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As I was lying down I got no strength to get up again. It was only me and the youngest among us was caught others ran back into the forest.



Were are you guys coming from….” One of the Armed men asked



We just escaped from prison….”


He answered because I got no strength to talk again.



What??? I be like say una dey crazy You think say we dey play for here


How you go dey tell me say you two all boys they escape from prison now…


You want make I slap you……”


One of them said coming closer to were we are lying…



Just let them be they might be saying the truth can’t you see they are on boxers and singlet you know what Nigeria is turning into…”


The one that I think is there boss told the other one.



So where are you guys going form here???…..”


One of them asked.



Anywhere our legs can reach We are going nowhere….”


I said from where am lying.



We will be grateful if you people can allow us go to your place and stay just for tonight…”


I pleaded.



The head look at me to the other boy


Put them in the car let go….”


He ordered them.



” Oya make you enter Maka we dey go…”


The one that wanted to slap us said and we entered the vehicle.



Entering their car one needs to tell me that they are just coming back from where they went to rub someone.



They were asking us how we escaped through the prison and I told them that I used map but they didn’t believe.



We were driving peaceful when we get to Police check point they pull out there guns and started shooting the Police Officers even before we get to were they are.



This caused a race between us and the police officers….The road was lonely


and not other vehicles was passing.



It seem they were prepared for the police already… at a point they stopped


shooting at each other and they started car race….



Our car was moving with great speed and I will say that we moved up to (4) hours before our car stopped do to their was another car with armed men in it.



The Armed men from the other car started shooting at the criminals … bullet were moving from here to there both the police officers and the Armed men we met were aiming at the criminals we were with.



We can’t run from here with all this bullet that is flying here and there.



I taught of what to do.. If the police should catch us here in this vehicle that means there will be no hope for us.



I thought of what to do… Am feeling dizzy now. I have really lot a lot of blood God will I even survive this??? I asked myself.





Thinking of what to do I look at the other vehicles that some armed men came out from and I saw that they are white people so I told my friend to tell them that we are victims of kidnap and thank God it worked.



But before they could get closer to were I was lying I lost my vision.








I was inside thinking that Kester is outside not until Anastasia’s mum said that she sent Anastasia to get something for her.. then I know that Kester might go with her.



I came out but I didn’t find Kester and when asked the only bodyguard he left said that Kester left with Anastasia to get something for her mom..



I waited for them to come back but they were taken a lot of time… Anastasia’s house is not too far from my dad’s why are they taking a lot of time.



I became restless knowing who Kester is


I started calling Anastasia’s line but she wasn’t picking up and I became totally restless could something be wrong with them.



After some minutes Anastasia drove in with just only one car.



” Where is Kester???….”


I asked her immediately I saw her



” Kester went to the hospital with someone I mean he helped someone to the hospital…” She said.



” What???


Are you mad do you know who Kester is


For you information he is the son of Barlon and nothing should happen to him… ”



How could you leave only him in the hospital with someone that I don’t know… and you know fully well that Kester do not know his way around here..



But Sis he is with his bodyguard and perhaps he was the one that asked me to come home to hand over what I got for mom to her… ” She said…




Didn’t you use your sense of human


You should have send one of the bodyguard home while you stay there with him….



” You get the car ready now and take me to the hospital ….”


I ordered my dad’s bodyguard



We got to the hospital and thank God nothing happened to Kester








I opened my eyes but vision was still not too clear but I can still see a little. I look around me and it was only the boy I left prison with was sitting with me.



He smiled seeing that am awake



You are awake already Welcome back home brother…” He said.



Gosh My head….”


I said holding it with one of my hand because the other one was the one I was shoot at.



Sorry Bro you will be fine…” He said.



By the way were are those men aren’t they here with us I asked



They are outside



Are they Police Officers????……”


I asked



No they are not as matter of fact is just that they are from rich family those people shooting at the criminals are there bodyguards….” He explained



Oh !!!! remember we are brother


Don’t say contrary thing


By the way what is your name…”


I asked for the first time.



Am Victor bro…” He said.



OK Victor you are my younger brother


we have to leave here at any given chance…”


I said ..



” I got that bro…”


He said and the door open only for me to see the last person I ever expected to see..








I was sitting out waiting for the doctor to be through with the patient when Vanessa and Anastasia can into the hospital.



Vanessa look disturbed but she calmed down when she saw me.



What happened what kept you guys so long and who the person you


brought to the hospital….”


she asked…



Too many questions to answer at a time Calm down first Well is not something serious


As we were coming back we met criminals but they weren’t after us



They were running away from police officers when they ran across us and they exchanged bullet with my bodyguard and the police officers….”


I explained.



So what of the person you came to the hospital with did any of your bodyguard sustain injury….”


She asked.



Not actually.


You know the boy I came here with is a victim of kidnap


Him and his brother was kidnapped by the criminals and one of them sustain bullet injury so I decided to help him out…”



” See Kester here is not Europe


here is African and you can hardly see a truthful person here she said.



so how is the boy doing.


she asked



I don’t really know because the doctor just got through with him and I don’t even know if he is awake…”



Okay let go and check on him then


she said and we all went to his ward and my eyes met the last person I ever expected to see.



I blink my eyes two times just to make sure he is the person I saw and I opened it and it was really him.



Oh!!!!!! my God


is this really him or is my imagination deceiving me I asked myself.



But is him



To be continued……… ————————————————————




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Hope you find this interesting



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What do you think about this episode



What is the next action available?????


Do they know each other???










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