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”Taa!!! Saa!!!


”You must be very stupid.


How deer you touch me that your filthy body. Are you mad?!! I shouted at the stupid boy that just struck me his smelling body in the name of passing.


”Am sorry but ……………”


He tried to talk


Taa!!! Saa!!! Another slap followed, Am talking and you are talking.


Just look at this stupid fool.


Another slap followed by now the stupid boy is already on the floor.


I hissed and walked away to my class. Can you imagine that Low life.


This is my first time in this school and they want to spoil my mood.


I walked straight to my class and immediately I entered the noisy classroom turned into a graveyard.



Better for them because I don’t stay in a noisy classroom.


This student irritates me. Gosh!! I just sat down on one well furnished seat





Please Pardon my Manners


My name is Stephanie.


The Only daughter of Mr. Barlon.


The richest business tycoon in the country.


You could imagine his riches and famous.


He is the second richest business tycoon in the world of Europe.


My dad loves me so much that he love even the ground I walk on.


I have a very stubborn elder brother by name Kester.


My Step Mom Mrs. Beatrice.


Who is the best world doctor.


Am very intelligent.


Presently am the second world best science student and my school is the best school in the whole of Europe.


Well you wanna know who is the first find out your self



Not quite long. One other foolish boy walked up to me and ask me to get up from the chair.


”Young Miss this seat is mine you can find yourself another one behind there” The Foolish idiot said.


”I just did as if I didn’t hear. Am holding myself because if I should touch him his colour will definitely change.”


”I said you should …………”


Get out I cut him off. I could hear murmur from the corners of the classroom but who cares.


I wasn’t even looking at the stupid boy.


Can you imagine that the idiot was still standing probably to know what I will do to him.


”I said that this seat………”


I just used slap to shut up his foolish mouth. Am slapping too much this days. The class gap.


”How deer you raise your filthy hands on me” the stupid boy shouted at me.


I look up I then I found out that he is the President’s son. Oh!!! Now I know what gave him the effrontery to talk back at me.


You are so dead today. Because you don’t even know who I am.



I tried to give him another slap but he caught my hand but I just used the left one to send him to his early grave.


What nonsense.


Am so freaking out.


Gosh! what type of school is this that fools don’t know their class.


Am so angry I need to cool my head or else I will end up killing somebody in this school.

I took my bag and left the class.


Let him go to hell for all I care.


To hell with him and his father.


Next time he will no how to address people that are above him.


I came out entered my car and told my driver to drive me back home.


While I call my cousin Mirabel.







Gosh!!! What type of human being is this? I asked my friends.


we are just entering the school gate when we saw a boy mistakenly hit his body with her and he ended up slapping the hell out of the boy’s body.


”Am so so angry.


Jack what just happened?”


”The girl just slapped that boy over there ” Jack Answered pointing at the boy’s directions.


We were still talking when we heard another slap and the boy was on the floor.



What nonsense who is she to slap her follow student like that” I asked no one in particular.


”Jasper just let the girl be.


I thinks she is a new student ”


Jack said to me holding me by my hand.


”To be honest with you if not because of Jack I would have teach that girl a lesson now.”


Me and my friend Jack first took my girl friend Rose to her class before heading to our own Class.


We walked in and saw the same girl seating on my personal seat.


My dad brought the seat for me and all the class knows that no body not even the teachers deer sit on that seat.


I guess I have to do some introduction.


Well my name is JASPER. the only son of Mr Jay the present president of the country.


I have a little sister by name Sonia.


Now you know who I am


I walk up to the girl with a lot of pride.


You know as the president son.


A lot of pride follows.


I gently asked her to leave the seat for me as a gentle man but do you know what she did?


She asked me to shut the hell up.


Can you imagine that?


Me Jasper the son of number one citizen in this country.


I just looked at her and discovered that she is really beautiful. Prettier than even my own Rose.


I wonder how this pretty looking girl will be so rude and annoying. Maybe it because of her beauty. I just wave what she said earlier away. And focus on her again.



I wanted to show her another seat behind but the girl gave me a well trained slap that everywhere went black in my eyes.


I look at her with so much anger boiling inside me. But she raised her hand again to slap me again what insolence but I caught it…. ..but she was too fast and She just used the second hand and slap me.


OMG this girl be iron oh…. I just row down on the floor like a fool.


Before I could recover my vision the girl was nowhere to be found.


The class was so quite as ever as even a sound of a drop of pin could be heard.


”What a humiliation.I took my phone out from my bucket and called my dad.


I will make sure she pays dearly for humiliating me in the class….


Hello dad I said to my dad immediately he picked up the phone in a snoring way.


”What is it son? You don’t sound good is very thing alright? ” He asked.


”Dad can you imagine a bitch slapped me in school today.”


”Haha, son be serious I have other things to take care of. Just tell me what the problem is you and I knows that no-one Deer raise a hand on you. You are the son of number one citizen in this country don’t forget that he said in a funny way.”


Dad am dead serious. Some bitch actually did today. And trust me the humiliation I got today dad.


”And who is the bastard? He asked on his deep voice.”


I just smiled at myself. He is angry. His voice said it all.


I don’t know her dad, she is new in my school.


”Oh she is even a new commer and she has the Effrontery to slap you? Just take care of yourself self.


Allow me to handle it myself, I will make sure she pays dearly for humiliating you”


My dad assured me and i smiled.


”I will so deal with her that she will cry and beg for my mercy.”





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Stephannie will beg


for Jasper’s Mercy


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