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Opening my eyes to see Kester was shocking ….



I never in life expect to see him again.


He looks surprised as well and I know that many thoughts is running through his mind now.



I really missed our friendly play though during the time we were together it was a terrible one we played in fear and pain but still it was a memorable one.



You know before we were able to see ourselves as friends it was a relly a difficult thing because Kester was behaving like you rich kid and you know the way they behave as if the world is at the feet.



You know been trained in Nigeria the difference is always there.






I was kidnapped along side with Kester though I was the first to be kidnapped before him.



According to what I heard form the criminals they were instructed to kidnap someone by name Thomson Alvin but I wonder why they took me instead because that’s not my name.



I learnt that I look just like Alvin by Kester but I told him that we just look a like that we aren’t blood and perhaps I haven’t even the so called Alvin before.



Back then Kester gave me a lot of tough time….


He never believed in anything I told him so I hard to teach him that we are in Nigeria and not his wealth home country.




I was determined to leave him behind and go my way but he was too smart to know that I wasn’t joking with him again So he heard to listen to me and do as I told him to do.



We becoming friends was a very great thing because it made us to think of something more helpful thank fighting each other.



Though it wasn’t an easy thing for us to coup.



We spent like six to eight days in the forest walking out way out….we were


really tried but we gave ourselves words of encouragement and we kept on moving.



On the eight day we came out in a city in Nigeria and we walked into the city very tiredly and we came across check point so Kester went and told the soldiers the son of whom he and how we both got there.



The soldiers informed his dad immediately and the army man that called his dad told us that his dad had already sent people to get him immediately.



They gave us water to drink


kester’s dad’s army came to our sight their helicopter were landing when gun shot came out from no where and killed two army and others took cover leaving only me and Kester unprotected.



Kester touched me and pointed at the helicopter telling him that we should ran there for safety…….I didn’t even remember that helicopter were in the sky again.



Some army soldiers came out from their hid out still shooting at the unseen men and they covered us up… while we move towards the helicopter





We were moving and the next I saw was a shot out bullet and the bullet was coming towards kester’s direction so I had to use my body to block the bullet from getting to him.



Though I don’t know were the bullet hit me weather it is in a very dangerous place but I was happy because that Kester wasn’t harmed.



My vision became uncleared and someone carried me into a car and the next the I saw was myself in a hospital with things connected all over my body.



I was told how famous, rich and popular his father is in Europe and for the reason of security Kester has been retrieve from traveling for now.



But we was getting in touch with each other through the army soldier that his dad payed to guide me till I recovers but one faithful day the hospital that I was admitted into was attacked and was burnt down to ashes but thank God I left on time because I know that is the same people that is after me they might be thinking that am Alvin.






I spent only that night in the hospital


I was just unnecessary scared of the Policemen tracing us to here.



Kester took us to his friends house whom I lettered found out her name to be Vanessa and her sister Anastasia.



They are a really beautiful just like Anabella and Jennica you could compare the two.


I kind of miss Anabella truth been told.








Elvin am really happy seeing you again Kester said and I smiled.



” You know how we use to role…”


I said and he laughed as well while Victor just kept quite looking at us.



” How about your family


have you informed them that you are save now …..”


he asked and i that reminds me of my grandma and instantly I became sad.



” Common what’s that..


What’s the face for I just asked a question perhaps if the question will turn your mood You can just forget about it …..” He said and i smiled.




” Kester our parents are dead……”


I said referring our as me and Victor.



” Am sorry about that Elvin


I knew how if pain loosing one not to talk of both parents.


Don’t worry am here now.


You guys will be will like the brother my mother didn’t give me ……”


He said and i nod.



We talked about his school and he tried so hard to chill me up… Kester excused us to have a talk with his friends when I told him that I was already feel dizzy.



Elvin what do you think will be our next line of acting?? Don’t you think is wise for us to leave here immediately…”


Victor said.



No even if we will do that not now.


let know what Kester have first.. I know you are asking this because you don’t know whom Kester is so just chill his actions will determine our next line of action…



All we have to do is to put out ears on the ground no all I’d going on in this house for to night….”



We both know where we are from…


We won’t take chances with anybody…


We still maintain our story.. Victim of kidnapping and our brotherhood….” I said and he nodded.



You are in deed very smart Elvin…..”


He said and I just smiled.








I woke up in a peaceful but I notice I felt emptiness and unhappy


I finished taken my bath already for work…




I just have in mind to realize Elvin once am back from work.



I was still in my room when I new came up from my television and I was written prisoners escaped yesterday night from the police custody.



I never wanted to concentrate on it until I saw the pictures of the prisoners that escaped …..


I was shocked beyond measured.


I took my phone to call the DPO of the station.



Good morning Mr. Bernard…” The police officer greeted.



Good morning Officer..


what did I just saw in the new now.


I asked the Police Officer DPO ”



Sir that is the situation of things in the station now there was also a rubbery yesterday night….”


The police officer said.



And how is that my busy officer.


how could a boy escape from the police custody just like that…. ”



Sir the only inform we could need is you telling us the boys friends so that we could apprehend them because the boy you kept in our custody has escaped with other prisoners in the jail and the information we have here shows that he is the architect of the escape sir….”


He said.



What !!!!!!!!!


Hey Mr. Officer what are you trying to tell Officer that a little boy I left under your custody escaped from you station……” I asked surprised at what my ear just heard.




Sir that is the situation of things now in the station but we are already out for investigation we promise to get them as soon as possible if in case you have any vital information don’t hesitate to inform the police …..”


The police officer said to me and the line went dead.



But could this be possible


A small boy at his age how come ????……”


I asked myself but answer last weren’t coming.



This will be a total war between me and my lovely daughter Anabella. could the police have flamed him up because I know he is too small to even think of running away from the police perhaps he has no where to stay except here.



I was confused.


I couldn’t believe what I just heard.


I felt weak going to work again.








At first when Kester asked me to get him all the information about the Elvin of a boy.. I thought maybe he is just been careful or something…



I even thought it was the best thing for someone to do.



He left that night after we had a chat together so at the middle of the night I called my researcher and I sent him attractive the necessary information he will be needing to trace whom Elvin and his background.



The truth is that I wouldn’t want Kester to go back to his home country with Elvin and victor not that am just been unnecessary wicked but am just bothered about his safety and if anything should happen to Kester in this country…



My dad and the country at large will have to provide the answer and I wouldn’t want problems for my Dad knowing how insecure the country is.



But I think knowing everything about Elvin will at least give me (50) assurance of whom he is travelling with and will also help me convince Kester of the danger of his traveling with them.



Morning came so fast


and the first message I got was from my researcher and everything about whom Elvin is.



His truth name is Elvin Elson


He never heard a brother and that’s means he lied about Victor been his brother.



I wanted to use for the fact that he lied about Victor’s identity but I found something so shocking about his present self.



I looked at what I saw repeatedly and he was the one I saw and the truth is that I was totally shocked my mouth was very heavy I couldn’t even believe my own eyes.





To be continued……… ———————————————————-





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