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I watched as they took the idiot away..


I taught you were proven smart.



Oh my poor sister Anabella


She feels heart broken.


She is too weak and hurt.



Am sorry Sis


You could have taught your Elvin’s on how to work with people very smarter than him.



They took him to the police station and He just smiled at me when passing Poor Elvin looked at where your stubbornness have landed you to.



My dad took me to the hospital and I undergo some check up and the doctor said and very much okay and good.



When I came back and Anabella came to Sympathize with me and after some words with her she went back to here room and she didn’t come out again.








Wow !!!!


I thought he could be smart enough to our smart this one but I guess it came to him sudden and it may him unprepared.




Oh!!!!! my handsome Elvin look at where you have kept your self… You choose to sleep on the floor when there is a lot of empty bed for you to lay on.



My daughter indeed a very smart girl.


everything looked so real



I have to go and see her before my husband will think that I don’t care about what happened to our daughter.



I walked into her room and met her lying on her bed Sleeping head get up your lovely mum is here to say sorry…” I said and we both laughed.



Mum bring down your voice before dad and Anabella suspects something..”


My daughter said.



Forget about those two.


You are indeed a smart girl…”



Why won’t I when my mum is a very smart woman.. I took the smartness from you. You know….”


My daughter said.








I got to jail with the police officer and they took my into one dark room inside their station.



The honest truth is that I am just sad because Mr. Bernard couldn’t hear me out even if I said something and it a lie he didn’t give me audience and that’s my Greatest pain.



I just pity Anabella


Her so called sister is just a little green snake in a green grass.








Michael has been calling me and if not for him I might have killed myself.


He is now my joy giver bit still I still keep my indoors activity.



I think I love Michael now….. Yeah I think am having some feeling for him.



Today will mark it the second day that Elvin have slept in the jail.


The truth is that am finding it very difficult to corp.


I miss him even with what had happened.



Since then I have stayed indoor.


I just prepare go to school and come back and then I locks myself inside the house.



The only person that has assess to my room is friend who my dad called Just to know if the girl could make me change.



Yeah she is my best friend and she knows about Elvin and how much I love him



The students are asking questions teachers are not excluded.


They have been asking after him just for this two day he has been absent form school.



Today after school I came back as usual I locked myself up in my room.


Since Elvin has been arrested I haven’t went to visit him at all.



It might be bad but the real truth is that I find it difficult facing him after betraying me.



tomorrow the result to the competition will be out. a knock landed on my door and is My friend knocking and stood up and opened the door for her to come in.



” Hey girl friend……”


She greeted but I could only give her a weak smile.



” Come on girlfriend stop doing this to yourself. You are not the only one that have fall in love before ”



Why have you choose to punish yourself for nothing Anabella . You have grown more than this so stop acting childish here……” She said more like a child



You will never understand…..”



Then make me understand….


or you think I haven’t been in love to understand right ???


What is even there to understand!???


that the so called Elvin of a boyfriend tried raping your sister Huh !!!!!!


No tell me the thing I won’t understand…”


I asked admitting shout.



” Look life goes on no matter what



a lot of people have been betrayed and a lot will still be betrayed in the future but still we Gat to trust them for the main time….”



” Come off this girl


Stop punishing yourself over him he do not what it……”


She said and I look at her and more tears flow.



But why will he betray me with my own sister.. at least I will understand if it another person that we are talking about here but my own blood elder sister……”


I said in a snoring way.



You really can’t tell what really transpired she said.



Do you still love this Elvin of a Gus after everything???……” She asked and I look at her not really knowing what to tell her.



I don’t think I love him anymore …”


I said.



Oh you do.. You even have something more than love for him if only there is because you can tell me that you have kept yourself inside all this while just vector him… ”



Someone that betrayed you


Someone that tried to rape your own sister


Come on this sound ridiculous Anabella.


Come off this okay



I know it won’t be easy because I know you truly love him but you got to move on with your life… Life waits for nobody. She advised and I just nod.




Maybe I should


Elvin don’t deserve all this.


He betrayed me




Anabella I want to ask you this question and please give me a sincere answer to it …”


She said..



And what could that be???…”



Do you still love Elvin?……”


she asked..




why is she asking me this question


she has asked before why repeat it again???




at the moment again I couldn’t know what to reply her….”



Look Anabella you still love Elvin so no need thinking and since you do I have to take this advice


I can see it in your eyes that you still love him no matter what had happened.


You know if their is not betrayal their won’t be Forgiveness ….”



If there is not sin there will be know forgiveness either and that’s what made us Christians …… I know that Elvin will be regretting his actions by now.


You have to do some thing and get him out if there….” she said




” And how will I do that?????


My dad will never agree to that not in this life….”



” I know but your happiness still counts.


you can do something you know. she said and I thought for sometime……”



But have you tried talking to your father about this… I mean about Elvin’s realize????……”


She asked.



No have not ……”



Then do so……


By the way… your gate man gave me something to give you he said it from Elvin, A letter I think……”


She said and anger envelop me.



” I don’t think I need that now……


No need writing to me I don’t need him back in my life because he will only


betray me no matter what…..”


I said.



Am even thinking of asking you if you have visited him since was arrested…”


She asked.



No I have not I mean I don’t even care if he dead there…..”


I said out anger.



” Really??


Look Anabella if I should say I will tell you that neither you or your dad gave Elvin a listening ear….. am I lying????……” She asked.




” Why should me and my dad do that when the evidence is there… My sister were half naked and Elvin were in top of her trying to have his way with her……”



No you can never judge a case from one persons opinion no matter the evidence even in the court of law in a clean murder case the lawyer always ask the accuser if he or she is guilty or not… There is a reason for that….”



Why are you defending him…


you don’t even know him at all..


you weren’t there when the whole thing happened….


so why are you defending him????



” Take this latter and know what he is trying to tell you.`…”



Are you trying to tell me that what I saw is not enough for me to know the truth about the matter ……”


I asked her.



I never said so I might not know Elvin too well but the little time I have spent with him I learn something about him….”



He is quiet but very intelligent and smart.


To me Elvin is too smart to try to rape your sister knowing fully well that


you told him that you were coming back in a minute and you know that.


Elvin could be innocent in this……”


She said and I kept quiet.



” So what are you saying then???


Are you trying to tell me that my sister flamed him up or something???


What innocence are you talking about?? What are you even saying





Like I said I might no know anything about Elvin but you that is very close to him should be able by now to know what Elvin is capable of doing….”



So what are now saying???….”



Has Elvin made s£x advances to you?? ”


She asked.



”No he hasn’t …”



Not once not twice??…” She asked again



No he has not for once….”


I said though I don’t know why she is asking.



” So see not even for once..


Do you think if Elvin needs s£x he won’t rape you instead knowing fully well that you are crazy in love with him


Huh??? ……”



Now let look at it this way


You were doing your assignment with Elvin when your mum called you and you told Elvin you will back in a minute.



You left and come back only to find out that Elvin wants to rape your sister in his own room not even in your sister’s room but his.




” Now let me ask you this question



when you saw Elvin and your sister and your sister half naked can you remember how Elvin was dressing……” She asked and my memory flashed back



” Now am being to have second thought…


Elvin was on his trouser and singlet and that was how I left him….”



He is on his trouser…” I said



And what of your sister???


I can you also remember what she is putting on when you guys meet her


crying?? ……”


She asked.



Yeah I think I remember… though her clothes were toured but she was on short and singlet and well….”



So what if I tell you that your sister wants something from Elvin..


How could he go into a guy’s room with such dress and if am sure Elvin’s belt were still intact the moment she was crying……..”


She said and I began to see everything like it was just happening now.



” Am now confused.


What do you now say I do now …”


I said to her.



Read that letter and find out what he is saying first… “. She said and I look at her



I collected the letter from her and opened it it reads ********


My dear Anabella


At least am happy you are reading this.


I don’t know how you see me now or what you thinks of me now but know that am opposite of what ever it is.



Yeah am innocent of this


you might find it funny seeing me with your elder sister and she were half naked and her clothes toured but I don’t blame you for anything you are thinking about me because it will be abnormal for you to believe when your sister is there.



Anyway am not writing to prove how innocent I am because even if I should explain from today till tomorrow you will find it difficult to understand and I don’t blame you for that.


You are a human and can’t see beyond your physical eyes.



But I just need one thing from you..





What nonsense he needs a something from me can you imagine.


I said a little angry.



Calm down…… what’s the thing?????


My friend asked and I look back to the letter and continue ********



It might be too big to grant and it might me too small also to grant and it can also not what granting but even if it the last thing you do for me for old time sake.



It has been two day j have been in this dark room and I don’t even know if am going to come out from it …



I might not be privileged to see or hear the face of the winner but I want you to please visit me when the visit is out even if is one… just once




From @Elvin *******



My hand felt weak and the letter fallout from my hand and tears came rushing.



I don’t really know why am even crying but I felt like crying is the only thing I need at the moment.



My friend took the letter and read it as well but she didn’t say anything after reading.



Silent dwell In my room for sometime before she said something.



So what do you want to do now….” She asked.



I don’t know maybe I would go and visit him today after the result is out Yeah today is the day that the results will be announced….”



Yeah I think that a good thing.”


She concurred



We were still discussing when we heard my dad scream…




What could me the problem





Me and my friend rush out to find out what happened before my television started announcing the winner and to my greatest surprise the person I never expected was among the winners



To be continued………



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