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The incident that happened in the castle between me, Angela and stephannie’s attitude kind of gave me a hard time..


What’s really her problem???


I can’t remember doing anything to her …So why was she that rude and harsh to us ?? I asked myself but I got no answer.


I did my normal night reading before going out to have a night chat with Victor and kester.


They both were already chatting when I came out ..


” Finally he is here …


I though you will never come out again….”


Victor said.


Why shouldn’t I …..”


Because all you know is your book and nothing else.. You don’t even bother to check on us or have a chat with us if we didn’t call you …”


He said.


But you guys were not that one that called me out .. I can out on my own accord.. So what are you now saying….”


I asked back.


You guys should forget about that ..


That his life to live so enjoy it to the fullness……”


Kester said.


” What’s up guys..


Am sorry okay .. I promise it won’t happen again …..”


I said and the both of them look at me and smile .


Fine it better not …..” Victor said.


So what happened at were you both went to ???……”


Gosh.. Elvin you needed to be there ..


The time we went we only saw adult but this time I saw little guys of 10 on the skating shoe riding it so perfectly….”


He said and I laughed.


” Was that’s all that happened……”


I asked as if what he said doesn’t count.



” Yeah that all that happened..


I want to learn how to ride that thing actually and you know what…. A friend I met there promise to


help me out anytime and am free to learn……”


He said smiling…


” A friend???


I guess the is called friend is a she…..”


I asked


” is there any problem with that… Perhaps What were you even expecting.. Huh. !!!


You want me to make friends with my follow guys.. Come on Elvin… Male should be moving with


Female while the female does the same….”


He said..


” I don’t think you are feeling alright…


Because you love woman does make it right to this you so called right thing to do..


Anyway you could flex around with you she’s.. Is there anymore interesting thing I could here…




Not really but we went to a lot of places interesting places actually and we also visit Kester’s friends…..”


He said .


Okay ..that’s cool anyway….”


How was school today…”


Kester spoke for the first time since we started chatting.


” Fine and fun …”


I said remembering the times I spent with Flora.


Wow !!! This is a good new and must be celebrated … Elvin’s time in school was fun ..and sweet……” Victor said in a funny way and kester laughed while I gave them a hard face.


Victor you are a really right, this class for celebration…


Tell us about it ….”


Kester said keeping his phone this time.


So that you guys can finish up the laugh right ??????……”


Not really .. just that I never expected your day in school to be close to fun not to talk of been wonderful……”


Victor said still laughing.



” That’s your headeche ..


Anyway I met a girl my classmate actually her name Is Flora …. She is so cute and beautiful… She is


caring..not rude and arrogant like other……”


I said.


” Wow !!! that’s so cool


Oh !! am gonna come see her in the school……”


Kester said and I gave him a look of as what.


So did you get her contact.. when are you guys going on a date you know stuffs like that….” Victor asked.


Is like you are not feeling fine …..”


I said I met a friend not a lover


So what’s the difference between friend that will some trun to be lover and lover herself.. Huh !!!!


Look Elvin no fall my hand Oh !!!! ……” Victor said.


You must be kidding me ..


Were you even listening to me at all???


I said I meet a friend not either a lover a lover in making… So put that in your head….”


I said to him.


And you better mind your business in that school and focus on studying hard because you will definitely


be the one to run when the times comes…..”


I added.


” That’s should be for yourself..


You know .. The problem that will come to me will be the ones I created for myself but you … It will come on it own to hunt you even if you try running form it……” He said and they both laughed.




You know that’s not funny…” I said with a frown face


But we found it funny….” Kester said.


So you are now taking sides with Victor to make mockery of me right???……”


Not really but honestly Elvin ..


You should have fun sometimes not Everytime you are with busy and serious with your books….”


Kester said.


” I got that Sir ..


Let it be my headeche….”


I said and focus on my phone.


So was that the only thing that happened in the school today???? ……”


Kester asked.


So what else do you want to hear .


Better still apart from the guys that got humiliated by your sister just because he tried having a chat with her…


You needed to see how embarrassing it was….”


I said.


Oh !!!


That serves him right ..


Why will he try having a chat with the Queen with an ugly face


Victor said.


How I wish that will happen to you one day…


I said..


Off course you know such thing can’t happen to me.. I grew up in Nigeria so I know what it means to no your class and mind your business… ”


He said.


I don’t have time for you guys I better go inside and have some sleep I said stood up and walk to my room.






I woke up so sound and strong ..


I stood up check my time and smiled.


Since it was still too early for me to start getting ready for school I decided to receive morning breeze..


I got to the massive sit out beside the staircase.. I bleed a little using my steel basement to support my hand.


Though the weather wasn’t that bright still the air were great and conducive.


I smile as I just watch around the hug castle thinking of nothing in particular.


I stayed out still stephannie walk out and walked into the garden just like she did yesterday and that made me wonder what she always goes there to do.



When I thought the time is okay for me to start preparing for school so I walk back to my room and did my morning activities.


I had a knock on my door know one needs to tell me that his either Angela or Sandra… but it must be Angela she normally do bring food for me in my room every morning it seem she made it her duty to do that.


After I was done eating I checked the time again and it was still early for me to leave for school and perhaps by them Victor will not be even ready to go ..


I sat on my bed took out my phone and login on my facebook account .. I don’t really have friends on what’s app only Kester victor and few others.


I replied some massages before I got a message from Victor that’s he is ready for us to go


I look at myself on the mirror and I smiled before walking out of my room.


As usual we got in and Eric with other guard got into two more car and excort us to the school…


We got to school drove straight to Victor’s class first before driving back to mine.


I got down and walk into the class.


It was a bit cool and students were all busy.


I walk in smile at Flora before going to my seat.. Stephannie were fully focused on what she is reading.


” Good morning Steph……”


I greeted but she payed deaf ears to my greeting.


Teachers started popping into the class teach and left when their done…


It was time we were having off class so I decided to take a walk with Flora though she has left the class before me.


I was still putting my books inside my small bag when those three stupid boys that stays in the back walk up to me.


” What’s up guys….”


I said to them trying to be friendly as a new student but they didn’t even smile nor even shake head with me.. You could imagine such embracing state.


They didn’t say anything but left immediately after giving me dangerous looks..


What’s even all their problems???


I saw Stephannie walk in and I wonder when she even left her seat outside..


What is even their own self…


It better not be what am thinking because am not a type they can play such games with .



I put things in my bag back it and walk out of the class.. I walked to the spot were Flora met me yesterday. Getting there I saw an envelope written my name and I open it to see a message instructions tell me to wait for her… From Flora actually and I smiled at it…


I took out my laptop and on my hot-spot and click on my chrome site.


I was engulfed with what I am reading when I felt the sent of someone.. I looked up to see a young handsome smiling guy…


Well the other three that I saw was cute but wasn’t smiling.. At least that shows that this one came in peace but still u boned up..


” What’s up……”


He said still with his smiling face.


” Am cool.. Is there any problem at all……”


I asked immediately not giving him anybroom for a joke or you know…


” Come on.. Must there be any problem before someone try making friends with others……”


He said…


Not actually just that all that I have met today came with moody face and they seem not to be happy at all…”


I said and he laugh out this time.




Anyway, My name is Jasper Jay……”


He said.


” Am Elvin Elson…”


Wait is this not the president son.. Flora told me about in the class..


I asked myself..


Well he seem to be friendly anyway.


” Is my pressure knowing you….”


He said and took out a hand for a shake.


I want us to be friends….thats if you don’t find anything wrong with it……” He said.


Oh really??? ……”


I asked surprisely



” Yeah..


Do you have any problem with that …”


He asked


Not really.. Okay by me Nice having you as a friend


I never thought anyone could make friend in this school……” I said and he smiled


You know that Funny…. I mean


How could you think of such..


Where does Friend not in existence?? ……”


He asked.


” I don’t really know


We can be friends anyway ……”


I said.


” Thanks..


What are you going through….”


He asked sitting next to me.


Nothing actually.. Just making a private research ……” I said.


That’s great maybe you can do that letter.. Let take a walk around the school.. I know you are know so let me do you the favor of walking you around the school ……”


He said..


That’s cool by me


I said shut down my system, put them in my bag and walk out with him….”






What’s behind your smart way…


What’s the secret????


You know the news around the school says you are the most intelligent present in the institution….” He said.


Am not.. And as for my smart way..


It just a natural thing… Human are created to be smart ….”



” But you sure make a difference..



Do you know a lot of hero and intelligent student of Europe you put behind bar with your intelligence and smartness


You know winning the competition and the scholarship is not an easy one …..”


He said.


Well let me just say that’s just the way God wants it…”


Maybe but you must have done your best …”


He said and some girls walk up to were we are…


The three of them walk close and one of them hugged Jasper and pecked him in my presence.. I guess that must be his girlfriend…..”


She then turn and look at me.. Who is he???? ….”


She asked.


*See this one oh.. Are you new in this school Eh… Who doesn’t know me in this school




” That’s Elvin my new friend


Elvin met Sonia my twins sister and that’s Elizabeth and Elena her friends……”


Jasper introduced.


Sonia was looking at me as if she wants to use his eye to remove the sweeter cap on me..


” Oh.. Hey Elvin……”


Sonia his sister said bringing out her hand for a shake..


I removed my sweater cap and the three of them gap while Sonia covered her mouth with her hand..


Huh have they seen a ghost ??? ……”


I asked my self.


You are the new student in the institution Right???? ……” She asked and I nod..


OMG !!! You look so cute and handsome ”


Elizabeth and Elena said at the same time while Elizabeth covered her mouth with her hand..


Come on Am a human ….” I said..


All this while Sonia wasn’t saying anything just staring at me and at some point I kinda feel uncomfortable…. What’s even her own self?????



I don’t think you are just a human like us here.. You are a Greek God…” Sonia said for the first time and her friend nod in agreement with her.


Huh !!! …”


Jasper said.


” Yes… He is even more cute and handsome than you big head….”


Sonia said to Jasper and while he tried to hit her and she ran at my back and hold my hand in defense.


” Is okay Jasper….”


I said to him while he just gave her sister a bad look.


Where are you guys heading to……” Jasper asked them..


At the school stadium.. Just to look around..


Her sister said.


That’s great let go together then.. I don’t think Elvin have been there….


Or what do you think Elvin???


Jasper asked and I remembered the letter that Flora kept for me.


Oh am sorry guys.. I would have love to go with you guys but I was waiting for someone the time Jasper came around.. Maybe we could have the walk tomorrow……”


I said and Sonia kind of frown..


Okay fine.. Tomorrow then.. ”


Jasper said and I walk back to the small garden.




To be continued………










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