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After I got the pen and paper


I know it remaining only three more day for me to get to Abuja or loss the scholarship.



We stayed in unity


We cared chatted and play like one.


I wouldn’t want to leave only me, I had to leave with them.



I know it will be very difficult leaving with them in this well guarded station and the problem is that I don’t know if they will be smart enough to follow my lead but still have to tell them about my plans and know what they will say about it.



I sat at one spot after Dennis and Anabella had left thinking on how I will make my journey very smooth and easy for all of us.



They are now like my family I can’t leave them behind and I have limited time to leave this place or stay here for ever.


I need to apply all I have learnt from my dad… this is time to use them.


This mission requires smartness.


We have to walk together if we need a successful escape.



I was lost in thought thinking on the easy to escape when one of the prisoners came to me… the one that spoke to me at first the oldest among us all.



” Elvin !!!!!!!!……”


He called and sat beside me but I just couldn’t look at him Because I have a lot in my mind at the moment .



” What is the matter ????


Since you came back from seeing your friends you have been like this. talk to us we are like brothers……”


He said and i look up to see all of them around me.




Indeed me have something in common now and I can’t picture myself leaving here and leaving them behind.


Leaving without them is creating more pain and suffering to them.





” My head is full and occupy….”


I said still not looking at him at all



” What is it????


Talk to us a problem share is a problem half solved….”


He said



You think so???……”



I know so


What could they matter be ???????……”


He asked again.



Am thinking on a way to get out of here Here is no longer conducive for me Am no longer finding it fun again….”


I said.



I know that what you are thinking of.


Look Elvin… Is true that we all get to know ourselves in this dark room but I


will tell you to eliminate that plan form your mind because we have tried


but still fail……”


He said.



” Off course I know you have tried but still I want to get out…


I don’t want to try like you guys did because I will fail but I will work it out and get off here and am not going to leave alone am leaving with you guys….”



” We came here before you


I will tell you that this place is heavy guided by smart police officer ….”


He said.



Then we train our self to be smarter than them…. if here is always heavily guarded then there’s a time for an easy escape.


All our training must be made today and we won’t spend the night in this dark room……”



You talk as if you are prepared for this….”


He said.



Off course we all are prepared or aren’t we ?????? ……” I asked but they kept quite.


Look I know it might sound childish but am not what you think am I.



If you all can gather courage like I have we will surely out smart this people


I said and observe them for a little time



So how do you think we can out smart them. What even made you think we can out smart well trained police officers…..”


One of them asked.



The reason why you guys failed at first is because you guys didn’t plan well….”



Then how are we going to plan well then…”


The oldest asked.



” Team !!!!!


We all added together can bring up something.


Look we all have one or two things running in your mind now on how we can have an easy escape


So you guys should say it out and we will know the better way to get out of




I said.



I think we should escape this afternoon when we are asked to go and work….”


The one of my age said.



No there will be more security since you guys have once tried to do it that way.


any plan we make now must be carried out to night……” I said



” Anyone with another suggestion….”


I asked but they just nod in a sign of No.



” okay look at what we do.


Since you guys have tried escaping during the day and they caught you guys we will do it in the evening time but not at night because their will be changes in the evening time for people that will guard during the night.. so we take them by surprise



” And again


If we go out now to work


I want you guys to focus on our plan.


but first will make out the drawing off this building….”



You just came here just few weeks, how are you going to do that….” The eldest asked



Off course with you guys knowledge I will do that….


Then after the drawing that will make us know where they are coming from and the next road to go to.


What do you guys think??????…..”


I asked.



That’s a very smart one… I must say you are smarter than your age but the problem we will have is who is going to make the drawing for us….” He asked.



I will handle that…..”


I said and they all look at me.



yeah am serious I learnt how to read and draw map when I was at the age of ten.



Who taught you that must be very dangerous because who ever that can read and draw a map and get way with anything he or she wants…..”


He said but I didn’t reply him I just smiled.



Now let get done to work..


let make the drawing first, go through it before we will be asked to come and work..


We must get out of here this evening…”


I said and they nod.



With there thinking on how the building looks like I made a map of the station and after that….We got ready for our escape this evening..



” After everything were ready


One police officer came and took us out to work as usual not knowing that we have plans….”








I came back home after visiting Elvin and the honest truth is that I haven’t been myself.


I don’t think I can standing seeing Elvin suffer any longer.



I have to do something fast about this.


I must get him realize.


I switched off my phone when Michael started calling me I don’t want to talk to anybody.



Since I came back in the afternoon not saying anything to anybody I have been indoor and the truth about it is that am not even thinking of leaving this room even tomorrow.



Since my dad has decided to keep quiet about this whole thing I will do it the hard way.








After we all get back to prison after working in the afternoon, we have started in unity and I prayed for an easy escape knowing fully well that it will not be easy.



I took out the map I drew and I started going through it.. when it was time for us to leave.


It was around 7.30 pm and few police Officers were around



I called them together to remind them what we are about to go into.



We all are like brother though from different mothers… in this mission we will fail if we loss the mind of team….”



Have it in mind that this mission is a successful one but that’s if only we will have one focus and work together like family.



Never leave your brother behind….


Is better we all are caught than leaving one behind……”


I said and we all concur.



I used the iron like my foster father taught and I opened the padlock that was used to lock us in.


They were surprised but couldn’t ask questions to avoid noise.



Following the map we followed the front door



” Elvin we are heading outside…


I thought the plan was to escape through the back door????…..”


The oldest asked.



Yeah we are escaping through the back door but we have to alert them that we are trying to escape through the front door so the they can give us space to follow the back door…..”



You are right……”


He said and we all moved



” We trade carefully as we walk through the front door.


We heard alarm sound that the prisoner has escaped and we increased our walking….”



The police officers started looking for us and they started walking through the front door and that made no security to be at the back….”



Using the map we walk through the back door and carefully using the iron I opened the doors we pass through.



Police Officers were running around looking for us.



” We all have to be strong and courageous


Don’t panic we are all in this together and make sure you watch carefully


before you cross…..”


I encouraged them.



Two police officer stood in front of us with guns and ordered us to stand were we are.


I look around but I couldn’t see anything.


as the police officer were coming more closer and also informing others were we are……”



Stay focused


Move back as they come further and get ready for anything you see….”


I said to them quietly.



As the Police Officers move close to us They move back and I was the only one more closer to the police officers.



I looked at them back to the Police Officers and they were now too close to me


I watched the hand and they will realize the bullet at any point in time.



I have to extra careful


They move more closer to me


I thought of what to do.



” Bend down !!!!!……”


I shouted at them at the back and I shifted the gun and two bullet was realized immediately but the bullet didn’t touch us because they pointed their guns at me leaving my group.



Knowing how heavy a gun is


I pushed them and before the could get hold of themselves other came and we took the gun from them.



We made them redirect the other police officer to another place and after


that we tied them together and left with the guns ….



We kept on moving


I took out the map and with the sound of the police boot I could identify were the police officers were coming from and there next road to take.



We walked carefully and we came across another police officer and he was fast enough to raise alarm.



I shut him at his hand so that he can drop the gun he was holding.


Other police officers approach the seen and they started shooting at us.



I could tell if anyone of us sustain injury


We ran and took another road and we hid somewhere and the police officers passed.



We were till there when the all ran back saying that this is not the rot we took.


But thanks God that’s none of us sustain injury.



Thinking that’s the mission had been accomplished.


I put my hand inside my bag to bring out the map but it was not were to be found.


we were still looking around for it when police officers started shooting at us again and the shoot out came as surprise.



I ran out from our hideout and we took any direction we saw at the moment.


I sustain a bullet shot in my arm but still I thanks God that none of us were shut die I was the only one that got shut other were just wounded from one thing or the other but the problem now is I don’t know how we will escape here without the map.


To be continued…….





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



Elvin sustain bullet injury and the map is no we’re to me found.












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