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I already know that he is the president son but what he do not know is that am the only daughter of barlon,


the second richest business tycoon in the whole of EUROPE


I will so deal with him


I took my phone and called my cousin Mirabel and i told her to come as quickly as possible,


Let see who knows how to play this game.


Not even up to five minutes she arrived,


i told her about what happened in the school and trust me i lied to her and she was really upset about what i told her that jasper did to me,


i only told her that i need her help to call her dad and tell her what happen calling My dad will be a very dangerous thing to do to him and his Dad.


she used my phone and to called her dad and her dad picked up in the second ringing,


Hello My beautiful Stephanie ” He said over the phone.


Hello Dad this is not Stephanie” My Sister said.


Where is she and why are you calling with her phone what happrned to yours” he asked?.


Dad Stephanie is crying as we speak right now. Since she came back from school she has been indoor ”


Mirabel said and i nearly laugh out loud


OMG this girl can lie for me oh.



Oh!! My God what’s happening to her” he asked immediately?.


I don’t really know what the problem is dad


She had refused to talk to me since she came back from school and she has been in door and crying to her self”


She said.


OMG!! this girl can lie for me!


I just smiled at her


Give her the phone her dad said over the phone and she handed the phone over to me.


”Hello Uncle”


I said in snobbish way


Oh ! My Priceless Jewelry What is the problem ”


He asked


Uncle i was slaped and insulted by someone today in school”


”whaat !”


He shouted


”The bitter part of it is that he pushed me down as well”


I added


” Oh ! My God


Who the hell did that to you?”


He asked


Who is that fool that has the gust to raise a hand at you? ” he asked admitting shout


Now he is really angry his voice said it all


” Uncle i learnt that he is the president son ”


To hell with him and his father


Doesn’t he know who you are?


Even heaven knows that he is so going to pay so dearly.


I will make you sure he pays so dearly to this


He said


He mustn’t get a way with this” I snob the more


Oh ! My Sweet Heart


Trust your Uncle in this


He will so much pay for this you have my word okay”


He said.


”Now give your uncle a smile


he said and i smiled a beat though he didn’t see me.”


That’s My girl just take care of yourself okay ”


And watch what’s gonna happens no one i repeated no one has the right to even shout at you ”


He said and i smiled again.


”I love you uncle”


”And i love you more and more


just take care of yourself self”


Your uncle is gonna take care of everything” He said







I was sitting in a business conference when my body guard brought my phone and said that my nephew wants to speak with me


After I spoke with her I found out that she was slapped by the president son


Can you imagine?


That low life has the gust to raise his disgusting hand on my nephew


Am so angry though i know that the reverse was the case but i got to keep her happy.



i took my phone to call the president i just pray this didn’t get to my brother hand because he will not take it likely with his


I know why stephanie has to come to stay with him in Luxembourg because she is emotionally downcast.


I called him and he pick up almost immediately he deer not snob my call for no reason,


Good day Mr. Henderson” He greeted


Am not here for his stupid greeting


Mr President”


What’s the problem you don’t sound good ” He asked.




Is everything alright He added.


How could everything be alright when your stupid son as the impertus to raise his disgusting hands on my nephew”


I said and he chuckle


What !


But that not true


Nobody told me that my son had a fight with your nephew” He tried to defend his son.


Look Mr. President you don’t talk till i finish i said and He appologizes


”Your stupid son has the efforntary to touch my nephew and push her down as if that’s not enough he insulted her”



” But sir what my son told me wasn’t what you are saying


And moreover he never said he had a fight with your Stephennie”


He said and i that really got me angry


”So am a lier then ”


i asked


Not that ” he said


”Since you said that wasn’t what your son told you then what did he said”


He told me that someone slapped him in school and that the person insulted him” He said and i laughed


What a tale


Look Mr. President


”Didn’t you ask him if it a girl”


”Am sure you know whom we are talking about here the daughter of barlon” I reminded him


”Am sure you know what he is capable of doing to that your useless son if he gets to know that he raised a hand on his daughter not to talk of touch her” I said to him


”Please mr don you know that sometimes misbehave am sure my son didn’t know she is your nephew”


”Please i will call my son to order immediately”


he pleaded


Suit yourself i said and gave my bodyguard the phone”








I was in my office when my son called and told me that someone slapped him


What nonsense


I even taught it was just a plank but he was damn serious what nonesence


Whom the idoit that did that is what i don’t know


i told him to calm down


I will get the problem sulted


I wanted to call the school management of the school he is attending probably to


know whom the idoit is.




Good day Mr. President” The school director Greeting.


”I hope you must have heard about what happened Today”.


Yes sir” she answered


”And what are you doing about it”


”Sir the condition is very complicated


The person in question is Stephannie Barlon


The CEO of the school and the daughter of Mr. Barlon She said and I nearly died of shock


What ! how come?”


Sir she resume today and i think your son didn’t know her” She said.


”Has her dad get to know about it?”


”I don’t know sir but he hasn’t called”


she said.


”Okay let this be settled in the school am coming right away”


”Sir the problem is that she the school left after the Incident She said


”And school has turn into a Mess”


she added


Okay put back school in place


i will handle the matter okay


Okay sir


she said and the line went dead


Oh ! No


Stephannie Barlon’s daughter


Jasper what has you gotten yourself into how i am going to handle this.


I will so much be in trouble if barlon gets to hear this.


Put Stephannie Barlon on the line immediately i said to my bodyguard handing him over my phone while to turn to walk inside


Sir Mr. Henderson is calling


My bodyguard said


Mr. Henderson her Uncle


Has he heard about it i asked myself


Should i pick the call” He asked.


Yes off course


He picked it and handed the phone to me.



Good day Henderson


I greeted but he payed less concern to my greeting


Mr. President


he called and i kept calm i already know what he wants to say


Your stupid son has the impertus to raise his useless hand on my nephew


he said and i chuckle though i wasn’t surprise at all but i pretended as if that was the first time me hearing it.


I promise him to call my son in


Order and that is what am going to right way, i put him call.


i know he must be waiting for my call but everything has turned upside down because the person involved is what i can’t handle.


He picked up immediately


Dad !


He called


Son who did you have fight with




That shouldn’t be the question here the bitch slaped me and she has the got to insult me dad”


He said


Look son who is going to believe that a girl beat you come on, Let me inform you the girl in question is the daughter of Barlon


So have to appologizes to her




Dad ! that’s not going to possible


He said and he line went dead


God what type of boy is this


In as much as i know the truth


the son i know will not raise a hand on a girl not to talk of someone like Stephannie Barlon but that is not what Barlon i know will ask you


I just pray this do not get to his hand



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