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Listening to all Anabella said


I felt weak, it bad she loved the wrong person but will I use because of what


Elvin did and punish my daughters happiness.




Even after going to see Elvin thing we’re becoming worst the happy family I use to live with was no longer in peace.



I know that Jennica said that she wants Elvin to rout in jail for trying to rape her but I think I have to sign Elvin’s realize



Perhaps if I should realize him now he will go for his scholarship and he will leave for good and face his life in Europe



That is what am going to do


I decided to surprise Anabella if she comes back from school with Elvin’s realize.










Loosing the map was the last thing I ever thought we could lose and now I don’t know the next step to take.



I know it will be very difficult to get out it here without the map.



The only thing I know is that two things are involved in this journey we took is either we escaped in the hard way or got killed in the process because even at the point of gun am not going back Into that dark room.



I ran from one spot to the other


No hope of living here any minute form now but the hope was still there.



The only thing I need now is cool my head and no the way we can get out of here but the police officers seems to be with the map and knows our next road to follow.



They kept on shooting at any sight or sound they heard. We were running from pillar to post without any focus or destination.



I have to calm down I plan on the next action but the police officer weren’t giving the room for that.



We kept on running round the station


I started calculating how I drew the map and the road after the other.



The only place I could remember was the road the leads to the last door but how to get to the road is what I couldn’t remember. This is a very big thing.



I look at them they were already tried of running.



We have to be strong we are already out of here, I neither we live here alive or stay here for ever.


I have to encourage them for us to keep on going.



We have to be strong and stay in unity we will leave here alive no matter how juts don’t lose hope and courage, we will surely put smart this Police Officers



We ran into a dark part in the prison yard.


We didn’t even rest and police officers started shooting at the direction and we all took another marathon race not knowing where we will find ourselves.



We ran into another dark place and we look around but there was quite. I thought maybe we could stay here and think of something very fast.



I started calculating how I draw the fist map and the process I took and I was able to memorize some road out to the last door.



I was deep in thought when I heard the voice of two police officer and he instructed us to stand still or die trying to run.



I was weak and I have already lost a lot of blood but I have to stand as the leader.



I taught of what to do and I decided to use the strategy I used before but this police officer was too smart.



He ordered me not to move.


We just stood waiting for the worst to happen.



I look behind seeing other


I look back at the policeman and I tried making another move but one pointed his gun on me



My mind was empty


I couldn’t think of anything to do. I just stood were I was, I just leave things the way they are.



I know they will raise alarm and that is the only way out but very dangerous because it only the strongest and fittest can leave alive.








It remaining three days left for me to witness the present of the best student nation wide it will feel good you know competing with the very best among best.



Mirabel was right outside there a lot of children are very intelligent but because of one thing or the other they ended up unnoticed in the world today.



but I know am the best, the best science student in the whole world…. well


let me just wait till he comes but all I know is that nobody is taken that position from me.



Am unhappy yeah am unhappy because I lost the bet I had with my dad, dad is not going to sign the document for me again.



I had high hope that a student from Elvin might institution will take the first posting but they failed me.


They couldn’t even beat up to my standard.



And look now dad will not agree signing the documents. I really need this document to be sign I don’t know why dad is been too difficult in this.



Maybe I will talk to grandma and uncle about this they might help me tell him to sign the document for me. I was still contemplating on how to get dad sign the document I have been tell him to sign for me when Mirabel walked in to my room.



Wow she is looking great as always with a smile all over her face.



My sweetest Sister …..” She called.



How are you doing Baby girl…” I asked.



Am fine as you can see


Why are you here in your room when grandma is in the kitchen cooking


and telling us stories……”


She ask.



Because am no longer a baby that listens to story perhaps am not In the mood for that…”


I said though I love stories a lot especially form grandma.



Off course I know something must be behind it


So tell me about it…..”


She asked.



Mirabel am not in the mood for questions and answers now please just go and join grandma in the kitchen and listen to the story she is telling you…..”



Stephannie why are you always been hard on yourself and the worst problem is that you refuses to share it with someone so that the person might know a way to help……”


She said.



Why are you too stubborn just like Kester


Okay Fine if you must know Dad is the reason why my mood is like this.


There is something I have been asking him to do for me but he has refused


doing it….”


I said.




” What is that ?????……”


She asked.



There is this document I wants him to sign for me , so now that you have find out what the problem is….. what are going to do about it??????…..” I asked.



I will plead with dad later….”


She said.



” By the way


What is the documents all about that dad has refused to sign it for




She added.



It has something to do with my institutions


I don’t want to hit the point for her because I know why dad has refused to sign that document



We were still discussing when my dad walked inside my room probably to tell me that I lost the bet I had with him.



Yeah he traveled and he is coming back just now but I just frown sewing him.


Mirabel went and hug him but I just frown my face still sitting on my bed.



Won’t my lovely princess come and say welcome to me or daddy done anything wrong to his princess??????….”


My Dad said.



Dad you know what wrong you did so stop asking me what the problem is.


You know what the problem is dad….”


I said still frowning my face



Dad you made a promise that you will sign the documents today….” I asked pretending not to remind the bet we had.



Oh…!!!!! that


You know is not my fault that you loss out Perhaps we had a bet the who wins dose what the other said and I won the bet…..


I have you forgotten ???…..”


He asked.



But you had made the promise even before the competition was organized perhaps Daddy you know that’s childish…… ”



Is true but for the fact we had a bet and am sure to know whom won the competition??? For now it will be suspended till when I changes my mind……”


He said and left my room.



Why is dad been so difficult???



Mirabel asked me what the documents were but I just kept quite.



Not fill minutes dad left a message pop into My phone I checked it and


wow dad has promised to sign the document immediately Kester returns….



I will have dad when ever dad comes back from work she told us A lot of story.



Letter in evening I decided to call Kester to know when he will be coming back apart from what dad said I have missed him a lot.



I took my phone and called and as usual he picked up at first ringing but he said he will call me in thirty minutes time.








I will going back to Luxembourg in three days time I would have went back today but I had to go and visit a friend.



Her name is Vanessa


I didn’t tell anybody apart form dad and I told him not to tell grandma and


Stephannie I want make it a surprise package for them.



I took a flight to Nigeria


the flight landed safely



Let me tell you a little hit about whom Vanessa is. She is my bestie or you can call her my secret crush I love her but I have not told her about my feelings and she lives with her uncle in Luxembourg when I met her.



Her dad is very Popular and famous in Africa Am going for her birthday party and she hosted it at her home country Nigeria.


I landed safely and she was there to give me a welcome with her parents.



The party was very large and president of all the countries in Africa were present.


I met a lot a of celebrities of her country.



There was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself


Tomorrow is gonna be a great day I will be going back to Luxembourg first flight.


To be continued……… ————————————————————




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Hope you find this interesting



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