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My daughter is in deed deeply hurt by what Elvin did.


I think that’s what eating her up.


God what have I done to own family


I look at my wife and daughter Jennica They couldn’t alter any word after


Anabella left.



The confusion here is that Anabella has been a lovely, caring and respectful all this while so posing is Jennica that said all this this it won’t have gotten me this worried and bothered.



What she is saying could there be any fathom of truth on what she has just said now???


But if answer how come???



How will my wife stub so low in wanting to have s£x with Elvin a boy who my Daniel my first son is older than.



Oh it impossible


But what of Jennica???


In fact am just confused about this whole thing. I need some rest so that my head will cool down for some times.



Elvin isn’t my blood why is he causing this problem in my family,???








Since I came back from prison


I haven’t been myself, I have been restless.



Time ran like a horse and It the third day that I have promised Elvin that will get him realize but all my effort has been in vain.



I went to my dad’s room and this will be the third time am telling him about Elvin’s realized but he had warned me not to make such statement around him again.



Today I decided to do my last try and I will go and tell Elvin the result so far.


I walked into his room and he was going through some file.



” Good evening dad….”


I greeted him and he looked at me.



I never new you still remember that am your father……” He said and face back to what he is doing before I came.



Dad am sorry for all this while but am here for you to Grant me a favor …”



Hope is not about Elvin this time…


look I gave warned you not to mention that boys name in my presence…” He said still not looking at me.



” Yeah is all about Elvin dad….


Am here to pleased on his behalf dad…”



Look Anabella I have told you times without number that he will rout in jail for all I care.


Look nobody messes with my daughter and get away with it…..” He said.



Dad!!!!! if you love e like a daughter please grant the only favor I asked from you….


if you really care and cherish me like you say do this thing for me because it is the only thing that can make me happy….”


I said with a very low voice



Please dad realize Elvin just for my sake…”


I pleaded.



” In as much as i love and cherish you so much….


This is beyond what I can do, don’t forget your sister is the one we are talking about here….”



The decision of if Elvin should still stay back to the jail or be realize lays on Jennica’s hand.. only she will decide because only she went through the pain…”


He said and at the mention of my sister anger grew up like a burning fire.



Dad Jennica’s is not my sister right from the day she choose to walk for the devil that was the day she size to be a sister to me….”


I said.



Then forget about Elvin because he will die in that jail since you have learn to disobey your parents and elder sister just because of that illiterate…”


My Dad said.



Who is even feeding you will this nonsense Anabella, who?????……”


He asked.



” Dad please do this for me.


If you really care about my happiness…”


I said.



” Get out of my room


Since you have learned to live a different life from the way you use to live….”


My Dad shouted at me and I turned to leave.



And make sure I see you in your room Don’t you dare going to the boy again…” He added.



Am not going to room dad, am going to see Elvin in the prison at least to say sorry to him but dad take this from me….



If Elvin lose this scholarship then have it in mind that you only have one daughter ….”


I said and left hindering with burning anger…



I came out and I walk towards Dennis house because am going with him to see Elvin.



Any successful outcome??? ….” He asked.





He refused to even listen to me,


He said that it only Jennica that can decide if Elvin should be realized or still be locked up in the jail…..”



Then let go to Jennica and plead with him to help us talk to your dad……” Dennis said.


” No I won’t..


I will never have anything to do with that beast of a girl….”



” Look Anabella this is not a matter of if you want to do this or not.


See if you really want Elvin to be realize then you have to do anything with in your Powers to make sure he leaves that place. So let go and negotiate with your sister.


let just plead with her for Elvin’s sake….”


He said.



Fine if that’s the case let go then…” I agreed.



Me and Dennis went to Jennica’s room an I met her busy with her phone…


with anger boiling if not for Dennis


well I just gat to control myself.



” What have you come here to do….”


She asked when she noticed our present risen her face up to face us.



” I just asked a question


What are you doing here ???……”


She asked again rising her voice and I felt like shouting back at her buy I know doing that will only complicate issues.



Please Jennica calm down and listen to your sister……” Dennis said.



Am not her to make trouble with you…”


I said.




” Oh!!!!!! So why are you here then???…”


She asked.



Am here on behalf of Elvin’s sake, dad said that you are the only one to day if he should be realized or retain.



” Look I don’t have time as you can see am busy,


if you want dad to realize Elvin for you then go and talk to her yourself and leave me out of it……”


She said and focus back on her phone.



But I have already told dad but he said I should seek for your permission…”



Then forget it if that’s the case because I will make sure that Elvin never leaves that place……”


She said.



Jennica why are you been like this.


Please just for the sake of us here…”


Dennis pleaded kneeling down



” I felt like crying


How can someone that is older than Jennica knee down for her….”



And who invited you in this case…” She shouted at Dennis.



Jennica have you gone crazy……”


I shouted back at her and Dennis touched me.



” Get out of this place…”


She shouted at him and Dennis stood up and let.



It were now only me and her.



You and I knows that Elvin is innocent on this, Why are you just punishing him for nothing Why????……”


I asked her and she laughed.





She asked laughing but I kept quite.



You know if I should Grant your request to help you plead with dad on Elvin behalf what would you give me in return??



Or maybe let me make a choice


you will leave Elvin to date me instead…”


She said.








Now get the hell out of my room this minute ……”


She shouted at me to leave.



Yeah will leave but let me tell you Elvin. will leave the place not even or dad or anyone else will stop him from doing that.



Let watch and see then.


I walk out of her room and Dennis came to no how it went but only my frown face says it all.



We went out and entered a taxi that took us to the police station.








I was waiting patiently when one of the policeman came and took me to see Anabella and Dennis.



Me and Dennis had a hand shake before I greeted Anabella but her face wasn’t good


I guess she wasn’t able to convince her dad….”



How did it go.


I asked but she waved her head in a sign of No but I just smiled…” *


I no even if she didn’t make I will not spend more than one night here


again no matter what.




Don’t worry Elvin I will still keep on trying Okay, I promise……” She said.



Don’t worry Anabella


I appreciate all your efforts


okay so don’t feel bad….”


I said and she nod.



Please Anabella can I have a private chat with Dennis alone



Yeah you can…. I will be waiting outside….”


She said stood up and left.



” How far bro……”


He asked but his mood wasn’t good.




I appreciate all you effort love and advice Am really going to miss you.


Do you have any pen, a little paper and a sharp object……”


I asked.



He searched his bag and bring out a pen paper but he didn’t have any sharp objects…


So I took his key holder.



What do you want to do with all this…”


He asked.





Thanks anyway, I have to go now my time is up


I said and they police officer came and took me in.






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