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At a meeting conference in Ireland.


One could see seven richest business tycoon in the countries of Europe siting a massive chairs around a huge long table. their name as follows.


*MR. MORGAN – richest in Norway and third richest in whole of Europe.



*MR. BELMONT – richest in Ireland and the fourth richest in the whole of Europe



*MR. DON CALVIN – richest in Austria and the sixth richest in the whole of Europe




*MR. CLETUS – richest in Germany and also the seventh richest in the whole of Europe



*MR. JUSTIN.- richest in Netherland and he is also the eighth richest in the whole of Europe



*MR. SMITH – richest in Sweden and he is also the ninth richest in the whole of Europe



*MR. LONNIE – richest in France and he is also the tenth richest in the whole of Europe.






BARLON he is the second richest business tycoon in the whole of Europe and also the richest in Luxembourg the richest country in Europe.



HENDERSON the richest in Ireland and the fifth richest in the whole of




But he is mostly trusted by the God Emperor



MARCELO the richest in Switzerland And also the fifth richest in the whole of Europe






THOMSON is the richest the whole of Europe and he is also the European


God Emperor.


He is feared and respected by all.












” I have a business proposal


that all off us will come together and invest in it”


Mr Morgan said.



”And what Business could that be?


we are all in”


Mr Lonnie said and look around while the rest nods.



The drug dealer Mr Robinson request that we Grant him accommodation in


this continent.


He said.



And what made you think that his request will be granted Mr. Belmont asked



Cos This man is willing to give us 1.8 Millions Puns . This money can do


many things in our life


Mr Morgan said.



If we agree to this your suggestion


How are they going to come into this continent


Mr Don Calvin asked



Common it just simple


We me in particular will inform him to come and settle here


Mr Morgan said.



Can you hear yourself talk Mr Morgan


Have you forgotten so soon that the boarders are heavily guarded


Mr Lonnie said



That the boarders are heavily guarded didn’t affect anything here.


I will just go to Thomson and he will sign this document for their passage.



How are we gonna get the money


Mr. Justin asked.



The money is not the problem here Justin. The issue here.


What we are to discuss is how to make this possible.


Mr Smith said.



And what do you mean by how to make the money possible Mr Lonnie asked



You and I know that none of us here has the power to import drugs dealer in this continent without the legal approval of the Emperor He said and the they all kept quite for sometime



Smith is right


We all know who Thomson is.


He will never approve this


Mr Cletus said



If Thomson is not ready to sign their free passage then I will do it for him Mr Morgan said



You Maka me laugh with your way of thinking have you forgotten whom Thomson is.


The emperor of this great continent.


So there is no way you are going to sign the document yourself expect you have are ready to get humiliated.



If Thomson refused I will take him out of the way.


Mr Morgan said.



And how are you going to achieve that when you are not even the second richest business tycoon.



If you have to terminate Thomson then you must terminate Barlon and


Henderson those two will never agree to this and they will do all they can


to protect Thomson


Mr Belmont said.



Those two are not my problem.


I can get Henderson down through Barlon.


You and I know that he is a proud man that never play with challenges. I will challenge him with something he can never win he is my friend and I know his weak point



I will use that on him and as for his stupid brother Henderson when I win


Barlon I will become the second richest and he will be no match for me


Mr Morgan said.



Sounds great


It seem you have planned all this from the onset


Mr Lonnie said and they all laughed.


While Cletus kept quite.



”I think we all are in this together?”


Mr Morgan asked



Yes we are


They chorus.








The ride to the

airport was cool.


I arrived even before their flight landed.


Their private flight

landed and I walked up to them with smile on my







I have really missed my brother


Most especially my wife unno.



Welcome bro


I said bring out my hand for a shake.



Thanks brother


My brother said.



Welcome back honey


I said to my spreading my arms for a huge.



I thank God for journey mercies


I said and we all laughed.



I have really missed you


I said to my wife



Me too


she replied



I guess no one missed me


My brother said from the other side.


And we laughed



Off course I missed you my only lovely and once stubborn brother that God bless me with


I said and he laughed.



We entered the car and zoom off.



Some of the convoy took my wife home while I ride with my brother to his


own house to get talk business talk.


That is the actual reason he came back.



We arrive at his place and his family welcomed us I mean our family Pardon my manners.



His son was with his friends when he arrive and the house was so noisy with music.



This boy won’t kill me


My brother said and I laughed





He shouted and his son came to where we are seated.



Alex can’t you see that your uncle came?


will stop playing that music and organize this place this minute He shouted at his son.



But dad my friends are here with me


He said. We are using the music to cool our head he added.



Will you!!


He shouted



Common brother let the boy be


let go to my house


I said.



You are supporting nice


my brother said.



Don’t forget that you where once like him


I said more like a whisper and he made an Angry face.



we stood up a left for my house.



we arrive and it was like Stephanie was just coming back from school.



we walk inside and over heard Stephanie asking her mom when Kester will be coming back.



I don’t know my dear


Kester is now a big boy.


he said he can take care of himself


my wife said.



why not my son can take care of himself he is an adult not a child I said as I walk into the house.



You are supporting your son right??????


Why won’t I


I said and walk up stairs with my brother.



We walked to my guestroom that place is very quite to discuss business.


the guest room was close to Stephanie room.



Here we are brother



Yeah cool place for the perfect meeting he recommended.



Now let talk about what is at stake”



what could that be


I asked him.



Brother I got informed by Cletus that Morgan and Co are having secret


meeting behind our back.


He said



Throw more light



He said that they wants the contraband drug dealer Mr. Robinson to this Continent


Though they haven’t said anything to the emperor but I know that the


emperor will never approve that.


He said



”So where do I come in”



I just need your support in case because I know that they will soon present this to the Emperor


he said



You have all my support


Besides I will be there if they want to host such meetings


I said to him



” Yes !


You are right


Anyway let wait I see how it goes”


He said.



I wonder why will they are thinking of this kind of thing?


When they know how dangerous it is and what it has caused other continents that allow that man In their territory?” I optioned.




If you ask me


I will tell you authoritatively that Morgan is behind all this


But I know you won’t believe me


You better be careful with that monster you call a friend


He advised



And I know that this time there target is Thomson because the Thomson I know can never sign such deals.


And even the both of us is not excluded Because they know that we will never support such.



”I wonder what they will gain from putting the life’s Of the poor masses in danger ”


I asked my brother




”What else if not the guests for Power, Riches and Supremacy”



The hatred I see in their eyes towards Thomson since he became the


European God Emperor.


He said.



Well I wish one day I will to see this Emperor face to face I said



Off course you will


He said.



Well I guess we are good to go.



Let go out and have some drinks


I said and we both stood up and walked throughout the door.





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



What is Morgan up to?


Barlon is yet to met Thomson??













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