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” Look Elvin


I once had a family


Lovely one at that”


He said and I look at him only sad expression could be see and only pain can be read in his eyes.



”I grew up with my lovely family.


My father, My mother and My twin sister”



I have a very loving family that anyone could ask of God.



I have a son and my wonderful wife.



We all lived in peace and happiness.


Not that we are too rich and wealthy but we were contented with what we got.



But look at me now


Where do I found my self in?



Working as a gatekeeper when I once order my gate to be opened by someone.



This is the way God wants my life to be


And am living every passing day with happiness and joy.


Hoping to visit a beautiful future



Life isn’t what we thinks it is”


He said.



You have a family? ” I asked foolishly



He laughed


Yes off course I have a family


I mean who doesn’t have a family? ”


he asked still smiling



The what happen and why are you a gatekeeper when you have good background


Yeah you are right I have a wealthy family background but the are now a




He said.



What do you mean by they are now a history



Well I once have a good and peaceful family but not until the devil in a human cloth decided or should I say he was deceived and he hired assassins to kill my family.



My uncle


My dad’s younger brother hired people to kill my family and make me




he said.



I watch my own twins sister raped constantly and killed after was.



I watch my mom my dad and my only son killed.


He said now tears are flowing down his chest.



Then what happened and how come you survived?” didn’t they kill you as well.



Yeah they did.


they shot me but luckily for me their target was on my heart but they missed it and the bullet went on my shoulder. He said and wipe off the tears in his face.



My uncle found out that I survived and he sent another assassins to kill me but I escaped by the help of a nurse.




I let my state and ran to here.


here I met Mr Bernard


I told him my story and he took pity on me.


that was how I became his gatekeeper.


he concluded.




So you see LIFE isn’t as kind to other as well but they kept on hoping for a


brighter future.





Some are dead


Some are buried


some are in the mortuary


Some are living with life helping machine some are in the sick bed in a very critical condition.


while some that are healthy lives without either hands or legs some are even blind, deaf and dump. but you are strong healthy and complete.


you sleep well and wake up happy and you think that God isn’t doing good. give thanks to God no matter the condition and circumstances that you are facing Cos only him is capable of changing the situation.



I feel his pains and then I have hope that if someone like him can pass


through this and still life


then I myself can do it.



Though I don’t know my family


I don’t even know if they are dead or alive but I pray I find them alive.



I look at him and I imagine how hard it will have been for him after passing through all this.




is okay



Believe me when I said that I know how it feels loosing someone so dear to you.


he said and i just smiled at him.



so you have to live your life and accommodate those that wish to be


accommodated and leave aside those that thinks tat without them you


can’t get to the top.


he said and smiled



thank you sir


I really appreciate


I said





just call me bro am okay with that


He said



Okay bro.


I said and we both laughed



you see…………………..


he wanted to say something when the door opened and the man that I letter know that his name is Bernard walked in with a smile on his face.



Good Evening Sir


I greeted



How are you doing


he asked



very much fine Sir


the doctor said that you are good to go.


so we are leaving immediately


he said And nod.











We arrived and he park at the Car park.


the compound is so big and we’ll painted.



I saw a beautiful girl of my age.


she is air in complexion.


Am a beat taller than her.


she looks adorable.


she is singlet and bun short.


if you look closely you will see your head.


I don’t know what you wants to hear.



she ran towards our direction and huge her dad.



we walk into the mansion and the inside is like Wow!



I saw the old carbon copy of the girl I saw outside.



Good evening MA


I greeted the woman bowing my handsome head down.


am tried of stares from this girl.





this girl’s can stare for Africa



can you imagine since I entered they have been staring. The one that I met inside is even worst.


She is giving me this s£xy looks you know nah .



How are you doing


she asked? Politely.



am fine MA



I must say you look so cute


she said



thanks you ma


I said and smiled I can never be shy over a complement.


am too big for that.





thus is the boy I told you about


Mr. Bernard said






so this man has been discussing about me at home Huh!


must you gossip about people everywhere





Elvin this is my beautiful wife Mrs. Dora


over is my first born and son Daniel.


there is my first daughter Jenica


And over there is the baby of the house






Sweet heart this is Elvin


he said directing the intro to Anabella who’s smile never leaves her face.



you are welcome


Daniel said



Now Anabella take Elvin to his room


Mr Bernard said.



she came to where I was standing looking around like a lost goat.



common let’s go


she said smiling at what I can’t understand.








we walk through the stairs to the next floor and into a beautiful room


painted in light red.


the room looks good.



here is your room


she said still smiling




is she okay?


what is even making her smile like a goat?


maybe she is caught up this you cute face I thought




That’s my room over there.


she said pointing at the opposite room cos the door is still open.



okay thank you




and if you need anything


I mean anything feel free to come


she added









okay I will thanks a lot I appreciate



you are welcome.


Em! i must say you looks so cute handsome and hot she complemented and I smiled *




see Niger girl






you are not looking bad either.


You are actually the true definition of beauty I said and she blush





she asked



yeah I


mean you looks so gorgeous, pretty and Amazing


You looks like a goddess



Please stop


You are flattering me


She said now laughing


But am Saying the truth here





Thanks anyway


She appreciated.



She turned around cos we were facing each other and we saw Daniel at the








for how long have he been standing there


i asked myself?




Sis mum is calling you


he said giving me a straight face



what’s up bro


he said when Anabella has left



Am cool bro


I said feeling uneasy



okay let me leave you to rest


I will come back letter.


take care


He said and left.




What is your own self ?







Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think About This episode.



Elvin and Anabella


I just dey one corner they observe una
















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