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Mom! I called


She turned to face me smiling.


I called out


I thought uncle said you are coming back soon. I mean not today I added.


Yeah he said soon. Is this not so soon ” She said smiling


”Dad didn’t even tell me you where coming ”


Any way how is my big brother? ”



He is doing just fine


Kester is now a big boy


She added.


When is he coming back?


I don’t know


He refuse to tell me


He said he is no longer a small boy


she replied.


Off course my son is a big boy


my Dad said.


I know you are going to support your Son My mom said to my dad.


Why not


After all he is my son


He said


I left my parents down stairs and I walk with my Grandma into my massive and beautiful bedroom.


How was school today


little Queen


my grandma asked.


Very stressful”


I said and removed my school uniform.


Am feeling a bit tried


then pour water on your body it surely going to give you more strength My Grandma suggested.


let me go and get your food ready


she said pecked me and left


I entered the bedroom and poured water on my body and that really gave me strength.


I sat down on my bed waiting for Mirabel.


She is taken so much time to come.


I said to myself feeling bored.


I took my phone and log in to facebook.


I replied some messages there and I log into what app.


I replied Kay’s message.


Kay is the idoit my dad wants me to date but i don’t like him.


I saw my senior brother online so I decided to say ” hi ”


” Big Brother ”


How are you sweetheart ”


He asked


Am not fine am am also feeling bored ”


Sorry dear


But what is it”


Who is looking for your trouble? ”


He typed using emoji to show that he is angry


Is grand ma ”


Grand ma ?”


He asked


”Yes dad ”


I told her that I wasn’t feeling strong to go to school today instead of letting be. she threatened to call mum” .


haha Oh grand ma


She can never change ”


He texted.


So you are laughing at me right?



No honey


It just fun listening to grand ma nd her grand daughter’s behavior ”


He texted.


” Emm!! ”




I guess someone is afraid of sleeping in the hospital He texted.





” I made an angry


face ”



Am sorry about that okay”




”How was school today ”


He asked.


School was like gosh!



Haha !!!


You don’t like the school ” He asked.


I do bro but it just that they are so annoying sometimes ”


Oh that? ”


How did you see the school standard? ”


He asked.


” It quite the best as dad said


I don’t even know that it has grew up to that standard ”


Oh good to hear


At least am happy that my lovely sister find the place worthy to be called school ” he sent it and I laughed.


Yes off course ”


Anyway when are you coming back ”


Soon ”


He texted


When? ”


” That’s will be a surprise


But it will be sooner than you expected ”


He texted.


Em ”


I texted but he wasn’t no longer online.


I dropped my phone.


I don’t know if Mirabel is still coming over or not.


Hey sweetie ” she said immediately she entered my room and I gave her an angry look


What keep you so long? ”


I said folding my hands on my chest.


Am dear


Is my mom and the traffic


She said giving me a sorry looks.




She added and I smiled.


How are you doing sweetheart ”


I asked spreading my hands for a huge.


Pretty fine Sis ” she replied. While we huge ourselves.


So is it that you wanna discuss with me?


I asked


Well I was thinking maybe we should do something really crazy and cool actually She said.


And what us the crazy and cool thing you want me to get my self involved in? I asked.


I was thinking maybe we should throw a free quiz competition. Not actually between the two school but among nation wide. We will give scholarship to the first ten best student among them she said.


Unno that will make our school grow and have more intelligent students.


How did you see that?


She asked.


I don’t think o needs that.


You and I know that my school is up to the best standard and actually the best science institution in the world of Europe as a continent. I boasted.




I know that already but I want that standard to to worldly recognized.


I want that name ” BEST ” to go wide and also help the less privileged that are also as intelligent as we are she said.


Could there be any intelligent student around the world?


You and I knows that the scholarship will be taken by the students of ELVIN SCIENCE ACADEMY I said.


Look Stephanie never neglect any body.



Many less privileged are very intelligent to the extend that you could even met the one that is even more intelligent than you are ” She said and anger build inside me


could there be any student as intelligent as I am.


I asked


Never can tell.


She said


Are you in anyway trying to tell me to Maka my school so cheap for commoners? I asked am now so angry.


How can she tell me that there is a student that can beat up to my standards.


Look Stephanie that’s not what I meant.


We are going to sponsor the competition not that we are going to partake in it.


It just does to assist the intelligent poor students out there.


He said with so much concern about the so called privileged.


I wonder of there is anybody that she wants to join me in my school.


I don’t think I need that.


You can go ahead and host the competition and shift the so called less privileged to your so that your school can move up to my own Stan………..


She is afraid of been defeated as the second best science student in the world of Europe.


My dad cut in.


Walking in with my uncle Mirabel’s father.


Sorry for invading on your conversation my uncle apologies




You know that is not it


Am not afraid of anything.


I said trying to defend myself.


Off course you are ”


You see I love Mirabel’s braveness for thinking out such a beautiful idea.



In as much as you are more intelligent than she still love to be challenged by others.


And that Maka her to have more experience than you.


Don’t be surprised that one day she will beat up and took the award as the best student


He said in a mocking way




I called


Yeah my Princess


He answered.


You know that is not possible.


Mirabel is no match for me


she is not half to my standard


She knows that


I said


Then what’s pushing you back from throwing the competitionn He asked


Approve it my priceless jewelry


And let watch if there is not intelligent student out there.


I promise you one thing


If any student from ELVIN SCIENCE ACADEMY wins the first position. Then I will give you that which you have long treasured He said.




Okay fine am in


I approve of it


Mirabel go ahead and organize it.


The first best five will be in my school while the other five will go to yours ” I said.


That’s my Queen


My uncle said and applause for me.


I need some fresh air


I said to Mirabel.


You have the right to get as much as you want


My dad said.


While I left with Mirabel


Am doing pissed off.


We both walk outside from my bedroom to my Massive and beautiful garden.


I think that’s the best place to go to.




Mirabel called.




What’s it? ”


Am sorry ” She said


About what


I asked focusing on my phone this time.


For Maka you do what you don’t want to


She said. Yeah I no she will apologize for what my dad did that’s Mirabel for.


And that’s why she is my favorite.


she knows all my secrets and when are like addicted bird.


See Mirabel am not angry with you either am I angry with my dad.


I guess they are trying to bring out the best in me.


You see hating this competition is not really a bad thing rather it will mobilize me to ready harder knowing fully well that I have upcoming challenge. So please don’t apologize


I said and she smiled.


So tell me how is your boyfriend? ”


That one he is fine


She replied smiling.


Stephanie you can do this


I said to myself.


To be continued …………


Guys how was it


Hope you enjoyed it




What will become of Kelvin?


They are hiding his grandma’s death from him.


How is he going to react when he finds out.




happy sunday guys













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