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After I spoke to Stephanie and my son


I called Mr Henderson. And he assured me that as wrong as her niece is comfortable with Jasper’s apology that I have nothing to worry about.


I just have to talk to jasper


He have to apologize to Stephannie if that is the only thing she wants.










Am so angry


How could my own dad.


Am so disappointed at my own dad how could he tell me to appologizes to a common girl after receiving three hot defenseless slap from her never Am not gonna do that.


You know you are gonna do it as long as she is Stephanie Barlon but wait oh my dad said her nane is Stephannie Barlon


oh!My God she is the daughter to barlon and the owner of this school now i know my dad’s fear


if really the daughter of barlon then i think am in big shit Oh ! my God am now regreting why i didn’t leave when She asked me to,


she is no where to be found after the incident, God what have i gotten myself in a big trouble.

I walk out from the music studio I have to go search for her


I searched around for her but it seem she left after the incident.


But I am going to apologize?


Oh God I have really put myself in a mess.


The stupid student are gonna laugh at me.


I walk into the class and everywhere went so quite.


It has been wrong I called my sister and she is coming back tomorrow I thought calling her could be the only way to calm myself down but she wasn’t picking up.


I stood up and walk to the school Garden.


There I meet my friend Alex.


What’s up bro


He said as he approached me.


Not cool bro



Calm down your dad has already promise to deal with her on your behalf so chill


she is gonna get humiliated tomorrow


He said and I look at him.


The reverse is now the case bro


What do you mean the reverse is now the case He asked? And sat beside me.


Bro she is Stephanie Barlon




You are joking right?


You don’t mean


he said looking shock.


Am really serious about this


My dad called me back few minutes ago to tell me that I should apologize to her.


Oh my God.


This is not good at all bro


He said


Am telling you.


Am so angry


I mean how could I after receiving three hot defenceless slap from her I will still be the one to beg for forgiveness


But you have know choice in this


I have heard so many things about her you know who my dad is as well but as long as she is the daughter to Barlon you must apologize. And if you do otherwise bro


Both you and your dad will not be speared He said with so must certainty


Have you encountered such


I asked looking at him for a response.


No but a friend of my once had an issue


He said.


Well don’t worry all you have to do is just apologize to her immediately she comes


to school tomorrow.


He said


O think I will


I don’t want to put my dad in trouble just because of a mare issues like this


Chill up bro


It already dismissal time


Let go home and worry less


He said got up and helped me up.


Thanks you such a great friend I said to him and he smiled.


We both walk to my car but I followed him to his I don’t want to home now.


I instructed my guards to go home and they did.


The ride to his house was cool as I kept straight face throughout our journey home.


Alex did his best just to make me happy and am really grateful to him.


Immediately I step my foot in our living room I saw my dad sitting comfortably watching television


Welcome son


He said and I just ignored him.


Common son it not my fault okay


He said


I know is not your fault and that is why am not blaming you



You have to go in and freshen up and then come down to have your food ee said


Dad am okay


Am not hungry


I left and went upstairs to my bedroom.


Took my bath and lay on my bed.


The day events came flashing back.


Do I really think I can apologize to this girl after all the humiliation I asked myself.


Here is my new group join










i sat down on my massive bed with mirabel gisting and also waiting patiently for the out come of the thing off course am not going accept anything except he is going to appologizes


we were discussing when a call came in, i look at it and to my greatest surprise it is the president well i don’t have his number but my phone will so show the identity of the person,


A smile appeared on my face


well i still pick the call and his voice can immediately,


hello young miss


he said


good day sir i greeted like an innocent and good girl i am you know nah! how are you doing my dear


he asked and i put the volume on speak out so that mirabel could be hearing what


we are discussing


am surprise oh



how will a whole number one citizen be asking after me when he was told the beat up his useless son to stupor i look at mirabel and both of us laughed but not loud


I wonder what he is afraid of?


is he afraid of me or maybe my dad anyway me and my dad is one so he is afraid of me after all i smile to my foolish thought am not fine sir i said in snobbish way


oh i heard what a happened


please my dear pardon him you know he still a small boy


he said and i took high five with mirabel wow jasper is a boy i admit lol this is fun


am so sorry about it he added but i kept mute


what do you want me to do that will make you happy he asked and i smiled


I thought of what to asked


should i tell him to sent him out of the school


no i won’t get to see his ugly face again yeah and idea came in, it so gonna be fun to see the almight jasper plead for mercy i thought and smile at my thought


sir i want him to appologizes to me in school i said with pride


consider it done dear


he said and i smile


and please i want this to be sealed he added and i know where he is heading to ,


i hope you understand what i mean


he asked


that won’t be a problem


As long as he get to appologizes


he will i assure you he said and i smile again thank you sir


you are welcome and take care of your self he added while the line went dead OH!My God


am so much gonna love tomorrow


oh i can’t wait to be in school and see his ugly face pleading for my mercy.



The less of the day was great and during the evening time Mirabel left after giving many excuses that she want to do this and that.








I wake up a bit tried.


Though a bit earlier today.


I went to the bathroom


Took my bath after brushing my teeth.


I came out and after dressing my head


Don’t give that look


I don’t make up it makes me feel like and caring slot on face.


After looking at the mirror and smile at my looks.


I walk down to have my break fast.


After my break fast.


I walk out went into the car while my driver and two more other cars followed me to school.


I arrived and the assemble was still going on I just walk to the class and sat down.


Am actually the only one here probably they all are in the assembly ground.


I just walk back and sat on my car and operate my phone.


not quite long they began to walk into the class and when I him the jasper of a boy walked into the class I opened the car and walk to the classroom.


Today is really gonna be great


I smiled to myself.


I walked into the class room and the noisy classroom went quiet only murmuring could be heard.


I sat down and he walk up to me



Am sorry about yesterday” He said.


I brought my face up cos I was operating my phone when he came.


” You don’t stand why apologizing to Stephannie”


I can see his ugly angry face.


Someone should take a picture of the boy.


He is like going to chuck off my neck anytime soon.


Am so much loving this.


” Still waiting ”


I said and he went down on his knees.


Am sorry


He said and i smile.


Good boy apology accepted.


You can now go and search for another seat at the back.


I said to him while he walk to the back.


Murmuring could be heard from the four corners of the classroom.


But who cares.


The less of the class was peaceful.


Teachers came and did there very best.


I recommend them.


The less of the day was peaceful and sweet as student fear and worship me as God.


To be continued……..




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