wow !!!.. But that’s a secret to be kept till it time to let students know.. Why tell you about it first !??????……”


Well Miss Caroline is more like a mum to me since I started schooling in Stephannie’s institution. She just liked me like she told me and she has always discuss school new update with me.. things that is about to happen in the school even before the students get to know….”


She explained.


Oh !!! I see..


But that’s a cheat to us anyway that’s shouldn’t bother me….”


It shouldn’t moreover you and Stephannie is excluded from partaken in the competition……” She said…



” Huh !!!! But why?? ……”



I don’t know but I think they just want it on a low key perhaps their is not need hosting the competition to help sponsor student if they gets you both involved because definitely you guys are gonna win all the prices….”


She said.


You know that’s a lie.. So now that’s we will not be participating what will now be our reward?? Or have we been counted out Fromm been the students of Stephannie’s institution??? ………””


Well I believe they have something more bigger than’ this better still they might host for other school thought Miss Caroline didn’t tell me anything about it….”.


She said


Well anyway how ever they wants it.. am ready for anything they put up….”


Yeah ….”


She said.


So where are we going from here??


” Huh !!! To the classroom off course


Lectures will start in some minutes more.. We have spent a lot of time out here….”


She said while I just nod and we both walk back to the class.










I thank God any moment in life…


I smiles whenever I woke up to see my dad again because he has been living like a ghost for some years




I learn something about life.. When it becomes tough you are made to become rough… Never give up in any situation… I understand my fate and I have prayed to God to give the strength go accept and live with it.


I so wish that one day I will woke up to see that those that tormented my life never existed.


My dad is up in his room alone as all day. He never wished to see me he only watch me when I drive out from the castle and I have made it a duty to say good bye before leaving.


I was woken up by the alarm bell.


I stretched myself got up and took my brush, took a shower and put on a nice outfit.


I came down and have my breakfast before heading to daddy’s room to inform him that an good to go and As usual he came out to watch me drive off.


I walk out and I saw Kayla, Steve and Jacky ready for us to go. They smiled seeing me coming.


” Good morning guys….”


I said to them and they just bow a little with a smile


Are you surprised to see me greet my bodyguard???? Well that’s shouldn’t take you by surprise because that has been my way of life since my Dad describe my living for me.


They are more than a guard to me..


They are my favorite and best of friends even though they are far way older than me…. They are my


second family beside my dad so I treats them like one.


They more about me than my Dad knows


” What’s up guys


How do I look on my outfit??? ……”


I asked.


As cute and handsome like you use to be.. Infact you look smarter like you use to be.. How I wish am a lady then I will kill just to be with you……”


Steve said and we laughed while Kayla have him a bad look..


We just live a simple life chat and play like mates.. That all I ever wanted from life. I wish I can do that with my age mates.


” Come on guys we needs to start going Am already late for school…. ”


I said to them as the stood as if they don’t want us to leave any moment from now.


Steve opened the car for me to get in..


No ! No !! No !!! Am gonna be driving with Steve and Kayla….”


I said to Jacky as I saw him trying to get in…. His mood change.


Well like I said they are my everything


The human am made to know that truly existed so everytime am going on a ride to school one of them drives while another will sit by me and another will ride with the other car behind us so today I choose to ride with Kayla while Steve will do the driving this time.


We got into the car and drove out From my dads big mansion I swing up the car window as the view of him become more vision.



I took a deep breath out.


” Are you okay Sir ……”


Kayla asked and I nod with a smile.


” Yes I am


I should be….”


You look great in your outfit and you dress code is Different today …..” She asked.


” Yeah


I will actually be dropping a hit for my fans today after school….”


I said.


” Wow that’s so cool


It has been long I had that cute and melodious voice of yours.


I will be delighted to hear it again today…”


She said and I smiled.


Off course you will….” I said and just smiled.


We arrive at the school and I instructed Steve to drop me some meters away form my classroom. I stepped down and immediately i was surrounded by the students.


I just allow them take pictures of me before Steve and Jacky made a space for me to walk into my class..


My school is classic the very definition of best just like my dad will always say but I prefer the popular Stephannie’s institution but you know what dad said about it..


That’s the institution will expose me to his ghost rivals that won’t stop at anything just to get him down.


The electronic door swings open and I walked in with Steve on my side.


I sat down look at him this time he wasn’t putting on any bit if smile.






Elvin is so cute and handsome…


I can’t wait to resume back to school so that I will be seeing him everyday.


Am home I will be resuming school in one week time. I will make sure that all those bitches that’s flocks around you never get a inch close because any one that’s tries will have me to contend with.



I look at the picture I took with him the day I heard that he has resume..


We look so cute like couple .


I imagined how cool we could be if I sit on his laps and watch him confess how he so much love me and how perfect we are gonna look while kissing each other.. I touched my lip and smiles at my foolish thought.


Elvin am coming to make you mine and mine alone.. Bitches you better back off.






The less of the class was fun I must say..


Kester didn’t came to pick us up this is unlike him, I am really worried, what could something be the problem?? he sent Eric to do so…






Brother I think something is bothering Kester…” Victor said.


Why do you say so.. Is it because he wasn’t able to come pick us up from school…


Come on you don’t expect him to always do that… He is not our driver….” I said trying to cover up my curiosity.


My mind wasn’t even going there.


You have been busy and am the one that normally goes out with him and I know what am talking about….”


He said further


When did you noticed this???…..” I asked.


For some day now.. Ever since we attended his stadium to see his students.. and I notice his mood changed when he was told that a student of him went to join another academy……”


Victor explain.


Why didn’t you tell me all this while??? ….”


Because you have been too busy to notice that’s yourself…. .”


Victor said and it true.



So what do you think could be the problem for all this….” I asked


I don’t really know..


I think we needs to find out


this is really eating him up


I saw him he tried so hard to play with us yesterday but know matter how hard he tried he still can’t hid it.. it quick unfortunate that you were too focused on what you were reading……” Victor said with so much certainty.


” This is serious.


Well don’t worry about this at all..


Am sorry for neglecting you guys and treasuring my books more than you guys but I promise this will never happen


I will find a way to make him confide in me ……”


I assured him and he nodded..


Please do brother Kester is like our blood.. We all have come a long way his problem is our problem as well ……”


He said and i pat his back.


” We got to the castle but was told that Kester was sleeping in his room and won’t be needing disturbance since he just slept off.


Now I don’t need anybody to tell me that something is wrong.. He can’t be in the house and sent Eric to


pick us up… I must find out what is eating him up….


To be continued………













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