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I left the prison happy that Elvin won the competition and am also happy that I found out the truth in time but unhappy that Elvin has to suffer in vain.



Even though I felt bad and blame myself for not coming all this while to hear his own part of the story.



I blame myself for not trusting him all this while and it has to be my friend that will tell me that I have to trust him.



I arrive back home with my friend and at The sight of my dad’s building anger envelop me.


What I heard earlier came echoing in my thoughts..



I entered inside the house and as God will have it or should I say as it pleases the devil.


The whole family were sitting comfortably on the living room.



Chatting and smiling


try taught they have won but they will surely see the other side of me.



I never wanted to talk to them not even with my dad, I wants to stay on my own and think of how I will get Elvin realize from that jail.



I wouldn’t stay here and watch him miss this great opportunity.



I just walk pass them without even greeting them not even my father because I blame him also for not giving Elvin a listen ear.



” Anabella what’s the meaning of this


Didn’t see our parents or do you want them to greet you either ????….”


Jennica asked but I didn’t do as if she is talking to me.



Anabella aren’t you the one your sister is talking to.????……” My dad.


Look dad this girl here is not my sister…”



Anabella are you mad…”


My mum asked.



” Dad you see this two people here


I don’t know them, she is not my sister neither is that on my mum….”


I said not minding that she is the one that gave birth to me.



How dare you talk to your mom and sister like that….” My dad asked standing..



Because she is not worthy to be called a mom to to talk of been a mother to someone like me…”


I said and my dad slapped me.



Are you drunk??


Are you okay Anabella??? ……”


My dad shouted at me.



Yes dad they both gave me drink in your absence…. Dad you think this is family then is better you pray that you don’t have one because this two is not what respecting …..”


I said with so much anger in my voice.



How could you???


You call your self a mother but I wanted to sleep with someone that’s your own son is older than and when he refused you set him up Why???




Even you aren’t you not ashamed of yourself…. Lusting after after a man


I said directing the question to my sister.



My dad was weak.


He didn’t hit me, he just stood looking at me.



” Anabella what are you taking about


Don’t you know that am your mother. What has that useless rapist told you…”


My mom asked.



” Don’t dare call my name


You don’t what loving and respecting….”



” Anabella just go to your room…”


My dad said in a very low voice he doesn’t want to hit me again.



Anabella how could you be calling Mom names just because of that idiot…”


Jennica asked.



Don’t you dare talk to me your this shameless fool,


You want to date him that’s why you did that you think I don’t know right. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself Huh!!!…”



Anabella just stop this nonsense Please don’t just go to your room…” My dad said.



Even you dad. You didn’t bother to know the truth you didn’t even give him a listening ear, you didn’t bother to hear his own side of the story.



Tell me if he were to be your own son Denial are you going to hand him over to the police officer with listening to him


No answer me dad….”



Go to your room this minute or you will have me do what I will regret…” My dad said.



Dad just leavee let me tell them their wrong deed…”



Please just go to your room Anabella


Please dear just go to your room I wouldn’t want to hurt you….”


My dad please.



No need trying to tell me that you don’t want to hurt me because you gave already gutted me so badly dad….”



”Just go to your room


He said again and I look at my friend she and to them before going inside….”



That’s was too hash …” My friend said.



hash ????


I don’t think so perhaps they deserve more than that….”



” No they are still your family


You went too far Anabella that’s the truth They are your family no matter




She said.



Can we just close this chat and talk on something else or do you want me to go down there and finish what I started???…”







After Anabella told me that I made it…


I was happy and the at the same time sad.


I was happy that I made it but sad that I will lose the opportunity.


But I still know that one thing will definitely be done.



How am I going to lose this golden opportunity that came in a plate form of Gold


I only have just seven days to get the hell out of here or I will stay here for the rest of my life.



Anabella made a promise that she will make sure that I leaves this place but can she really do anything about it.



I know that Jennica’s and her mother will not allow this and they will do everything within their powers to make sure I didn’t get out form here but I only know that is either I do it the hard way or it comes in the easy way.



Days ran very fast






This will make it the third day that Anabella promise my freedom and it remaining just three day for me to grab my prize or lose it.



Am actually waiting for Anabella.


I just prayed she will be able to convince her dad.




I felt downcast and frustrated.



I found myself so weak and one of the prisoners came to me and sat close to were and sitting.



” You look so young innocent and handsome….


I guess you are not up to eighteen years so you shouldn’t be here….”


The boy said but j didn’t look at him.



Everybody has it own problems and Everybody has what he or she is passing through.


Yes I don’t know you and probably I don’t know what transpired between you and anybody that made you get here but all I know is we all here is just prisoners of poverty….”


He said looking back at the others that were also sitting behind.



That statement touched me and I raised my face up and look at them all form him to the rest at the back.



Judging from the facing they also look young but am the youngest in there and they also look so innocent.



We were just seven in number five behind me and him.


I look at him but I still kept quiet.



Or maybe your own case might be different as well. Maybe you weren’t innocent as we all here….


Maybe you are guilty and that’s why you cry day and night regretting your actions…”


He said and anger envelop me.



I hit him so hard on his nose and he felled down other prisoners rush to hit me but He instructed them to let me be.



He seem to be the eldest or their leader.


anger was still pumping inside me and am ready to fight all of them if the try coming more close.



Yes they are older than me probably in between two and one year’s or even three but I know the earliest way to get them all weak.



The one I hit got up and still walk closer to me again and sat beside me again.



” I love the spirit….”


He said and i look at him.



” You just proved to be innocent or maybe you weren’t as I thought.



Look young man.


we all here do not know each other as a matter of fact we haven’t met for once but we share the same faith and that is poverty….”



We all here have our differences story and pain but there is still nothing we


can do except praying to God.




I don’t think so because am going to do something instead




Let me tell you a little part of our story.


You see that one there he said pointing at one of the prisoner at our back, I turned and look at the person and turned back to look at him.



He was accused of stealing his masters money when it was time to settle him for his (3) three years of been a slave to his master…..”


He was set up.



You see that one knee there he said and pointed at another person….


He kept on listing them and tell me how they ending up here.



It was only remaining one and the one might be of the same age with me or some months older than me.



You see that one over there he said pointing at the youngest of them. He has no story …….”


He said and i look at him.



Then how come he is here suffering with us……”


I said him and he smiled.



” He committed a crime….”


He said and i look at the boy again.



What crime could he have committed that they put him in this painful and bad dark room….”


I asked again.



The crime he committed is not his fault.


He was just unfortunate to become a victim …..”


He said paused and looked at the boy.



I look at the boy as well and to other people as I found out that they are all crying at the moment.


I look at him and he were also in tears and that made me wonder what the crime he is innocent of.



What crime could he be innocent of but unfortunate to be a victim….” I asked and he cleaned his face with the back of his arm.




You see that boy over there committed a crime but still he was not guilty of the crime it just that he is unfortunate.


The crime he committed was been poor. poverty was the crime he committed……” He said and look at me.



Poverty???? ……”


I asked surprise actually.



Yeah poverty…” He said.






” Poverty is a Crime….”


He said and pause for some time and then continued.



Some of us won’t be here if we were born in a wealthy family. As a matter of fact he is my younger brother ….”


He said and i look at him back to the boys and to him again.



We were orphans and I lived with my master why he stays alone.


We are from the same home town with my boss he didn’t want to settled me so I had to take to case to our home town before he could settle me and since then we became best of enemies….”



He tried everything to bring me down but it was hard because I watched my back carefully but one day there was a robbery in his shop and he payed one if the criminals that was caught to say that am one of them….”



They arrested me and when my brother got a record of the discussion he had with the D P O


They got him arrested and brought him here to stay with me



So you see we all has a bad and painful sorry though from different people but still that doesn’t mean that we have lost hope.



I know that one day we will be out from here …


How and when is what I don’t know but I know we will one day leave this place to our home.


But how soon is what I can’t tell



Yeah he is right that day is even more closer than he thinks I can’t waste my


Future in this dark room..


I will make the soon more closer.


I will only suspend today for Anabella.



I have made up my mind that is either I die trying or I win the challenges.


I think I need back my old me and this time I won’t look back at all.



I have only one week or I lose the scholarship and am not ready to lose the scholarship not even for anything in this world.








Nobody needs to tell me that someone over heard the discussion I have with my mum and that person is Anabella.



She has been acting strange since afternoon.


She even went to see Elvin and now that She is back she didn’t even greet our parents.



I guess she met her so called Elvin so dirty and stinky.



Yeah I have visited him and guess what


the handsome Elvin is and ugly and stinky as a pig….. wow.



Well Anabella is not my problem now.


I will have to make sure that Elvin remind in that jail till the one week elapse.



To be Continued……





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