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After the gateman advice me to take it easy on myself.


I thanked him for everything.


We said goodbye to each other and I turned to leave while he entered the gate.


I walk in frustration.


Pain and sorrow….


Tears flow down freely from my chest as I think of my grandma condition.


I wonder what will become of her by now.


I was so lost in thought


I didn’t even know where I was going to.


I heard the horn of a vehicle very close to me.


My Heart skip and I felt down


Hitting my body in the car.




Did I just have accident?




Oh my God!!!


I said to myself and heavy headache bounce on me.


My vision started becoming uncleared.


I saw the man’s face but it wasn’t anyway cleared.


Everywhere finally went black in my eyes.







Oh know what a poor boy.


I said as I entered the gate.


The gate was half way close when I saw Kelvin waking at the middle of the road.


A vehicle on speed was coming towards that direction.


Oh! Boy what out! ”


I shouted but it was too close to the car.


Thank God the man was very fast to hold the Blake.


Elvin felled on top of the vehicle


And the man inside the vehicle rush out.


I smiled ”


What a foolish man you are!


How could you be smiling when your friend got hit by a vehicle My conscience shouted at me.


You must be very stupid ”


My boss shouted at me.


Will you come and help me put the boy in the car? ” He added


And I rushed to the direction of the seen.


we got him into the car and zoom off to the nearest hospital around.








I left today to the office at Lagos for very important meeting.


I forgot a very important documents that is need for the trip to South Africa.


I came back to Benin to pick the documents up and also to confirm something.


Yeah to confirm something mysterious.


Something that have kept me bordered for some weeks now Well am BERNARD by name.


Am not that too rich but I will still say that am a well fulfilled man.


Am the manager of the company I work at.


Am married with two lovely daughters and a son.


that’s enough description about me.


you get to know more about me as time goes on.


I drive quietly


My secretary call came in.


” Hello ”


she said over the phone.


how may I be of help? ”


Sir I just called to inform you that the board members has postponed that trip she said.


” why I asked? ”


Anyway when did they shift it to? ”


”Till next month sir ”


she replied.


Okay than………….


I didn’t finish my words as I drop my phone and match on the car brake.


Oh my God!!!


I rush out and as God have it


My car didn’t touch him.


he felled on his own.


I turned and saw my gateman smile.


Will you help me put the boy in the car you fool I called out While he ran to the spot.


I wonder the kind of a man I called gatekeeper.


I entered and we drove to the nearest hospital around.


He was admitted to the hospital and was give a treatment bed.


Me and Gateman sat patiently at the edge of the door waiting for the doctor to finish with him.


He is Okay ”


the doctor said.


Okay doctor but why is he not awake yet? ” I asked.


he will ”


Just give him a little time


he fainted out of shock.


the doctor assured me.



we were still discussing when one of the nurses came out and told us that he is awake.


his vision wasn’t clear as he blinked his eyes continuously when we entered.


Where is my grandma? ” he asked.


While me and the doctor rush to where he was laying.


Are you Okay?”


I asked immediately while the doctor was putting on a smile.


‘Am very okay but where is my grandma? ”


he asked.


How are you doing now? ” Are you feeling any pains? the doctor asked.


Am very much fine Sir but I need to see my grandma he insisted.


” Oh! Your grandma is fine


he just left the hospital to get you something to eat ”


The doctor lie and I breathe out.


he was now calm.


He check on him and said that all he needed is just some rest









There is something strange about that boy. I thought as I walk out from his ward.


I need to get home at least to say hi to my lovely wife and kids.


But the boys face looks a little bit familiar.



I seems like I have met him some where because I feel so connected with him but I can’t place my hand on where I have met him before.


When I arrive at home.


My wife greeted me but I didn’t give her much attention.


I rarely wants to find out who the boy is.


I took out my laptop and used his picture and name to search about him and I nearly fainted with what I saw.


He lives with an old woman who is not even his relation and that same woman was the woman that I constantly see in my dreams.


Begging me to help her take care of her son.


According to what the pastor told me.


He said that the woman is long die though still alive in human form but will never


stop appearing to me till I accept to




She even appeared Physically to me today at the Office and she told me that her son is long waiting for me at my gate.


That was also the main reason I came back today.


You remember I told you guys that something was disturbing me for some weeks now.


This woman is actually the person…..


I located there apartment.


They are poor


The environment says it all.


I walked in and saw people crying…..


I asked and they said the woman died some minutes ago.


I found tears rushing down my cheeks.


Some young youth help me and I took the woman’s body to the mortuary with deep sorrow and pain in my heart.


I drove back to the hospital and before I arrived I noticed that he was struggling to get up.


Where is my grandma? ” He asked admitting shout.


Calm down boy ”


I said using my hand to demonstrate.


Don’t tell me to calm down


Doctor take this drip of my hand now.


He shouted at us the more.


The doctor walk closer and injected him and he felt asleep again.


I feel for him…..


The woman was his all and all.


Right there I promise myself to take care of him and keep him safe.







I opened my eyes but my vision was not yet clear.


I blinked my eyes repeatedly before I could see clearly.


I saw the gateman sitting at the edge of the chair at the exit.


” Where is my grandma? ”


Though I knew he doesn’t know they no nothing about her.



But he rushed to where I was with smiles in his face.


Elvin are you okay? ” The gateman asked. And I nodded.


A man came in with the doctor


I think that is the man that knocked me down or should I said the I blocked his way.


”Are you okay? ”


He asked me immediately he entered.


”Am fine but I need to see my grandma ”


I said again.


Are okay?


Are you feeling any pains anywhere? ” The doctor asked.


Am very much fine Sir but I need to see my grandma ”


Don’t worry your grandma is fine


She just left for the house.


She went to bring food for you.


He said and I smiled.


Since my grandma is now okay I don’t have any problem again ” I said to myself.


The doctor checked on me and left while the man followed him.


I was left with only the gate man.


I felt a little weak so I drop my head and Zum!!!! Sleep carried me away.


I wake up like two hours later and I still found only the gate man.


I thought the doctor said that my grandma went to get me something to eat?



Is she not yet back I asked myself?????


Could they have lied to me I asked myself.


Off course they did “. My conscience said.


There is no way your grandma will come to this hospital and leave without seeing you “.


Don’t you think their is something fishy about what the doctor told you “.


If not she should have been here by now ” My conscience added.


Where is my grandma? ”


I asked the gateman


Calm down your grandma is fine “. He said.


No don’t tell me to calm down Just tell where my grandma is


I said while the door open and the man and the doctor walked in Where is my grandma? ”


I asked admitting shout.


Calm down boy ”


The man said using my hand to demonstrate.


Don’t tell me to calm down


Doctor take this drip of my hand now


He shouted as the more.


The doctor walk closer and injected me a I felt weak and slept off.


To be continued…….






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