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One thing I hated and I was taught never to get myself involved in it is lying… My foster dad hatred that so much because he believes that no matter the situation you are in been very smart you can still make you to scale through if you wants to.. …



I know that telling Kester the really truth can make two things happen… One is neither he hates me or pity the fact that I have a reason for lying in the first place.




But probably if he gets angry and feels like following the law and reporting us back to prison then I will have to take the other options available.



I made up only mind telling him everything he needs to know about me… I know if he couldn’t forget the back probably my telling him the truth now will still not stop him from questioning me…



Yeah I told victor about it and he was very scared of what the outcome would be but I think believe that the outcome will be good.



He came this morning to check on us so I decided this could be the best time to tell him everything so that even if he wants to travel back to his home country I won’t be an obstacle to that.



I wanted to have this discussion with him yesterday but the doctor that came to check on me and give me some medicine left very late so I decided to leave it in the morning



” Elvin!!!!!!!……”


He called when he entered our room.


Hope you are getting much better


He added



Yeah bro… As you can see am much stronger than yesterday…..”



That’s a good thing to hear


And you Victor hope you had a great night….”


He asked directing the question to victor



Well that good breakfast will be ready in a minute time… Okay!!!!!!…… I will


be right back…”


He said and wanted to go but I called him back.



Kester there is something I will like to let you know about us or probably me


I said and I look at victor and he gave me a sign to continue…



You know when you start associating with brave people you will probably


learn how to become brave….



What’s that you want to tell am listening Go on…. ”


He said.



Victor here is not my brother and we weren’t kidnapped like he told you earlier before…. ”


I said and He looks surprised but till kept quite.



I kept quite as well.



So how come were you guys with the criminals .. or are you now a criminal????…”


He asked though somehow the question came like a shock… I mean thinking that am now a criminal… Anyway I don’t blame him… People can change at anytime…..



Far from that Kester.


You know when my grandma I was kind of frustrated though I didn’t see her dead because she send me to someone I didn’t know.



As I was searching for the person she told me to look for I got knocked down by a car and the man took me to the hospital…



The man finding out that I have no where to go again since he knows that my grandma is dead took me as a son..



We lived in peace not until his daughter started developing kind of feeling for me…


His first daughter had to play a smart game with her mum because I refuse to have s£x with them.



She then accused me of trying to rap her..



You know the girl in question is his daughter and no matter how I try explaining the man never believed me… He didn’t even want to hear from my own side of the story..


I said and I felt my eyes watery.



The man got me arrested and kept in prison..



There I met victor and some other prisoners… it happens that some of us


were also a victim of circumstances….



Looking at my life… I never dream if spending my entire life in prison so had to do something about it…… So I made a map of the prison that’s how


we escaped and on our way out from a forest we ran into we met the criminal…. It happens that they are just coming out from rubbery



They wanted to rub us but seeing that we are not with anything…


They adapted have and ordered us to get into there car.. ….



Some of us ran back into the forest and it was only me and Victor that they were able to caught.




Where Police Officers after them before you guys enter their car


Kester asked.






Then how come with the chase


I mean how did you guys ran into the Police Officers again ????


He asked.



Well as we were driving we came across police check point and the started


shooting the Police Officers that’s how we got chased by the Police and it


lead to the shot out….”


I concluded.



I look at him and I could not read what his reaction were…


Weather angry or pitying us.



We were just quiet when we had a cough behind us and that was when I noticed that Anastasia and Vanessa has been listening to what we were discussing.








I watch him tell me a lot he has pasted through.. Though he never told me in time but I know it took him a lot to open up to me and I know is because of the trust he has for me…



And I wouldn’t want the trust to die.


I will do everything possible to keep him safe.



After he told me all this..


I was speechless for the main time…


Words were very far for me to altar.


I was just looking at him without saying anything.



When Anastasia and Vanessa coughed behind us and we all turned to see that they have been listening to all we have been discussing.








You we all human and know matter what I still have human consence….


With what I found out about him and the story I just heard him narrated … I felt pity for him.



My sister Anastasia coughed behind me..


I didn’t even know she was listening to what we were discussing…. I mean


they were discussing as well.



Silent dwell in the room and it seem that will last so long so I had to say something since it seem that Kester couldn’t altar any word again.



Kester can I have a word with you on something very urgent


I said and he look at me and followed me behind that was the only thing and said…



Me and Kester left .. For my own room.


We went to my room.


I was truly short of words…. I didn’t even know how to start again.



Poor masses do suffer a lot in this country… He has really past through a lot I said and Kester nod.




” So now what do you want to do??? …..”


I asked looking at him.



Well you know my flight will be coming to pick me up tomorrow.. I will go with them back to Europe you know them staying here the police officer might trace them here…..and perhaps they don’t have anyone here in Nigeria again…..”


He said.



That’s good


Am not objecting that.. Considering who he is to you….. He really trust you so much for him to tell you about his hidden agenda….”



I found out something about him last night….something different apart from all he told you earlier…..”



And what could that be???……”


He asked.



” His full name is Elvin Elson


He was the guy that won the scholarship that your sister hosted….”



What are you serious about this??….


He asked.



Yeah.. Take a look….”


I said and handed over the pictures my researcher sent to me last night


about him when showed on the television….



” Wow….. This is a great news..


My sister will be happy having someone as intelligent as him around her…..


My dad and grandma will be so happy to see the boy that saved their son’s life years back……”


He said.



” Really ?????….”


I asked knowing how harsh he sister has turn to be.



Yeah.. You know since my flight has already been set….Let me go and inform them about their traveling with me…”


He said and i just nod and he left.








After I told Kester every truth he needed to know.. though am somehow Uncomfortable knowing that his friends over heard our discussion.



Well I only told Victor to get ready for anything….. The way I was trained.. I


was told never to talk chances no matter how small.



I was having a normal chat with Victor when Anastasia walk into our room …


And said she just wanted to stay with us since her sister and Kester were discussing…..”



There she asked both me and Victor about our educational status and I also found out that she also participated in the competition that I won and she is also one of the first tenth….



I learnt that she will be traveling to Europe tomorrow with Kester.



We were discussing and she is really fun talking with her.. She is not as rude and arrogant like other rich kids.



Kester entered our room smiling though and Anastasia wanted to excused herself but Kester told her to stay back that he is just here to tell me something so she stayed behind.



You guys should get yourself ready… You are traveling with us to Europe tomorrow


He said and I was like wow..


How come……?



Victor looked at me and I smiled while Kester left…..



To be continued……… ————————————————————




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Finally he still make it to Europe!!!!!!







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