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If I should say that am not shock on what am seeing now then am more than a lie. At the moment I couldn’t focus on what to call this.



The person before me could be better describe as the devil herself.



Before me is Mrs. Dora Anabella’s mum.


I came into my room with her body half exposed.



She is on her nighties.


Saying that she is on her nighties is going to give another meaning to it because She can better been said that she is naked because the nighties she was wearing where transplant.



With light in my room I could see all her bra and inner pant.


I triedcomporting myself but I find it difficult to concentrate.




Maybe she could be here for another thing.


Let me find out what she truly wants.




” Mum ”


I called still feeling uneasy about her sudden visit this night.



Elvin ” She called.



”Yes mum ”



You know.. for sometimes now I have been admiring you handsome body.



You are too hot and I have found your body so attractive to me.


She said.



I was speechless could this be dream??


If yes God should better woke me up now before something goes wrong.



Mum what you are you trying to say


I asked pretending not to understand what she is saying.



Look Elvin we both are not blood related. I don’t even know you so you are not my son either are l’m your mother.


So stop calling me mum ……” She said.



You are right but I sees you like a mother ..”


I said.



Even at that …. it won’t still end the fact that we are not your blood related so we can do it……”


She said.



”Do what ?????….”



Common Elvin you are no longer a baby. as it stands right now I need you so badly..”


She said coming closer to my bed.


Please mum this is not right.


what do you mean by you need me so badly.



Am here and I can help you with anything.



Off course I know and that why am here for me to help me out..



Look Elvin I so much need s£x I mean like right now and you are the only one that can help out right now. ”


She said.




I got that.




No mum even if you are not my mom I can’t sleep with you.


You are old enough to give birth to me. Your first son is even older that me.



”Oh stop that Elvin..


It doesn’t matter……Am the one asking you to do it so don’t worry about


anything Okay…”


She said.



No I can do it and please stop coming close…”



Please just do it with me ”


She said moving more closer.



No I can’t sleep with you.”



Elvin I promise you that it will only be This night and it will never happen again.


Please I need s£x right now. She said…..”




No mum am not doing this or anything with you. I can’t just do it…..”



Stop saying that, it not a big deal…”


She said removing her clothes.



Stop this I can’t do it


I won’t do


I will never do it


can’t you understand.


I said raising my voice a little.



Oh Elvin keep your voice down before someone comes into this place. You can do it…… it not a big deal.


Just for me and it will be this one time. I promise no one will hear about it so you don’t have to be scared….” She said and remove her clothes.



She is now unclad




What is wrong with this woman.


Is she not ashamed of herself.


How could she???????


What matter of situation is this???.




I was very angry she was completely naked.


I backed her.




What nonsense is this


Is anything wrong with Mrs. Dora???


or has she got nut.




” I can’t do this..


Please put on your clothes and leave my room….”


I said still backing her.



”Common Elvin what are you afraid of??? Huh just relax and you will enjoy it. She said and try to move more closer



” I said I can’t have s£x with you


you are old enough to be my mother.


Please leave my room right now or will regret it if I do….”


I threatened her thinking she will leave.



” Oh Elvin stop behaving childish.


You don’t want to have s£x with me because of Anabella but Don’t forget she is my daughter and I control her.



I have the power to terminate that your relationship with her.



Common wouldn’t want this in a hard way. why are you been unnecessary difficult Elvin.



I promise you that if you do this with me even if you and Anabella didn’t


win the competition will tell my husband to sponsor guys to Europe.


You know I can do it


She said.



I don’t need it” Please just leave or.


Or what Elvin”


She cut me short.



Look am not begging you


You must do it or I will make your life miserable in this house.


She threatened.





I will leave this room for you since you don’t want to leave.


but I promise you one thing I will do like we never heard this discussion in the first place.



I will take it that you got drunk and acted this out if alcoholic inference but let it not repeat itself please


I said and walked out of my room.




Is she out of her senses.





If you leave now Elvin just no that you are leaving this house. I will so frustrate you


She said making me to stop half way.. I just smiled and walk away.



Staying back might lead to the unwanted am not good with stories so I makes sure that I avoid it.








Since the day I meant him shirtless.


I could say I have lost my sanity to him now I know why my two daughters are crazy in love with him.



I have been attracted to him.


I know he is having affairs with Anabella so that could be an advantage.



My husband traveled today and will be coming back very soon and I think this will be the best opportunity for me to have my way with Elvin.



I waited for everybody to sleep before I left my room to his room with just my pants and bra. I just covered it with a transplant night gown.



I need to look very s£xy.


I entered his room and I could see the surprise face.



Yeah I know he must be surprised seeing me in his room by this time of the night.



I tried all I could to make him sleep with me but could you imagine that he refused me.



Elvin that dirty lag turned be down.


He walked out on me.


Can you imagine that…..


That idiot ….That low life that my husband help from death.


That classless fool has the temerity to turn me down.



Elvin I will so much deal with you.


You will never go Scott free that’s a promise.



I left his room to mine with anger running in my vain.. I will make sure that he leaves this house immediately my husband comes



I offered to you what other will pay and beg for but you choose to be a good boy.



Am sorry for you have just touched the tigress tail and I will so much



You will never get away with it.


I will make sure you pay for it.








I after I left my room for her in the night I went to one of the guest room I know she will not trace me there.



I spent up to one hour there before I return to my room and she was no longer there .



I locked my door but somehow find it difficult to sleep….what is even all this


from one threatening to the other.



Why is this people trying so hard for me to show them the other side of







Few days ago it was Jennica and now it her mum what’s even all this.



I letter slept off from my thinking and I was woken up my Anabella.



The memories of what happened last night came flashing on me and my mood changed.


Even Anabella noticed that I wasn’t happy at all.


We both greeted each other and she asked if I wasn’t going to school.



She left to prepare while I went into my room to prepare as well.





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



















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