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Oh my jewelry you are still sleeping. Aren’t you going to school today my grandma asked it time for school and you are already late to school. She added.


Oh! Grandma


Am not going to school today


Am not feeling fine so I won’t go to school today


I said covering my head with my pillow while i turned my face to the other side of my massive bed probably to go back to sleep.


Maybe I should call your mum to tell her that my jewelry is not feeling fine and for that reason she will not be going to school today she said and I jump up from the bed




But grandma That’s not fair” I said.



I know you must be wondering why I got up from the bed at the mention of my mum.


She is a medical doctor.


If She get to no that I said am not feeling fine she will make sure I sleep in the hospital and I hate drugs.


I stood up triedly and drag myself to the bathroom.


I brushed my teeth and took my bath.


I can out naked.


I applied my cream and tried my beautiful long hair in a ponytail.


I put on my school uniform


Am really tried after yesterday outing but my grandma will never take that as an excuse.


I drag myself drown stairs to the dining table.


Am actually going to eat alone today since my dad has left for the Office and my mom is outside the country with my elder brother who has already graduated last year from high school but he has refused to come stay with us and my grandma doesn’t eat this early.


I sat down gently on the dining table looking at my food.


Angela did good today.


She is my friend though am sometimes harsh to her.


That’s my nature if you want to know.



Looking at me


Am really beautiful if not the most beautiful girl in the whole world you can argue with your ancestors

Not me.


But actually am really beautiful.


Am set for school with my school uniform and bag. Both were boldly written STEPHANIE WORLD AWARDED SCIENCE INSTITUTE GLOBAL. don’t look me like that.


I own the school i said that earier



I made my dad to build it in my name though I wasn’t schooling there before. I started because of some personal issues.


I walked out from my big mansion just to see the stupid gateman still watching my car can you imagine that fool wants me to wait till he finish. I used my hand and signify him to come.


Why are you still washing my car by this time? Weren’t you informed that i was going to go to school with it? I said to him as He rushed to where I am.


Miss Stephanie I slept late last night that’s why I didn’t wake up in time ” he said putting his face down.


I know he slept late because probably he was waiting for me to come back because I went for outing yesterday trust me we came back very late. But that’s not an excuse his job is to open the gate and do anything I want. We have someone that washes the car but I don’t like the way he watches my car that’s why I told him to wash it but instead he slept off.


I just gave him one slap.


How can he give me such thing as an excuse.


I wonder where my dad got all this foolish workers from.


I hiss and walked to my rang rover sport car got in and drove off to school while two more cars followed me.


I arived at school and as usual student runs about.


By the time i got to school the assembly was already over so i walk into the class.


The class went quite while i walk in as a queen. Many eyes staring.



Here is my new group join.









One can see a handsome hot young boy walking along the street of Benin in frustration.


Hot tears could be seen visibly in his handsome chest.


Crazy Crowd could be seen looking at him.


Some laughs as he pass


Some gave him a merciful looks


Some pass and wave their heads.


Some where in









Since I was Four and till the sudden disappearances of my man I called father. Whom rumors has it that he was killed in the expense of killing one popular political in Ghana.


Well I know he is a Ex soldier who probably became a criminal for a so-called reason best known by him


Should I say a well trained terrorist.


A very deadly one but I still miss him.


If he was to be around all this won’t have been happening to me.


I learnt a lot from him.


Bd things actually.


He never had time for me except if he wants to teach me his evil ways.


Though he taught me how to use gun at the age of ten and all his criminal strategy of killing people.


he warned me never to use it against innocent people.


Some time I wonder what type of a father he is or a type of person he is that teaches someone bad thing and still advice the person not to use it in bad way I didn’t know anything about him.


He only told me that he was once an Ex soldier whose down fall was Planned by the people he Loved.


Any time he talks about his Past


I only see pain and revenge.


His heart bears more than what it could carry.


Many heroes and politicians of many countries was felled by his gun A he use to say.


Yeah I know about all his criminal affairs.


There is something he told me that even in my point of death I will be still grate full to him.



Been taught how to use gun at the age of ten you could then imagine the kind of boy I won’t be.

He brought me up in an iron way.


That I grew up without the fair of man.


You could imagine what type of a heart he planted in me.


Anyway despite his ways the brought me up in a good manners though am very stubborn do to the training he have me.


Am Obedient, truthful because he hate liars, humble and very intelligent Also very deadly but not until i started living with an old woman my father took me to. *


My advice to parents and guidance is don’t train your child in your evil way because he will fine it difficult to turn a good live even if you tell him or her that is evil the way you brought his or her is the part she or he is gonna follow *




I think that’s should be enough about my foster father.


I walk around the street of Benin in frustration”


” My only family is at the point of death ” ”My grandma” the old woman that my foster father took me to before his sudden disappearances.


The old woman is very sick and their is no money to take him to the hospital.


I walk with so much tiredness.


I have been walking since morning and it already getting late still I haven’t found the man that my old grandma gave me the picture of.


I walk into another street and a smile appeared on my face. Thank God I find the place.



I look at the massive gate and I looked at the photo I was holding it surely this place.


I walk closer to the massive gate and knock on it and a tall young man came out from inside.


Good evening Sir ”


Evening boy who you dey fine? ” he asked in pigging language.


I have him the picture I has holding


Please am looking for the man the picture”


You mean my Oga?” Yes Sir


”My Oga no dey oh! ”


Did he know say you dey come here today?


Because nah now he just waka comot”


He said and my leg feels weak.


I feel down as tear came rushing down my chest.


I taught of my grandma.


What if the man is her only hope of help.


What will become of her status now that he is not around.


Oh boy nah Wetin nah? ” He asked me Please stand up


No come dey cry for here.


What us the problem and why you wan see my Oga?” he asked but I wasn’t saying anything to him.


This no be the end of life. What ever it is just trust in God” he said trying to console me


Please is he coming back today I found my voice and asked?



” No he traveled to Abuja” he said


Is this how am going to loss my grandma? I asked no-one in particular ”


You are not going to loss your grandma bro” he assured me as if he is the giver of life.


He went inside and came out with some money and a cup of water he gave it to me but I rejected it but he persuaded me to collect it that he mean no harm.


Thank you sir I said and stood up to go.


I have to be on my way now” I really appreciate your nice gesture I added


OK please take it easy on yourself oh! And Maka you feel free to come to me anytime he added and I smiled.


” Maka you drop your phone number in case my Oga comes back” he said


I don’t have phone I replied calmly.


Thanks again I said and turned to leave while he entered the gate.


Guys how was it


How do you see the new character



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