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At first I never new that Kester is Barlon son and the only brother to Stephannie.


You know I wanted to attend Stephanie institution but it was unfortunate that I was only qualified to attend her Nephew’s Own institution.



Gosh he is so caring gentle and jovial unlike what I heard about his sister Stephannie.



Am kind if liking him already


well since he is my sister’s friend he will be visiting us from time to time.



He is so cute just like the way he looks when showed in television in his


sport vest……








I was really happy seeing Elvin… yeah that’s him my old time friend. I never thought we could met again in this life…. at least my coming in Africa is not in vain.



Anastasia and Vanessa was just looking at us… you know me and Elvin stare at ourselves like two blind man facing themselves but are not seeing themselves.



Elvin…..” I called



But he opened his mouth to talk but nothing was coming out. I guess he is too weak to talk.



I just allowed him to have some rest at least but down in me am really happy seeing him again.. My long lost old time best friend Elvin.



Vanessa and Anastasia were surprised about the whole seen… they must be thinking how I get to know him but I know that I will still have to explain everything to her sooner or later.



Elvin spent only that night on the hospital and he insisted that he is good to be taken home…


You know according to what he told me he live in Benin and probably he won’t be going back there this morning because I will make sure that he is well treated before going back home.



I payed off the bill and in the evening time he was discharged from the hospital.


physically he still needs blood and he looks so weak but he still says he is good to go.



You know considering whom he told me he is I don’t f**king blame him but I will get a doctor that will be treating him from time to time in the house since he do not want to be treated in the hospital.



That same night after we had dinner together him and his brother were sitting together so I decided to give them some space and use the same opportunity to speak with Vanessa about them.



I excused myself from them and I went to Vanessa’s bedroom she was with her sister when I came because I could here them laughing and talking.



I knocked at her door and she opened it but on seeing it me she frowned her face



Who is him and how did you came across???……” How did you guys came to met before??


She asked.



Why not allowed me in first before the questioning……”


I said and the looks she gave me shows that am in for questioning.



I sat down while she stood up folding her arms around her chest



He is my friend…..” I said.



Your friend??? how did you get to met him?? ……” She asked.



I met him in a very bad way and we became friends in a very hard way.






It was on my fifteenth birthday celebration..


As I was coming back from Iceland county to my home country at the airport where they can to welcome me that some armed men came out from no where and shot at the police officers that was with me and took me with them.



We had a long chase with the police men and I was blindfolded and the next time I found myself in a plane .



I couldn’t fathom were they were taken me to but I found out that I wasn’t the only one that they kidnapped but I couldn’t see the person.



They took us to a very far place and I found myself in a busy with a Elvin though then I thought he was Alvin because they look so alike.



You know…


knowing who Alvin’s dad is and whom my own dad is I knew that the kidnappers that adapted us are for our dad’s money they our dad were stinging rich and famous.



I respected him knowing where and who he is then not knowing that he is not the Alvin I thought but Elvin but I found out that when ever I calls him Alvin he keeps quiet as if he didn’t hear me.



You know I thought maybe by two to three day we will be out of here if they can contact our dad because I know that money wouldn’t be a problem but I found out that is like the criminals that adapted is were holding us captive to get our dad’s money but they came with another evil plan.



When we ” me and Elvin ” found out that they were hired to assassinate us…. I was really stared so Elvin then started making plans of how we can get out of there.



The criminals usually bring us out and we usually take us around the busy but we are heavily guarded then I understand that what they were requesting from our dad’s is far more than money….



They are requesting for our dad to give them all their documents that concerns about all the companies and business in the whole world.



I know in as much as our dad’s loves us so much that this will surely be a difficult thing to do… As we where walking around the busy on a talk with the head of the criminals that adapted us



he was trying to tell us that we should convince our dad to met to their demands or we will get killed…



They kind of tortured us just for us to give in but I was looking at Elvin how brave he was not to admit to their demands no matter how heard they tried and this made to be strong to stand with him.



You know since we were proving stubborn the tried us on a chair in one of their Hut and they feed us only once in a day.



One-day they got use food with a breakable plate and Elvin broke the plate and hid some you know at first I thought he was crazy but I found out he wasn’t….



He gave me one and asked me to start cutting the robes. We use it to cut out tried hand every day till it cut ..



This took us four days before we could cut out the robe and we escaped


from their Camp at our escape he told me that he wasn’t Alvin but Elvin…



Then he told me that he is from Nigeria and came to represent his school in a competition that’s how he got kidnapped.. Then I thought he was lying but I found out he was really the truth.



You know I behaved childish when I found out who he truly is You know I kind started disobeying him and you know telling him to follow my own lead.



I was objecting what ever he says but I found out that he seem to know the way around this jungle .



Then he was very harsh to me and shouts at me at any provocation and I hate it when people shouts at me.



Are time goes on I found out he was trying to leave me behind and I know that if he does am finished because am very scared if not for him I would have gone back to those people.



I started listening to him and from there I he began to show me the good side of him and we became friends… thought the little time we spent we spent it in hurry, fear and pain but still it will be really hard to forget.



There he told me all about his himself, about his old grandma whom she came to know through his dad that got disappeared that same year. You know I found out he had really passed through a lot and then I vowed In side me to help him when ever we gets out of the jungle then.



He told me how his dad taught him how to read maps and trace around the forest safely.


There I found out that foster dad was an assassin, a killer and he learnt a lot for him though he wasn’t too bad as I thought you know.



We spent like six to eight days in the forest walking out way out we were really tried but we gave ourselves words of encouragement and we kept on moving.



On the eight day we came out in a city that he told me is Nigeria and we walked into the city very tiredly and we came across check point so I went and told the soldiers the son of whom I am and how we got there.



They informed my dad immediately and as the army man told us that my dad had already sent people to get me.



You know as we were jubilation waiting for my dad’s army we saw there


helicopter landing gun shot came out from no where and killed two army and others took cover leaving only me and Elvin unprotected.



I looked at them helicopter landing and I touched Elvin and pointed at the helicopter telling him that we should ran there for safety.



Some army came out from their hid out still shooting at the unseen men and they covered us up… while we move towards the helicopter


I saw a gun pointed at me and a bullet was realized and I just closed my eyes but unfortunately someone felled on me and I opened my eyes to see that Elvin used his body to save me and by then the helicopter


has already landed and Army force from my country came and took me


immediately into the helicopter while some of the Armed Forces took Elvin to a car and drove off to the hospital .



You know getting To my home country my dad didn’t allow me to come back to Nigeria to see Elvin because the criminals were killed and there was one trace of whom the person that sent the criminals were.



But I was getting in touch with Elvin through the army soldier that my dad payed to guide him till he recovers but one day I called and I found out that the hospital that Elvin was kept was attacked and I know that is the same people they might be thinking that Elvin is Alvin.



I learnt that he was neither among the people that was burnt inside or that he escaped..


I know he will escape because I know he is every smart but also I know that our part will never come across again.


I concluded the story and looking at her she is really downcast and weak.



God really have a way of doing things….” Anastasia said.



Yeah he really has….”



So now that you found him again what do you want to do with him now




Vanessa asked.



Well if I should go with what I wants for them I won’t like to take them with me to my home country but I will still have to ask them because they can’t leave their family and follow me instead……”



You think that’s the right thing to do…”


She asked.



I think but I will ask for their opinions but before that I want you to help me to trace everything about Elvin and his family…”



I need all that information before tomorrow morning


Can you help me with that ????……”


I asked and she looked at me



Why not… I will just for you…..” She said and i smiled.



I went back to where Elvin and Victor is to wish them good night will would have the discussion with them in the morning and if they are ready them I will travel tomorrow with the…


That’s just the way I planed it to be..


I just hope that their family will not be a problem pretty stopping them from going me…



To be continued……… ————————————————————




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